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  1. Tokens from today's update

    Aaron said he thought they were punch card, but wasn't sure.
  2. Branded bags & shaped foam trays?

  3. Branded bags & shaped foam trays?

    Yeah, I've already ordered a Battlefoam magnarack. This stuff is too big and weirdly shaped for foam. Wouldn't mind a branded bag, but if not, I ordered patches.
  4. Come out to brawl for the most valuable resource in the world! 11/4/2017 at Game Nite St. Louis, 8330 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119 50ss Gaining Grounds 2018! Huge Prize Pack (enough for 32 players)! Prizes by raffle! Foil cards for 1st Place and Best Painted! Registration starts at 10:30AM! Cards flip at 11! $5 Entry fee! Lunch provided! Cheat Fate of lose your soul!
  5. Dark Theme for Forums

    Yes, please!
  6. The heat is driving everyone mad on both sides of the Breach, so come cheat Fate with us in the Gateway to the West or lose your souls! Game Nite St. Louis 8339 Watson Rd., St. Louis MO. Registration begins at 10:30 AM, cards flip at 11. 3 rounds. 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017. Info on Deployment/Strategies/Schemes to follow. $5 entry fee. Lunch (pizza) provided. Prize support to be raffled, Guilders for participants, more for winners.
  7. Spring is here, and it's time to throw down! Join us at Game Nite St. Louis (8330 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119) on May 6th! (Yeah, I know, a few days late for Beltaine, but work with me here, it falls on a Monday this year.) 2017 GG - 50ss - 3 rounds - $5 entry fee - lunch (pizza) provided - Guilders for participants, extra for 1st place (1st also gets a foil card) and best painted - Mystery boxes raffled. Registration at 10:30am - cards flip at 11.
  8. The Whispering Vaults are empty. Their masters, The Darkling Dowager and The Gaunt Suitor, once again stalk the face of Malifaux. In their wake follow slaughter and an insane bounty of soul stone. Every faction races to contain the damage, and reap the bounty brought on by the masters of the Whispering Vaults, and race to lock the vaults forever more. Empty Stones is a six-week, story encounter-based achievement league. Every week will feature a new, home-spun story encounter, accompanied by a piece of original short fiction detailing the conflict between the factions of Malifaux and the Masters of the Vault, and a set of achievements both in game, and in hobby. There will also be cookies for everybody on the final league night, and a small glory token for the most achievement points...and this league is a part of St. Louis's ongoing League season, so points from last league carry over, and will continue to the next! Join us every Thursday, starting on 2/23 at 6pm at Game Nite St. Louis, 8330 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119.
  9. Rapid Growth League St. Louis, MO

    Join us for a four-week, Rapid Growth league at Game Nite St. Louis (8330 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119), starting 1/19/2017. Games with start at the 35 soulstone level (skipping a bit in Rapid Growth), using the standard achievements (more information on exactly how Rapid Growth works available on Wyrd's Community Resources page, and in person on league nights). There will be a small, glory-marker prize for first, plus cookies on the last league night! This is a great opportunity to learn the game, and get to know the excellent St. Louis Malifaux community. All you need to get started is a Crew box and one or two other models! Models available on loan to get you started! Demos available every league night!
  10. Come one, come all to the Heart-Breaker's Ball! A Gaining Grounds Tournament at Game Nite (8330 Watson Rd. St. Louis, MO 63119), Saturday February 18th, 11am - 6pm. $5 Entry Fee. Lunch provided. Standard Gaining Grounds 2017 rules. Schemes to be announced round by round. Mystery Box prizes to be raffled off, plus a few surprises. Certificates to 1st-3rd place. Guilders for participating, extra for 1st. Small prize for Best Painted Crew. Hope to see you there!
  11. The Other Side Kickstarter

    Uh, flying fish, duh...
  12. Man, I thought I had my pick sussed out, but these are so good!
  13. The King's Empire Discussion

    Their giant robot may be my favorite thing I've seen so far. Not madly in love with the red coat soldiers, but there's a lot of cool in there.
  14. Burt and Trixiebelle defensive combo?

    Mostly, your opponent will quickly figure out that targeting Burt is a bad idea unless he's on his own.
  15. As promised, I'm hosting another One Round Tournament at Game Nite (8330 Watson Rd. St. Louis, MO 63119), Thursday October 20th, 6:30pm to 9pm. Winner is the player who won their game with the most VP, Differential if there's a VP tie, card flip if there's a Differential tie. The prize is a small mystery box. There is no fee. No painting requirement. All skill levels welcome. The event will use Gaining Grounds 2016 - Standard Deployment, Guard the Stash - Convict Labor, Show of Force, Leave Your Mark, Detonate the Charges, A Quick Murder. Hope to see you there!