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  1. I I hadn't made the connection about the asterisks. Thanks for the info!
  2. Title says it all really. My gaming group is looking for a reprieve from the usual sword and sorcery in the coming weeks, and I'm thinking Through the Breach is the plan for us. Looking over the Penny Dreadfuls, they seem like the right idea, but I want to be sure whatever I wander into has pregenerated characters in it. Any suggestions?
  3. Newsletter Update

    On the topic of those, if they are, let's say 1/16th of an inch thick (so says Amazon), that would make a 54 card deck about... 3.5ish inches thick. That's rather tall. You could shuffle by putting them all in a big box and then shaking the crap out of it
  4. Suicide Pact Scheme Pools

    Without wandering into the deep philosophy of "how one should play a tournament", this can cause games to happen where a Crew sets up turn 1, scores a VP, and then promptly removes itself from the table, leaving the opponent standing around with no way to win and no possible counter play. M1E had a game or two of this back in the day. The crew was Levi and Collodi with his puppet swarm (back then he could be hired). The swarm would surge across the table in a single activation, deliver a message, then eat itself. Levi then would also eat himself. The result is that the game was over with basically no counterplay available unless you happened to recognize what was happening as soon as you knew your opponents faction (since you had to build the crew with this possibility in mind).
  5. For clarity, which one are you seeing? No interacts or yes interacts....
  6. So Mah tucket's shiny new upgrade let's her take her "Get Off My Land!" ability every turn. What does that mean to her interact potential? For reference... Her new upgrade lets her take this ability on every turn after determining initiative, instead of just the first. It also says when models use this ability, they can push beyond the Centerline. (Someone else can provide the exact text if needed, I don't have it in front of me). The standing "Get Off My Land!" ability denies taking interact actions on the first turn. Wouldn't that first turn bit mean that it would have no bearing on her ability to interact on subsequent turns?
  7. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Hmm.... are we actually sure "Get Off My Land!" denies the ability to do interact actions on later turns? That second sentence specifies that If a model uses "Get Off My Land" it has two limitations. 1) It may not cross the centerline 2) It may not take interact actions on the first turn. I guess I just wonder if the interact limitation is stipulated to work more like Crooligans in that they cannot interact the first turn, but has no limitation on later turns. I'll take this to the rules forum I guess.

    The little old gremlin playing the upright bass! Or a Warpig... make a more feral looking war pig that looks like the grown up version of the hog whisperer's boar piglet?
  9. My problem with Burt Jebson

    I think it was because they wanted to give Ototo garbage defense (goes with his fluff), but didn't want to put such a cost effective beater into the hands of Zoraida and her Obeys. Animosity was a functional, but clunky, way around that limitation.
  10. Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    Historically, it's been one for the entire order. If you want multiple, you need to break up the order and eat the shipping charges : \
  11. Animals...?

    You might have to craft it on your own. Bear in mind that Malifaux is not just a weird corner of Earth, but a whole different dimension. As such, they don't necessarily have squirrels/bears/wolves/etc. Instead they have their versions of them, slateridge maulers, etc. Some species would have been brought over because they are work animals (horses, dogs, ?cows?), and others might have snuck across through other means (rats, etc.) but I don't think anyone looked at the barren stretches of Malifaux and said, "What this place needs is Coyotes. We should import some."
  12. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Adding an extra suit requirement would ensure that only Somer teeth can get access to that trigger, and it's (in theory) a dangerous trigger since it would also heal enemy models. Swapping it to Tomes makes ensuring the healing harder, or you can take the slop hauler for more consistent, less plentiful, healing. Risk v. Reward. it's what the Gremlins are all about.
  13. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Absolutely take Sammy with Raven if Entourage is in the pool! Sammy can hide out tossing the occasional jynx and making stuffed piglets, and if anything makes a run at her you just Raven away. Sure it's obvious, but that doesn't mean she's easy to stop.
  14. To points 1 and 2 from @spooky_squirrel, I would add the following link from the arcanist forums. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/128568-sandeep-summon-card/ It's got the summoning costs of all the gamin in "card value from hand" as well as the beacon powers with their card/suit requirements and a really short "what they do" blurb.
  15. If you end up getting one of the plastic decks (most of them are actually plastic) I'd discourage getting sleeves for your fate deck. They honestly don't need it. For the rest, I sleeve my stat cards in some "ultra pro" sleeves that are great quality and a snug fit. Dragon Shield is also another popular brand.