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  1. JoyPi

    UK Nationals 2017

    So is it here I put myself on reserve list? Pi Fröjd
  2. JoyPi

    UK Nationals 2017

    I plan to attend.
  3. I have one from a Mysterybox. I am up for selling it or trading it for some other limited edition models. I am located in Sweden.
  4. Hi, I am going to a tournament next weekend. It is 50SS. I am going to play Nicodem as a primary master(I might use Tara as a secondary master as well). It will be the first time I will play Nico. I would love some pointers. Here is the strats schemes and the deployments for the tournament: At the end will be my collection. Match 1: Interference, Standard Deploy Convict Labor (Always)... Covert Breakthrough (1) Leave Your Mark (Tome) Inspect The Ruins (8) Show Of Force (Ram) Match 2: Turf War, Corner Deploy Convict Labor (Always) A Quick Murder (12) Leave Your Mark (Tome) Inspection (11) Hunting Party (Crow) Match 3: Headhunter, Standard Deploy Convict Labor (Always) Set Up (7) Hunting Party (Crow) Catch And Release (9) Take Prisoner (Doubles) Match 4: Squatters Rights, Flank Deploy Convict Labor (Always) Neutralize The Commander (3) Show Of Force (Ram) Frame For Murder (5) Exhaust Their Forces (Mask) I own: Nico Vulture Grave spirit 3 Punk Zombies 3 Necropunks 3 Crooligans 3 Rotten Belles 2 Dead Doxy 1 Rogue Necromancy Izamu Mortimer 2 Hanged Madam Sybelle 3 Ashigaru Toshiro Chiaki The Carrion Emissary 5 Mindless Zombies Johanna 2 Performers For Tara I own: Nothing beast 3 Void wretch Karina 3 Death Marshal /Many thanks in advance JoyPi
  5. JoyPi

    UK Nationals 2015 Feedback

    Thanks to all the organizers. I had a blast. I will give it my best to be back next year. I will do in reverse order since I have always thought of delivering the bads and then the good things. Cons. -The food. It was awful. It was barely edible. I like the idea with food organized by the to(nothing we really have in Sweden), but it must have a higher standard and be fit for persons who doesn't want meat or whatever. When even one of your own TO:s won't eat the food because it is not fit for his diet, I feel something is wrong. -The things said about the microphone. -Yeah get a program that can handle it. I know Bennie has one. In other tournaments that uses the Swiss system you are never allowed to meet the same player twice, and with 65-128 players 7 rounds is perfect for geting a final winner and all players in the final round should still meet a player who has as much tournament points without playing a player at a lower level of skill (and therefor get an easier win) That said it is time for the pros. +I loved the extremely warm welcome I and the other Swedes got. For that matter the warm welcome in general, but it is so easy to sometimes get left out if you are new to the scene. You all did a great job with it. +Seven fantastic games. That I in some of the played terribly but that is my own fault. Great opponents. +The great job with the organization of the event. And the quick fixing things went sideways with the printer and stuff. +Great painting set up and nice painting levels, and great that it was 2*3 prizes for it. +It worked well with announcing the Strats and Schemes and the starting with the crews. +A prize for best table. And yes it was clearly the best one. +A prize for best cosplay. Thanks for a fantastic tournament. I will be coming back. I hope I will see some of you in Sweden. Thanks for new friends. /Lots of LOVE Pi
  6. JoyPi

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Is there any twitter hashtag for UKGT? #UKGT15?
  7. JoyPi

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Youre probably about 30 minute walk away from the venue there I would think. Yeah I know. That is why I ask about if anyone else is staying there or close by and go by car.
  8. JoyPi

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Who else will be in York already at the Friday besides me and most (if not all of the Swedish people)?
  9. JoyPi

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Hi, I will be staying at: Crossways Guest House 23 Wigginton Road It is possible for me to walk to the venue or something similar. But I am wondering if there is someone else staying there or close to there with a car that I can hitch a ride with. /Best Pi
  10. JoyPi

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    When will the rules pack be out?
  11. JoyPi

    I need inspiration for bases.

    No I want the light only in the modells not in the bases. But the others are some ideas. Give me more.
  12. I have the greenglow Pandora box and I am drawing a blank on how to base them. I want some help with inspiration, I am fitting them with inside lighting in some kind of way. All ideas are Welcome. /Thanks in advance Emil
  13. It was fantastic and great tournament. I loved it. Hopefully I can get the last points to grab the third place next time. I was 1pt away.
  14. JoyPi

    Tips and help needed for Collodi

    Ok thanks. Then I think I will get a Zoraida and have a 35pt Collodi Crew as well.
  15. JoyPi

    Miss Pack

    Ok thanks. I guess it is worth more untouched?