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  1. Tangle Shadows sacrifice

    this is where barbaros actually comes in handy - he can extract himself with his nimble and charge the target you tangled back in your own lines.
  2. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    It's simply a nice trick to have if the situation where it would be important ever arises.
  3. Rougarou combos

    I think you underestimate +1" engagement, and don't forget it also puts her on pos flips for both attack and damage, rather than just damage. Lilith isn't a beater every turn, but the blade means that when you need her to be she becomes ultra-reliable on the takedown. I find that without it, Lilith is less flexible in-game. But hey, that's just me.
  4. Rougarou combos

    And, for my money, you'd need a compelling reason NOT to take living blade.
  5. Party never ends

  6. rare limit has no bearing on this. It's not the same model in the same way that a summoned punk zombie from the corpse marker of a previous punk zombie isn't the same model
  7. Its a newly summoned model.
  8. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    I'll chip in on that!
  9. Best outcast minions

    In 2016 I ran at least 1 ronin in every list I ran, over 110 games, across 7 factions, and went as high as 4 ronin in some lists. at no point did I have cause to regret my choice. Math is right about their durability, but I'd also add that the next target trigger on their sword can be incredibly useful, and that 2/3/5 damage spread a lot more scary when the crow trigger allows you to unleash a severe or RJ from your hand. I lost count of the izamus, peacekeepers, even masters that my ronin swooped in and dispatched. Also how many stashes they guarded, prisoners taken, accusations denied, headhunters left headless and soulstones generated. i was using them at 7ss for much of that year and considered them well-priced, at 6ss in outcasts they strike me as a bargain.
  10. Moments of Levity

    Thanks for the idea, I've been tinkering with the list in the background too - the addition of The Thorn who can hit a necropunk after he's placed his scheme markers and draw 2 cards has been something I've considered. It does mean I have a lot of points sat back though
  11. Swinecursed

    Got mine delivered today
  12. What's needed for a tournament?

    I turn cards 90 degrees to signify activation, simple and avoids clutter
  13. Close deployment = Viks. They can't score interference when they have no crew left
  14. Moments of Levity

    Got 3 games in yesterday. Used teddylevi, stonelevi and classiclevi lists. Went 2-1 got 4th and best sports! (Chuffed with that last bit!) working on a card draw list some more now.
  15. Tooth & Nail 28th May 2017

    Thanks for a cracking event today - really enjoyed all my games