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  1. Badlands Empire

    Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: March 5th to March 26th Time: Campaign round start at 6pm Cost: None The Guild might control all the city of Malifaux, but they can’t control everything. There is always the Badlands… Choose your faction, gather your forces, and get ready for a map based campaign. Travel around and capture territories, plant traps on the roads to guard them, and leave behind crews to protect them. Players will start with a large pool of soulstones and use them to become the ruler of the Badlands. Stay tuned for rules to be posted soon.
  2. Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    I play both factions, so this set is so awesome. I love the look of the artwork. I do not love the idea of another model with half a foot for contact point.
  3. The Key to a Clockwork Heart

    Come find out what is love, this Monday!
  4. Love the show. It is tough now days to find a malifaux podcast that is more about the fun of the game and not just tactics for tabling your opponent.
  5. Monday Preview - The Undying

    They are not going to share everything at once, got to keep the fans wanting more. If Manos does not get an enforcer or minion named Torgo, I have lost all faith in Wyrd's abilities to reference.
  6. Current "tech" for Enforcer Brawl

    Not for being killed, he doesn't. Not if you play his abilities as they are.
  7. Current "tech" for Enforcer Brawl

    In my community, izamu and bishop are top picks. Izamu even more so as you don't give out points.
  8. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I didn't anything done on my pledge for last month, I figured I wouldn't but hoped I would. So I am just going to carry it over to this month. I am hoping to get more free time soon, and use that time for painting.
  9. Who's excited!?

    I play both factions, so win win! I am going to guess one of them is a henchmen, which is always good.
  10. Monday Preview - Bayou Bash Rooster Rider

    Are all the feathers gone because rooster riders got nerfed so hard? This does look like a really fun game.
  11. TTB One Shot: Ghost House

    Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Dates: February 19th Time: Due to time restraints, the adventure will start at 6pm exactly. Cost: None The haunted mansion awaits characters who are courageous enough to brave its gloomy depths. The thing about unquiet spirits is that they’re rarely very quiet. This is annoyingly clear to a Resurrectionist who lives next door to a haunted mansion that is filled with loud, noisy ghosts that seem determined to keep him up at night. Surely the Fated can put them to rest and help him get a good night’s sleep? Ghost House is a location-based One Shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It requires the Fated Almanac to play. Anyone interested in joining in must have a Fated character created before the event in the Omaha community or may play the adventure with one of many pre-generated Fated.
  12. The Key to a Clockwork Heart

    Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Dates: February 12th Time: Encounters will start 6pm Cost: $5 Every year around Valentine’s day, something always seems to happen. Someone is always trying to win the love of Malifaux’s lovely ladies. This year is no different. Seems like young Mr. Archytas has taken a liking for Miss Step. Winning over this lady is not going to be easy, but with a little help from some Enforcers and Leveticus, it could be a Valentine to remember. This event is an Enforcer Brawl, but with a twist. Players do not earn VP, but must try to take out four guardian NPC, collect their keys, and be the first to make it to Miss Step’s clockwork heart. Each player may bring their favorite Enforcer model with one legal Upgrade. Cards start flipping at 6pm.
  13. Story encounters

    I feel the app was more a "tournament" aid and "good" players and tournament players look down on story encounters.
  14. The Road to McCabe

    Personally, I am going with wood or concrete (depends on the Mats by Mars mat I get) with warehouse bits on the bases. I have always loved the story of the masters meeting together in the warehouse in book one. One of the reasons I like Lynch so much.
  15. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Finally got around to posting what I am painting this month. This will also count for an achievement for our league, so two birds with one stone.