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  1. rat engine makes for a boring game that breaks the alternate-activations interaction between players of a malifaux game - and that isn't a myth. My own rating would be: Leveticus (masters that can do the jack-of-all-trades thing are always powerful and effective) Hamelin (no denying its effectiveness, no matter my own distaste for the approach) Viks (can warp games in the right pool) Parker/Jack Daw (excellent options) Von Schill (a good all-rounder, but less options than those above him) Tara (better post-errata, but still not surpassing the others) Misaki (not terrible at all, but better in 10T)
  2. added a soulstone miner to my malifaux bag - thinking about its applications for popping up as an anchor might allow me to run a waif to a location away from the existing anchors and then drop Leveticus where needed later on. starting one on the board and grabbing a soulstone or two doesn't sound too bad either. over 2 turns it could supply me with 2 soulstones and 2 cards (from abomination pinging), as well as be an anchor for that time.
  3. I'm highly tempted to try the following list in games where I don't have to spread out too much: leveticus (desolate soul), 3ss 2 waifs Alyce (from aether) ashes and dust desolation engine vanessa some card manipulation from Vanessa, combined with the ability to get extra ap out of the two large constructs. The crew should create enough abominations. Vanessa might be able to draw cards from surge too.
  4. I've run the tally sheet/effigy combo with von Schill before. I think I'd be less likely to reform the desolation engine if I dropped an Abom, but I can see why it would work. TBH I never got through the 4ss I did take in this game. If getting more soulstones is the priority I think ronin and soulstone miners would be where I looked - both are also anchors
  5. makes sense. With Ashes & Dust and the Desolation Engine I generated 3 abominations during the game - felt like plenty of them. Levi missed his triggers (or didn't kill stuff), so didn't generate any of his own. stitched are on my list to try out, so we will see how I get on with them - I've tended to find that they die a bit easily in neverborn however, so I'm a little hesitant to use them as anchors. I love their card draw ability, but as it requires crows in a crew already hungry for them, I'd like to ask if this has been an issue for you, or if you even use this?
  6. I went back to the Schemes and Stones podcast episode for Levi to see if I could glean any info. A pretty good listen, if a little too short for this particular master, and being pre-errata. I'm also working my way through all the fluff which features him - always a great place to start for any new players (or anyone new to a particular master)
  7. The bit on the front of the card where it says "if he is killed or sacrificed he isnt" 😀
  8. He was great - drew fire while handing me cards, then reformed in a good position to start killing stuff
  9. That list sounds reasonable, but I'd ask how much terrain you see on your tables - I rarely find a board that would suit them, and if I'm going for that then a couple of trappers is more likely as they get that built in pos flip as well as being anchors. Would you have gone for that list in the interference game I described above? I've not got a Terracotta Warrior yet, but will try them on their release.
  10. on turn 1 the aboms hurt each other and the desolation engine to draw me 3 cards - they engaged other models for interference and freed up my hitters to move freely about the board and do their thing. I had one finish off the ashes and dust to break it down allowing me to prevent my opponent scoring a quarter and allowing the dust storm to deal with a field reporter who was being annoying. The same one killed off the printing press
  11. Hi everyone, I've recently picked up Levi for the first time in this edition and thought I'd start an ongoing thread to record my experiences and get feedback. Crew Building Due to dabbling across all factions and collecting for years I have plenty of models to fill out Levi's hiring pool, but for sake of my own sanity and, frankly, so I don't have to carry too much I'm limiting a pool down to the following for my initial games: Leveticus box set (with additional aboms) ashes and dust desolation engine 4 ronin vanessa taelor sue strongarm suit trapper killjoy flesh construct necropunk philip and the nanny toshiro izamu punk zombies pale rider dead doxy peacekeeper ryle hunters stitched together brutal effigy shadow effigy soulstone miner This will allow me to dip my toes into each pariah while getting my head around the core crew and the outcasts. Games Played At the time of writing I'm just at one game played. Interference (standard deployment) vs. Guild (Nellie). Pool was: claim jump, accusation, eliminate the leadership, leave your mark and show of force. I picked the following crew and went with claim jump and eliminate the leadership: leveticus (bone, desolate soul), 4ss 2 waifs ashes and dust desolation engine flesh construct 3 aboms I scored all 10 points - the flesh construct dropping 4 of the 6 claim jump markers over turns 2-4. He also finished off Gage. A Hollow Waif charged Nellie to finish her off too. Killing a master with a totem always brings a smile of "achievment unlocked". I managed to reform the desolation engine during the game too. My opponent go 1 point for interference and 2 for accusation. He had also opted for eliminate the leadership, but Leveticus never dropped below half wounds, and doesn't count as sacrificed when he makes a waif either, so in the end I gave up nothing there. Hobby Almost all my stuff is painted and ready to go for this project, but rebasing a pair of hunters is on my list. Thoughts The crew feels like it hangs on a knife edge - a single mistake with positional play or activation order could easily have lost me this game. I'll have to do a lot more learning to get good with Leveticus. This makes me happy. Leveticus isn't going to be one-dimensional play or static on the tabletop. I have lots of options to explore with him though. I am highly tempted to get a dead doxey into the crew for some pushes on my hitters in my next game. So that's my intro post - I'll be adding more as I have random thoughts or get more games in. Joel
  12. I've found getting pics onto these forums to be a pain, but I will try.
  13. I do have a display board airship for my Zipp crew, in fact, I wouldn't have done the crew without one! I decided to go with a mix of sails (furled) and rotor blades rather than a zeppilin approach however. It is based off a boat kit from darkops, then modified with stuff from my bits box.
  14. looks like we'll all have to wait longer for the models now....but I found them tanky enough once the healing started to flow.
  15. People regard me AS the dark side already...