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  1. TT Model range and competitive play.

    In competitive games my list is usually restricted to: Yu vs Emissary decision Either/Both - McTavish and Burt Jebsen always with Recalled Training. Minions: LRM, Illuminated, Sniper Everything else depends on the strategy and scheme pool for me.
  2. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    The Charm of Hiding action doesn't have the usual 'model's next activation or or until this model is removed from play' wording on the playtest cards, so it should work if it stays as written. Disguised is a condition, so it can be removed.
  3. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    I want to like it, but it is only model within 6" of Lynch or Huggy (this might have changed; my cards are at home and I'm going off the playtest cards). The usual way of playing Huggy and Lynch means Huggy will rush off and die (but then come back ) and lynch activating last which means the rest of the crew will be fairly spread out. Without Rising Sun you'll be towing round a def 3 henchman that you'll probably want to activate later in the round to get some healing from it's trigger. Can we think of builds that might make use of the Cheating upgrade? Lynch - Cheating Bastard, Expert Cheater, Woke Up with a Hand Cheat second if within 6" of Lynch or Huggy, cheat face down if within LoS of Lynch. Lynch gains a layer of defense with the squeal trigger and Woke up with a hand for more cards at the end of the turn. Hopefully Cheating Bastard would be able to put Brilliance on one target via card draw (Lynch activates and you choose to activate Woke up with a hand, and then House Rules) which will save AP for Final Debt (and possibly a card. Opponents don't want their model to gain Brilliance with Lynch around and I usually have to cheat to ensure it goes off) Even with the possibilities this provides, I'd still want to include 2 TC warirors so I could switch to Rising Sun in a turn (1 TC activates, switches Cheating Bastard to Wanna see a Trick, 2nd TC activates and switches Expert Cheater to Rising Sun) Any other ideas?
  4. 4th November "Under the Hanging Tree- The Queen Returns"

    All paid up @Red? Adam Perry Order # 29391 Looking forward to it
  5. Oops! I forgot....

    I have two - and what is hugely frustrating is I buy them with the specific intent to use that ability: 1) Equality - I regularly forget to use it in-turn when VP is scored, and usually forget it twice before finally remembering on turn 4 2) Death Contract - I usually put it on when I think the model will be targeted (for scheme purposes) and when the model dies, I promptly forget to reveal Death Contract every single time
  6. Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy - 19th August 17

    @Skitt_Happens will this be added to the rankings?
  7. Ten Thunders core models?

    Welcome to Malifaux, and specifically; Welcome to the Greatest of the Factions, beloved of the Game Designer, and whose models draw the green gaze of jealousy whenever they are announced at the crew selection stage, You will always (99% anyway) be choosing from either: Shadow Emissary or Sensei Yu. These guys supply fast and pushes in different ways, which is really key as we tend to be low on activation count so its imperative to get maximum efficiency from our activation when its our turn. Terracotta Warriors, Low River Monks, and Thunder Brothers are common hires but I suspect the Thunder Brother might get replaced with Charm Warders once they arrive. Common models with the Master (from the second faction) Yan Lo - Goryo McCabe - Guild Hounds Lynch - Illuminated are the best (and TT) but you might see a Depleted if the strategy calls for it Mei Feng - I don't take Arcanist models but I do take the Mech. Porkchop as it has the Foundry characteristic. It can be found in the Gremlin faction Misaki - Nothing. I might take a Wokou Raider in Interference but not usually Brewmaster - Wesley (and the 7ss tax *mumble grumble*)
  8. Reviews of Wyrd Sewer Bases?

    Are they all in one? Or is the scenic element a base insert (like the metal ones)?
  9. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Can it please be a Bear with a rifle, with a Human skin draped over its shoulders??
  10. Superbowl weekend? Risky. Count me in
  11. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    I think its fine to have large teams formed from club mates, I think its fine that people who play each other regularly Don't want to pay for the privilege of driving 5 hours only to find out they are playing one of their regular opponent(s) in Round 1. I think the only issue is when a large contingent of such a team turns up to an event. If either all the Paintpot guys turned up (14) to a 28 man tournament and expected to face none of their own team I think that would skew the draw too much, same as if the Flippin Wyrds all turned up. Now I don't know if this has ever happened outside of Nationals (where the player pool is big enough to accommodate) but I think its something to consider. "If a team of more than 6 members had 6 members turn up for a tournament, then the TO should be able to prevent any club matches. If more than 6 members turn up, then there should be a reasonable expectation that you may play one of your own club mates in round 1." Something like this in a rulespack could cover the situation/debate here (I just picked 6, could be higher as I'm not in a large team and don't know how many from such a team travel round together)
  12. Some Misaki Guidance please

    I like Otto, but I prefer him in McCabe or Brewmaster Crews. Misaki models need to be self sufficient and Otto needs extra thought with regards to his wound count. I'm not a fan of Izamu, back in my Ressur playing days I found him to be a grreat tarpit and not a damage dealer and I think he has a similar role in TT.
  13. Som'erFaux

    @Richard matthews Wave 5 legal?
  14. Som'erFaux

    12 on Facebook group @AJ 1. Sean Wheeliker (paid)2. Adam Perry (paid)3. Karl McConnell (paid) 4. Craig Woods 5. Ellis Roberts 6. Marcus Rose (paid) 7. Ross Baker (paid) 8. Paul Rigden 9. Scott Wyatt 10. Rich Bream 11. James Marlowe 12. Ellis Roberts
  15. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    To echo others - it's how you play Misaki and what the strategy and schemes require. Something that requires a dedicated kill (Eliminate and Quick) I would favour Yu over Emissary as fast Misaki is likely to kill what you need to get the VP. Games where Hunting Party or schemes that make fielding henchmen a liability (tail em or FFM) or a secondary beater is going to be helpful (and in most games they definitely are) then the Emissary gets the nod for me as he can give the enforcer/beater fast and still pull some weight itself if needed. Plus giving Misaki an extra AP can really help as she pin balls through a crew.