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  1. Alternate Viks play

    I personally don't play the slingshot much. I prefer to use Malifaux Child and use MC to cast the buffs onto Blood to save an AP from Ash, and to ensure all the buffs get covered. I'll probably park him and Vanessa somewhere kind of out of the way and he also keeps casting heal on Vanessa to bounce heal off all of them. Hopefully Vanessa doesn't attract too much attention and she can pick off weaker models at range or scheme while this is happening. I've been toying with the idea of using the Viks to hunt down the scheme runners when the opponent splits the crew rather than just throw them straight at the biggest meanest model. That way Viks are playing denial while my other models can scheme.
  2. A sneak peak to errata

    I'm not so sure that he really needs it after his last buffs. Because he's actually a beatstick and pretty schemey now. And with a reduced Scramble, there's a bit more mobility key players in his crew can have. Yes, it does mean that you probably really want the librarian in the crew because I think you really want Schill to stay alive as long as possible, but don't forget he has selective to defence. Specialist is actually playable now.
  3. Why is Tara considered so good?

    Ok, that answer I can understand. So, in your view, unless you're trying to maximise handing out slow and killing your opponent's game, she's just a bit of an average, 'fun' master, right?
  4. Why is Tara considered so good?

    I don't buy that at all. There are plenty of Tara lists that don't include 6 void wretches. I've had fun with her, and I've gotten some good use out of the fast pulse, but felt like others seem to know something about her that I don't I was toying with the idea of using her WP- aura with Bishop
  5. Why is Tara considered so good?

    Bit of a NPE list though. I know that's a 'win' list but not one that I have interest in - and plenty of players don't use that list.
  6. Why is Tara considered so good?

    I know that often Tara is considered to be quite a good master, but after 7-8 games with her I'm still not quite seeing it. Handing out fast...well, that's exchanging 1AP for another. I mean, sure, I'll take an AP on Lazarus over Tara any day, but still... Burying enemy models....I just have too hard a time getting this to work. I think I put about 20 attempts on Mei Feng one match, nada! Her reactivate is good, I think I'm struggling a bit with this one because I don't like putting her into danger. Beastie Bomb.....not applicable in every match, I don't think. And there are some downsides to it, but it can be potent. I dunno, am I just not playing her right, or am I missing something?
  7. A sneak peak to errata

    Interesting. I know Trapper is an auto-take for many, even as a mercenary. But I sorta feel like 7SS is pushing him a bit too far. He seems slightly too expensive now, and that may just come down to his damage track. Maybe he needed a slight buff elsewhere. I guess it probably makes him a bit more situational than he was before. Hans dropping is really interesting, and now either could be the better take, situationally. Johan going up....I don't really take Johan much anyway, just too slow for my liking, I really don't feel like he's worth 7 SS. I suppose making the Trapper more expensive will force people to reconsider their 'auto-takes' and on that sense, it's probably a positive change. I always just felt like the trapper didn't do enough damage to make him all that exciting. I often take him, but I don't often find he has a significant impact on the game. Making my opponent hide a lot is probably the biggest impact. I think that at 7SS there are a lot of other ways to use 7SS, or even 5-6SS and save a SS or two (maybe for upgrades). Specialist to 7SS? With Scramble he's now 8SS as opposed to 10SS. I think that's starting to fix him. At 7SS, Trapper is probably going to be a better model than he is though, but perhaps in some situations? Bishop dropping is interesting and a little unexpected. Taelor.....I still can't see me taking her unless I expect to face summoning. Even then, 'maybe'. Scramble dropping 1 SS is perhaps on the most exciting changes. 2 SS was always really expensive, and always left you questioning the value of it - eg turning Johan into an 8SS model, or Specialist into a 10 SS model, for what's still pretty ordinary walking. Sure, that's not the only way to use it. Now? It's a valid consideration on pretty much any model.
  8. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Talos'

    It's a bit of an oversight that Wyrd haven't put his instructions online. Fortunately he's fairly easy to assemble.
  9. New to Malifaux - Need some starter advise

    Hired Guns is often recommended as the Trapper and Librarian are excellent models. It's a shame Hired Swords comes with Taelor, she doesn't get much love on here. The downside to those 2 box sets is that aside from the Viks and von Schill, you don't really have anybody who can reliably deliver pain (Taelor can, I guess) - and Viks really love having Vanessa. Probably just 1-2 extra models would fill in that gap and give you a good base to start playing. Lazarus (big tough shooty model that works really well with Schill, but is handy in any crew) and Vanessa,, for instance - though I'm also a fan of Malifaux Child with Viks, not necessary. You could easily replace Lazarus with Strongarm Suit, Hannah, even Bishop, though you'll probably get more utility out of the previous 3. Either of those works in either of your proposed crews. There's a lot of hate for Schill on here, but he got some huge buffs recently - the internet hasn't quite caught up to the change though :-) He can do a lot more than he used to and hit like a truck. I disagree that he's inflexible, although he does provide benefits to a themed crew. But there are certainly plenty of ways to build his crew.
  10. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    He's actually one of the easiest models to put together once I started....although the arms are weirdly molded, attaching to the sprue along the inside so that it looks like an intended 'lump' is actually part sprue.
  11. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    How on earth do you assemble him??? Wyrd haven't put the instructions online....
  12. Hannah vs Lazarus

    tbh there's an inherent problem with threads like this... Hannah vs Lazarus depends upon the strats, schemes, opposing faction, terrain.....even your own play style to some extent. They both do very different things.
  13. Von Schill

    Any thoughts on how to drain the hand? I wonder if Montressor would go well with Schill now...
  14. Von Schill

    What card drain? The only real issue is having to hit the mask for reposition. While he may still be out activated, given his upgrades are a lot more 'schemey' (they're good for more than killing), I'd argue that it mitigates the lower number of activations - especially as it makes some of the big hitters hit bigger (against some models) and be tougher to take down (against some models). Given that him and his crew are fairly resilient I've felt that activation order is less important with him than, say, Viks.
  15. Von Schill

    How'd that work out? I've only played him twice with the new upgrades, and on one occasion I used turn 1 to give Oathkeeper to himself, Lazarus and Librarian. I didn't have any particular need for him to be moving upfield fast. I don't expect those models to burn oathkeeper, but the flexibility is there.