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  1. wong

    Quick Question. I'm not particularly fluent in this interaction, but wouldn't all three models (Your glowey target and both swine-cursed) get the regen and the plus damage?
  2. That's one of the things I rather liked about the upgrade solution. It's a way to try and incentivize hiring the model rather then summoning it. There are times when they make them summoning compatible. Some examples: 1) One Pig Against the World: It's an upgrade for war pigs, a model that shows up in a lot of Ulix lists, but is NEVER hired for them. This upgrade is a way to try and buff hiring them and not impact summoning them. 2) Wronged Spirits: This upgrade buffs Onryo, but doesn't go on *them*, but rather some other model that's around. This would be a summoning-compatible upgrade since it doesn't care how the Onryo get there, they just have to get there.
  3. I'll also answer the inevitable follow up question about buried models. While they don't count as "in play", they DO still count against Rare limit.
  4. While they are insignificant peons, they also do still get to put down 2 scheme markers (assuming they don't get beat up) and actually have some reasonable counterplay into other scheme runners they would likely tangle with if they go off doing "scheme running" detail. They may be insignificant peons, but they're pretty functional scheme runners for all that.
  5. If you poke around online, there's a few pictures of people who've made the Goryo but left the ghosts off in their entirety. They look... kinda boring honestly. Without the spirits or some other indicator that you've done something, they look like Onryo who put their hair up and grabbed a sword.
  6. for the standing up one, I glued the right spirit (when looking at him from the front) onto the model. The arm that touches the middle spirit got glued onto the middle spirit. Then I painted the two spirits separate from the rest of the model and each other. With some fiddling (and a few terrifying moments of feeling like I was going to break his belt off) I managed to get the whole thing together. Only required some minor touch ups to hide the gaps and scraps from forcing it together.
  7. This, so much this. The squatting down Goryo has the distinction of being the only model I've managed to accidentally TOTALLY DESTROY while trying to do final assembly. I thought leaving the ghosts off would make painting easier "and I could just put them on later!"... no. No you cannot put them on later.
  8. Your opponent won't be able to use obey tricks? So long as you're not obeying Hinamatsu himself, he doesn't really care and this aura does nothing.
  9. Morty is easy corpse generation and a chatty aura. Asura doesn't really do either of those things well. She's a useful buff piece for all undead instead. Admittedly her summon "skips" having your master create mindless zombies, but needing a 6instead of 9 is a MUCH higher requirement in this faction full of crow hungry summoners. The two would do fantastic work going together though if you're going all in on mindless zombie spam.
  10. technically they can also be put down by a standard 2/3/4 damage curve in 2 hits still. You just have to pace it right. Hit for weak THEN severe.
  11. Because the general consensus was that it was a ton of effort for not a lot of payout. In a world where Hands from Below is competing with From the Quarantine Zone and *literally any other 1 AP action* for AP use, it inevitably lost.
  12. People have been up to roughly the same shenanigan with Molly and Madame Sybelle since day 1 for the same cost. And at the end of that you get Madam Sybelle ready to bust heads. If the Kentauroi is carting your master around, they aren't using their charge action. Let's give it a week to decide if it needs to be Cuddled into the ground.
  13. It's also a Ml 5 duel and requires an 8 SS "minder" model (Asura herself) to get off. Compared to other static reduction abilities (Widow Weaver, brew master, Daydreams) at least this one gives you a credible shot at resisting in that your stats all reset back to full as soon as Asura activates. I'd agree that the lack of "if Asura leaves play" language is a problem though.
  14. So cover is normally determined by checking to see if any terrain with the soft or hard cover traits is along the line of site between the two models and within 1" of the target. To the uninitiated, that becomes much MORE confusing once you "ignore line of site". In the piano's case, just draw straight lines from Zipp to the target. Do they cross a piece of terrain with one of the cover traits? Yes. You mentioned a building that very likely has the hard cover traits. Is the target within 1 inch? You didn't mention but that will be the determining factor.
  15. Related: Does anyone know a model with a Df Action? I can't think of any, but I only know a few with a WP action as it is (Pandora is a prime example) so I'm just not sure.