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  1. Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    Lucky Draw: When this model flips one or more cards in a duel, it may heal 1 damage for each card flipped before choosing an active card. Lucky Draw: When this model chooses an active card in a duel (before Cheating Fate), it may heal 1 damage if the active card is a .
  2. Gaining Grounds 2018

    Next? Nope, that's already in the game. Check out Hoffman's new upgrade, which does exactly that. The "arms race" is a good way to describe that sort of progression, and I do think the ruleset is becoming a bit too complicated as a result, not to mention somewhat inconsistent. Models tend to have abilities based on whatever era of the arms race they were created in, and rarely get re-examined in the context of later escalations. (I would assert that Malifaux is better in that regard than many other games; X-Wing is a good example where the influence of new abilities seems completely out of hand, to my mind.)
  3. Gaining Grounds 2018

    Ah, the bittersweet sorrow of having come so close and yet fallen so far. The thought of how near I was to receiving your unqualified validation shall haunt the rest of my days.
  4. Gaining Grounds 2018

    Unfortunately, this isn't balance. It's the illusion of balance. Really, it's just variance. Adding random scoring elements could make it possible for a weak or poorly-played crew to win against a strong, well-played one. However, all that's really happening there is that control is being taken away from the players - this has the effect of making victories feel hollow, and defeats feel unfair. Taken to the extreme, imagine a game of Malifaux where you lay out the board, build and deploy your crew, and shuffle your deck. Then, both players flip a single card, and whoever flips highest immediately wins the game. Does that sound fun and engaging? Everybody has an exactly equal chance of winning, so it must be perfectly "balanced", right? Obviously nobody would play that game, but I think it demonstrates the basic principle - making the outcome less reliant on player decisions makes the game less satisfying. Ideally, you want your game to do the opposite: a player who consistently makes good decisions (including when building their crew) should have a significantly higher chance of winning than a player who makes mistakes. I'm not really sure what you mean by Malifaux having "powerful crews and weak crews"? Malifaux just has models and hiring restrictions. The way those models are combined into crews is up to the individual player - you're never forced to take a "weak" crew. I'm not even sure there's such a thing as a weak crew, just a crew that's poorly suited to the task at hand. I mean, you could probably build a crew that was poorly suited to any task, but... why would you?
  5. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    Ah, didn't have my book on me so I was going by the text given in the OP, which is nothing like the actual rule.
  6. Skulls for the Bone Pile

    This one's certainly interesting. I'd be inclined to suggest that you would have to choose the Bone Pile as two of the three models for Public Demonstration. If we're pursuing the line that counting as two models means "fully, in all possible ways," then that would include for the purpose of selecting models for the scheme. (We then get into the same argument again over whether it counts 6ss or 12ss towards the required total, just like in Ours. That needs official clarification, IMO - I don't think it can be resolved either way by reference to the rules, though I'd be inclined to count the cost twice.)
  7. January 2018 Errata

    Happy for you all to continue the discussion about differences in the approach to rules and errata across different game systems, but it's gone off-topic for this thread. If you've got more to say on that topic, start a new post about it!
  8. Assaulted condition

    I'm not sure what you're asking. The Assaulted condition is how Reporters deal damage - it's stackable for the same reason that damage is stackable.
  9. Asura Roten and Decaying Aura.

    That doesn't seem especially elaborate or baroque, to be honest. It seems completely straightforward and obvious. If a model is taking an Action, it is that model's Action, regardless of whose stat card it is printed on. What's the difference, out of interest? Bane and Hallucinogens use the same phrasing ("this model's Actions") to apply their effect. I'm not sure why one being an Ability and the other a Condition would mean one might apply and the other not - where's that expectation coming from? Abilities and Conditions are broadly interchangeable, except in obscure edge cases. If Bane applied to copied attacks, I can't think of any reason why Hallucinogens wouldn't apply also. Personally, I would play it that effects applied to "this model's Actions" do not apply when other models take those Actions. As Strumpet notes, there is no "hard" evidence for this. It's merely the safest option (i.e. the one most likely to be supported by an official ruling in future, if any), since it's the least powerful and prevents any unintended interactions.
  10. Wyrd Chronicles 33

    I really liked the bit where all the zombies stared at the door handle. That might sound like a really small thing, but it gave me a good laugh that I needed today. Sometimes it's the little details that really make the difference.
  11. Yeah, it seems merely a case of clumsy wording (and anyway, it's an FAQ answer, not a rule). It's perhaps evidence that some fuzzy distinction between "during activation" and "end of activation" exists in the minds of the designers, but it would certainly be a stretch to draw any conclusions about intent from that.
  12. That was my initial thought also. I haven't found anything to suggest that there is a space "between" activations (i.e. after one activation but before the next) where things can happen, so it didn't make sense for the End Activation step to be outside the activation. There's a similar question about start-of-activation abilities that makes it clear that the Begin Activation step is part of the activation, and the symmetry would make intuitive sense. However: That answer also includes this muddying snippet: Emphasis mine. That seems to draw a strong distinction between things "that happen during [the model's] Activation" and "the end Activation step".
  13. Playing against the Crossroads Seven today, I had Candy end up in both Wrath's Hellhound On My Tail aura and Greed's Take What Is Yours aura at the end of her activation. I wondered, could she take the two damage from Hellhound, use a soulstone to prevent damage, and have that soulstone prevention satisfy the requirement of Take What Is Yours to spend a soulstone "during their activation"? To phrase that more generally, do effects that happen at the end of a model's activation resolve during that activation, or after it? (We played it that things which happened at the end of an activation did not happen during that activation, but I could see it going either way.)
  14. November FAQ

    Errata'd to what purpose? The FAQ confirms that the interaction doesn't allow Death Contract to come into effect before Eternal Darkness. Changing the wording of the rules won't alter that. Yes, it stops Huggy from using Death Contract with Rising Sun. My suggestion would be to avoid taking those upgrades together. It can't really be considered an over-nerf, because it was never intended to work that way.
  15. Immidiately or not, timing question

    Rather than an abstract case, can you give specific examples of some effects that have the same timing, but where one says "immediately"? It will be easier for people to answer if they understand what you're referencing.