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  1. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    @Franchute - fingers crossed :-) FranchuteI will be in a similar situation about a month from now as my second daughter will be born then :-)
  2. Alternate Nekima

    I' currently working on the Old metal and Alternate Nekima. I'll take some pics od them next to the standard plastic one for comparison when I'm done
  3. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Lol no,this one is called Bojkot (Boycott) and kot is a Polish Word for cat ;-)
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    @RustAndTheCity - I really like the way you keep your crew in theme. This McTavish is a perfect example of creativity and skill combined together to a spectacular result. And just to prove I haven't been procrastinating here's a wip shot of two Nekima models I'm currently working on for this month's pledge
  5. The whole crew looks fantastic, you've done an amazing job with painting them in a theme and the Priomordial Magic is simply phenomenal.
  6. Titania 101

    I've played her only three times since the release of wave 5 and lost all these games However, I was mainly experimenting with new stuff (I hadn't used the Emissary before) and can't honestly say I played her to the full potential. I also didn't use Taproot in any of these games, which was a mistake. It's probably going to be my auto take with her as it can make her and the crew much more survivable. I definitely underutilized Royal indignation , as 1 point of armor can prove essential in some situations. Cyclops are huge and have low Df of 4 so they draw attention and take damage easily. However, they heal fairly quickly too (with a discarded ram at the start of their activation, and scheme marker from Malifaux provides it's 4 wds back per turn). I've yet to play on a table where their Ice Pillars could form a good choke point but in other circumstances they can be a nuisance too. They work really well with Zoraida too, as Nurse can easily fully heal them and they don't get paralyzed. Emissary was a key model in all three games I played. Being able to reliably summon a solid scheme runner (who can also hit surprisingly well) or two each turn is great. I also found his trigger that discards markers a great option in some cases. His action to buff friendly Fae/place Scheme Marker came in handy too.
  7. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    I plan to paint two Nekimas, new version and the old metal one. I started working on the plastic one by removing her blade as it looked ridiculous, and put together something new using old WFB bits
  8. Malifaux gets coloured - Various Fractions

    The Carver looks great, you've actually managed to add some depth to this model. Tots look great too. I've never thought about painting them green. So far I've used either purple or blue but I really like this shade as it goes well with the "nature" theme of Neverborn. I might actually steal the idea
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    Finished old metal Zoraida ( http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/10/mama-z.html ) and as far as I remember masters count for 10ss so that brings me to a total of 16 for October.
  10. Probably the best Malifaux battle report I've ever seen. Really good camera work, excellent narration. I'd probably turn down the music a bit as I personally found it a bit distracting but that may just be me. Other than that everything was great. Keep it up, I look forward to watching more!
  11. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    I've finished Grootslang (more pictures on my blog here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/10/grootslang.html ). Time for Zoraida now!
  12. Malifaux gets coloured - Various Fractions

    ?Very nice painting, I like your gritty style and the special effect on Myranda looks great
  13. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    Classic Mama Z and Grootslang, this is my plan minimum for October.
  14. Grey_Kardinals' workshop

    The incredible level of creativity involved in this project is on par with your painting skills here, very impressive work
  15. And 16 more ss to make it a total of 46 this month. More than I'd planned but I'm glad I actually managed to paint something for myself as well. More, better pictures on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/09/fred-wilma.html