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  1. What is a typical list for you Evil? I often run into the same problem, but I've seen a number of von Schill lists with 7-8 models on here. 7 models is okay, at 6 models you're starting to make it really hard for yourself. So I figured perhaps I'm using too many upgrades and too high a cache. Maybe have a browse through some of the vS threads to look at some other lists.
  2. Cool, good to know. Sounds like would be worth using the cards for in some circumstances, but otherwise there are probably better uses for Hannah's ability.
  3. My only other thinking with using Hannah to copy Lazarus' attack is that it's 3 duels:- - simple duel for Hannah's 0AP - Simple dual for Lazarus 0AP to target himself - opposed duel now that you're finally using the grenade launcher. Looks like a lot has to go your way, and you can easily fail or sink too many cards into it. Haven't used it though - thoughts on this aspect of it?
  4. How does that work? Hannah copies his assimilate, targets Lazarus to copy the grenade launcher, but Hannah would then attack, not Lazarus. And Lazarus can't assimilate himself.
  5. For what it's worth, your blog came in very useful assembling Lazarus, Hannah, Herald of Obliteration box set and Hired Guns box set (particularly the Steam Trunk). Thanks!!
  6. So, my understanding is that because the model isn't removed until triggers are resolved, then a trigger that says 'attack the model again' can take place? Counterintuitive, but I can see how that works in the rules. So would I be correct in saying that, if the attacker wanted, they could go through with that 2nd attack and have it be 'successful', even though no damage can be dealt? In short, if the trigger on the 2nd attack said 'if the attack is successful, X happens', then X would happen even though this attack was against a dead, but not removed, model?
  7. Love your work Khyodee......what an awesome reference guide
  8. If I bought Levi I was thinking there would probably have to be additional models in support, so an overall expensive purchase. Randomly, I actualy have Leveticus. No waifs or anything else. Just Leveticus...
  9. I was seriously considering it....
  10. I'm with you . Yeah, it seems like it will tough for most masters. I run Von Schill for instance. He's going to be up there in the middle of everything. I can keep him out of LoS, but then I'm not challenging the turf marker or some such. Maybe another model can help block LoS, but again, that's hard if you don't have a 50mm base model, and it's still situational. I'm with you - at first glance it looks way too hard to defend against. It may also be another one of those things that leads you to just kill off your own master in certain circumstances....
  11. Thanks for the info all! I took the plunge and bought Lazarus.... .....and Hannah..... .....and the von Schill box set (well, I don't have a steam trunk....and I wanted a trapper....and I only have metal models so far.......)..... ....and the hodgepodge effigy.... ....and Scion of the void..... ....and Sue...... ....and the Tara box set..... I blame Wyrd entirely.
  12. That was a quote from GG - have another look. It says that you can't remove it via action or ability, but if you're out of LoS of enemy models at the end of your activation, then it's removed. Thus, if the master/henchman is buried at the end of their activation, it's removed. End of activation just means you can run around a corner - so I guess if this is in the pool you probably don't want your master/henchman out in the open. Will be a problem for some models/players, especially as in my experience, tournament boards tend to be a bit scarce on terrain. So open boards will make it hard to defend. I think that's the worst part about this one - if you're going to try and defend through positioning, then you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Really depends on your master. Somebody like von Schill or Viks will struggle. A support master will do better. Lillith is laughing - either fly over a building to get out of LoS or put up a forest.
  13. Ahh, but the condition is removed if the model is outside of LoS of all enemy models at the end of its activation. so buried would be outside LoS Actually, I just realised it's end of activation, not end of turn. That does make it easier to defend!
  14. Ah yeah, that's the one. Any idea how to defend against it? with the 6" range even high mobility masters are vulnerable. This will make choosing your end even more important - even putting a non-sniper minion up in that watch tower can win you VP. I'm glad there are fewer ones where you tag an opposing model in some way shape or form...GG2016 had too many that were too similar. Actually.....burying the master/henchman will do the job, won't it? So, Levi just laughs at this one, as will any crew heavy with bury. Makes Death Marshalls more important to a guild crew.
  15. Accused looks like it would be hard to defend against....unless you have a lot of movement or have LOS blocking tricks, like Sonnia or Lillith. Mark them from 6" away and keep them in LoS? Overall these look like positive changes. Last stand? For once being rewarded and not punished for having fewer models than your opponent? What is this sorcery?