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    Alphen aan den Rijn [NL]
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    Organising events, painting and playing Malifaux in general and Arcanists & Resurrectionists in specific.

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  1. Hi all, We are going to start a new league here in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands). After a succesful previous league we've got a fun system of Assets you can control and fight over. For more info check out the League site: https://ttsgosadow.github.io/PfWLeague/ Let me know if you would like to join. New players, but also experienced players are more than welcome! We intend to let the league run four about 10 weeks; enough time for everybody to play everybody else at least once.
  2. I will be running a league the coming time in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. Theme of this league is Frame for Murder. More details (in Dutch) below. Please contact me if you want more info and/or want to join! Ik organiseer een kleine league met als thema Frame for Fkking Murder. Idee is om verschillende potten tegen elkaar te spelen (ik maak match-ups). Wil met de league expliciet oefenen op de scheme Frame for Murder, dus die kan je sowieso verwachten ;) Doorlooptijd van league is 3-6 weken. Heb je interesse? Laat dat dan weten!
  3. Afaik the Sandeep list usually has two guys immune to conditions. This are usually his nasty beaters that will be in your face as fast as possible. I don't really understand how McM is a good counter to that. Sure, he ignores their armor, but they are immune to poison (is a condition). Am I missing something, or is McM still a good idea if you cant poison and nurse these threats?
  4. I try to avoid taking FFM if possible, but then play as if I had taken it. With half the games having FFM in it, it's just a matter of time before people learn to play around it. I think that's the saving grace of it moving to suits, as I really dislike the scheme. Kinda tired of seeing FFM Howard every other game.
  5. Interesting read! Looking forward to the UK data The NL scene isnt big enough to do any sensical (is that a word?) analysis.
  6. If you start with your necropunk, and use the ability to heal and lose htw, hayreddin makes a + flip for Yan Lo worth even more. With htk he makes two attacks on the punk for two chi. Afther that summon your choice with Toshiro from the 'punk's remains. Fun idea to try Hayreddin/Yan Lo interaction this way. Saves cards to cheat with Yan Lo, and powers up hayreddin in the process. Keep them seperate after that, though.
  7. sounds great indeed, but I would always rather abra cadaver for a flesh construct but that might be my rezzer side shining through second on the advice to take condition removal. He is so vulnerable to those nasty ones, and being able to heal fully with a nurse has come along a lot for me as well. what do you guys think of Chiaki for that spot?
  8. Wow, looks like they are sold out already! Maybe Myke didn't add all tickets yet?
  9. YES, 6 Dutchies coming this year
  10. Refreshing all morning, 'till someone told me its 7:30 pm... Why doesn't everyone use 24h?
  11. Hi all, I will be running a league until the 29th of january and you can all participate! During this league you will be playing a crew, master or faction that is new to you or hasn't received much play yet. The league will be concluded on a gameday on 29th of january at the Games Guild in Alphen aan den Rijn. Below in Dutch, feel free to contact me for more info. More info on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2007269069499721/
  12. Count on us Dutchies, again, as well! Really enjoyed it and will try to get a bigger crew together for next time
  13. Hey man! Nice to see you at UK GT, go team mainland! What did you end up with? I did 4 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss :)

  14. The Dutch delegation has landed as well! See you tomorrow guys
  15. We as the Dutch crew are about to depart! Following the same route as our Polish malibrothers (minus Poland and Germany, ofcourse)! See you guys soon! Road Trippin'