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  1. Sebastian is Ht1? I never knew that. Maybe a Ht2 or less clause?
  2. I have stated this before with my group and I will state it again. The reason all the other factions have really cool and flavorful models, and not us, is because Resurrectionist have...Nicodem. Nicodem is the reason we will never have anything that is really in the wow factor. This is why we can't have a flesh statue or an undead model that thinks it is one of the Victorias, because it would have to be balanced to play with one master in the faction. The more I think of it, the more I am getting a little sour of the ressers. All the other factions feel like they are getting really cool models that can work with one or more masters. For us, we can get that too, but you got to balance it with Nicodem first. The Gravedigger would be cool if it started with corpses, but Nicodem. The Gravedigger would be cool if it could just create corpse, but Nicodem. Gravedigger might be better if it was undead, but Nicodem. All six models we have in this book boil down to one of the seven masters, Nicodem.
  3. Only two I don't see her pairing up with is Molly and Kirai. Everyone else can use a corpse for something. You can give Asura Corpse Bloat and use the zombies as bombs with those two.
  4. I feel a lot of times, a good Reser model can be ruined by one model, Nicodem (cue Asura Roten). If the model is good as is, and we worry about Nicodem spam and what not, just give it a rule that it can't be summoned. This would let the other 6 masters we have, enjoy a model without having to take the cuddle bat to it.
  5. I like these guys/gals. lol. I have played with them and they can be pretty handy. With the change to Extra Set of... it does make it a little more tricky to plan out your turn, but a good change. To those that say that Two heads is the deal maker/breaker, how many strategies and scheme does it effect?
  6. I played with Asura in a Shifting Loyalties game on Monday with Asura as the leader. I feel she is almost at the right spot, but still feels limited. If she moves, then you only get two options, summon or debuff. If you don't have the crow, then it is the debuff. Yeah, -1 Df, Wk, Cg is good, but not a game changer. She doesn't need to be that close to any action, and I feel that is the what limits her if she moves. With all the restrictions on the summon, making it a 0 would put her right in the sweet spot. That way, even if you don't have a crow, you could just flip for it. I, personally, feel wasting a flip on a 0 is better than a 1 action. And if we are worried about the zombie spam, drop her heal and give her a rule that removes the walking corpse from the zombies. That would limit a lot of tricks for Reva and Nicodem unless you want to use AP to kill them. Over all, she is looking pretty good.
  7. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: June 5th to July 31th Time: Games starts at 6pm Cost: Nothing An 8 week Shifting Loyalties campaign. Create your crew and see if you can get your hide out in the strobe light. This campaign will use a standard set up and use the Hide Out rules, with house rules to purchase CM. The following optional rules will also be used: Extra Scrip, Stay Dead, Good Doctor, and Cut 'em up for parts There will also be a special event on July 3rd, stay tuned for details.
  8. She is no where near as gross I thought she would be. I was picturing her will extra skin hanging off, like a doppleganger. I am impress with all of the fated so far.
  9. Never mind, request denied. Have fun.
  10. I agree. The changes really made the Gravedigger a model with some options. It can be fighty and also a corpse node.
  11. Good point. My Little Zombony can get locked down pretty easy, but can at least charge out to escape if need be. We should do a test to see how that works. At least with 8ss the odd of spamming them is unlikely, outside summoning.
  12. I guess I somewhat see the point with Hands having a 10" range and Residents having a 12" range. I find it odd that Hands is an Ml action, feels more like a Ca action. At any rate. We just need to change From the Qzone to an (0) action with the same limits as now and boom, fixed. lol
  13. Think you are looking at 5/10 stats.
  14. I am not sure the discard effect was not that bad, was it? If we are going to leave the discard off, then to have to put the non master clause. That would honestly be terrible, but balanced.
  15. What did I miss, why was the Condition changed from until end of turn?