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  1. How do you play that crew? New to tara (yet to play a game with her)
  2. Doesn't Levi need waifs? I randomly have Levi by himself, but I've avoided using him so far....
  3. How have people found their scheme marker tricks? considering using them with Viks...
  4. You can get a free digital rulebook now anyway - rules only, same as the rules manual (the large rulebook has fluff and image of cards)
  5. Yeah, von Schill's box is often recommended. Trapper is a good addition to any crew, and the librarian...well, some people love running librarian and Vanessa. I have never seen that combination do anything other than die expensively. How do you run Specialist to make him useful? He'd have to be one of the most hated Outcasts models on here, I reckon....
  6. You can get desperate mercs for cheap dudes who do absolutely nothing....or void wretches or winged plagues for cheap things which are actually useful the others are all solid options. Hannah can do some fun things with the Viks too. Malifaux Child, I would very highly recommend. I prefer him to student of conflict. Sure, Student has some more movement tricks, but Child can do one of the master's cast, to save her an AP and keep buffing pointy Vik. Also, MC can heal Vanessa, which then heals all the others - I like to keep MC and Vanessa off to the side somewhere away from anything which can hurt me.
  7. With a severe damage of 4 I don't think I would consider her a 'big hitter', even if she should be hitting moderate at minimum, especially when on the centre line. Heck, the Trapper has a higher maximum damage, and with the built-in positive flip he's effectively Sh7....hmm...we've had a thread on 'what's an interference' model, do we need a 'what's a big hitter'? The hard part with the Emissary is that Outcasts have so many awesome 10SS models that it becomes a tough decision. I'd love the emissary, I just can't really justify spending more on one model than an entire crew box. Keeping an eye out if one of the old Outcasts Avatars appears cheap somewhere as a legal proxy.
  8. I tried some of the magnetic sheeting once, I found it useless. Maybe I just had a cheap brand. I just got a bunch of small magnets off ebay cheap to stick to bases (haven't done it yet). Great models - how did you get the other colours coming through on the Space Wretches? von Schill looks great - dark brown base of some description with some very thin green layering for that effect?
  9. If you search for 'Hans' there are a few threads discussing their comparisons, although this thread has provided some new and useful considerations. Hans is just a bit more expensive - and card intensive (reference the field guide for the trigger you want, or shooting off upgrades needs 2AP and no damage. Plus any cards for cheating because you probably want to ensure that attack succeeds. But you probably don't want to hit a leader with that as they can discard 2 cards to make it fail) Hans has a higher shot, but the Trapper has a + to attackers, so effectively the trapper has a higher Sh. Hans is great against armor or incorporeal, trapper moves around a lot better and can drop scheme markers (if he survives). They both have their advantages. I'd say that it depends on the board and your opponent really as whether Hans is worth the premium.
  10. Looking great!! How did you do the slight rust effect on Laarus? And what's the blue you're using there? Something about the Mercenaries really popped too, just a great scheme
  11. Yep, stay in cover. If your Viks don't get involved until turn 2, maybe even turn 3 (as long as you're keeping in mind what's important) then that's okay. Heck, send your Viks off in another direction to hunt down scheme runners maybe...
  12. So it seems that hodgepodgey things are good with her.... ...why the heck don't we have a Hodgepodge Golem?
  13. Okay, what am I not seeing here?
  14. true. I think I need to get out of the bad habit of trying to do unsuitable things with my models. "wait, Misaki is in the open? Ronin, KILL HER!!!" *pop* *sounds of breaking glass somewhere nowhere near Misaki* *sounds of Misaki casually beating the living snot out of my master while ignoring the mere existence of my Ronin* Both Ronin and Freikorpsmann have advantages and disadvantages over each other. Whether you intend on putting the F'mann in the von Schill bubble of 'Hard to Kill by another name' should probably factor into the decision as well. Their comparisons have been discussed in other threads anyway.
  15. When running vS I tend to prefer freikorpsmenn to ronin, particularly if they're going to be in his 6" bubble. Never been able to get Ronin to do anything useful myself. That Sh4 is just a killer.