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  1. on a tie it wins, so both using a 13, nellie keep buried. or let nellie out, first action to bury nellie again. and on top of this, there are a lot of things in this game that could bury/paralyze/else for the entire game, i don't mean that talos is the only one. Simply we found it a bit over in the overall.
  2. agree, but vanessa do a lot of things. Her 0 let talos take an extra action out of activation, and she got 2 more AP to do other things. Df 4 with terrifing and armor vs df5 with hard to wound. and ok, marshall could entomb on charge with a range of 7 (6 charge, 1 engage), talosa got the same range (5 walk, 2 range).
  3. and healing ability (1 every time it hit something, plus the healing from burying) remeber that outcast have access to vanessa (extra action being the talos a construct) and hotkeeper (giving fast once) comparing it to marhsall, talos has less df, no htw and cost 2 ss more; it has terrifing (ALL), armor +1 (more with the engineer), 3 more wd, built-in healing. talos don't have a ranged attack, but hit heavy in melee (healing) with a weak damage of 3 and 2" (or 3") melee range, a tactical action that causes damage (that's ok requiring a 10) that cannot be resisted. I see the marshall very less effective than the talos, the only one thing they have in common is the master-bury ability. My two cents
  4. Yesterday we made a little game involving talos. Nellie played 2 turns on 5, being buried the other 3 in talos. Attacking with a 6 (would it be wp or ca), winning on ties and the possibility to bury and keep buried enemy master look a bit OP. We argued make it attack 5 or bury non-leader
  5. really? I thought that the "old schemes" of the core rulebook was an evergreen... we still play using them
  6. well, it was a very general statement. I have to admit i don't take primordial in consideration (i own every neverborn&guild model, and the generic totems are not owned -- make a thought about governor's proxy just to enjoy the sculpt) my think is that totem are balanced as they are, and i think that having generic totem less efficent that specific ones is fluff-balanced
  7. I think totems are good as they are. no, not good, balanced. As a nvb player i have to say just one thing: poltergeist is pure power! Minion, may do interact, incorporeal, give negative to wp in 2", walk 6... for 5 points is more than fair!
  8. got the same problem here, but with pics uploaded in the old forum
  9. Date change!!!! We proudly announce the forth edition of the first italian tournament!!!! Event will happen on 28 of may 2017 in the italian city of Milan the location: UESM Casa dei Giochi (via Sant'Uguzzone 8, Milano) the tournament will be very narrative, 50ss fixed faction made of 3 rounds despite the number of players for more info feel free to contact me!
  10. 2017 is live, and we are still here!!! where? UESM Casa dei Giochi (via Sant'Uguzzone 8 - Milano fb:UESM casa dei giochi)- When? Every wednesday, always from 20,30.
  11. uhm... I second Justice, but... perdita!!! the crew box is very solid, fun and versatile, and with the emissary it takes a whole new playstyle (obeyobeyobey)
  12. Winter is coming, but Milano keeps on rolling!!! where? UESM Casa dei Giochi (via Sant'Uguzzone 8 - Milano fb:UESM casa dei giochi)- When? Every wednesday, always from 20,30.
  13. Faq say that the model taking the action count for killing. Being buried is the result of the action. Kill of the model is the result of being buried at the end of the game. Logic tell me that the model that took the action to bury count as the killer. Hope this help
  14. The Wild Ones has no story encounter booklet.... But one would be really lovely!!!!
  15. For the third year of activity of the italian facebook group, we invite everyone to this birthday tournament! when: 27 november 2016 from 9.00 where: UESM Casa dei Giochi, via Sant'Uguzzone 8, Milano, Italy what: tournament, free play, demo table and much more! for more info contact me or find us on fb Oltre La Breccia or https://www.facebook.com/events/604200263095510/