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  1. Von Schill

    Oath of the Friekorps combined with that other new one. Charge into a group and you can attack any model, not the one you're targeting. Good way of throwing 2-3 models away from a Stash marker or some such, or away from where they need to drop scheme markers. Or from one table quarter onto the mid-line. etc etc. Or, go into one. Charge, place. Now you have if you have given yourself oathkeeper. Trigger shot, reposition. Repeat. up to 6 shots, plus (0) finish the cur, if applicable. Or you can even throw enemy models back behind your lines for headhunter. It's not just that Schill can now deliver a lot of hurt himself, but that it's suitable for a lot of schemes. And he'll still take a bit of work to bring down. Sounds like you weren't really using the new upgrades most effectively.
  2. Von Schill

    von Schill's new upgrades make him both much more powerful and much more adaptable to a range of schemes and strategies. before this, Schill was, I would argue, a master that a lot of people misplayed. I'd argue that 'internet wisdom' generally had him pegged as the wrong type of master, so people play him wrong. There also hasn't been a lot of discussion about his performance since the new upgrades. Lacking tricks meant that he wasn't particularly good at many schemes and his Friekorps models generally aren't the hardest hitters either. But with a bunch of new players there are a bunch of other big variables. At this stage you might just be the better player. Resource management, overall strategy, turn-by-turn and activation-by-activation tactics, and general game insight - all these are important as well.
  3. Which new master to pick up?

    If you want killy, may be better off going Viks being in the one faction. Although you'll want to buy Vanessa. Taelor doesn't get a lot of love on here, but Ronin can be handy. They're not 'must have' models. Bear in mind that von Schill can be pretty killy with his new upgrades, but it's a very different method. He's more of a beastly support master. Tara is fun but can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, but has varied playstyles. Void Wretches can be handy in any crew. Every time I've played them they've been attacked while I've still had a big hand - still figuring out that balance and how much I want to sacrifice the capability of other models just to boost the defence of these little minions. I've always found them to go down pretty quickly
  4. Which new master to pick up?

    Why void spam? Haven't come across it or played it myself, but a lot of people say it's one of those crews that's unfun for your opponent. At least void wretches are useful in other crews too. What other masters do you currently have?
  5. Malifaux App Launched!

    am I missing something, or can you not search a model by name?
  6. Malifaux App Launched!

    Oooh nice, so it looks like you can scan your opponent's crew? THAT is a great feature. As long as people don't then stay on their phone all game...lol
  7. Malifaux App Launched!

    region lock in Australia is fixed. So you can only track wounds? Any plans to be able to track other conditions?
  8. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Not really. This would be even more devastating to groups of models. A chain of models, even.
  9. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Looking at the way he's described, I almost wonder if there should be something along the lines "If a model receives burning from this attack, models within 2" also receive burning+1. Models within 2" of those models also receive burning+1" - follows through on what you imagine the impact of a flamethrower to be. In the fluff it talks about him setting fire to terrain as well. So perhaps as well as 'this model ignores cover', we should have something to automatically apply burning +1 if the model was within cover. This thematically carries through the idea of somebody hiding behind crate getting damaged by the crate catching on fire. Could even add in a push there - because heck, who's going to stay in one spot after this? The first one would be highly situational though.
  10. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Vs could also have done well to split the anchors from the waifs. Oooh, just realised - head hunter is now awesome with vS - just keep hurling enemy models back into your own back line. And that scheme where you have to kill an enemy model near a scheme marker? Drop scheme markers harmlessly away from the enemy, throw enemy at scheme marker, destroy enemy... It's not just that he's fun, but these abilities work really well with a number of schemes and strats. von Schill doesn't care that your tarpit is holding a point of terrain for the strat
  11. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    it is a bit dependent upon what's in your hand. Depending how important the attack is, soulstoning for it may be an option. The great thing about the positive flip to attacks means there's a fairly good chance you'll win the flip, so you cheat second. I sometimes found myself cheating down to hit the mask Personally I find myself really wanting to do it especially if it's the first attack off a charge, understandably. Though even if the place fails, I've still had 2 attacks off the first AP so not a huge deal if I miss out on the 2nd charge attack.
  12. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Given that Schill can now leap in and push 3 models away from whatever objective they're hanging near, or push them out of cover. Or just take up to 7 attacks against a single model from one activation (charge, place+shot, reposition, meleee, place + shot, reposition, place + shot, reposition, finish the cur - if applicable) it really increases his capacity as both a denial master and a bit of a beatstick in his own right. And now you can think a bit more about how you want other models to interact with all this as well.
  13. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    I hear what you're saying, but there are some awesome Friekorps models out there too. Hannah...Lazarus.....strongarm suit Oath of the friekorps is good at giving some of those models the positive flip to models Schill has hurt (only lasts until his next activation, but it can be enough), or to defence. It's trading one AP for another.....but it's actually a bit more than that, given it gives the model more attack and defence (Against selected models), AND the option for fast. Can be used to buff the defence of a model that's likely to die soon, or give the trapper an extra positive to help overcome some cover. If it's a game where I don't need to push forwards too hard, I've been finding myself burning my first activation on Oath of the friekorps - one to Schill, one to Lazarus, one to Librarian, something like that (furious casting with positive flips? yes please!!) So I think you only need a couple of Friekorps models anyway, the rest of your list can be as normal. I mean, it's going to be very unlikely that you'll put Oathkeeper on a friekorpsmann. Specialist could be useful if you really want to hit those blast triggers. Except that means you're running specialist, and at that point you're already doing it wrong More friekorps gives you a bit more flexibility - but yes, he still has the activation disadvantage, and highly scheme marker dependent schemes can still be a problem. Which now just means he's a bit more balanced. Honestly, even if I use Oath of the Friekorps once to give Schill Oathkeeper, that's still going to be 1SS very well spent, I think. Use it twice early on Schill and you've now got an Oathkeeper to burn at a critical moment while keeping the positive flips.
  14. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Why would he change in January?
  15. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Oh. My. God. Got the chance to try out his new upgrades on the weekend. Hoooooooooly crap. Schill is an absolute powerhouse. Problem is, both of them seem like auto-takes - and I've always seen 'shirt comes off' and 'survivalist' as autotakes. So I need to choose one of the latter two to drop. von Schill can basically charge models out of LOS now (charge one in LOS, and the other is in range) because with the new upgrade he can charge but hit any model in range. So he can leap into a pile of models and hurl them ALL back. But if he singles out a model? Holy heck. Hit the model. Place it some distance away. Get a free shot off because it's placed - Except that this one has a . Make sure you hit the reposition trigger, put yourself within charge range (also, this upgrade gives him a melee range of 2"), and do it all again. And if Schill has Oathkeeper, then after the first damage, he has to all duels with that model until he activates again. This means the bonus shot is a And let's not forget bout 'finish the cur' Also means he has on defensive. Though the on all duels applies to all models with oathkeeper. So, Schill can put Oathkeeper on himself to benefit from this. And lets be honest, a strongarm suit or Lazarus with a against certain models is an absolutely terrifying concept. But Schill can leap into a group of 3 models. Push the first 2 out (can't hit the shooting trigger because of engagement), push the other one back into the middle of your own crew and your models can finish him off - or if in danger, Schill can just charge back onto that model next activation. Heck, burn an oathkeeper at the start (and still keep one on him), and you can do this how you like. Placing enemy models where you want them and charging onto them again. Can use that to move out of sight of enemies, or to get upfield if needed. von Schill made Yasunori and Rogue Necromancy his playthings over the weekend. Now, just wondering - can anybody think of other Outcast models with pushes or places that would work well to move enemy models into Schill's range? Here's the thing though - with these upgrades, Schill is actually fun!!!!!