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  1. Model Priming Questions

    My rule of "assemble/base vs prime" is generally a measure of how easy it will be to fully paint. If assembling the model fully creates some spots that can't be easily painted, but those spots are hard to see, I'll ignore it and fully assemble. Conversely, if those spots are very visible I won't fully assemble. For example, take a look at the Brutal Emissary: That coffin would be fully assembled and glued to his waste. It would make painting the robe more annoying, but no one will really focus on the weird folds in/under/around it so I can keep going. Dude in the cage will *NOT* be fully assembled. It's highly visible and a focal point of the model. I'd partially assemble so it's just a few pieces and go from there. Be careful about it though, I tried to partially assemble Goryo, and their fully painted selves refused to go together so badly I ended up totally destroying one of them.
  2. Lucky Effigy

    Would it be worth pointing out that in that situation, Brutal Effigy is likely going to be more productive?
  3. Lucky Effigy

    Part of it is attempting to find a perceived balance I suspect. If we play with the broader definition of flip "I flip 2 cards when I have a positive on attack", then the buff he gives out is sort of OK as a passive healing source on Masters that flip tons of cards over their turn (so Ophelia basically). If we play with the narrow definition of flip "I turned over 2 cards when I have a positive on the attack flip. Whichever one I selected is the one I flipped", then the buff he gives out is objectively the worst by a large margin. In which case his value is in... his attack? I guess?
  4. Mixing Fractions with Brewmaster

    You are correct that once you declare 10 Thunders, you are normally only allowed to hire 10 thunders models, which would not include a lot of Brewmaster's prefered kit. You're missing a key part of the puzzle to making Brewmaster work in 10 Thunders though, his upgrade Running Tab. Running Tab allows Brewmaster to hire any model with the Tri-Chi characteristic, regardless of faction. That will get you Wesley, moonshinobi, and Fingers in your 10 Thunders list. As to your question regarding errata. You can print errata cards for free from the wyrd site here. If you'd rather get professionally printed cards, you can get them from wargamevault.com.
  5. Blood Ward and Engagement.

    The Timing puzzles this ability generates are hilarious. Thankfully they're pretty easy to parse out. Remember all of the details of an action are declared when the action is announced. So you get to figure out "will I get to make a disengaging strike" when the walk is declared. Nope! Once leap resolves, the Mage isn't being engaged anymore, so his melee range suddenly falls to 1 inch. Which means suddenly B is not engaged anymore. If the Carrion Emissary declares a walk action that will end with him at 1.5 inches out (so never leaves the engagement range of the mage), then there's no disengaging strike because when the walk is being declared, the Mage's engagement range is 2 inch. The Emissary finishes the walk, and suddenly the Mage's engagement range drops to 1 inch.
  6. Advice on next buy

    I'd partially echo what Ludvig is saying. Your current available "scheme runner" models are Canine Remains and Rotten Belles... Canine remains are serviceable (because Wk 6 is nice) but not particularly amazing. Rotten Belles (assuming you bring Sybelle) have sort of the same thing going, but can do more out on the flank for you. I'd play with what you have for a while, and if you feel like you're really hurting for more dedicated scheme runners, look into one of the more specialized models like necropunks or crooligans. If thinking of crooligans, go for the Molly box instead (Molly is fun and Phillip is always useful). Bone Piles are potentially fantastic scheme runners/flank units, but I don't have any experience with them to say for sure. Hayreddin also got some buzz with his most recent price drop. He's fast and flying, so shouldn't have much trouble getting places. He also has the feature of possibly wrecking other scheme runners he might come up against thanks to his aura.
  7. Backdraft Story Encounter

    He was not in the last public beta at least... It was something I was sort of disappointed by since we'd seen pictures of the gremlin models and the big golems for a while and nothing showed up in the public beta to play around with.
  8. How does the guild beat Nikodem?

    You don't need to drop Nico in a single hit. If you're going to take him out, he does need to be dead before you run out of hitters though. Likely you'd need at least 2 credible threats to pull that off. In the "scary zombie engine" Nico builds, he's got like 40ss of very fragile support models standing around making the engine go. Like, Df 5 and not much else levels of fragile. If you can blender one or two of them out, you will absolutely cut the legs out from under the big scary engine. If they blow a bunch of soulstones to keep the pieces of their engine intact, you're already winning since each soulstone spent on saving Asura/Mortimer/Sebastian/Phillip is one less punk zombie/Kentauroi dropped in your lap. Honestly? Scariest things I see across the table as Nico are either Mounted Guard with a side car beater (executioners or Thralls), and Sonnia running just typical Sonnia stuff. Worse if they're doing the whole expert sleuth/Papa/Francisco/whatever boat to crank her to 11.
  9. Lucky Effigy

    There was a time when people were thinking of the effigy with Ophelia, but then we got into a weirdly long discussion of what exactly the definition of the word "Flip" is and it sort of spiraled out of control.
  10. Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    Given that in GG2018, condition removal can directly impact the score by stripping Gathered Intel and Shed Blood from enemy models. That also makes it certainly worth considering.
  11. PullMyFinger going away?

    The other wikispaces page I can think of (battlecollege) ended up migrating over to MediaWiki as it's new home in response to the *last* time wikispaces changed policy. Whomever takes this over could perhaps start there? Related, is it possible to scrape the pages of the existing Wiki so they don't all need to be written from scratch? Better yet, is it possible to *selectively* scrape the pages? Me thinks it's time to let the 1.5 stuff go down with the ship. Viking funeral? Can we viking funeral a web page?
  12. At what point do you fall off terrain?

    You get something to prop it up or grab a proxy base if it comes to it. This isn't hard. If how much I can overhang an edge is based off the point the model actually falls down, you're opening the door to an exciting new world of abuse based on pose/conversion/base weighting. I could absolutely see someone putting "scenic base elements" made of lead on the edge of all their models so they can overhang further then other models.
  13. Fun times rules talk from over on the Facebook group. One of the basic movements I've been using for years now (and seen at every tournament for that matter) is that when presented with something like a Ht 3 cliff, a model could opt to climb down the top inch of it to Ht 2, and then begin lateral movement again, effectively falling the remaining 2 inches and taking no damage. Based on RAW, is there any clean justification for this? The best I could come up with is that climbing is part of moving, so would be subject to the normal movement restrictions that let you change direction while moving. That feels weak though.
  14. A few things. 1) By poster boy I meant that Nicodem is a very 'typical' Ressers support master, not that he's some kind of mascot, my poor choice of words. You say he's able to hide across the table and still project his full force, but unless he's within 6 of his herd, they're just running around at df 4, htw 1, and 5/3 wounds. True he can get carted up behind, but now he's gotten close again. 2) Eating his soulstones for that crew is almost the best thing you can do. The summoning engine wants severe cards, soulstones, and corpses to keep it all rolling. Deny one of those and the whole thing slows way down. If you have aspirations of tabling the crew and have decided that killing Nico is off the table, you'll need to remove 1 or 2 of these.
  15. Thing is though, Nicodem is the poster-boy of resser summoning/support masters. The tactics you use to beat him down (remove the head from the snake) are exactly the same tactics you use to kill any of the other summoning focused masters. Heck, Nicodem is *easier* because he doesn't have Molly's absurd defensive goodies or Kirai's avenging Ikiryo and parade of disposable Seishin. General rule of thumb when you are dealing with any player, don't feed into what they want to do. Facing Rasputina or Sonnia? Do *Not* bunch up. Facing Nicodem? Do *Not* attempt to roll up his crew starting with the disposable hitters in the front. Instead, get past them and into the support team standing around.