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  1. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Sure, it's just black spray and on top of that I lightly spray brown one (Leather brown from Army Painter). It helps with showing where the shades and brighter spots should be. I use it when I work on models that will have different shades of red or brown.
  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    I've only assembled and basecoated models so far. In the meanwhile I painted metal Pukeworm so there goes my 2ss model for this month's start in the challenge. I got the idea of using tree from another user on A Wyrd Place, and I think it makes the model look better in my nature-themed Titania crew (and Lilith in the future). Also, this is 499th model that I've painted for Malifaux so nice round number is right around the corner, woohooo!
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    My plan for March is to paint two Quellers and The Jury. Also, I finally have good background for taking pics so hre is the first WIP shot of the month:
  4. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @RustAndTheCity - NMM on this fragile sculpt is an endeavor in itself, and you're doing an amazing job there @Piccio - love the different shades you've used, they really do bring them to life @Joachim - great dirty look on them, also the basing makes them look even more dynamic @Franchute - superb nmm on the blade, really impressive stuff Here's Anna for 9 extra ss, bringing me to a total of 34 soulstones for February. I probably won't paint anything more this month but I may start assembling minis for March As always, more pics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/02/anna-lovelace.html
  5. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I used Rakarth Flesh mixed with brown was as a base but other than that the process was quite similar.
  6. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Thanks for the feedback everyone,much appreciated. Hannah didn't do do well in the tourney yesterday but I probably need to use her better LOL In the meanwhile I finished Somer and I'm at 25ss for this month http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/02/somer-boston-jones.html
  7. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Here's my take on TTB Hannah, more pictures on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/02/hannah-chief-freikorps-archivist.html Now I need to finish Somer, how many points are masters worth in the challenge?
  8. Monthly painting challenge - February

    This month's been pretty busy for me at work so I haven't done much painting yet. I've started on Hannah and here's a quick WIP shot of her:
  9. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Phinn I really like your Wisp, those yellowish boils on its skin look amazing, now I need to repaint mine
  10. Monthly painting challenge - February

    That's plastic Somer. I'm going to paint him for a buddy of mine.
  11. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I'd say they're definitely tournament-legal as only their heads and hands with knives are from another company, so that's not more than 33% For February I'm planning these three models:
  12. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Franchute - your Sonnia looks amazing even now. The highlights on jeans and blade are top notch. I look forward to the final effect! As I've written before, it's all about the efficiency mate (and not much sleeping too lol). @Monkeyfist - nice paintjob, I really like teh stripes on his coat. @Joachim - glowing runes work really well on dark skin of Cyclops. The details on the Gorar look fantastic too. @Purple Mist - nice group, I like the coherent look. @H4ml3t - I like the original metal sculpts much better as they have more details to them and you've done a really solid job there. @misterfinn - I like the colors used there, make him look like an entirely alien being, out f place, which is just fine for the Nothing Beast @RustAndTheCity - one of the best Malifaux minis I've ever seen painted. So much character there, the conversion and paintjob are just stunning! @iamfanboy - I like the ethereal feel to these minis, nice paintjobs there! I am at 77 soulstones now with these two Bultungin added in (I don't really know what the appropriate plural form is ). If you want to read about them and how the conversions were made, I have a step by step article on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/01/bultungin.html
  13. Zoraida, new and improved?

    I was thinking about using a Bloodwretch for some extra card cycling in Z's crew but wanted to see whether I have a good understanding of how they might work. The way I was thinking it might work was: 1. Zoraida obeys Bloodwretch to take (1) The Rage Builds 2. Zoraida obeys Bloodwretch to charge (Juju/hemmed Doll/Illuminated as a target). Now the question is, does the Bloodwretch get to draw 2 cards after damaging? Because if he does, he can still do two more attacks during his activation for a total of 8 cards to be cycled. Seems too good so I'm probably interpreting it wrongly....
  14. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @misterfinn I don't know exactly how much it takes me to finish a single model but it would probably be something like you or even longer, I just sleep less Your Freikorps look amazing, great palette of colors and wonderful, smooth highlights with a bright line on the edge to keep some extra contrast - I really like your style.
  15. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Love them, gruesome and awesome!
  16. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Burnin' Coal Thank you!. Truth be told, it's all about consistency. Finding at least an hour a night on a regular basis really goes a long way. Also, I always have more fun when I work on a mini for the first time and that was the case for 5 of these. That speeds things up for me too.
  17. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Two more minis that I've painted this month, pics on the blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/01/death-marshal-recruiters.html They bring me to a total of 67 soulstones. It's been a productive month and hey, sleep is overrated anyway
  18. Monthly painting challenge - January

    New baby made me more efficient with my spare time. Generally I spend less time fooling around, browsing youtube etc. and get to painting straight away Nice start on your Sonnia - I like the way material reflects light. Speaking of painting, here are two more models for this month More pics on the blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/01/witchling-thralls.html They now bring me to a total of 53 soulstones. There will be more - seem to have my painting engine in full swing this month @Joachim - love the color scheme on your Grootslang @Kogan Style - nice atart on the Stalker, he already looks great.
  19. Amazing paintjob. It's such a small mini yet you've managed to squeeze in so many details. Very impressive!
  20. Sandmanns painted stuff

    Very nice painting all around. I like the angry look on Anna's face, never noticed it before!
  21. For some reason my default shipping policy on ebay was set up to exclude many countries. I've changed that now. Thank you @gribble for drawing my attention to this problem.
  22. Hi, I'm selling some stuff on ebay so have a look if you're interested in any of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/virukpl/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= - Evil Baby Orphanage + 2 expansions - painted Nekima - painted Burt - alt Bayou Gator - metal Marcus - metal Razorspine Rattler - 30mm base inserts - some other stuff
  23. I don't know why it's happening, tried editing the post. Hopefully it'll work now
  24. Monthly painting challenge - January

    New baby made me more efficient with my spare time. Generally I spend less time fooling around, browsing youtube etc. and get to painting straight away Nice start on your Sonnia - I like the way material reflects light. @misterfinn - at first I built up a few layers of Vallejo Still Water so that the area was flat. After it dried I highlighted it using dark to vivid bright green closer to the rocks. In the end I added a few spots of pure Amarillo Fluo (Vallejo Game Color) in random places and covered it with another thin layer of Vallejo Still Water for that shine effect. Your Specialist looks very good. At this point it's hard to give any criticism, it all depends on how you paint the weapon, whether you use OSL etc. The white looks nice but a bit too clean IMO. You may consider adding some dirt effect there.