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  1. Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    Good decision.
  2. Ten Thunders Scheme Runners

    The new Misaki looks almost comically mobile with Deadly Dance being (0) and Downburst having a Thunder trigger that triggers Next Target. Since Misaki is not all about the crew synergy it might be interesting to slap Disguise on her and let her concentrate on running schemes and then just build a killy crew. Technically Misaki is free so it would also make her the cheapest Runner on the list...lol.
  3. Mercenaries?

    I can't see mercenaries working for the Gibbering Horde...what would the monsters pay them with? lol But that would mean one entire faction who couldn't use a pool of models.
  4. Smoke & Shadows

    Clockwork traps are cheap and can be placed just about anywhere at the start of the game.
  5. When do you use Yamaziko?

    Using her as my leader in a campaign with two Snipers.
  6. There is no God, Evolution is Settled Science and Wyrd keeps stealing my money and leaving these little pieces of plastic and metal in its place that I feel compelled to paint.
  7. Generally I prefer to be able to have the opportunity to do something rather than mitigate the chance at failing at something so the Black Joker usually gets tossed based entirely on my mood. Then again I am not the best player .
  8. 10T bruddah

    Probably due to Smoke and Shadows.
  9. Who's the toughest model you have assembled ?

    10T Archers.
  10. I am in Philly, used to play at 7th Dimension Games in Jenkintown. I think they still carry Malifaux, I have not played for a spell but would like to get back into the game.
  11. Katanaka Sniper

    Yeah, that 9 SS price point for Samurai gets them in the realm of models like Kang, Toshiro and Sensei Yu. Not sure if they are pulling their weight at that point.
  12. Katanaka Sniper

    The new 10T upgrades in Beta testing look to be trying to balance out these issues.
  13. New Crew - Your opinion

    I also play Yamaziko a lot with Misaki, mainly because I like the model. She is also a cheap Henchman (good for hanging Smoke and Shadows on) that performs well when putting down markers due to being nimble and can make it really unappealing to charge models around her. But mainly for the model.
  14. Katanaka Sniper

    As I said I pretty much agree with you on some of your points. The Archer is a more specialized and more situational unit, it's inclusion would be based on building my crew in a certain way. The Sniper on the other hand is a much better all around performer and a better value for its points. I am not sure what you mean by too solid. The Sniper made it through beta testing and has been finalized so the consensus in the community and among the developers seemed to be that it is a balanced model. Perhaps it is that the Archer are over costed? Is the objection that in relation to the Archers the Snipers are too good and are under costed or that the Archers are not worth 7 SS, as they are two separate issues. Or is it that the Snipers are just too powerful all around? Maybe if we could focus on what your objection is specifically we could better address it.