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  1. List Builders?

    Crewfaux kind of took over locally, entirely because of the QR sharing functionality. If you're an android user, I continue to have nice things to say about Malifaux Companion (search for it on here), though it's not up to date with wave 5 stuff.
  2. Dreamer I think is a bad example since it doesn't change the target, just moves all the effects. Trixiebelle or Burt might be a better example there.
  3. Miss Terious/ Amelia Bathory Figures

    You can try the trade forum here or poke around on facebook, or I guess Ebay. I'm pretty sure I pulled Bathory from a small mystery box, so you might be able to get lucky on the October store promotion and get one that way. That's sort of the nature of limited edition sculpts though. P.S. I would point out that the Miss models are all available for Guilder on the wyrd site. Got any of them sitting around for going to tournaments? Or maybe trade for them. https://www.wyrd-games.net/guilders/
  4. Which are Gremlins best scheme runners?

    Merris and the Skeeter don't do anything together. The Skeeter's movement trick requires them to be non-flying
  5. McMounings hiring pool

    Fixed that for you. It's an important distinction in a crew where your master is usually taking poison damage every turn to go pushing around the table.
  6. How does the Abyssinian dreadnaught walk?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXfcOBU58ko You're thinking of ponderous slow motion walking. I think it's more of a cantor or gallop then "walk". It's I think the fastest of the titans after triggers/upgrades... if not it's darn close to it. It's certainly faster then the King's Hand.
  7. Somer Casting Bigger Hat vs Kirai

    She does. From the FAQ: Safe in my Bed uses the exact same language as Kirai's "Of Pity and Wind" trigger, so the same holds. Also from the faq:
  8. M2e Kaeris

    One of my locals ran Kaeris with her new heatstroke condition upgrade last week... that thing destroyed the usefulness of an individual model, Mah Tucket went from busting heads to meekly scheming because her stats were ruined by that condition.
  9. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    Variation that I think feels more reasonable Despite their good defense and reasonable number of wounds, they often feel *very* fragile to me since they very much seem to want to have some poison stacked on them to boost movement with 'thats the stuff' (serving as their pseudo-reckless). With no in-built heal, they're often wandering into the fight with effectively 3-4 hp unless you're dedicating extra resources to an already expensive model.
  10. Homefront Questions

    Those are examples of two other Syndicates. Though Court of Two is Malifaux aligned (will only work for Gibbering Hordes and Cult of the Burning Man) while The Guild is Earth aligned (will only work for King's Empire and Abyssinia).
  11. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    My regular opponents will try to pop off the lass because I *will* kill her for Do It Right so Mah can be even more brutal when she wheels into combat for real.
  12. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    I don't know if I'm sold on pit traps for the lass. I feel like she should still carry the armor and still die gloriously like she used to. A good spot to consider for the pit traps would be Sammy if you don't want to put them on Mah from the get go.
  13. Sebastion, rafkin, and mcmourning.

    Digressing for a second, I'd always played it as the attack damage is totalled up using math, then damage reduction is done using math. If a model flips a weak damage of 1 against an incorporeal model, but has hallucinogens condition, it does 3 damage or 2?
  14. I I hadn't made the connection about the asterisks. Thanks for the info!
  15. Title says it all really. My gaming group is looking for a reprieve from the usual sword and sorcery in the coming weeks, and I'm thinking Through the Breach is the plan for us. Looking over the Penny Dreadfuls, they seem like the right idea, but I want to be sure whatever I wander into has pregenerated characters in it. Any suggestions?