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  1. wobbly_goggy

    Same ability occurring at the same time

    English. 'One thing happens then another' would normally mean that the second thing doesn't happen if the first doesn't. I had the same question, and frankly passive aggressive little digs like this don't help anyone. People ask for help because they need it, so please stick to the help and lay off the snide comments.
  2. wobbly_goggy

    Gluttony - have anyone used him?

    Does the condition require the model to contact the scheme marker to then do damage? I played gluttony today with brewmaster. ..I'll admit it was very experimental as I have never used either before, but with Gluttony each time I just looked at what he could do and thought...'none of this has any use, and chipping away 2dmg is utter balls..I could have taken François. ...' Seriously, does he have any value in gremlins all? Even situationally I just can't see it. And I am TRYING
  3. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I'm back in the UK all month with no painting facilities so need to skip June I'm afraid
  4. wobbly_goggy

    Catalogue? Metal Gremlins

    And alt Som'er Teeth Jones...WITH nose (unlike the 'vintage' version I believe)
  5. wobbly_goggy

    Catalogue? Metal Gremlins

    Warpig came in metal as well The old metal rooster rider is in fact a 'counts as' Warpig McTavish also came in metal There's Ltd edition egg hauler (slop hauler) and a female gremlin (forget the name) feeding a pig or something
  6. wobbly_goggy

    Gencon newbie

    I'm heading over for gecon this year, and have signed up to one of the tournaments...but I've never been to gencon and can't any find any info on the tournament. Are strats and schemes etc revealed prior to the event? I'd imagine there's a fully painted restriction but..as I said can't see anything. Taking most of a day out of a once in a lifetime event in another city/country/continent is a big deal so I want to make sure I am fully prepared (and thus more excited. I still can't believe I'm going !)
  7. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Burnin' Coal - thank you! I wanted to try something a little different @Shock & Awe - Cheers! It's probably best he'd hidden as he's painted pretty basically. The foliage is just a bit (a sprig?) of lichen, the rubberised type you can get from lots of modelling shops, normally sold in packets of bunches.
  8. wobbly_goggy

    Lugo Henchman Hardcore 19th May 2018

    A fun 3 Round Henchman Hardcore tournament in sunny Lugo, Spain, preceded by a campaign game and the strengthening of the relationship with our LGS (ie eating lunch and grabbing a beer ) Much fun was had by all!
  9. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Shock & Awe that green is loooooovely!!!
  10. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    /Blue Demon... You win points!!!
  11. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Hokey cokey, I've blasted through a few more minis (don't know about you, but some models 'grab' me and demand attention, others just need to be done. These guys, even though I like the models, fall into the latter category) Wrastler (5) + Bayou Bushwhacker (5)+ Brewmaster (15) = 25ss (so far.....) Bonus points if you can name the wrestler whose kit the wrastler stole...
  12. Hi everyone, We'll be running a Henchman Hardcore event on Saturday 19th May at Bandua Wargames, Ronda Muralla 110, 27004, Lugo. Normal Henchman Hardcore rules 1 hour time limit per round 3 rounds, fixed faction Starts 4pm sharp 5 euro entry, all towards prizes/raffle We will also be running campaign games in the morning, giving people a chance to practice and try new things with their minis throughout the day
  13. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    My aim for May is to paint my box of 3 wrastlers!
  14. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    OINK! Aaaaaand a (terribly assembled, man I now wish I'd done it properly) Swinecursed +7 = 38ss for the month (and 75% painted on my tracker, woooo!)
  15. Hi everyone, We're starting a Shifting Loyalties campaign at Bandua Wargames, Ronda Muralla 110, 27004, Lugo. The campaign will start on Friday 4th May 2018, and will run as a normal Shifting Loyalties campaign with a few tweaks: -Campaign will run for 6 campaign weeks, each 'week' will be two real weeks as follows: Week 1: 4th May -18th May. Week 2: 18th May - 1st JUne. Week 3: 1st June - 15th June Week 4: 15th June - 29th June Week 5: 29th June - 13th July Week 6: 13th July - 27th July -players may hire masters throughout the campaign. This is because we are trying to encourage new players, familiarity with box sets and how the bulk of crews work, and for experienced players to test or try new models -models will not be eliminated from the campaign, re-flip death results -maximum scrip that can be earned in a 'campaign week' is 10 -rewards and territories will not be used , winner will be based on ranking system based on results -to make it easier for newer players all strats and schemes will be used from the Core Rulebook -weekly events will be posted here -entry is free! And players can join later if they wish. There will be a small prize for the winner but the main purpose is to try new things and encourage new players, so please join in and have fun! For more information or to join in, pop into Bandua Wargames, contact me here or at wobblygoggy@gmail.com .