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  1. Can you also put Ben Halford Adam Hutchinson Brooks Martin Chris Donaldson On the reserves list please Dave
  2. I think you run a great tournament and would personally love to see you keep running the nationals Mike. Running something this size is a massive ball-ache and hard to do right, if anyone else should contact you and think they are up for the job then obviously you should think about giving them a crack at it or at least put it to the community. With regards to Wyrd-Fest, it sounds like a great idea, the kind of thing I've wanted to go to for years and would love to see happen. However I would suggest being able to just partake in the Nationals only though as a choice as a 2 dayer is a big enough commitment for a lot of people. For me personally a 3-dayer throws up a whole host of problems which I'm sure it would for others too, time away from family, time off from work where an extra day is needed (it's hard enough to get the Saturday off for me) and obvious extra financial cost.
  3. Ticket purchased! Looking forward to it 👍
  4. Interested for sure
  5. Hoping to make this my first Sanctuary event, need to pop my Sanctuary of cherry
  6. Nice chilled event, well run, didn't feel rushed at all and plenty of space. Thanks for running! Cheers for the fun games Peter, Ben and Dave ☺
  7. Me! *yoink*
  8. Is there an updated entrant list or is there just 4 players on for this?
  9. I'll be up for this Dave 👍 will get paid up soon
  10. As said on Sunday i'll more than likely be up for this. Date checks out for me 😊 I'm easy with number of games, it won't affect me attending or not, more games Is always good but if it's making the round times too tight then 3 is better
  11. No go for me as is a Saturday, plus the Wife's Birthday party same day 😡 Hopefully make the next one
  12. Stick me down as Outcasts please Dave.
  13. Judging by the wording, i'd say Vallecas is looking for Puppet Wars models. Of which they'll all limited eds
  14. David, will schemes be released prior to the event or on the day? Cheers
  15. Finally got my finger out and paid up! Will declare faction asap 👍