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  1. Hunters are a great 7ss minion, comparable to illuminated in neverborn. I find that they can do enough damage, mess with position enough, and hold ground well enough to get the job done
  2. Good point, thanks - so I'll have to kill things or get them killed.
  3. oops - my bad, I've edited it now.... I've tried it once and it worked fine, I just need to have a few more games to make sure.
  4. one thing it allows you to do, due to the double pos flips on attacks, is choose the trigger you most want with greater ease. The pos on df flips can then keep him alive in a tricky situation, and that is mccabe to a tee. remember, I'm talking about having him with the sabre, promises and recalled and then also getting the badge of speed via the emissary. if I was not running the emissary, then I wouldn't have room for recalled training on McCabe
  5. space is pretty tight, but I could probably squeeze a model or two more in. The death marshall has been a keystone of my previous McCabe lists, so it might be nice to get one back in - I'll have to see what I can do. I'm considering trying to find room for austringers too, but I'm not sure what I could do with them that I haven't already.
  6. I'm interested - will double check the date and let you know.
  7. I'd suggest reading the zipp thread that is stuck to the top of these boards. The models worth adding are up to you really. You'll have to try things out to see what fits best for your playstyle. Have you tried him out yet using proxies? what are you wanting to get out of him?
  8. Hi guys, this is a sister thread to one I am also running in the guild forums as McCabe is one of the 3 masters I am running this year. In this thread, as in its sister, I will track list design, hobby progress, mccabe discussion (of a 10T nature here) and go through my games as and when I play them. The aim of this thread is for me to keep a log of what I'm doing and share my thoughts with you and give you guys a chance to respond to what I'm upto. The other masters I'm playing this year are Zipp and Leveticus (and these guys also have appropriate threads I've started). All the models across these masters have to fit into one Malifaux bag, so I'm starting with a fairly limited pool of models and may have to operate a "one out, one in" policy to make everything fit. This is a return to McCabe for me, as I played him a lot about a year ago, but plenty has changed in that time for me to keep learning. Back then, the majority of my games were in guild, but TBH I'm seeing his 10T version as the more flexible at the moment. Hobby: surprisingly little - I have most things painted and usable at the moment, the brutal emissary being represented by the Sonnia Avatar model (mainly due to the space requirements, I have a shadow emissary but he's rather large and he is also painted/based to match my misaki crew). The same goes for Izamu - I've been using the turtle Genbu. I have an Izamu assembled, but haven't got around to painting him yet. Model pool: I'm starting with the following: Mccabe (and dismounted) Luna Kamiatatchi (super weasel is super) guild hounds chiaki pathfinder and traps shadow emissary ten thunders brothers toshiro + punk zombies lust strongarm suit ronin Freikoprs trappers (no assembled katanaka snipers as yet) models I'm considering but not yet added: illuminated wastrels terracotta warriors (don't own any at this point) Games: one at this point - I am flipping masters randomly in casual games and McCabe just hasn't flipped out often enough. I am taking him to an event that is coming up soon and I am hoping to get a casual game in this weekend... that game was an example to another player looking to get into McCabe to show him how I made him work. List design: I'm not posting full things up here just yet, I've not got enough testing done, but there is one that springs out and that is "which mccabe upgrades do you take on him and which on the emissary?" for me, the emissary is best when carrying the badge of speed initially, and I don't use the extra slot on McCabe to carry another one, but to get recalled training instead. the setup then becomes: McCabe (promises, recalled training, glowing sabre) Shadow Emissary (conflux of exploraiton - badge of speed at start of the game) this allows you to efficiently get a lot of movement out of a big hitter. Let's take Izamu as an example: shadow emissary activates, takes a nimble action, throws badge of speed to izamu (pushing him) and then makes izamu fast - emissary can then walk. mccabe goes later in the turn, takes back the badge, passes it to izamu once more, pushing him again - then does other things. izamu is now 8" advanced, nimble and fast with melee expert. He could be holding recalled training. He kills something with extreme prejudice - very extreme if he also gains an extra pos flip on the attack by being in the promises aura. now this kind of move doesn't have to be done, but the efficient movement of models makes me think that badge of speed shouldn't start on McCabe in a 10T crew using the emissary. I guess that's all for now, I'll update as I get list ideas. Joel
  9. Hi all, I'm running 3 masters this year - Zipp, Leveticus and McCabe. For each of the others I have a thread running on the forums detailing my lists, games, hobby progress, etc. I had held off on creating one for McCabe as frankly, I didn't know which forum to put it in, and didn't want to duplicate this over on the 10T boards. I think I've figured out a way of keeping 2 threads different enough though, so it's time to jump in! Firstly, I'm coming back to McCabe after a year or so away, so the basics of how I play him are fairly well established in my head, but there are new models and new tricks to try. Secondly, I am carrying all models needed for all my masters in one small bag - which means I have to make some tough choices about which models make the cut. This is being done as I am flipping masters randomly in casual games and so could be playing any of them on the fly. This means my games with McCabe may be sporadic or may be clustered - but when I take him to events he'll get a good run of games there. So, the current pool of models I'm starting with are as follows: McCabe (and dismounted, obviously) Luna guild hounds peacekeeper hunters pale rider Allison Dade (new addition - as yet untested) Freikorps Trapper Strongarm Suit Ryle Ronin Burt Jebsen Gracie pathfinder and traps brutal emissary the judge models I'm considering but not yet in the bag: death marshalls wastrels Hobby: I've rebased all of my old models and repainted the peacekeeper from scratch - I need to repaint my hunters next and to build and undercoat Allison Dade as she arrived at my place only yesterday. Games: so far, very few as guild, but here's what I ran last time: Mccabe (promises, glowing sabre, badge of speed) luna 4 guild hounds 2 hunters peacekeeper (debt) I was facing Jack Daw in standard deployment extraction. I took frame for murder on a hunter and claim jump. I lost the peacekeeper early to RJ damage, got the wrong hunter killed by montressor turn 1 too - but managed to pull it together for a 7-5 win. Mccabe getting off his horse at the right tactical moment swinging the game back in my favour. as I do more with guild mccabe, I'll add to this thread, but right now I am most excited to try out Allison Dade who I believe can open up a whole new mccabe playstyle. Joel
  10. Everything is undead. as for the anchors, the trick is to only have them when/where you need them. In this list Levi will not be burying every turn. But with Levi's other (0) action, aboms and a&d can be broken to pop out either or both of the hidden ones
  11. I've used him as a merc in many crews - never had him fast... ill report back when I try it
  12. I'm considering this for bone Levi: levi (bone, oath, desolate soul) 2 waifs ashes and dust 2 abominations killjoy (oath) bete noir (oath)
  13. early next month, when mine arrive, I will find out
  14. this has possibilities, but it'll have to wait for me until I have a TCW model and card. Extra oathkeeper, if just for one turn on Levi, would be useful indeed.
  15. Likewise, I I don't need a list that allows me to spend 20+ soulstones in-game, but Levi lets me do one 😀 Or one that allows you an 12-card hand every turn perhaps? You can do that too...