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    Malifaux, wargames, Everton FC, Wigan Warriors RLFC, Cricket, Tennis, Indie kid (old man), two boys! Labradors! (and the collie)

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  1. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 4 , Sunday 5th August

    Loads of early Facebook interest ... am at the ITC this weekend if anyone has any questions .. lingering near the bottom tables with our North West team no doubt
  2. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 4 , Sunday 5th August

    Entrants list 1. Dave Allen 2.
  3. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 4 , Sunday 5th August

    Instalment 4 of malifaux in Liverpool city centre. Can host up to 32 players See below for Facebook group with ticket link, and a direct website link for tickets too https://www.facebook.com/events/439419649839874/?ti=as https://justplaygames.uk/products/merseyfaux-4-05-08-18 Venue - Justplay games, Liverpool city centre Has cheap weekend parking right next door, and very close to transport links When - Sunday 5th August 10am for a 6.15pm finish 50ss fixed faction, 3 games Any questions please do ask... pdf rulespack in next week or so
  4. Paid up straight away... as promised will use a different faction .. likely fail with Guild
  5. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    So with 4 unfortunate dropouts we had 14 players 1st ... Alyx Drake - outcasts (Leviticus all day) 2nd ... Radek Bry - outcasts (viks, parker barrows twice) 3rd ... Emma Newham - Arcanists (Sandeep) Spoon - Danny Moss Best painted - Carl Lee Painted runner up - Emma Newham Favourite opponent - Emma Newham Full results are attached Massive thanks for the support and more locals have defo promised to be present next time... pencilled win for July and tbc soon Any feedback as usual would be great
  6. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    This Sunday everyone... cheers for support so far, but still time to sign up 17 spots taken .. entrants and strats and schemes above
  7. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Cheers Luke Strats and schemes added to first post... up to 16 entrants in the day now too
  8. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Still plenty of space for this... into double figures as a few paying on the day itself
  9. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Nice one Craig
  10. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Interest in the event has picked up and going to be in double figures with plenty of other interest too Loads of space now though!
  11. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Also going to gauge interest in going for a curry (or other food) afterwards ... if you would be interested let me know
  12. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Entrants 1 Adam Bone 2 Greg Piskosz 3 Radek Bry 4 Martin Wodehouse 5 6 7 James Crosby 8 Gordon Barlow 9 Emma Newham 10 Alyx Drake 11 Danny Moss - paying on day 12 Kyle Douglas 13 Carl Lee 14 Craig Colley - paying on day 15 Gareth Hirst - paying on day 16 Luke Cocksedge 17 18 19 20
  13. KevinGillett

    Liverpool - demos and weekly malifaux night

    Justplay has moves downstairs to bigger premises Am free any Tuesday in March for demos and looking to run another Henchmen Hard-core for any new players Then is merseyfaux 3 in April
  14. KevinGillett

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Justplaygames have moved to new bigger premises (ground floor of new building, see Facebook event page for pics) and are allowing me to run Merseyfaux 3 Facebook event and ticket link here https://www.facebook.com/events/1609757849100000/?ti=as Tickets also from here https://justplaygames.uk/products/merseyfaux-3-29-04-17 This is a GG2018 event with registration from 10am Cost - £12.50 in advance 10.30am - Round 1 12.40pm - Lunch and best crew - trophy for winnner and runner up 1.30pm - Round 2 3.45pm - Round 3 6pm - Awards presentation Will be raffling some mystery boxes and possibly other prizes based on umber of sign ups too. It is unlikely I will have enough guilders for all participants due to the continued wyrd shortage though Strategy and Schemes as follows Round 1 OURS, Flank Deployment Guarded Treasure, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Show of force, Take one for the team Round 2 PLY FOR INFORMATION, Standard deployment Surround them, Dig their graves, Undercover Entourage, Take one for the team, Recover evidence Round 3 SUPPLY WAGONS, Corner deployment Guarded Treasure, Inescapable trap, Search the ruins, Recover evidence, Public demonstration Thanks, Kevin
  15. KevinGillett

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Love this event... wasn't in a great place personally but enjoyed all my games and continued to learn a lot.. even my 7-0 drubbing in first game v Pandora A 2 day event would defintely be something I would consider .. more so if timings one day mean I can have a bit do time in the city