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  1. It's really up to who is in charge, but the more the better in my book. Interviews the teams, show a top table or people of interest. Basic streaming is very simple as you just need a camera and an internet connection. I got the impression that stream at Vengeance was organized by Steamforged and they knew an AV guy. (Heard them say it was nice of him to give up his wkend to watch something he knew nothing about) They could have well hired someone or the equipment as it certainly was very good and the basic set up you need to be doing live commentary. Seems to make sense that a famous podcaster like yourself does the commentary Yeah Bag-o-tools is great for a normal event, but this was the team world championships!
  2. Scores and updates of the event would be good. I had to read the score sheet from the Polish teams facbook and that was for 1,2 and 3 out of 18 teams. Also since its a world event and 2017 a live stream would be cool.
  3. It's a wig!
  4. But I need my patience for the NHS! Come on new things keep the interest up and everyone seems to have tons of spare guilders to spend!
  5. Doh I'm being silly and thinking of stake a claim! Need more sleep
  6. How does merris do claim jump she is move 5. She is the No1 scheme runner for sure, but I leave her at home for that one. I used an ironsketter with a bayou in combo with the 1st mate.
  7. Be Great to see Joel Henry vs Lukasz Rozanski and Graham Bursnell vs George Hollingdale who will end the event top of their faction!
  8. It's his standard upgrade unless you want to use an Ironskeeter and give him fast. It's a good idea if you can to focus and then charge so you can cheat in a severe damage or the red joker.
  9. When I got the email saying they had screwed up the 2nd order I felt sorry for the owners as its quite a mistake and must be costing them enough. Having printing options in Europe will go far to helping this situation taking so long to fix. I may have the cards I ordered 2 months ago in a month, but half the time is in postage. Personally if I were going down the route of correcting balancing issues twice a year I'd conceder something like warroom.
  10. People everywhere in the world take advantage of models that are good. How many Arcanists take raptors the practised production upgrade. How many people take the ridiculously underpriced Doppelgänger and the murder machine Nekima. Plenty of crews have lots of activation Hamlin for one has as many as he likes before he Obey's a beatstick to your face turn one. Activation control is very powerful, but so is being able to make your opponent set up 1st. There is even a new scheme that you can score when people have so many more activations. In the new 2017 I see myself taking Bayou gremlins more than stuffed piglets as you need to drop more scheme markers. Are stuffed piglets too cheap hell no! they aren't worth 3pts, but I think it would be more fluffy and balanced if they had to explode when they died, but then again I think the Doppelgänger should be 9pts.
  11. Just got an email saying that they have sent me the wrong cards again and that they have given me 10usd in store credit.
  12. Lovely model, but min damage 2 on a 10pt beatstick is weak.
  13. I glad it's not for top gremlin and in the raffle so I stand a chance
  14. Sure it sorry it wont happen again. It's not like I was being rude just adding a bit of humor I'm sorry that it upset anyone. But what I said is all correct right so no need to spend 7SS on to get a scrap marker when you have diatribe and one of 20+ cards.
  15. You need a 5+ of tombs from Earl for the positives which could be problem, but he only needs to be 6" away from the scrap. Diatribe has an 8" range and no target number so an anything of masks or tombs to get it off and place a scrap marker next to one of my own models. Move model up the field 12", move Zipp, cast Diatribe, cheat in an ace of tombs, place scrap, move again, drop earl. Next turn both are in place. Yeah you have to active Earl 1st, but he is hidden away along with Zipp who are dropping pianos with pos flips with rams for smashy Zipp. I don't have to change anything apart from take Diatribe and have a 5+ of Tombs it's an option. I love throwing Zipp and the enemy about the table, but sometimes you want to either hide way or get the 4damage hits. I really don't think the metalstinktpig needs to be involved. If anything you take the mekapig to give Zipp and his crew positives on their charges and forget the scrap entirely unless you want Sparks. Burt, Franky, and Zipp on Positives charges is as filthy as a pig