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  1. "Lure" and moving around the model

    You're in luck! It's in the FAQ: There's some other stuff in the faq on lure also (in relation to fun stuff like luring them off a cliff, etc.)
  2. I don't think it's even that complicated. When an action is declared, you have to declare all of the variables of the action. That would include which range you're using. With My Eyes Closed would pick your target for you, but the range will already be locked in (barring extreme misreading).
  3. 35SS Tourny lists

    I'd give Sonnia a good hard look for the first 2 rounds. The game gets a bit swingy at low points, and I've found most 35ss events tend to be awash in summoners. Sonnia tends to answer that particular question nicely.
  4. You forgot "is basically unkillable" disclaimer: Yes, I know he *can* be killed, but it's a hilarious amount of work that if your opponent thinks you can do, they'll just leave Dust Storm out as a "scheme runner"
  5. Are Gremlins OP?

    Another option would be to volunteer to swap crews with him so the two of you can workshop how to beat some of these things. Francois is a classic example. His damage output is *staggering* especially on severe (what did you one shot that couldn't spend soulstones?), but the little guy *cannot* take a beating in return with Df 4 and no defensive tech other then basic squeel (not baked in) which is easy to manage. Generally speaking he will amble up and attempt to kill the most expensive thing he can get his mitts on, then die in return.
  6. Reva, where to start for purchases

    You've got a really solid core going already with some positioning shenanigans with the Doxies and Belles, some scheme running with the Crooligans, and a second beater to take the heat off with the rogue necromancy. A popular addition to her is the Carrion Emissary (and thus, by extension Mindless zombies) as additional vectors of attack as well as a reasonable damage dealer in it's own right. Another popular choice is Yin, since her WP condition is basically a death sentence. I find her more of a "win more" piece in Reva than anything really necessary though. I've also had some fun with Archie as "yet another wrecking ball" who has the added perk of getting your corpse markers into better spots as the battle progresses.
  7. Starting Mah Tucket

    Unless you're prepared to not use any of the bushwhackers, you're also going to want to look at Gremlin Criers. The bushwhackers themselves can be VERY card hungry, while the crier turns that around into an advantage by allowing cycling rather then discarding. Of course, the crier will likely want a slop hauler (to not die) and maybe some bayou gremlins (to turn into) so it can get maximum use.
  8. What did it just throw

    Expanding back into the second part of this question. The "Place a Corpse Marker in base contact with the target" line is an effect of the attack succeeding? Or something that happens regardless. AKA, if I target an enemy model with this ability and *miss* do I get a corpse marker? My gut says no because placing the marker is an effect of the attack, if the attack doesn't succeed you don't get it; I'm getting some push back from others though and it would certainly make this action better.
  9. Black Friday sale

    I have vintage Somer. He's multipart.
  10. Some of the android pixel users had the same problem. Try rebooting the device as a temporary workaround?
  11. Carlos Vasquez and Union Steamfitter

    the answer to your first question is No, for the reason you list. The Steamfitter can't give armor to someone who has it, and while Carlos is burning, his Dance of Flame ability actually gives him armor (no "counts as" stuff, the ability just gives it.) That means that if the steamfitter gets to him before he gains burning, his armor is 0, so he's a legal target for the Steamfitter to give armor to. The question becomes how to parse Dance of Flame. Note the use of the word "has" versus "gains". This would be read as "This model has Armor at the same value as it's Burning condition, up to a maximum value of 2". The fact that he rolls in with a free armor out of the gate means that the first burning does nothing.
  12. Seems to be fine for me. Can you elaborate on what the trouble is?
  13. Update on this. My phone finally decided there's an update out there. All seems to be well.
  14. Are we talking android or iOS? My Android device still isn't seeing any updates.
  15. Malifaux App Launched!

    Not sure this is working the way you describe. This seems to be a refresh/update issue more than anything. The abilities do go away, but only if you leave the card and then return to it to refresh the page.