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Go Canucks Go

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  1. You can buy him here along with various other Single models. https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/collections/neverborn/products/malifaux-singles-collodi-master-of-puppets-collodi-box-wyr20409
  2. for some reason I cant share the link? its on the trading forums labeled as above. Just click on my profile to.
  3. Wondering I have some models listed on a Thread here would you be interested in any of those for the Hanging Trees? Ill make yah a good deal, are they new in Box.
  4. Yeah I'm buying the Hamelin just to make him my Avatar model on 50mm base. Add some rats from the Hamelin set to.
  5. Around 20-30ish. Slow mail to.
  6. Anyone heard of any new models coming out? I have 30 Guilders burning a hole in my pocket, want Hamelin but that's it out of the current range.
  7. Does Philip and the Nanny work well with Seamus? I was considering picking him through Gazdooks gaming. I'm trying to stay away from Molly and just wanted to make sure he worked.
  8. Gals and Gents I'm looking to sell these models listed below, Ill sell separate or as a package with discounted costs for shipping and if you buy multiple items. Prices are in US funds. PM if interested. All Models have been opened to verify Contents and condition, all models New in Box with Cards. Rasputina Avatar in Box $25.00 Essence of Power M2E $5.00 Kaeris Crew Burning Revelation Limited Translucent Orange $40.00 Rasputina Crew Limited Edition Translucent Blue $40.00 Miss Anne Thrope Limited Edition Wastrel $25.00 Miss Step Limited Edition Howard Langston $25.00 Ashes and Dust Box Set with Abominations Box Set M2E $25.00 Metal Gamin Box Set, Rail Golem Box Set and Willie the Demolitionist Box Set M2E $40.00 Rail Crew Box Set M2E $30.00
  9. Just wanted to let everyone k ow that this guy PM and sent me a Malifaux Child Pink Dayglow for free! That's right I made an offer and he declined, this guy is top notch, some times in this world good things happen and to have a complete stranger do that is awesome! Thanks again sir, Wyrd you should send this man a prize!!!
  10. Jort is this crew going to be listed for sale? Thanks again.
  11. Hello I was wondering I don't really have a group where I live but really wanted to get into an RPG, and of course I love Malifaux, can a guy Solo on this? Is Through the Breach have to have more than 1 Player? Thanks.
  12. Those are mine! Thanks again Jort, nothing but amazing stuff form this guy!
  13. Is it Translucent or Day Glow?

    Is it still on Sprue?

    Do you have M2E Card as well, is card mint, and could it be shipped in a holder?

    I would offer you $20.00US?