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  1. Haul of Eggs 4 - Sun 20th March - Daventry

    I will potentially volunteer to help as missed out on a ticket will know for defo yojo
  2. Vapnartak 2016, February 7th 2016, York, UK

    Money sent from johnnyd6992@live.co.uk
  3. Hi I have the abomination contact me on Twitter johnnyd6992
  4. W: Von Schill Crew

    metal or plastic?
  5. W: Old Ronin model H: paypal

    hi mate i have the ronin pointing the pistol with the sword behind. where are you located? and how much? johnny
  6. Destruction Derby - Hardcore Henchmen Sat 29th Nov

    Is this still on? If not could I get my monies back? returned to PayPal is fine ta
  7. Destruction Derby - Hardcore Henchmen Sat 29th Nov

    How do I pay for a place? Cheers
  8. Destruction Derby - Hardcore Henchmen Sat 29th Nov

    I will hopefully be attending as only minutes away. Will see if any more squigs wish to attend
  9. Misaki Help wanted

    Thanks so far. Any ideas on how to enlarge the crew? Looking to stay 10t and probably use the Japanese influence.
  10. Starting Malifaux, is Misaki out of print?

    they are out of stock now
  11. Misaki Help wanted

    hi all i have been playing malifaux for a few years. I have been using lilith and mei feng normally, but have got hold of misaki and want to know how best to play her and what compliments her. also if i need to get any extra models or run her as 10 t or outcasts all input is welcome thanks in advance. what i have is Misaki Shang 1 x torage 2 x ten thunder archers 1 x ten thunder brother 1 x yamiziko 1 x fuhatsu i cant get hold of the actual box set as wyrd are not selling it at the moment. once again any help in play styles, upgrades, extra models needed will help immensly.
  12. W Gremlinette Hog whisperer H paypal

    how much would you want to pay?
  13. excellent trade and communication a pleasure to trade with
  14. an acid collector of whfb empire, recently switched to malifaux and loving it... have a fully painted lilith and viks crew so far but keep adding

  15. how much for the female hog model posted to uk??