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  1. extra fun if you add nico's avatar. Did that during a league, and without Asura it's silly already. <3
  2. New scheme generation

    black joker: No scheme (4 scheme pool) red joker: Flip two more cards (6 scheme pool) for even more possible variations
  3. Musing on Always Scheme

    You could also make it only score from turn 3 onwards; that would be a way to make it less optimal without changing the content of hte scheme.
  4. The Strategies 8.28.17

    Reading this my gut reaction is: how can ranged attacks be a public execution? Maybe we can add a max ranged for the kill to happen before it counts for the strat? That sounds very executiony to me. 5"?
  5. Always Scheme

    I think that if we want to make the always scheme in that role: enable bluffing for other schemes, then, idealy, it should do something with scheme markers, and it should score end of game. That way it's giving most potential for bluffing. I would like spring the trap-esque scheme for always. It's hard, and you can really bluff with that one (until you reveal all your schemes). You could also argue that the always scheme might be the perfect spot to include some other resources to spend, like soulstones. Making it harder to bluff, a bit harder than your average scheme, and more unique.
  6. [NL] Tournament & Gameday

    "'Tis the last rose of summer, Left blooming alone; All her lovely companions Are faded and gone." - Thomas Moore, The Last Rose of Summer, 1830 September, what a good time to have another gameday & tournament for our beloved game; Malifaux! Sunday 10 september I am hosting 'Prepare to Fade'- a gameday and tournament. You are welcome to join the tournament starting 10:00 for 3 games of malifaux using the GG17 rules. Alternatively you can roll in any time after 10:00 for a casual pick-up game of 'faux. Location: The Games Guild, Alphen aan den Rijn More info: http://battlegroundrijnland.nl/events/
  7. Online game generator for GG18 test

    I updated my game generator for the 28th of August version of the beta test.
  8. Yan Lo tactica!

    I was wondering; with the new upgrades, did you change what you field when running Yan Lo? IMO the new upgrades are really powerful, and I see no reason not to take them both. That leaves just one spot for another upgrade - either to summon ancestors or +chi on Df/Wp. In a game I played (mirror match Yan Lo, even) I got all upgrades on Yan Lo and 3 Chi spare top turn three, and jumping into a bunch of enemy models and hitting them all with the mouth laser on plusses to hit was brutal! Sadly his jump back with the same buffed Yan Lo was even more effective
  9. GG 18 - summoned models

    As a long time Nico player I really love these changes. Sure it might make some masters/match-ups less favorable for us. But it changes the game in ways I think is for the best. Ludvig has a nice motivation why it's more balanced, I will just +1 to that
  10. Smuggled Across

    Really like your suggestion, Kadeton. Though all the extra hoops might make it a bit too difficult? Am thinking of ways to have one model in a corner just score this every turn, but dont think there are models who can?
  11. Hidden Trap?

    Think I took it a couple of times, and actually scored from it as well. But it felt like a big handicap! I really dislike this scheme, and voted for it to be removed from GG18, like I think everyone should
  12. Buried Treasure

    From my experience this indeed can be very hard. On hindsight it actually needs to be set-up a turn in advance, because otherwise making 6" distance just isnt possible. It's super easy to deny, because with the big range for denial just one model can easily deny 2 of the markers. I think decreasing the range can work, though on the other hand am worried some crews might just easily make a stack of three markers end of game and walk away to score them without real interacting possibilities for the enemy. If it couldnt be within 3" of said models or another friendly scheme marker? Noone burries all his treasure at the same spot, right?
  13. Smuggled Across

    I agree this scheme can be super easy for some crews. But for the rest it looks like a good scheme! It makes changes to your crew selection which I like (hire minions, but not too squishy ones).Would like for it to include that you need to have the model touching a scheme marker in order to score (don't remove the scheme marker). We played assuming the scheme meant 6" across the center line, not center point, of the board.
  14. Public Executions

    I played this strat yesterday, and didn't run into the intracacies you guys mention. We played Yan Lo mirror match-up. My summons where actually helping with the new rule as they where getting mopped up, but didnt drop the marker. So its give and take on the 'summons are peons for strat' thing. Apart from tweaking to make it even better, I really like the feel of the strategy. Yes it's about killing, but you can also compensate with interacting. I really like it, and it's a fresh experience after all the headhunting!
  15. GG 2018-8-22 Typos

    The Scheme list on page 12 lists the #12 scheme as 'Don't Leave a Mark', whilst that is not the scheme name (or is this a spoiler?). Page 16, leave your mark is named 'Tome: Leave your mark'; remove the word Tome.