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  1. Very good read, thanks for taking time to put your thoughts here. I look forward to reading about your experiences with Rourgarou
  2. ...and better pics of Hoffman himself ---> here
  3. @Sandmann looks even better imho. You've nicely hughlighted her grumpy expression. Very nice, smooth paintjob overall. Some more shots of Wardens and Watchers I've painted this month can be found here http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/05/of-metal-and-flesh-2-eyes-on-sky-feet.html
  4. 47 soulstones painted this month with a week to spare as I ended up painting two Hoffs Just a group photo, more pics of individual minis will come later
  5. Getting closer to finishing the constructs
  6. I'm slowly making progress on more constructs. I've also made a base for Hoffman
  7. My ambitious plan for May
  8. Yeah, that was A LOT of work and it took a while but I agree, the final effect is well worth the effort.
  9. Here are the constructs I painted in April, 32 ss in total. As always, more pictures can be found on my blog.
  10. Lovely work, the metallics look amazing
  11. Here are the minis I'm working on this month: At this point they're just basecoated with some pre shading done with airbrush on the blades
  12. The main problem with Aeslin is that she goes down way too fast. She'd be much better if she had Knight's Armor and Hard to Wound. Basically only soulstones can save her and these are typically better used in this crew. That being said, if you position her well, she can help with keeping the center occupied.
  13. Can't really offer more here than @Franchute. I'd just add that it's a good idea to mix it with slightly darker shade towards the base edge as it will give a nice realistic effect of water getting deeper.
  14. Here are two ideas from me: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2016/12/an-audience-with-queen-7-titania.html?m=1
  15. @wizuriel avoid using pure white, something like bleached bone or any slightly tinted white works much better. As for the pupils - this is just a matter of practice, even after years of painting I sometimes need a few attempts to get the eyes right