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Everything posted by Viruk

  1. Here are the constructs I painted in April, 32 ss in total. As always, more pictures can be found on my blog.
  2. Lovely work, the metallics look amazing
  3. Here are the minis I'm working on this month: At this point they're just basecoated with some pre shading done with airbrush on the blades
  4. The main problem with Aeslin is that she goes down way too fast. She'd be much better if she had Knight's Armor and Hard to Wound. Basically only soulstones can save her and these are typically better used in this crew. That being said, if you position her well, she can help with keeping the center occupied.
  5. Can't really offer more here than @Franchute. I'd just add that it's a good idea to mix it with slightly darker shade towards the base edge as it will give a nice realistic effect of water getting deeper.
  6. Here are two ideas from me: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2016/12/an-audience-with-queen-7-titania.html?m=1
  7. @wizuriel avoid using pure white, something like bleached bone or any slightly tinted white works much better. As for the pupils - this is just a matter of practice, even after years of painting I sometimes need a few attempts to get the eyes right
  8. It's made of cork cut into pieces and then bits of wooden planks (I use the plastic ones from GW's hobbit scenery) were added on top.
  9. Here's my March pledge, a total of 22 soulstones. I might be able to paint something more if I find enough time (and since the DLC for Dark souls 3 is coming out it will be hard )
  10. The best Emissary I've seen so far, absolutely amazing work!
  11. Great work all around @Franchute !! Unfortunately, I'm not able to take such picture as I was working on many commissions along with my stuff
  12. ...which were also inspired by work of another painter
  13. Neverborn Johan and old metal Kade and Candy - my painting plan for March
  14. 25ss painted in February
  15. 25ss worth of sadness, more pictures here:
  16. Definitely one of the best paintjobs on a Wyrd model I've seen so far. All the larger surfaces (skin, clothes) are very well painted and the details are just amazing.
  17. I'm amazed with your productivity rate and the fact that you maintain high level of painting throughout all your works.
  18. Amazing work, I really like the OSL effect and the NMM is just brilliant
  19. Very nice paintjob, I really like the way you painted his arms to make it look as if they're burned
  20. I managed to complete full 12 months on Master level in the previous edition so I guess I'll join again on this level.
  21. Thanks,glad you like it. P3 Wurm Green was the main color here but I used many highlights with increasing amount of bleached bone and pure white. After that I used glazes - turquise on tuhe scales and light green on the body and darker washes in the recesses.
  22. In January I painted a total of 21 soulstones. More pictures here and here. This month I plan to paint these (already basecoated)
  23. Here's my January pledge, in the end I managed to paint all the minis from the Amphibious Assault box for a total of 21 stones. More pictures here and here.
  24. These were a lot of fun. More pics here. Now I have to finish their mother before the month's over.
  25. They look awesome mate. I haven't seen these minis based this way before and they look really good with that and with the rust effect