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  1. Aside from that, have you checked out the pullmyfinger wiki?
  2. Every faction has an Effigy and an Emissary (emissary is relatively new, and is a 10SS model that does a lot of funky things with the crew). Every faction has their [SOMETHING] effigy/emissary Ours are the hodgepodge effigy/emissary. Neat little 4SS model.
  3. I don't even have a desolation engine. So basically, unless I'm designing my crew/playstyle with the specific purpose of abomination spamming, I should be right without an additional box?
  4. So I've just picked up the Levi box set - so I need to pick up some more abominations? How normal is it to end up needing more than 4 in a game?
  5. So I get the idea of wild firing as 'death by a thousand cuts'. Some people are saying it makes opponent waste cards to cheat, though I'd think the opponent would just prefer to hack the 1dmg...1dmg...1dmg...1dmg.......rather than waste cards. Rapid fire brings the Sh down to 2. A Positive flip on that makes Sh roughly equivalent to Sh 4 again. So, even against a weak minion (df 5), you're going to lose most flips even without cheating (and you're not going to cheat to win here). And forget about anything in cover.... So, even using wild fire a lot, unless you're attacking something with Df4, I'm still struggling to see how this works....
  6. I've just bought Levi, along with Ashes and dust. Already have a fairly sizeable outcast pool, and a number of random models from other factions. Definitely don't intend on buying out-of-faction just to support Levi.
  7. Some people like scion of the void to introduce something different into vS. I reckon Wokou Raiders might have a space if you can afford them SS wise. they introduce some scheme marker manipulation, but could also team up well with vS with their action making another model take a melee action. This could help get the opposing model down to the 2 wounds needed for '....finish the cur'
  8. He might have some use against, say, a rat or gremlin crew where you're faced with a lot of activations and blasts are handy. Especially if it's the sort of strat/scheme list where you're not needing to push up the board too much and his lack of mobility won't be an issue. So, probably has specific uses. Probably But overall, yeah, he's pretty rubbish.
  9. I like survivalist on Schill. It just feels thematic - why make his crew hard to kill when he isn't? Overall your crew list is fine, but at 6 activations you may struggle. I'd consider the steam trunk. Johan and convict gunslinger are good too. Void wretches are reasonable cheap scheme runners, although winged plagues are arguably better.
  10. I don't think a same-faction match is really that much of a problem, given that each master will play quite differently and will take a different crew - and even the same master can be played a number of ways. So knowing I'm facing outcasts.......I'd probably just try to take something to deal with Hamelin's rat-spamming, and potentially something to reduce the chance of being charged by Viks. Aside from that, just play my game. This is assuming I know I'm facing outcasts with no idea of which master.
  11. I've been hearing of people putting Desperate Mercs to good use just to spam those attacks to either wear away enemies or force them to cheat cards to stop the 'death of a thousand cuts'. I'm still dubious about this though - I mean, their rapid fire type action is Sh2, isn't it? So even hitting a weak minion, odds are you're going to lose every duel even before cheating. So I don't see how that technique works...but people are saying it does. Anther vote for Friekorps Specialist. Too slow, too expensive. He's never done anything useful at all when I've played him
  12. Depending on the crew you take, Hans not randomising when shooting into combat could be pretty valuable too...
  13. schemes and stones has a good one on Schill. they basically promote careful use of the can opener or whatever it is that reduces defence coupled with healing and really work on the denial game. I ALWAYS take survivalist on Vs. That, with Librarian and shirt comes off??? I've had vS resist about 20AP of attacks before.
  14. So this is my first real foray into painting, and I'm painting Hannah. I'm painfully, incredibly, stupidly slow - so I'm trying to keep my workload at a minimum. I'm happy with 'tabletop standard' - I'm not going to be trying to win points at any tournament painting competition The power armour suit is dark purple - so far I've done a base coat with Vallejo Heavy Violet, using Chainmail (citadel metallics - the old name, their lighter coloured one) on the silver parts, and so far using Heavy Red to base coat a couple of the pieces behind her as an accent. Intending on keeping the armour a fairly deep purple, with the red accents going to a more vibrant red. So, I figure washing with Badab Black will help with the shadows - I figure Black will give a cleaner look than Devlin Mud (or 'Miracle in a pot') this time. I figure I'd wash the entire thing - some people promote using the same colour as the paint (eg paint over the purple with purple wash), but I'm concernd this may not give enough depth in the recesses. However, given that the wash invariably leaves some black on the raised areas where I don't want it, I was considering doing a thin purple wash over the black. Not sure if that will do anything. I've watered down the black somewhere between 50-50 or 70-30 (wash-water). But there are plenty of areas without recesses - such as the shoulder pads. I was thinking of washing over those anyway just for consistency in appearance and texture, but there's nothing really for the wash to hold into there. The feet/lower legs have a number of lines in them, like plate joins in the armour - the wash isn't filling those as deeply as I thought it would so I was thinking of using a micron pen in those lines. So, thoughts on my plan so far? I figure the closest online that I can see in terms of tutorials on how to paint her fast is in space marine tutorials, but given all of their armour has recessed or raised edges (like the shoulder pads), there's also some big differences. So, assuming I go ahead with my plan - what next? I know I'll need to go over the armour again with some purple over where the wash left black, not sure if a drybrush or just a thin but controlled layer will be best here.Will the same purple suffice? I'm concerned about going to a lighter one in case the difference is too evident and it looks stupid. From there, will I need to do anything to shade the armour? I was thinking of edge highlighting with some warlord purple, only in some areas - but her top shoulder pads, for instance, will have nothing. So what will I need to do in order to highlight areas like this? I know layering/blending is quite time consuming so my concern is unless I'm spending a very long time on the one part, the transitions will just be too 'sudden' and look stupid, and I'm trying to reduce my time on this. Also, I chose to go for a cleaner look rather than a weathered one. I figured the metal joins, bolts and things wil just need a tiny dab of chainmail again on the highest parts. Because the metallic is so thick I probably won't worry about painting over the flatter join parts as I'd just end up pushing paint into the recessed areas - and this way it just looks well oiled anyway. tl;dr: Inexperienced painter with limited time/skills. Base coated Hannah with dark purple washing with badab black, might use micron pen too Seeking advice on whether I need to wash with purple as well And how to highlight/shade the armour without risking it looking stupid and block with severe tone transitions, and without spending way too much time. Thanks brains trust!!
  15. How do you play that crew? New to tara (yet to play a game with her)