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  1. SurreyLee

    The Dead Rise...30th June (cancelled due to overlap)

    @bikingviking surely you'll be going?
  2. SurreyLee

    Our Worst Models

    With models that are poor, i've simply never used the Proxy, Exorcists, Mounted Guard, Riflemen, Guild Sergeant, Dashel, Orderlies, Heartsbane, Grimwell....the problem is I think we just have better options. I even struggle with Executioners for the same reason.
  3. SurreyLee

    Our Worst Models

    I really like the pathfinder with Sonnia as another trap laying device. The ability to move traps is also golden. I have been starting games with two traps and with luck can drop a 3rd first turn....moving them into decent blasting range is where i use them. I've also red jokered my damage flip on them for the last 3 shots so the damage has been great. Obvs lucky but for 6ss with a summons I really want in Guild, i'll run one any day of the week.
  4. Alas he does not have it any more. I'm all out of ideas.
  5. Another friend may have one @Zac???
  6. SurreyLee

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Ticket Purchased for Lee Walstow. Looking forward to the event @Gitli
  7. Hey @Strangely Brown you still have your Sonnia Crew?
  8. SurreyLee

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Okay, then nothing really that could be done by the TO. In that case, top event.
  9. SurreyLee

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    Yeah, this would be very cool
  10. SurreyLee

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Hey @fanteegi thanks for hosting the event. Had a great time and secured my first podium. Hussah. Thanks to my three opponents too, three really great games. My only critique, and i'm not sure if this was something Wayland imposed on you, but the start time changed which then mean either lunch was shortened or the start time was moved back. As said, it could be the venue asked you to move it to allow them to cook more lunches in time. That's the only thing and i'm clutching a little bit, otherwise a nicely run event. Well done.
  11. SurreyLee

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    You have to find space for the Daddy.....
  12. SurreyLee

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Hi @fanteegi I assume there is no painting requirement (although you do have a best painted prize).
  13. SurreyLee

    Who to pop behind my opponent

    Bishop wouldn't be awful what with his extra AP and decent (ish) damage output. Langston if playing Hoffman would be hilarious. Monster Hunter stalking from the rear seems decent though. all options are likely to be a decent sized target for the oppo too as you'd not want an opposing model in your backfield.
  14. SurreyLee

    What's your new hotness? What has you excited?

    Funny you should mention Lady Justice. I had my first game with her last night against Seamus (classic match-up) and was really impressed with the shear level of damage output and survivability she has. At one point she was down to four wounds but combo'd with the Brutal Effigy and companion (or accomplice?) she managed to heal 4 wounds back then recovered 4 from her 0 action. Seamus on the other hand went down early turn 3. His Boo action is decent and did need a couple of medium cards to pass the terrifying tests but yeah, Lady J's a beast. As for Hoffman, I just feel his options that make him really work are too expensive. I like a balance between activations and power output. Still, this week has seen me take two new masters for the first time and two good games. I win either way.
  15. SurreyLee

    What's your new hotness? What has you excited?

    Okay, so I thought to take a nice shiny new master they said. It's only gremlins they said. Well, Hoffman didn't like Zipp one bit. Okay, lot's of newish pieces for me meant I kept forgetting stuff. Zipp moving your models out of combat to get them away from the 6inch bubble of non ignorable armour means your stuff is going down. Couple that with a chain activating Francois and both Miss Step and Peacekeeper didn't have much of an impact on the game. I black Jokered Damage twice too, but that happens. Inside I was just crying out for Sonnia. Will try Hoffman some more, for sure, i'm just not sold his actions are powerful enough to replace Sonnia or Nellie as yet. Time will tell.