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  1. Hey Wyrdos! Time for another Monday Preview. This week we continue taking a look at the Undying box, this time we are taking a look at the Grave Golem! The Grave Golem is, essentially, a large chunk of graveyard that has been animated by the Resurrectionists to serve as a heavy enforcer. During battle, a Grave Golem can sink into the earth and reappear a few moments later halfway across the battlefield, provided that there is a corpse for the golem to form around. That something so large could move so quickly often comes as a surprise to the golem's enemies, many of whom end up either battered to death by its massive Tombstone Fists or buried in a landslide of corrupted earth and grasping skeletal arms.
  2. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    I'm not going to get dragged into the what abilities do my coworkers have discussion. It only ends poorly
  3. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    Oh Kim is definitely at least an Enforcer if not a Hench. She is just a Ht 1 Enforcer/Hench.
  4. Happy Friday Wyrdos! Today we are looking at a unit from the Cult of the Burning Man, the Twisted Horrors. Let's take a peek! As the aetheric energies of the Burning Man pour into the fragile bodies of mortals, some are remade into monstrous aberrations. Unable to internalize the magic inside them, it spills outward, warping their bodies until they are as much magic as flesh. These Twisted Horrors have mutable forms that can withstand immense punishment, and their flesh has contorted to form living weapons. In moments of peril, their bodies can even unleash bursts of magic, causing them to be one of the most randomly dangerous forces at the Cult's disposal. On the table, Twisted Horrors are strong frontline forces. Their melee attacks make them a threat in combat, and their ability to generate their own Reinforcement Tokens makes them hard to kill. When they flip to Glory, the Twisted Horrors gain the Unpredictable Ability, which can often result in the unit gaining multiple Activations during the Turn.
  5. Hey Wyrdos! It's Monday and that means more previews!! This week we are bringing you the other half of the Undying encounter box. This week we are taking a look at Minako Rei and her Katashiro! Last week we looked at Manos and the Mourners. This week we look at Minako Rei and the Katashiro, the other side of the Undying box. Minako Rei is the last surviving member of the Order of Balance, whose job it was to hunt down the corrupted sorcerers who used their magics to feed on the souls of peasants, using the energy to extend their lives. After her Order was wiped out by the traitor, Manos, she became single-minded in her pursuit of the Jiangshi and the evil Manos. On the table, Minako Rei is a force to be reckoned with. She is able to use kharma to seal another's fate, causing an enemy to suffer any damage that Minako herself suffered. Perhaps most notably, Minako is able to create the Katashiro that she uses to aid her in her mission. The Katashiro are paper creations brought to life with magic. They are able to attack immediately upon being summoned or placed, and they are able to turn into origami cranes to place themselves in new locations. As constructs and Oni, they can find a home in many Ten Thunders crews. These three models join forces with the Wanyudo, a moving, flaming wheel in order to hunt down Manos and bring balance at last.
  6. Happy Friday Wyrdos! As always Friday means it is time for another Other Side preview. This Friday though the preview is ready to make a big boom! Let's take a look at the artillery team. One of the most defining features of the King’s Empire is their widespread use of artillery on the battlefield. Their investment into firearms has paid dividends in both equipment for normal troops and the development of large-scale weapons like the howitzer. By achieving superior range over their opponents, the King’s Empire has managed to keep casualties down through the application of superior firepower. Typical Artillery Teams are made up of three soldiers: a gunner and two loaders. Even so, each member of the team trains in each position, allowing them to function even after they've suffered casualties. On the tabletop, Artillery Teams are very long ranged units with poor accuracy. Their incredible Strength easily makes up for this, though, and they can comfortably sit on the backline and shell enemy troops all game long.
  7. Monday Preview - The Undying

    It wouldn't be a Monday preview if it was posted on Friday.
  8. Happy Monday Wyrdos! Today we take a look at an upcoming Story Encounter & Adventure Box, The Undying. It contains thrills and chills for Through the Breach as well as some amazing new models for Malifaux. Let's take a look! The Undying details two forces that have come into contact with each other: the Resurrectionists and the Ten Thunders. Today, we'll be looking at the leader of the Resurrectionist forces, Manos the Risen, and his two Mourners. Manos is an immortal assassin who once belonged to the Order of Balance, a group of priests, warriors, and assassins who brought an end to those who had fallen from the kharmic wheel. The Order were mortal enemies of the Jiangshi, terrible sorcerers who fed on the souls of helpless peasants to extend their own, unnatural lives. The immortal sorcerers corrupted Manos and taught him how to feed on the souls of the fallen, and he used that knowledge to grant himself a perverse form of immortality. Bolstered with forbidden knowledge, he returned to the Order and murdered all of his former friends... all save for one, Minako Rei. After he takes an assignment, nothing - not even death - can stop Manos from completing his mission. On the table, he harvests the Chi of those who die around him and expends it to increase his own capabilities, becoming Fast, more resistant, or empowering his powerful Celestial Strike attack, which ignores Hard to Kill. Accompanying Manos are his Mourners. These undead women are defensive Belles; with Disguised and Manipulative, they're difficult to target, and their Funeral Shroud action prevents enemy models in their engagement range from targeting anyone not in base contact with them. The Mourners aren't entirely defensive, though. They also possess the Feed off Grief attack, a ranged attack that heals them if it kills the target. Better yet, the attack is resisted by Willpower. Perhaps it's time for Seamus to swing by the local cemetery to pick up some new friends!
  9. Happy Friday Wyrdos! Today we have a preview of the Speckled Crawlers. While they may not be the most vicious of the Gibbering Horde, they are sure to give your opponent a headache trying to get rid of them! Speckled Crawlers, like their Barbed cousins, occupy the lowest level of the Hordes’ food pyramid. They are the most plentiful species, partially because of their incredible ability to adapt to their environment. Upon arriving on Earth, the Crawlers took to the land, tunnels, buildings, forests, and every other environment they came across. They lurk in many dark and unseen places, waiting for prey to come into reach of their clawed hands. While Speckled Crawlers are not strong by themselves, they more than make up for this with strength of numbers. On the table, Speckled Crawlers occupy two five monster Fireteams. This makes them quite a tar pit, and their resilience is further bolstered once they flip to Glory and begin gaining automatic Reinforcement Tokens. Their basic melee attack is somewhat weak, but it becomes stronger if the Crawlers can get into contact with terrain (such as a conveniently placed Tide Pool).
  10. Happy Monday Wyrdos! It's time for another preview, and it is time to take a look at the Rooster Rider from the upcoming Bayou Bash!! Whether he was too egg-cited from watching the mayhem of the race or accidentally found himself on the track and decided to wing it, the Rooster’s joined in on the chaos of the Bayou Bash and has been ruffling feathers ever since. Running at beakneck speed down the track, riding this reckless Rooster is the nest best thing to being catapulted toward the finish line, and just about as challenging to control, too. His ability to kick it up a notch by gaining movement dice at the risk of staggering more often allows this bird-brain to fly by the competition, even if it might mean taking a dust bath off the track. You won’t have to pull out any feathers in anticipation for much longer. The cluck is ticking until Bayou Bash is released this year!
  11. Happy Friday Wyrdos! It's time for another preview, and this time around we have the Mehal Sefari. The empire of Abyssinia is led by the Emperor, who is in turn assisted by a large number of aristocrats that help govern its cities and regions. These individuals make up a large and complex Imperial line of succession, and the Mehal Sefari are tasked with protecting the first one hundred Abyssinians in line for the throne. Equipped with powerful takoba swords and machine guns, the Mehal Sefari are ready to lay down their lives for their charges and for the empire of Abyssinia. On the tabletop, the Mehal Sefari function best by staying close to your Champions, which most often means that they are supporting your Commanders. Their battle competence is excellent, but their ability to gain Reinforcement and Tactics Tokens sets them apart from most other units. While expensive, there is very little the Mehal Sefari cannot accomplish, in terms of both brute strength and battlefield support.
  12. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    I'll resolve this with you through PM!
  13. Monday Preview - Waldgeist Rider

    You can thank @Kyle for the break today
  14. Happy Monday Wyrdos! We continue to look at the upcoming Bayou Bash game. This exciting racing game has several riders, including the Waldgeist Rider! Take a look! In an event as wild and rowdy as the Bayou Bash, sometimes even the surrounding trees pine to participate. This week, the Waldgeist spruces himself up and enters the race. His jockey has an axe to grind, and luckily for her, the Waldgeist is willing to lend a hand. On the race track, this little tree with a big heart takes the slow and steady approach. Despite not being as reckless as his competitors, his ability to control how he staggers can often leaf the other racers in the dust. Make sure to keep an eye out for Bayou Bash, which hits store shelves this year! When the Waldgeist was asked if he’d buy the game, he aptly responded, “I wood.”
  15. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

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