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  1. Black Friday sale

    I have vintage Somer. He's multipart.
  2. Some of the android pixel users had the same problem. Try rebooting the device as a temporary workaround?
  3. Carlos Vasquez and Union Steamfitter

    the answer to your first question is No, for the reason you list. The Steamfitter can't give armor to someone who has it, and while Carlos is burning, his Dance of Flame ability actually gives him armor (no "counts as" stuff, the ability just gives it.) That means that if the steamfitter gets to him before he gains burning, his armor is 0, so he's a legal target for the Steamfitter to give armor to. The question becomes how to parse Dance of Flame. Note the use of the word "has" versus "gains". This would be read as "This model has Armor at the same value as it's Burning condition, up to a maximum value of 2". The fact that he rolls in with a free armor out of the gate means that the first burning does nothing.
  4. Seems to be fine for me. Can you elaborate on what the trouble is?
  5. Update on this. My phone finally decided there's an update out there. All seems to be well.
  6. Are we talking android or iOS? My Android device still isn't seeing any updates.
  7. Malifaux App Launched!

    Not sure this is working the way you describe. This seems to be a refresh/update issue more than anything. The abilities do go away, but only if you leave the card and then return to it to refresh the page.
  8. Malifaux App Launched!

    Is there an address to send issues to? My pixel does not seem to like it (won't load past the Wyrd logo) Edit: Protip. Be sure your phone OS is up to date.
  9. Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    Specifying "in a dual" is just an easy way to omit cards "flipping" for randomization, Wong's lightning jump, and other stuff that just isn't a duel. I'd say I'm annoyed that this didn't make the faq given the weirdly fundamental nature of the question; but then I remembered that it's mostly gremlins related and it all made sense. Maybe if we rephrased this question to have some weird implication of "Leave it to Luck"? That would get the Neverborn players involved and their questions get *answered*. Tannen has leave it to luck running, and is at a to damage. He "flips" an actual 4 and 5 . Which card does he have to take?
  10. November FAQ

    Somer's Encouragement and charging still doesn't merit clarification?
  11. help a later backer out

    sniped! How appropriate! The other thing I'd add about the adjunct is that they also add to the durability of the squad they join. A fireteam without an adjunct takes 3 wounds to finish (typically), while with an adjunct along they need 4 wounds to finish off.
  12. Best imports for My Little Helper

    The Srongarm isn't going to work that way, is it? Since the condition doesn't have a + in the name, it won't stack with itself. You could technically take both the shooting and the melee buffs, but that doesn't feel as amazing.
  13. Archie...

    Reva actually does really good work with him also. He will happily reposition corpses that Reva put down in earlier turns, and his ranged attack is yet another vector for Reva to attack through when targeting.
  14. Malifaux Companion Beta - Android App

    I was getting a similar error when I was updating yesterday, but uninstalling the previous version before installing the new one fixed it.
  15. That's not actually true. Some Obey type attacks treat the obeyer as a friendly model, but I don't think any of the obey style attacks treat *all* the enemy crew as friends. So yes, Zoraida + Sow = fun