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  1. CapnBloodbeard

    The new Outcast player rundown!

    von Schill can be played a few ways. Beatstick is the simplest because you can throw models around and get free shots. He can be an area denial master because he can throw opposing models out of position, and he can take a bit of punishment himself. But he also offers some good support for his crew, he can work well just hanging back and shooting at stuff too. He's flexible. Trapper and librarian in his box are handy in most crews. He's a good master for a new player because he isn't overly complex, and even if you screw up and leave him vulnerable he'll probably survive, so he's forgiving of mistakes. Viks are a glass cannon and can be a bit unforgiving for a new players because they do down easily - and it can be a bit confusing as different things occur on the different Viks models depending if they're outside or inside 6", or 2", or have more or fewer cards in your hand. But they're fun. Tara - void wretches in her crew are handy for most crew. I still haven't quite got her figured out, she can hand out fast/slow and the crew can sort of do their own thing, I think. Can bury a model to run them up field and deploy them close to the enemy. Misaki - she's a bit easier than the Viks and hits hard too, although I think she's really a 10 Thunders master as she works better with their models. However with the box set she's fine. She's pretty tough.
  2. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    Although vS can work really, really well in this role, depending on the strat/scheme pool and some other things. Stand back, shoot and support the team. I think that's it. They're too general and they do nothing well. Even 5 and 6 SS models are often decent at one thing. Being a little difficult to kill is about the only thing they do, and that's only within 6" of vS - and even then they're not all that difficult. Another difference is that the trapper has an impact on how your opponent moves around the board - FM doesn't. And because you're not moving trapper, you're often focussing him. I do take FM reasonably often though, just one.
  3. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    Some people like using him with that upgrade where you can ignore LOS for a Turn 1 sneaky shot on something, like a totem, with focus. Although I'd think that's unlikely to work unless you have a really high card in your hand otherwise it'll just get defeated. I've never tried it myself because I tend to use his 0AP
  4. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    You're making no sense. First your complaint was that VS is crap without upgrades. But you don't hold other masters to that standard - in fact you say that the Viks upgrades are useful and allow new options (yet apparently new options on VS are just a fun gimmick). So now you're okay with upgrades. Make up your mind. As for the Ss - Schill really doesn't need more than 1 SS. Unlike the viks where you want to run them with 7SS (yet they only have a cache of one...you're quiet about that too). Levi also has cache 1. 2-3SS with Schill gives you a good amount of flexibility. Might want some more if you want to use reposition a lot. Now you're complaining about some of his old upgrades are ordinary...well, yeah, so? So don't take them. doesn't make any sense to consider upgrades you wouldn't take in judging a master's competency. Judge the master by what you do take. Out of the upgrades you're criticising, Spoils of War is an 'all Friekorps' one. some people like Paid in Blood but I've never taken it. I still find I have a hard time choosing which 3 upgrades to take with him because there are a number of really good ones. I find Schill now to be one of the most versatile masters - he can be a huge beatstick, a tarpit, a support master, or play the denial game. And he can change between this roles during the game too.
  5. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    So? Plenty of masters need upgrades to be any good. Why single out VS in that? Viks lose a huge amount of potency without upgrades, for instance. You'd never dream of taking them without upgrades. It's a silly argument. Malifaux is designed so some masters need their upgrades. As for 1ss,sure I think he should have maybe 3,but he doesn't desperately need ss. The 2 new upgrades aren't necessarily auto takes. Tough decisions need to be made with some of the old ones.
  6. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    Agree on Taelor, I'd only consider taking her against a summoning crew. Or maybe a tyrant/construct heavy one. Can't remember the last time I actually took her - she's just completely useless. But Wave 5 upgrades don't change Schill? Puh-lease! Aside from the fact that he's now a huge hitter and can potentially (albeit rather unlikely) hit 10 attacks in a single activation (and in doing so can pretty much get across the entire length of the board), most of them on at least 1 positive flip, I find that he's a lot more schemey than before. He can hurl his own models places, but the amount of disruption he can do with tossing enemy models around, and there's not much they can do to stop it. Can throw them back, to their own part of the board, can toss them behind buildings - can even chuck them up to his own crew to finish them off. Launch himself into a crowd to get rid of everybody holding a turf marker, for instance. Or toss them off to the side so he can keep wailing on them. Can bounce off his own models to reposition himself - and given the positives to defence, he's a lot harder to take down now too. And that's before you even consider what throwing out oathkeepers can do. The Wave 5 upgrades change everything with Schill and give him huge utility in a range of schemes. There's now not much that he's bad at, as opposed to being bad at almost everything.
  7. CapnBloodbeard

    Our worst models

    I don't mind Freikorpsmenn in a Schill crew. With Armour, H2K-but-not, and a WP buff they can be quite annoying against some crews. But.....they don't do anything. I think one thing we see as new waves have come out is that even low-cost models tend to do at least one thing reasonably well. Freikorpsmenn don't. They're kind of in line with what was wrong with pre-Wave 5 von Schill; they tried to turn them into an all-rounder, but failed. Winged Plagues have an advantage over Void Wretches in that they have higher defence while you have cards in your hand. Personally I still think that the Friekorps Specialist is one of our worst models.......except I have taken him a couple of times since he got dropped a SS. He's okay in some situations, but I'm still not sure that he has a place compared to other 7SS models. Interesting how, at 4SS, Desperate Mercenaries would have been on the list. Now at 3SS, I like them. They at least have a purpose and a particular job they do reasonably well (see what I mean, Freikorpsmenn??). I know I'm going to be in the minority here, but I very rarely fit Johann in my list. Mobility is just way too low. Sure, condition removal, but that presumes 1) That there's a condition that's worth using a model's activation to get rid of and 2) Johann is actually close enough to the model with said condition. Which I find makes his condition removal too situational to be useful. So we're left with a melee-only model that's as slow as a wet week. Everytime I think about Johann, I just find better places to spend the SS. Scion of the Void I struggle to do anything useful with as well.
  8. The ability adds the suit to the final duel total in the same way that the suit on the card does.
  9. CapnBloodbeard

    Starting Jack Daw

    Have you listened to Schemes and Stones on Daw? It's pre-wave 5, but they have one discussing all the Outcast wave 5 upgrades too
  10. CapnBloodbeard

    How do you feel about Hans?

    I like the fact that he doesn't randomise. That and the long range, even longer than the trapper. It's basically a question of Hans vs trapper. Those comparisons have been done a number of times on here - search for Hans to read through them - but bear in mind that when they were all done, trapper was 6 SS and Hans was 8. Now they're both 7 and Hans has his 0SS upgrade - although sometimes that's not the best one for him to take; people do find use in him being able to one-shot the enemy peon at the start of turn 1. I've never bothered trying to shoot the upgrade off anything.....I can see why it would help, but it's just too card intensive for the most part.
  11. CapnBloodbeard

    Lazarus Build

    I was being lazy in my typing. I highlighted that as a benefit to autofire over rapid fire.
  12. CapnBloodbeard

    Lazarus Build

    Some fair points. Easy to forget that strongarm can easily hit 4/6/7 dmg track. However, I would argue that Lazarus is more survivable than Langston or Strongarm. Strongarm has 1 more df but 3 fewer wds....it could well depend on your opposing models as to the relative strengths of those. However, with Laz' 0AP heal, I think that makes him much more survivable. And with Schill's 'hard to kill that isn't actually hard to kill' aura, that really increases this effect. I agree that Laz max dmg isn't overwhelming, but autocannon is nice. Can get annoying when you flurry only to red joker on the first one and feel like you've wasted AP Overall your point is that they both have different weaknesses and strengths making them suitable for different things. Which is absolutely correct.
  13. CapnBloodbeard

    Malifaux video game

    There are probably a few ways you could run it in a similar sort of fashion to some of the WH40K games.....or a character driven game like what Telltale make
  14. CapnBloodbeard

    Lazarus Build

    True. But they do apply to defence
  15. CapnBloodbeard

    Lazarus Build

    Is she worth it though? Outside of a sister crew she doesn't do much else. Sure, she's Ca9 if she's on the centre (but a paltry max dmg), but she doesn't even heal other models. And she dies easily. So 8SS for a couple of lazarus AP......inefficient use of soulstones?