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  1. Outcast Henchmen - Are they superfluous?

    I've never really considered 'henchman' status in determining whether to bring a model. Although I guess using SS and an additional upgrade is nice, I tend to look at the model's utility for the game at hand. We're spoilt for choice around the 10SS mark which is why I probably don't bring a henchman more often than do when I'm running von Schill - but Hannah and Taelor are excellent models. I wouldn't agree that they don't do enough to be worth their points - I've never thought of them as overpriced models.
  2. Von Schill Question

    I think it's that he doesn't specialise in anything - and he misses too many things to even be considered a generalist; others even do 'generalist' better than he does. He doesn't do AP control, hand control, opponent manipulation, pushes + other movement tricks, scheme marker manipulation, nothing like that - and without doing even just movement and/or scheme marker manipulation I struggle to consider him generalist. And he and his crew hits too weakly to be considered killy. Even getting extra attacks for friekorps would start to push him towards 'killy generalist'
  3. Broken Promises teaser

    I'm just excited at the propect of von Schill getting good While there are things I don't like about how to access new upgrades and I think there's room for improvement around print on demand cards, I also appreciate the fact that all we need to buy is a deck of cards rather than a codex costing several times that amount. I mean yes, there's the new book which costs close to the amount a WH40K codex does, but it's completely optional. And the digital edition is a lot cheaper.
  4. Broken Promises teaser

    so I guess all the upgrades will come out in a new general upgrade deck then? Pity they weren't 'faction specific' upgrade decks to save money... anyway, I'm keen. Seems a fair deviation from how the updates were done in the past but I'm excited!
  5. Von Schill Question

    Black text on a black background is completely illegible on some monitors. anyway, My problem with vS? I don't think he does what he's supposed to do. He's supposed to be a super tough model but to be honest, I just don't see that. There's the upgrade to give him H2K which helps. He's fairly durable, but not overly difficult to take down. Especially when there are more and more models with Ml7 and/or min dmg 3. He's not a hard hitter - and he doesn't have to be, that's fine, but I feel he's actually on the weaker side. Put him up against Misaki, for instance, who seems to be both tougher and harder. And he has no pushes, no movement tricks, and more importantly - no scheme marker manipulation. So he isn't that good at killing anything (can't take the approach of 'dead models don't drop scheme markers), and with no manipulation it means that rather than being sort of good at all strats and schemes, as an all rounder should be, he's actually quite terrible at the vast majority of them. And he doesn't really enable his crew to do much with them either - a 'H2k but not H2k' bubble is kinda nice but not hugely exciting, especially given how mediocre the freikorpsmenn are. So personally, I think he fails at being a generalist. I wonder if even something like a (0)AP obey for friekorps models might be the way to go, or something enabling some scheme marker manipulation. Or allowing friekorps models within X" to charge while engaged would really boost the denial game. It just seems that he doesn't really do enough to make life difficult for the other crew or to be able to complete strats/schemes in a number of ways. Even after that, more SS still wouldn't go astray, especially when you look at the cache of other leaders which are more effective in every possible way.
  6. What about desperate mercenaries?

    I would think that void wretches and desperate mercs have quite different uses. Void wretch seems better at just running, maybe using its incorporeal to good use to run through terrain to hide. At least a void wretch can bury a thing too. Compared to a desperate merc which is lucky to hit the broad side of a barn. Even without doing wild firing.
  7. Von Schill Question

    It would make sense, but there would seem to be more important things to do to fix him first
  8. Best outcast minions

    Depends. has positives and negatives.
  9. Outcasts Crew advice for tournament

    yeah cool. They're a good starter crew - trapper and librarian are handy in a lot of crews. And if I don't want to think at all, vS is my go-to crew
  10. Best outcast minions

    Student of conflict isn't bad - I really like Malifaux Child myself. Only 2SS, can do the master's cast at -3Ca (so, he can do the actions that buff Pokey Vik), and he has a 1AP heal. I usually keep him next to Vanessa to heal her, thus heal all sisters. Strongarm Suit - he shouldn't be dying that much, with Armor 2 - maybe you're overextending him? If the Viks are running into the scrum, SS could probably hunt down scheme runners. Trapper - I tend to find that he provides good board control. He affects how the opponent can move. I need to give Ronin a go again and think harder about how I'm playing them - clearly I'm doing something wrong!! I'd agree that 2x 10SS models in your list is a problem. Hannah probably goes best, and consider keeping here somewhere in reach of healing.
  11. Best outcast minions

    Ah of course. Aren't trappers also enforcers?
  12. Outcasts Crew advice for tournament

    With your model selection that looks like a pretty reasonable list. Have fun at the tournament. I'd suggest make sure you're familiar with your model cards as much as possible and the basic rules to minimise the time it takes you to make a move
  13. Best outcast minions

    With others - Ronin's seem highly overrated. Maybe it's because I'm combat oriented, and Ronins you really want to be avoiding combat. Just run their schemes and do nothing else. You never want 3 Ronin. Even 2 Ronin, unlikely unless you want to make advantage of their no-charge. Wyrd are funny like that - they tend to put 3 models in a box when you don't want 3 of the darn things Isn't Wokou Raider a minion? expensive but useful....well, looks useful. I don't have any. I usually prefer Freikorpsmenn over the Ronin - but they are a very basic, boring model. Going to echo everybody else's sentiments. Convict gunslingers are a good 7SS model too if you want cheap. What sort of list are you running Ratchet?
  14. What about desperate mercenaries?

    Henchman Hardcore seems ideal - not only are they more likely to be able to use wild fire, but with fewer cards in hand, anything that increases the chances of opponents having to cop niggling wounds or put down cards is handy.
  15. Misaki's niche?

    I've always struggled against Misaki. She hits like a truck - can definitely take down the big guys, even masters, and unlike the Viks she doesn't have any weaknesses herself. she's deceptively mobile, especially with her crew offering pushes (something Outcasts sorely lack - and pushes have an advantage over the Sisters in Spirit movement in that the latter risks leaving models out in the open) and with Stalking Bisento. Between all that and the extra attacks she gets....she's pretty brutal and less a glass cannon than the Viks are.