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  1. Clement

    March Newsletter

    For the record, thank you. Knowing almost nothing about the model development process, do you have a rendering of what the hypothetical nightmare runner/sprue/parts would look like? Or does it not make it that far in the development process...
  2. Clement

    March Newsletter

    The Vickies have always been pretty pinup-ey. I recall Vik of Blood got that vest because of objections to her prior clothing of straps. 1st edition Vik of Blood even more so. I would say if you're looking for more conservatively dressed Viktorias, between the stock one in the coat and the Easter one in the bunny costume you've got your bases covered at least.
  3. Clement

    Shenlong, duels, and Misdirection

    Question 1) Check the opposed duel sequence in the rule book (pg. 26). You both have to select your cards before moving on to the cheat fate step. In the event that you both have positive/negative flips, the defender has to decide first at least. Question 2) Relevant burning chi ability timing: "immediately before determining success, change total". Relevant Misdirection trigger timing: "after an attack from an enemy model succeeds, do stuff". Misdirection says right on it "After an enemy attack succeeds". By the time it comes to resolving that trigger the time for burning chi has gone, you already determined success. You don't get to backtrack into the duel.
  4. Clement

    Legal substitute fore mindless zombie

    It's tricky because, technically, the answer is both "yes" and "no". Based on the official tournament rules, "Proxies" are strictly forbidden (except for a few specific ones). "Conversions" are fine, but require TO approval and a minimum of Wyrd parts. So if you're going the "paint them undead" route, you may want to do more work then that (put big wounds and broken bones or something) and be sure that your local TO is on board. Otherwise you'll show up with your big set of custom zombies and get rejected.
  5. Clement

    Bushwackers are a good model

    I've been a big proponent of them for a while, and now that they're cheaper they feel a lot more attractive to run. You have them more or less exactly the way I like to run them also. Push up a flank turn 1 to a reasonable sniping spot, then start dumping focused shots into the enemy, ignoring their cover. Take a good look at Gremlin Criers to make their discard shenanigans not hurt so much though.
  6. Clement

    Hard to Kill vs damage cannot be reduced

    To expand on this, damage prevention is not damage reduction and Hard to Kill is neither of those (as far as rules that avoid stuff is concerned). The only abilities that will get around Hard to Kill are things that explicitly say they get around Hard to Kill, like Leveticus.
  7. Clement

    Mah + manifest destiny + do over

    Why exactly are you discarding the 2 cards? Do Over itself just lets you draw 2 cards, full stop. If it's at the discard step in the draw phase, I don't think it actually would do anything for multiple reasons.
  8. Clement

    Leaping and placing marker

    Partially inside of 6. Because the reason Nikodemus quoted above.
  9. Clement

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Plastic Cement won't work. You're going to want Super glue for it. As far as assembly goes, it was all very straight forward with the possible exception of the two small pieces that slot into the backs of his legs.
  10. Clement

    Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    “Whenever this model has a in their final duel total that came from thieir fate deck, it may immediately heal 1 damage." Or something like that.
  11. Clement

    Leaping and placing marker

    Archie's Hulking Leap and the Necropunk/Sillurid Family's Leap use totally different wording, annoyingly enough. Archie gets to place, as you say, so he can do the edge trick and his leap effectively moves up 3 inches + 50mm. The Necropunk's Leap gets to "Move up to it's Cg" so that one won't get to add base width.
  12. Clement

    What are the neverending conundrums?

    Did we ever get a clear answer on Somer's Encouragement ability and charges? (if duels from attacks during a charge were "duels resulting from the action")
  13. Clement

    Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    Also based on black letters on white paper (pg 16 actually specifically) a "flip" is referred to as turning over one or more cards. The ultimate problem is that the sentence "A flip consist of flipping multiple cards" is fine in this game, and we're stuck in a deadlock as to which specific version of the word "Flip" the ability is referencing (per card like you say, or per set). I agree, it's kind of silly.
  14. Clement

    Any reason not to get wave 1 arsenal decks?

    You can actually just print the errata from this website and then slot it in to the errata'd models if you don't want to spend the money on the errata cards. Ultimately, it's going to come down to exactly how many minis you have and what factions. I'm not sure how deep puppet wars went in terms of number of models.
  15. There's also the hog whisperer and old cranky and gremlin taxidermist and sorta Wong (I think in cannon it's only glued on).