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  1. Collodi controlled AP

    Also, the model controlled by the Collodi player stays friendly to its host crew.
  2. June 24th we will be having a Malifaux tournament at The Game Table in Carbondale Il. It will be 50ss, fixed factions. We will use the GG2017 document for strats and schemes. Pre registration starts at 3pm. Round one starts at 4pm. $5.00 entry. Painting is not required, but there will be an award for best painted. any questions feel free to contact me here, or at The Game Table. The Game Table 606 S. Illinois Ave Carbondale Il. 62901 618-457-8383 https://www.facebook.com/TheGameTableCarbondale/
  3. Demos in Carbondale Il

    I will be running demos at The Game Table in Carbondale Il. on Thursday evenings 4pm-8pm and Sundays 12pm-6pm. Open gaming is also held during these times. 606 S. Illinois Ave Carbondale Il 62901 618-457-8383 If you are interested in coming out but cannot make these times feel free to message me and we can schedule a time to meet and play.
  4. Totems when a Master leaves play

    "::Sigh:: not anymore . . ."
  5. WTS LE Foil cards

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Rare-Brewmaster-Foil-Stat-Card-/172512546688?hash=item282a8c8f80:g:61YAAOSwNnRYk5Yl http://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Rare-Marcus-Foil-Stat-card-and-plastic-model-NoS-/172512541698?hash=item282a8c7c02:g:DMAAAOSwnHZYk5UE
  6. Collodi 101

    I like playing Changelings with Collodi. Changelings and something like McTavish or Lazarus can put out a lot of decent shots. Collodi can 'My Will' on those spooky kids to get more shots with a positive.
  7. Carbondale Il Grow league

    We are having a grow league starting Feb 5th and running until March 4th. we start at 35SS and build up by 5SS every week. Each week will have two games played. One will be from the Gaining Grounds 2017 document, and the other will be a story encounter. Games will be played at Castle Perilous, 207 W Main St. Carbondale Il 62901. A one time entry fee of $5. Further details are available in store or via personal message to me.
  8. We are having a Halloween tournament on October 30th at Castle Perilous in Carbondale Il. It is fixed faction. 50ss. Halloween themed story encounters. GG2016 will be referenced for everything except for strategies and schemes. $10 entry. Registration starts at noon. Round 1 starts at 1pm. We have some decent prizes including a Pen Is Mightier crew box! Castle Perilous 207 West Main St Carbondale IL 62901 (618)-529-5317 www.castleperilous.com If if anyone has a carver model, if you could bring it with just in case that would be appreciated. I think I have enough, but better safe than sorry.
  9. Brewmaster's baked in suits point?

    they hit nearly as hard as a warpig without the Ooh Glowy upgrade's bonus . . . so pretty not bad.
  10. Will O' Wisp

    Sadly it's neverborn only... 1ap Feed the piggies is just too good...
  11. Hemming the twins

    Why not hem your own twins and put focus or defensive on them?
  12. June 26th we are going to have a Henchman Hardcore tournament at: Castle Perilous Books and Games 207 W. Main St. Carbondale Il 62901 Starts at 1pm. The Henchman Hardcore format is: 20ss crews henchmen led Fixed lists (cannot change lists between rounds) Must have 4 models. No summoning. Close deployment Turf War Assassinate 30minute rounds We are collecting crayons to donate to schools in Guatemala, so the entry fee is going to be a box of crayons (any type/size/brand). Come out, play some games, and help some kids get to color in the process.
  13. Collodi - what do I need?

    I'm very partial to Widow Weaver with Collodi for the web markers. Also Lazarus and some Changelings. Changelings copying the grenade launcher is pretty good!
  14. Why walk when you can charge!?!?! Haha
  15. Grow League

    We will be running a grow league starting April 23rd. in Carbondale Il. at both Castle Perilous Books and Games, and Game Fuzion. (league games can be played at either store.) League will be 5 weeks long and will start at 30ss adding 5 every week to end at 50ss. The regular meeting day will be Saturday at Game Fuzion and Sunday at Castle Perilous, but as long as games are played in the stores and are reported to myself of a staff member you can schedule games any time during the week. Fixed faction. This league is geared towards new players and building a bigger local player base, and as such there will be no painting requirements. As usual, demos and open play is also available on Sundays 1200-1800 (6pm). Store Address/Contact info: Castle Perilous Books and Games 207 W. Main St. Carbondale Il. 62901 (618)-529-5317 Game Fuzion 823 S. Illinois Ave. Carbondale Il. 62901 (618)-351-6474 If you have any questions you can contact myself here, or the store via the above information. Come out and move toys around and flip some cards!