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  1. Clement

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    As I recall, there was very much a "right" way and a "wrong" way to get her into the base. Try to match up the flat sides on her base with the higher parts of the energy curls as much as possible.
  2. Clement


    You can parse a lot of the rules out of various videos posted publicly a while back, but the only people who were given copies of the rules that I know of were people who backed the kickstarter. You might be able to get in touch with one of them and rig up a vassal game or something? The game can be a bit odd to throw together proxies for because it uses a lot of odd base sizes (80mm for example).
  3. Clement

    Order of damage weirdness

    When the heck did that FAQ happen? that's not really even what the book says. Oh well, updating my post. It shouldn't effect the overall sequence.
  4. Clement

    Order of damage weirdness

    That would do it. It would depend on technically when the push happens as to the specifics. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the push uses a pretty standard wording like "after damaging, push the target up to 3 inches in any direction" or "after succeeding, push the target 5 inches directly away". 1) Howard get's shot by <model> and takes 3 damage. This occurs during step 5 of the duel that got Howard shot. 2) Howard starts to push as the trigger demands. At this point Rooted kicks in and does 3 damage and removes itself, per the rules for running out of health, Howard is immediately "Killed". 3) Well rehearsed resolves since Howard was just killed, and he's a living model within 3 of the upgrade bearer (likely himself). He's now considered *not* to have been killed, and heals 1 point, per Well Rehearsed. Well rehearsed is discarded. 4) Howard actually begins resolving the push, and enters the Hazardous terrain. 5) At the end of the movement (per FAQ 29) Howard's opponent flips for damage and gets 2 out of it. 6) Howard is dead again, and his death effects (corpse/scrap placement etc.) all resolve at the end of the push (per FAQ 29).
  5. Clement

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    It's Yin, not Izamu. Izamu won't fit in the crew since he's too expensive. The crew presents a really interesting puzzle for your opponent to try to take apart since they pretty much just edge into the zone and dare your opponent to come close. I've run it as my HH crew for a while now and I have some observations... 1) This thing runs out of time, a LOT. It comes at your opponent sideways in terms of threat, and as soon as they figure out most of the options for attacking the ball are bad, they hem and haw a lot about how to spend their turns. Unless you're dealing with a serious pro or a complete newbie, you're not going to make it to turn 5. 2) This thing rarely looses, but it also has trouble winning. Because it's not as aggressive as more traditional beater crews (and the time issue above), you're going to have trouble actually sealing the deal and killing their leader or enough of their crew to start denying the Turf War. 3) Armor really sucks to deal with. Even armor 1 basically cuts most of your damage output in half. The good news is you generally don't care about any other defensive tech. The current bugbear at our local HH scene is something affectionately dubbed "The Oxford book club". It's the captain with patron's blessing, then 3 oxford mages all loaded with imbued energies, then put a kill switch somewhere because of points. The team is built to shove everything out of the zone and ideally slow it. This HH crew has exactly 0 defense against that nonsense.
  6. Clement

    Initiative Re-Flips

    The answer you're looking for is specifically on page 31 of the small rulebook under Use Soulstones each player is paying to reflip their own card. The reason you see the (or cards) there is that some masters have the ability to give you positive twists and the like to the initiative.
  7. Clement

    Master Roulette ?

    It is? Oh no... I'm two factions deep in owning pretty much everything ><
  8. Clement

    Steam Trunk Poison and Horror Duels

    Seamus is a very scary man. Sometimes he embraces that scariness by just walking into a crowd and yelling "Boo!" at them like a proper villain. Of that ones smart enough to get clear of the dandy hatter and his bayonet-ed pistol, he delights in stabbing them on their way out of his reach. His particularly painful stabbings only enhance his reputation and overall scariness. Also sometimes he can do it at range because "magic". Seamus literally turned into a fear hulk last edition; hurting a person per turn for passing a terror duel doesn't seem as far of a walk.
  9. Clement

    Unaligned Sage

    Not sure what might be happening there. I do have the valedictorian on mine, but Librarian is hiding down in the mercs (but I don't pay the merc tax to hire her), and the students seem to be hit and miss (student of steel lost academic somewhere along the way). You on android running 3.91?
  10. Clement

    Unaligned Sage

    An update went out last night on android phones. that seemed to fix this issue for me.
  11. Clement

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Every Collodi master? Aside from Collodi and I guess Leveticus, no master can get access to more than one Effigy.
  12. Clement

    OUTCAST: a big problem for Rezzers?

    Yeah, what is "the trick with Benny" exactly? I can't find anything on it. it used to be that Hamlin stalled for time and then shot a rat across the table that turned into Killjoy (infectious melodies like Ludvig said). It get's extra gross when the "Killjoy Rat" gets 4-5 AP of walking to put itself in the perfect spot. As to dealing with the Viks, the general way the game will boil down depends on who you took. Can you credibly threaten the Viks before they spring the trap? (So Reva, Seamus on a good day). Reva tends to be really transparent on her threat ranges, so you can goad the viks into launching their run by just planting a corpse in striking range. Seamus can (in theory) teleport into threat range, focus shoot, and just end one of the viks with the right cards and setup, but the aftermath will likely cost you Seamus if it's not a clean kill. Heck, it might cost you Seamus even if it IS a clean kill. Generally a safer plan is to play your deployment and first turn a bit cautiously. The viks *will* get to something of yours and wreck it, so it's on you to try and make it nothing you'll overly miss. In a more supporty crew like Nico I'll often put one of my beaters (ideally with good defense) slightly forward AND NOT WHERE IT CAN BE WHIRLWINDED FROM as sort of an offering. If I have to lose a 9-10ss model but I get to kill a vik in return, that is absolutely a trade I'll make. I can make more beaters. In theory, there are Vik players in the world who will see that obvious trap and hold their Viks in reserve to basically dictate your actions for a few turns. I've never seen it though. Every Vik player I've met *ever* (and there's been a lot over the years) will always try to apply the Viks to your face on turn 1. The difference between the good players and the bad players is how well they do it.
  13. Clement

    Showgirl Seamus

    It's a big part of what makes Rasputina such a hassle to deal with.
  14. Clement

    The undying box set

    It and the backdraft box disappeared off the release schedule shortly before their releases. I hope they turn up at some point also.
  15. Clement

    yet more questions on elevation

    Assuming the model isn't hanging off the terrain, Ht 1 stuff can still grant cover and the like technically. Drawing LoS from elswhere to the target will very likely cross the Ht 1 terrain, so cover rules would apply. More amusingly, two models standing on the same bit of Ht 1 terrain shooting at eachother will likely both get cover from the other.