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  1. ttsgosadow

    State of the local metas

    Do we have the same meta? Location: Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands For me here as well - meta is 3-4 reliable players, and a couple of unreliable. There's also people who live just too far away for a casual game, but do tend to come over when there's an event or other organised play. Most winning I couldn't name masters, because for us it's really the player. One of our guys wins most games/tournaments. When he played Neverborn, that was the top faction. He won with a lot of different masters. He's running Ressers Nico now, so he wins quite some, but wouldnt be different if he picked another master. So I would say our meta has winning/strong players more than winning/strong masters. Our biggest gripe? We would like to grow the number of players, but that's really a challenge.
  2. ttsgosadow

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    That Sonnia crew looks strangely familiar
  3. ttsgosadow

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    It's insane how much mobility this crew makes with the pushes from the investigator and Grimwell. Chain activation makes it fast to react as well. With this setup there's nowhere on the board you can hide (bar hiding models in such a way that they wont impact the game in the first place). The trick to making it even better is not just to push Sonnia forward and hit a semi-clumped up part of your enemies crew, but to have some pushes/things available after that to get her into relative safety. Would really love other peoples experiences on that, as well on the first turn can be played: wait out your opponents moves so you might need less pushes on Sonnia and can anticipate, or just grab initiative first turn, and try to blast their crew before they could get in better positions?
  4. ttsgosadow

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Lets see if I can remember properly Game 1: vs Reva Didnt really blast too much, and was just figuring out how the crew worked. My opponent did a ballsy move to hit Sonnia on a charge turn 1 and killed her. I tried to hide Sonnia with her last AP, but didnt work out the ranges from Reva right. This became a theme where I tried to gouge the return strike from my opponents crews all tournament. Overextended Francisco to kill Reva, but lost too much oomph to win. Actually a game I was about to lose, but given ply and that I could get it on both my last models prevented my opponent from winning the game. Draw! Game 2: vs Yan Lo I played a lot of Yan Lo not too long ago, so knew what to hit. Everything was hidden really well. The Emmisary I could hit with a stone for plus flip. Then add tome for a burning, and as you can shoot three times of him (htk ftw) I blasted away quite some of his crew. Turn two almost everybody else went down. Yan Lo lived, but given the insane mobility with the investigator I could catch him with Francisco. For this game my opponent hampered himself too much trying to place everything so that a blast cannot hit more than one model. I think if your opponent does that he is fighting a downhill battle from the start. Game 3: vs Nicodem (Travis list) Not seen this variant before. With all the pushes I could draw a bead somewhere in the crew, and from turn one half the crew was in shambles. Sure he draws lots of cards, but nothing can make me miss a Ca 9 shot. I was afraid of him summoning and overwhelming me all game, but he couldn't recover from turn 1. Not much to say - he tried to wall himself off, and almost did that. But the tiniest gap, and then the entire crew clumped up, meant lots of burning meat Game 4: vs Nicodem (Jamie list) Sadly paired against a fellow dutchman. I feel this list is better, but that's a dicussion for another time. My opponent kept Nicodem away form me behind a big rocky wall. I could only see HtW models (Mortimer popped mlh turn one). But he spent his high cards summoning, and a ca 9 + 13 was enough for blasts with burning on Mortimer, so I could continue shooting away that side. But the flame walls here decided the battle. Blocking LoS between Nico and the corpses/undead meant he had a hard time replenishing losses and didnt get the plus flips where it mattered. Three turns in a row I killed everything he summoned (and some on the side). And the bits of damage he did werent enough to keep Sonnia away. The effigy being the hero there. Tough battle, but after turn 3 I just mopped up everything. <intermezzo, 4 games against rezzers day 1. The faction I played the most, so that certainly helped! Had a lot of Vodka in the evening, hehe> Game 5: vs Shen Long Never played against Shen Long. Was a nice game, where I failed to kill Yasanori in the first two turns. I was a bit overzealous with my focus for dg, thus only just not killing him (miscalced my dg potential because of the armor). Shen was very versatile and able to fill in the role of beater once yas was gone, and the combined pressure made Sonnia fall over. In hindsight I should have focussed more on yas with the rest of my crew, instead of chipping away somewhere else too quick in advance. Also my opponent handling Shen as good, and making the right calls made that he got in the charge/blast/conditions/whatever he does to slay Francisco AND Sonnia in one activation of Shen. Revenge for his brother as well Game 6: vs Lilith Here I feel I made a big mistake. First turn I took down the sniper with 2 of the 3 changelings and Iggy. I really needed them down. Gave away take one for the team, which I might have been able to avoid if I wanst so burned upon killing everything. But the big mistake was forgetting about my malifaux child, and thus doing some silly action with another model instead of walling Sonnia off from the countercharge from Lilith. Even then I could have kept her away enough, but my brain was fried. Well played by my opponent - Lilith is really strong! Overall I feel that I could've won more games if I knew the crew better. Saw no pool where I couldn't wield her. Really wonder how she goes against other opponents. I really hated armour, for example, because the blast does almost no dg with that. So for example Sandeep I have no idea if it works. Sonnia is quite sturdy, with Df 7 Wp9 and soulstones to survive any retaliation on turn 1 I've seen. So I could always get 6 shots in, which in most cases meant I would win the game if Sonnia was still alive turn 3. No idea how usefull this write-up is. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! Sadly I havnt ran her since. The Malifaux community is really small in Holland; and I can't run this against my friends, as I will lose them!
  5. ttsgosadow

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Thanks for the kind words, but I must admit this list is heavily inspired by Duncan Blitz. He ran Sonnia very succesfully in Nova, if I recall, some time ago and this list has been pieced together based upon different facebook threads with lots of discussion about the ideal list. The list indeed almost solely supports Sonnia. I feel there is literally no swap you can make in the list without losing focus. If anything I would like to have something else than Dr Grimwell - he is really weak and/or overcosted, but it's the extra 4" (and a walk to boot!) that makes me just pay whatever he costs. General strategy is to turn one blast three times into your enemy, then repeat top turn 2 as you are almost sure to win initiative. If you didn't do enough damage by then, its very hard to get back into it. But Sonnia can be quite sturdy, so its not all this one trick and lose if your opponent still has something. I discovered that flame wall is insanely powerful, and it makes that Sonnia and this list is actually pretty versatile; either theres not enough terrain/blocking stuff and you can win on blasting your opponent, or theres a lot, and you can seal the deal with good placed flame walls. Some things I tried/found out: There's no deployment where you can't make your opponent on turn one with 3 shots. had a corner deployment where I even had pushes left! Investigator OP! You can setup the entire thing on actiavtion 2 on turn 1. At first I wanted to out-activate my opponent, or at least see what he was up to, I ended up regretting that mostly compared to the few games where I just burned down everything on activation 2. Your opponent is likely to give you initiative first turn, and then he has one move before his too clustered deployment messes him up. If you can - and mostly in hindsight it was possible - try to have a push or something to pull Sonnia a bit back after she has blasted in the turn. This can help a lot. Your opponent's best chance is to take out Sonnia after the second wave of blasts, without too many losses. Every game where Sonnia wasnt pressured a lot I could win, and the games where I lost there where opportunities that I gave away and my opponent capitulated. Playing Sonnia is fun against Nicodem :):):)
  6. ttsgosadow

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I played this list for all the games. Was my first time playing it for real, after one practice game at home. It’s really strong and I feel someone with more experience can easily play top tables with this. Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Sonnia Poland 50ss Leader: Sonnia - Cache:(3) Cherufe's Imprint 1ss Cherufes Parting Gift 1ss Counterspell Aura 1ss Malifaux Child 2ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Hermanos De Armas 1ss Wade In 1ss Dr. Grimwell 9ss Expert Sleuth 1ss Papa Loco 7ss Expert Sleuth 1ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Investigator 6ss Watcher 4ss
  7. ttsgosadow

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    My plus 5 Dutchies are: Gjalt Hooijkamp Maric-Alexei Brouwer Robin Kamerman Paul Wiggers Jeroen van Riel
  8. ttsgosadow

    Schemes & Stones Collodi Crew Spotlight with Alex

    Loved this spotlight, as it's right at the time I am considering playing Collodi the coming period. Having listed to most of Alex's youtube channel I feel this condenses all that info in one (well edited) episode! +1 from my, Kyodee!
  9. READ ALL ABOUT IT! On the third of february this year, I will be hosting a Malifaux tournament in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. Feel free to join our little meta and have lots of fun! Lifeless words "Aware that I have been here before I pause in your words. I have slept in this flesh, dreamed these winter bones." - Joyce Wakefield, Winter Conversation Lifeless words will be a 50ss Gaining Grounds 2018 tournament held in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. All details are below. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. The Venue: Games Guild, Concordiastraat 26, Alphen aan den Rijn (navigate on Hofzichtlaan 4) Shop contact: info@gamesguild.nl or 06-18081858 Date & time: saturday 3rd of february, starting 10:00 'till 17:00 Entree Fee: € 5,- Prizes: Guilders & Mystery boxes.
  10. 3 tickets for the Dutch team are on the list! Really looking forward to the evening program on saturday as well! @trikk
  11. In the proces of getting the Dutch delegation there
  12. ttsgosadow

    Errata impact on Nellie.

    And the question: who will be at top then? I am curious!
  13. ttsgosadow

    Want to get into Res, don't want to paint undead

    You can do Yan Lo without including undead/gory models. In general I think you will be hard pressed to not use undeads in Rezzers. Think @Fremen's tip of just painting them as non-undead would work best! Otherwise, consider another faction, or just Rezzers for lolz (Reva is not without undeads, in fact, her corpse candles feature a zombie so would be a no-go).
  14. League: Grow My Minions! To start the new year I am organising a league! Over a time of 8 weeks you will be playing 4 games with other people in the league. The idea is to try out new stuff, and thus shrink the mountain of untouched boxes we have been collecting By completing achievements you will be entering a raffle for some nice prizes! Enthousiastic? Feel free to join; PM me if you want to know more, or check out out Dutch Malifaux facebook group! The league will take place at the Games Guild game store in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands on Guild meetings saturdays every other week: 6 januari 2018, 13:00 - 23:00 20 januari 2018, 13:00 - 23:00 3 februari 2018, 13:00 - 23:00 17 februari 2018, 13:00 - 23:00 3 march 2018, 13:00 - 23:00 The format is achievement league! With the league concluding every player will get a ticket for a prize raffle for each achievement scored. With bonus tickets for completing all achievements in a category. And in Dutch: Om het nieuwe jaar af te trappen wil ik een league organiseren! Over een tijd van 8 weken speel je 4 potten met andere mensen in de league. Idee is om mensen enthousiast te maken nieuwe dingen te proberen (we kennen allemaal die stapel Malifaux doosjes waar we nog een keer aan wilden beginnen). Bij deze vier potten voor de league hou je onderstaande achievements bij. Aan het einde van de league doe ik een raffle met prijsjes; hoe meer achievements je hebt gescoord, hoe meer kans je hebt! Natuurlijk gaat het om de lol, maar er een mooi geschilderde crew aan overhouden die je in de vingers hebt kan mooie bonus zijn Laat me weten als je mee wilt doen, dan stuur ik je sheet om de achievements bij te houden. De League loopt van 1 januari t/m 28 februari. Locatie: Games Guild, Concordiastraat 26, Alphen aan den Rijn - www.gamesguild.nl Achievements Onderstaande vier categoriën achievements die je kan scoren. Elke achievement kan je maximaal 1 keer scoren. Voor elke achievement die je scroot krijg je een raffle ticket. Voor elke achievement categorie waar je alle vier achievements hebt gescoord krijg je twee bonus raffle tickets. Play on! □ Lose a game □ Win a game □ Draw a game □ Scoor in een game 2 of meer VP van de Strategy maar geen VP van Schemes +2 Look, it's Evolving! □ Speel een 35ss game □ Speel een 50ss game □ Schilder en base een crew box die je nog niet geschilderd had aan het begin van de league □ Speel een volledig geschilderde en gebasede crew (en summons) +2 Bad Things Happen □ Verlies je master in een game op beurt drie of eerder □ Verlies je gehele crew in een game □ Flip Severe op een damage flip met één of meerdere [-] flips □ Damage je eigen model nadat een ranged attack randomised op een friendly model +2 Killing's a Sport □ Kill of sacrifice een enemy Master □ Kill of sacrifice een enemy Master of Henchman met een Peon □ Kill een Minion of Enforcer model in (1) AP van volle Wounds naar 0 □ Kill of Sacrifice twee of meer Enemies met een (1) AP actie +2
  15. ttsgosadow

    Wyrdscape Preview

    That looks awesome! Might want to hold that idea of getting new terrain 'till I know more of this! <3