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  1. List updated, we are now sold out! 😀 to all entrants: there are prizes for painting, costumes, some gaming related ones and lots of candy on offer looking foreward to seeing you all there!
  2. Make that 13! Just one space left 😀
  3. We are upto 12 now, just two spaces left for this!!
  4. Timings are now in the first post
  5. Entrants list updated and is growing nicely! Both Bunty and I are happy and excited about that!! Here is some of the fluff from the first 2 rounds to wet your whistles (so to speak) about what we have planned for you! There is still plenty of time to sign up if you like what you see! Joel Here's some of the background to get your fangs into!! Faux Busters!! It's getting close to Halloween, and the boundaries between the world of Malifaux and the spirit realm have weakened. Citizens are reporting increased ghost activity and your crew has seen that there is money to be made! You've decided to set up a paranormal elimination squad in order to bust those pesky ghosts back where they came from - and make some scrip! With a bit of help from Dr Ramos, your crew has access to energy packs with attached guns, and a confinement box that should (you hope!) be able to hold a ghost - at least until Kirai can be persuaded to have a word with it and send it on its way! Who ya gonna call?? Round 1 - WE GOT ONE!!!! Your first proper busting job - and its a good 'un! Colette du Bois has requested your services in clearing out the star theatre of a few troublesome and, well, slimy ghosts that are freaking out Carlos and the showgirls!! Get in there are get em before the other team does - we don't want them getting the credit and the money! Round 2 - "Oh, we have to get these two together!" Your crew has noticed a civilian acting strangely (even by Malifaux standards, rambling about being a Keymaster and has decided to see what this nonsense is all about. You've heard rumours that a rival busting-gang ALSO has a civilian going on about the same kind of stuff....something about a gatekeeper? Why not get these guys together? I mean, what's the worst that could happen?? Round 3 - ??????????? (no, we're not giving you any clues on this one yet!)
  6. Tangle Shadows sacrifice

    this is where barbaros actually comes in handy - he can extract himself with his nimble and charge the target you tangled back in your own lines.
  7. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    It's simply a nice trick to have if the situation where it would be important ever arises.
  8. Rougarou combos

    I think you underestimate +1" engagement, and don't forget it also puts her on pos flips for both attack and damage, rather than just damage. Lilith isn't a beater every turn, but the blade means that when you need her to be she becomes ultra-reliable on the takedown. I find that without it, Lilith is less flexible in-game. But hey, that's just me.
  9. Rougarou combos

    And, for my money, you'd need a compelling reason NOT to take living blade.
  10. Party never ends

  11. rare limit has no bearing on this. It's not the same model in the same way that a summoned punk zombie from the corpse marker of a previous punk zombie isn't the same model
  12. Its a newly summoned model.
  13. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    I'll chip in on that!
  14. Best outcast minions

    In 2016 I ran at least 1 ronin in every list I ran, over 110 games, across 7 factions, and went as high as 4 ronin in some lists. at no point did I have cause to regret my choice. Math is right about their durability, but I'd also add that the next target trigger on their sword can be incredibly useful, and that 2/3/5 damage spread a lot more scary when the crow trigger allows you to unleash a severe or RJ from your hand. I lost count of the izamus, peacekeepers, even masters that my ronin swooped in and dispatched. Also how many stashes they guarded, prisoners taken, accusations denied, headhunters left headless and soulstones generated. i was using them at 7ss for much of that year and considered them well-priced, at 6ss in outcasts they strike me as a bargain.