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  1. Soseito

    September 14th - Night Terror

    Can't unsee the bat having a goatee.
  2. Soseito

    "Petition" for/Interest in Luther the Pascha Hare Model?

    Marcus could always use another pet and I could see it fitting right in with the nightmare circus crew. Add my vote as well.
  3. Soseito


    Depending on how your first character ended you see a repeat performance in your future?
  4. Soseito

    August 31st - Ghoul

    I love it. Every time I have a idea for a character going you have to go and release something else that I want to incorporate into it.
  5. Soseito

    What, no box?

    No worries at all good sir, I was just curious. Thanks for the quick reply.
  6. Soseito

    What, no box?

    I got my gencon orders yesterday and my wife and I were quite happy. She does have one irritation with how the order was packaged however. Why did our Crossroads box not come with a well... box? She uses the renders on the back to help assemble the models and was a little annoyed until we laughed about it. I know we can just look online but it isn't as convenient. Has this happened to anyone else yet?
  7. Soseito

    Please help flesh out my first fated

    For now I would be running the game for my wife while playing a few side characters. I decided I would have him start as a graverobber with access to heal and subsume corpse. Since the arm is pretty important to hisbackstory I figured it woudn't be game breaking to have him start with a poorly self made one for 6 scrip with a damage of 0/1/2. This way he can still have an arm while being able to purchace a second pair of pants. I do not yet have the into the steam, but since the webstore will be open on the 5th (yay payday!) I plan to fix that.
  8. My wife and I decded to look into the TTB game and try to make a few characters. I created a character named Hector Von Quiby. I Went into creation wanting to create a Mcmourning like character that was a doctor who wanted to create the perfect body out of perfect parts. His thing would have been that he believed that there were no perfect people only perfect parts and that he couldn't stand ugliness. I wanted him to raise zombies and eventually go mad and start creating abominations. Character developmet however wanted things to be slightly different. The card I flipped for the station was the red joker. So apparently my doctor was kidnapped by neverborn as a baby and spent his childhood wandering through peoples dreams and nightmares. He returned/was sent to malifaux by the neverborn for some insidious reason. The rest of the cards flipped were as follows. The western card a 13 of crows, the northern card a 11 of crows, the eastern card a 2 of masks, and lastly the southern card a 6 of rams. Assigning the numbers and my two stat points gave me this setup: M+1, G-1, S-1, R+3, C-3, C+2, T+1, I=0 Still wanting to go along the abomination path I picked the following skills as my root skills: Counterspelling(station bonus), Necromancy, Pneumatic, Artefacting, Stitching. And for my endeavor skills: Engineering, Harness soulstone, Intimidate, Toughness, Labor. At the moment I figure the reason the neverborn sent him to malifaux would be to raise undead hordes to disrupt guild supply lines over time to make neverborn raids much more successful. So going off of that, I have him slightly fluffed out as follows: Due to spending so much time growing up in the dream world he isn't too strong, graceful, or agile. Having learned his social mannerisms from the neverborn he isn't able to communicate his thoughts or feelings too well with "normal" people. He smiles just a bit too widely and his eyes seem a bit too large. His facial features and social quirks make him a uncomfortable presence for most folk. During his first attempt to raise a zombie he failed to assert control and the zombie destroyed (ripped off?) one of his arms before he was able to destroy it. Due to being in the quarentine zone and not exactly in anyone's good graces he had to forage for scraps and attempt to create a substitute arm. The resulting arm was barely enough to be considered functional. Over time he salvaged constructs for soulstone fragments and more parts to improve the functinality of his arm. Over time he started grafting pates of light metal from his shoulder radiating outward to his chest creating a armor of sorts to prevent any further undead-assisted modifications. The tarot reading gave me the following message once inverted: Once you rise from the ashes, He will shade your tired eyes and wet your thirsty lips, But as fate grows weary of your follies, The mute man must cry out for the wolf, And you will die. Now my wife wanted to play a performer who was a neverborn in disguise. The neverborn would be traveling with the doctor to keep an eye on him or could be with him because she was a childhood friend/associate/whatever. Going off of the tarot I've thought up this interpretation: The doctor came back from the brink of death and made himself stronger by attaching a mechanical limb. He then recieves aid in his mission by means of the performer joining him and bringing her skills and contacts to the mix. However after going against the wishes of their patron the neverborn become very displeased with them. One such time a neverborn would take control of a especially nasty construct or undead and rend the doctor into pieces. Maybe at that time I can have the doctor come back as a undead/construct hybrid and get revenge on his former patron. So what does everybody think for a first attempt? On that note does anybody know of how to create a abomination without having to take the grave spirit advanced pursuit and get a red joker?
  9. Soseito

    The suffering: Curse of Jackdaw

    I'll be sure to as soon as I can get beyond the drawing board. Thanks for the support.
  10. When I saw the image for the jackdaw crew I immediately wanted to model the crew after the old ps2 game The suffering. Jackdaw could be a Nooseman Dr. Grimwell could be everybody's favorite holographic madman, Doctor Killjoy. I was thinking of proxying a green Sorrow to represent a Guilty. This would be Hermes the executioner (gas boss) The guilty in the eletric chair would be Horace (electric boss) Desolation engine would be monster form Torque. He is espically useful because he creates more abominations. The Abominations would be the iconic monster the Slayer. A Rat catcher would be one of the various convicts. The Malifaux rats would be the rats Fester vomits up when you attack it. If I get enough rats to form a Rat king I could use that model to represent a Fester or perhaps just hire Killjoy. Nix and a few Canine remains could be the human faced dogs from the second game. Now the only problem i'm having with the rough draft is I''m not sure what to build the Slayers out of. I can see some abomination parts easily, but I don't have any tiny head-cages or blade limbs that would look similar in my bitz box. If anybody has any suggestions on how to make the slayer or any other ideas for the crew I would be very appreciative.
  11. Soseito

    Kirai Sundering question

    Ah bummer. Thanks for the quick answer.
  12. I looked through the forums and I couldn't find an answer so I figured I would ask myself. For this example lets assume Kirai is casting Sundering on a Terror tot. I flip a crow allowing me to declare the Feast trigger. During the damage flip I get a severe allowing Kirai to one-shot the poor tot. I wanted to know if the Devour soul condition is applied before or after damage calculation. In short, if Kirai kills a model with sundering can I turn the model into a Gaki or would I have to weaken it, declare the trigger, and then let another action kill the sundered model?
  13. Soseito

    Holiday Miniature Exchange 2014

    I'm just glad to hear that it made it to you in one piece.
  14. Soseito

    Trying to make a wedding display board

    Thanks for the advice. I'm heading up to a local craft store & dollar store in about an hour to see what I can find. I'll post photos of the progress shortly.