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  1. If you end up getting one of the plastic decks (most of them are actually plastic) I'd discourage getting sleeves for your fate deck. They honestly don't need it. For the rest, I sleeve my stat cards in some "ultra pro" sleeves that are great quality and a snug fit. Dragon Shield is also another popular brand.
  2. On the topic of strategy and scheme deck stuff, not only are all of the strats & schemes available in the books and/or website, there is a host of apps that will happily do game scoring for you that also contain the full text of all strategies and schemes. All are fan made, Wyrd is working on one at the moment but we don't know much about it or when it's coming out. If you prefer a more "offline" tabletop experience, the strats and schemes deck comes with all of the ones in the first book, along with some "fun time" variants that can accommodate more then 2 players. For gaining grounds, you can get a deck of cards printed from http://www.wargamevault.com/.
  3. Who is that Gremlin? Broken Promises Cover.

    Bumping this because the like button is back and that cover deserves some love.
  4. Green Stuff + Magnets

    Drill bit of the same size of your magnet. The drill bit is likely large enough you can just turn it by hand, or you can cram it into a pin vice to save your fingers. (DO NOT USE A POWER DRILL ON THAT BASE)
  5. Green Stuff + Magnets

    Another option for stuff that requires extra hold (it's what I'm doing) is to put just a smallish blob of greenstuff down where the magnet is going. If you glue down the blob and then glue the magnet to the blob, you get an instant and strong bond. Be sure to get them on a flush surface kind of quickly though (super glue sets green stuff immediately), I have one skeeter I'm going to have to peel the magnet/greenstuff out of and retry later today.
  6. Gremlins arrived...

    Zipp's crew caused me to start doing magnetic storage, if only for the skeeters (I added Somer's skeeters and the Emissary to that bin later.) Wong's crew goes together pretty well. The lightning bug with the friendly fire problem (the huge model balanced on one tiny foot) got a small rock on the back of her base to act as a second contact point for the robes. It helps immensely.
  7. Who is that Gremlin? Broken Promises Cover.

    gah! Where the heck is my like button!
  8. Broken Promises teaser

    Lenny gets to be a master confirmed?
  9. Yin's 'Gnawing Fear'

    To clarify on @Thimblesage point, What "type" of duel it is varies based on what stat the individual model is using. This typically means that the two models involved in an opposed dual will consider it different "types" of duel. Take the Nothing Beast for example. His Obliterate attack is Ca 7/ Rst: Wp. That means from the Nothing Beast's perspective, this is a cast duel. From the Target's perspective, this is a Willpower duel. If either of them have Yin's debuff on them, they will be at on their flip for the duel. Yes, Yin is very mean. Gnawing fear is a really big part of her value though.
  10. Damage Negation

    My hunch is this was something that was originally added likely as future proofing, but never actually got used and has since been abandoned. Or at some point in the future we'll get a model/upgrade with "negate all damage done to this model by conditions" or something...
  11. Newcomer seeking his fate.

    Between those two boxes you can come up with a pretty functional crew without too much difficulty. You should also look into getting the generalist upgrade packs (1 and 2). Either buy them and part out the factions you don't want (all factions come in the same deck) or else head for wargamevault who will sell you individual cards. If you're looking to expand your options though... Dead Doxies and Carrion Emissary*. Seamus likes Dead Doxies as an extra set of summons if it comes up, more importantly though they're a more aggressive version of the classic Rotten Belle. McMourning likes the repositioning tricks the Doxy does for him, and the debuff they give out is basically death to whomever it lands on with McMourning floating around. The Carrion Emissary gets a * because while he's a fantastic piece (really pretty also), he's not cheap in terms of points or money. His signature ability (Shards of Kythera) summons Mindless Zombies onto the field which are VERY useful to have around (block LoS, things to aim blasts at, summon from if you're feeling fancy) but are another purchase you'd have to make (and violates your "pay for what you use" rule)
  12. Somer + Aionus pretty good?

    @Hateful Darkblack was playing around with a list somewhat like this, he might have more insight. Let's see if this gets his attention.
  13. New Player

    Any of them works fine. Just pick the one you like the look of. You can technically use any standard 54 card deck (you need the jokers) for now, but you'll have to do the suit conversion yourself. A lot of standard decks have identical jokers also, but a marker fixes that right up.
  14. Diestro got errata'd way-back-when to be non-master. Perdita can't take it.
  15. New Player

    Ophelia's box is a ton of SS so you can hit 35 by basically just fielding everything. Moving forward, you should look at getting the gremlin generic upgrade cards soon, either by buying the generic upgrade decks and sharing the other factions upgrades to friends in ned, or get them individually (there are a few places online, wargamevault is the easy one) Eventually, as you start looking toward 50ss games, there are two obvious picks. 1) Slop Haulers. They're an easy source of healing that also provides a really mean debuff that can set the Kin up nicely. It really helps make reckless gremlins work better. 2) The Bayou Boss. Somer's box is a logical direction to expand in when you start thinking about it. Ophelia's crew loves having Lenny around to help boost damage and mitigate incoming damage, while Somer is glad to have competent Gremlins to buff.