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  1. Not really, Iggy pretty much Guarantees burning 4, and you either have to flip or cheat in to get (or obey him with Zoraida for more attacks). Depression is cheap upgrade but it just feels somehow wrong to increase the 5ss of a model that is already great for its cost.
  2. One thing popped up in the podcast that I'm not sure about. It concerns the interaction between Voodoo Doll and Terrifying (all) models, such as Archie. So, Doll gets summoned and takes the out-of-activation hem action against Archie. In order to take it, the Doll has to pass terrifying. Later, during its normal activation the Doll walks up to Archie/takes Hem against him again and then, my understanding is, doesn't have to pass the Terrifying again so the trick with paralyzing the doll and the target won't work in this case. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Hooded Rider was a lot of pain to assemble. Each of the snakes forming the mount's mane needed to be cleaned from the mold line and bent into shape separately. It was tricky as metal elements won't bend back and forth too many times and after a few twists they can easily snap. As you can see in the picture, there were some major areas that needed to be filled with Green Stuff prior to painting. I started with regular GS and when it was dry, I used liquid GS to smooth the edges of the areas that had been filled in. After that I used Typhus Corrosion (a special technical paint) that added some extra grainy texture to otherwise flat areas. And that's it for now, I will take side by side pictures of metal and plastic versions once they're ready (they should be before the end of the month).
  4. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    My plan for May - two models that had their cost reduced and thus have become more popular choices in the Neverborn. I have their plastic versions painted but plan to stick to the metal version of Hooded Rider (much better imho). I'm hesitating about Juju, I guess I'll decide once he's painted.
  5. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Thanks guys for kind words of support. Life's been filled with ups and downs again as my younger daughter needed another surgery. Wheeling off your kid to the surgery ward and leaving her there has been the most difficult thing I've ever experienced, gut-wrenching and absolutely terrifying. Fortunately, the surgery went well, she had 15 cm of her thin intestine removed and this seemed to have fixed her problem. Anyway, back to painting. Lots of great stuff this month. Too much to take it all in but I've been trying to keep track of new posts in this thread and there are always some works that leave me speechless. Three more models from me for this month. They bring me to a total of 45 soulstones (17 for Lazarus and Serena, 30 for Sonnias and 8 for Francisco). More pictures on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/04/double-sonnias-and-another-francisco.html
  6. Sweet, love the vivid green - not an easy color to work with but you've made it pop nicely.
  7. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Once again, life's been filled with ups and downs. Shortly after being released from hospital, my 3-moth old daughter needed another major surgery. Seems like the problem with her thin intestine and colon is fixed for good now, which gives me more hope. I'm mostly at home with my older kid (3 years old) while my wife is with the little one at the hospital. It's a tough experience but we're pulling through. It's hard but seeing other kids and families with much more serious problems and facing them bravely is a humbling experience. And yet again, painting has been a way to calm down and briefly escape other problems during late night hours. I've painted two models recently, both for my own collection. Total worth of 17 ss (7 for Serena, 10 for Lazarus). Better pictures can be found on my blog at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/04/hard-times.htm There should be more this month...
  8. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - January

    I highlighted the inside of the base using different shades of green (starting withGW Caliban Green, P3 Wurm Green and ending with some highlights of brightest shades of green from Vallejo Game Color). While highlighting I tried to focus on random patches around the stone. This was finished off with a few layers of Vallejo Still Water. Hope this helps.
  9. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    It's a picture from a few days ago as I've hit a bit of a slump recently. Been busy, also my daughter is finally back home from hospital and things seem to be going well so I should be able to find my painting groove soon.
  10. Viruk

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    These two have been waiting basecoated since the beginning of March. I should ba able to start working on them later this week.
  11. Viruk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Thanks guys for the kind words. My little daughter is doing slightly better, she is stable and making slow progress after the surgery. Things are definitely looking up there. @Purple Mist - I've got just this one more shot of my Jury @Franchute - great work on the Gamin, nice, gritty look on their skin and neat bases to finish things off.
  12. Viruk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    @Purple Mist - nice, solid paintjobs on Tuco and Barbaros. Those big guys look really coool. @MunkyMuddFace - I lik the choice of colors on Gaki. I painted their robes using dirty white but black makes them look menacing too. @Amdor - nice, dark colors, I like them a lot. @Piccio - lovely freehand on the clothes. @H4ml3t - Candy is so tiny, you did a good job there and I like the pink dress. @Aa7 - that's a lot of work for one month. I like the coherent look of the crew. @prof_bycid - I like the use of bright colors on the fur, it really brings out the feral aspect of these beasts. @wizuriel - Christmas came earlier this year Nice work all around @Shock & Awe - I like the color of his armor, goes well with purple skin tone @Burnin' Coal - damn, these look amazing! @Franchute - very nice job on the mini, the base is excellent too. This month's been really hard for me. First there was the good stuff and Polish Malifaux nationals. I placed very low but had a lot of fun during two days and 6 games I played. I managed to win best painted crew for my Titania (it took me about a week to prepare the display base for them). The competition was very strong so I was very happy with the victory there. The rest of the month has been really hard thus far. My three month old daughter had to be rushed to a hospital and it turned out she needed an emergency surgery of her intestines. Really nasty stuff but thanks to proficiency of the medical staff she was saved and is (slowly) recovering. Seeing your tiny baby covered with tubes from feet to head is really heart breaking but at least she's in good care now. Painting was a way to calm down my exhausted nerves. Being on edge for several hours and being completely unable to do anything was really tough so making those slow, reassuring strokes with brush was a way to pass time and calm down a little. Anyway, these three minis are the result: As always, more pictures are on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/03/more-guild.html These (together with Pukeworm) bring me to a total of 22 soulstones for this month (unless the display tray for the crew counts as anything).
  13. Viruk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Sure, it's just black spray and on top of that I lightly spray brown one (Leather brown from Army Painter). It helps with showing where the shades and brighter spots should be. I use it when I work on models that will have different shades of red or brown.
  14. Viruk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    I've only assembled and basecoated models so far. In the meanwhile I painted metal Pukeworm so there goes my 2ss model for this month's start in the challenge. I got the idea of using tree from another user on A Wyrd Place, and I think it makes the model look better in my nature-themed Titania crew (and Lilith in the future). Also, this is 499th model that I've painted for Malifaux so nice round number is right around the corner, woohooo!
  15. Viruk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    My plan for March is to paint two Quellers and The Jury. Also, I finally have good background for taking pics so hre is the first WIP shot of the month: