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  1. @SoylentRobot great to see new minis painted, you've done them justice with excellent brushwork, I particularly like Talos
  2. ConqueringWyrm's Projects and Commissions

    Great use of light purple/pink to add to the ethereal feel of these minis, the bases are impressive too
  3. I really dig your Mr Tannen, it is such a great paintjob it makes me want to repaint mine
  4. Started these two, I call them Fred and Wilma
  5. Finished my ledge and added Mobile Toolkit to it, making it a total of 30ss this month. I'll start working on the Cyclops soon, pics coming tomorrow/the day after tomorrow. As always, more pics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/09/more-metal-for-hoff.html
  6. I've finally put some paint on reinforcements for Hoff
  7. I will be painting them in Guild colors
  8. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    Ouch, I thought that the min. was 15ss. Painting the Emissary and Bandersnatch was a big effort and took a lot of time (especially the former). I could do a quick paintjob on a single Tot or something like that but I hate rushing things when I paint so I guess I'm gonna need my first mulligan this month. @wizuriel I like the color choices, vivid shades go well with the theme of happy drinking @klatschi - great work this month, I like the comic style, goes so well with the undead, keep it up and good luck with moving to a new place
  9. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    @MunkyMuddFace I really like the yellow rat king, this color fits so well here @Icarius your picture isn't showing, try different website for uploading images, such as http://imgbb.com @Sandmann very mice,smooth highlights. Dead skin tone looks great and shadows below eyes give hom a dark, creepy look
  10. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    You're welcome. Here are 5 more SS to make it a total of 15 for the month of August (more pics). It was a fairly quick paintjob, nothing too fancy.
  11. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    Nice set, I like how the vivid colors contrast with dead skin tone you've used.
  12. Phadlert's Phabulous Paintjobs

    I like the classic fantasy color scheme. What do the runes on his blade mean?
  13. Paint and Base ideas for Titania.

    It is quite different. It slightly resembles Dheneb Stone from previous GW line, although it is a bit darker. I think it's a perfect color for undead skin.
  14. Paint and Base ideas for Titania.

    Thanks, glad you like her! The main color I used was Rakarth Flesh. I mixed it with black wash and applied 3 thin layers as a base color. After that I highlighted it with pure Rakarth Flesh mixing it with a bit of white for a few successive highlights. After that I added some glazes of watered down brown and purple washed. Ti finish the skin off, I applied a few more highlights on elements like chin, brow, nose, fingers with Rakarth flesh mixed with a bit of white.
  15. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    @Burnin' Coal - not too bad, I pinned his feet to a cork base and then used some Vallejo Still water mixed with green to mask the place where his feet were glues. @H4ml3t - yup, you're right, it was a typo as I meant 5 (Emissary is 10ss, so I just need 5 more to get my monthly pledge done).