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  1. Yeah, it seems merely a case of clumsy wording (and anyway, it's an FAQ answer, not a rule). It's perhaps evidence that some fuzzy distinction between "during activation" and "end of activation" exists in the minds of the designers, but it would certainly be a stretch to draw any conclusions about intent from that.
  2. That was my initial thought also. I haven't found anything to suggest that there is a space "between" activations (i.e. after one activation but before the next) where things can happen, so it didn't make sense for the End Activation step to be outside the activation. There's a similar question about start-of-activation abilities that makes it clear that the Begin Activation step is part of the activation, and the symmetry would make intuitive sense. However: That answer also includes this muddying snippet: Emphasis mine. That seems to draw a strong distinction between things "that happen during [the model's] Activation" and "the end Activation step".
  3. Playing against the Crossroads Seven today, I had Candy end up in both Wrath's Hellhound On My Tail aura and Greed's Take What Is Yours aura at the end of her activation. I wondered, could she take the two damage from Hellhound, use a soulstone to prevent damage, and have that soulstone prevention satisfy the requirement of Take What Is Yours to spend a soulstone "during their activation"? To phrase that more generally, do effects that happen at the end of a model's activation resolve during that activation, or after it? (We played it that things which happened at the end of an activation did not happen during that activation, but I could see it going either way.)
  4. November FAQ

    Errata'd to what purpose? The FAQ confirms that the interaction doesn't allow Death Contract to come into effect before Eternal Darkness. Changing the wording of the rules won't alter that. Yes, it stops Huggy from using Death Contract with Rising Sun. My suggestion would be to avoid taking those upgrades together. It can't really be considered an over-nerf, because it was never intended to work that way.
  5. Immidiately or not, timing question

    Rather than an abstract case, can you give specific examples of some effects that have the same timing, but where one says "immediately"? It will be easier for people to answer if they understand what you're referencing.
  6. Collodi Crew Help

    I trialled running a Performer in my last Collodi game, and she worked far better than I expected. As a minion for Collodi to use My Will on she was an incredible counter-schemer, and she was a powerhouse tag-team with the Widow Weaver, who has cemented herself as Collodi's go-to Hench for me. Otherwise, two Stitched and the Brutal Effigy are pretty much standard for my Collodi crews, and so far that's proven to be more than enough damage output (combined with Collodi himself, since his damage is not inconsiderable for a primary debuffer).
  7. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    With the new Outcast town in the Badlands, I'm interested to see how some of the more outlandish Outcast characters are incorporated in future books. Not so much the Masters - I thought they all had fairly solid reasons for joining the project (though Jack Daw was really pushing it). But I'm looking forward to them meeting up to discuss their plans over coffee and donuts at Ama No Zako's Café, or idly window-shopping at Killjoy's Fine China and Collectibles Emporium.
  8. Mr. Croup and Mr.Vandemar

    Haha, I hadn't made that connection. That's hilarious, good job. I'm going to have to re-read Reva's story but with all of Vincent's dialogue in Vin Diesel's voice now.
  9. Accruing Some Debt

    Man, Watchers ain't got nothin' on Reporters. You're gaining +1 Wk, Armor +1 and Flight (over Unimpeded), but losing Manipulative, Disguised, +1 Df, +1 Wd, an action that turns enemy Scheme Markers into friendly ones at range, and an attack that pushes enemy models away so you can Interact freely. If you think that's a good trade, well... good luck, I guess? A Watcher is a great fire-support piece, but they were only ever the de-facto Guild schemers by virtue of every other option being terrible. Against real schemers, they cannot compete.
  10. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    "When killed" has always been the wonkiest of the timing points, though. The whole concept of "when this model is killed, it is not killed" rules is fundamentally broken, and the way that lots of rules refer to a kind of "killed" pseudo-status as something that exists independently of the model being removed from the game directly clashes with the actual rule for what it means to be killed. Basically, calling this "Schrödinger's Huggy" is arguing for a quantum superposition that doesn't collapse when observed. "Was Huggy killed, or not?" is a question that should have a definitive answer one way or the other, but resolving Death Contract and Rising Sun requires the answer to be "both". It's a wonky outcome that relies on the fact that the rules for models being killed are themselves entirely wonky.
  11. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    Yeesh. The whole "Schrödinger's Huggy" thing feels extremely dubious to me. The "simultaneous resolution" argument makes sense, but the result seems totally unintended. If something seems too good to be true (and that outcome sure does), then it usually is... I'd be very wary of building a Lynch playstyle around that "tactic", as it seems like the sort of thing that will get FAQ'd out of existence at some point.
  12. Accruing Some Debt

    Nellie loooooves expensive models, and also comes with the best cheap scheme-runners in the Faction, so I'd suggest you focus on the high-end to start with. The Peacekeeper suggestion above is a good option if you like the aesthetic, but personally I really like Executioners with her - between Nellie giving them Fast and their upgrade enabling a 1-AP Charge, they can dish out some serious punishment, without having to worry about all those pesky Df triggers that so many Masters use to defend themselves.
  13. What is the appeal of M3E?

    I've always felt like models should get more interesting and unique mechanics as they increased in cost. It's fine (IMO) for 10-13ss models to have a lot of weird things they can do that significantly warp the game around them - there aren't that many models in that range, they're often big centrepieces that look like they should be doing the special stuff, and you're paying a lot for them so they feel like they should have a big impact. It's a lot less manageable when it's the 4-7ss models that bring the unusual mechanics.
  14. Trixiebelle vs Flurry

    I'm not sure why that needed a larger font size, lol. Attack actions need a target, yeah. Tactical actions also often need a target. Is the target of a Charge action "affected" by it, or only by the Ml attacks that it causes? After all, it only causes the acting model to move. The basis for whether an action needs a target is not its type, but whether or not it uses the word "target" in describing its effects. Given that Flurry's effect is to cause the model to make three Ml attacks "against a single target", it's perfectly reasonable within the existing rules framework to expect that target to be declared when taking the Flurry action. The only reason that's not 100% ironclad in this case is because of the slightly weird way that the action is worded, which opens it up to the possibility of other interpretations.
  15. Haberdashery and Unmaking

    As you say, it's a damage reduction effect. It can't be used to reduce damage that can't be reduced.