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  1. Kogan Style

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Night Terrors for Ressurs and Raptors in Arcanist (although Raptors are more useful to make friendly non-beasts into beasts for Marcus) NB have corrupted hounds and the very useful Wisps.
  2. Kogan Style

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    No ability to manipulate the Initiative flip/result within the faction. Neverborn - Doppelganger Guild - Perdita (via upgrade: Fastest Draw), Doppelganger (via Lucius) Gremlins - Trixibelle Arcanist - Seize the Day upgrade for all Masters Ressur/Outcasts - Tara (via upgrade: Knowledge of Eternity) Last one is a bit of a stretch I'll grant you but in TT we have nothing.
  3. Kogan Style

    Experienced Player, new to TT, Blog

    As who dares noted - LRM upgrade can only be taken if an LRM is in the crew. You want the LRM as its the cheapest (resource wise) way to get 3 cards from the Emissary's zero action. The Emissary can do it to himself but at the cost of a card (Discard a card for Focus 2, Focus for 1, then zero on himself) if you wanted to keep the crew as is. Only 2 of those schemes are scheme marker related
  4. Kogan Style

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    Yes, only those four conditions are mentioned, so only those four conditions are transferable. Note that if the model has used reactivate, it still has the reactivate condition until the end of the turn so Shen Long can steal it! for completion sake: Fast - Removed when the model with Fast activates (to generate the extra AP) so Shen Long wouldn't be able to steal Fast from a model that used it prior to Shen Long activating Focus - Removed when a model declares its use with an action so Shen Long wouldn't be able to steal Focus from a model that used it prior to Shen Long activating Defensive - Stays on a model until it activates again, so Shen Long would be able to steal Defensive from a model that gained it prior to Shen Long activating Reactivate - the condition stays on the model after it reactivates, and ends at the end of the turn. Shen Long would be able to steal Reactivate either before or after the model had reactivated (and obviously, its way better to steal it before the model gets a chance to reactivate, as Shen Long ends the condition for them!)
  5. Kogan Style

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    I will be rebuilding Hannah and attempting to get her painted. Failing that I think it's time I dealt with my Rat problem!
  6. Kogan Style

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Nix (8ss) and 2 Rat Catchers (12ss) completed for March painting challenge. Unfortunately Hannah the Cat Robot took a nasty fall and shattered, along with the Rat King' s Cork bases coming away from the plastic bases during a tournament has knocked the wind out of my painting sails a little.
  7. Kogan Style

    Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    Hi David, Unfortunately I have to drop from the event. Work problems are sucking up all my time. I also think @Wohl / Mathieu is unable to attend as well.
  8. Kogan Style

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Working on my Kitteh! Trying to alternate my purple and pink/purple colours for an Alice in Wonderland look. Not successfully atm
  9. Kogan Style

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Looking great! For ideas: I would add some purple into the recesses of the robe to bring out the red more, and some brown into the beard to make the Yellow stand out as a highlight.
  10. Kogan Style

    Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    Put me down for the Curry please Sean
  11. Kogan Style

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Hannah WIP. Ghost Censer is now a Yarn ball
  12. Kogan Style

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Correct it is the rat activating and 3 other rats. As to the rat engine not working comment, I find 2 rats and a stolen enough. If the Wretch doesn't hit the crow then the stolen can sacrifice to make the 4 rats required. I'm happy if I get one crow in hand as then you can position the rats so that after the stolen sacrifices you can move one rat away before the Rat King is summoned. This gives the Wretch a target for the next turn.
  13. Kogan Style

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    This month is a big building project for me! I'll be making a plagued Hannah. She might take 2 months altogether just because of the conversions I have planned but here is the box I'll also be pledging to paint 2 Rat Catchers (12ss) and Nix (8ss) in my quest to avoid painting Rats!
  14. Kogan Style

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    So my painting motivation jumped up as the month went on and I could see the progress you were all making. @Franchute that sword is outstanding! I like the way the light reflection on the sword matches the gun, keeping the light source consistent between the two objects. Bravo sir! @Joachim The Gaki and Ikiryo are great, thanks for the Oxide tip, I'll be using that for sure! @mrcoblin the skin tones are lovely, and go well with the purple. I'm very interested to see what you do with the bases. @Piccio Those warriors put my own tabletop versions to shame - great work and you really bring the models to life! @Viruk That Yellow on Hannah! Ive picked up a standard Hannah to build for the Hamelin crew as your's inspired me so much @Amdor Your High River Monk really catches my eye everytime I scroll through this thread - love it! @wobbly_goggy & @Strangely Brown my regular opponents and painting inspirations/bullies that make me do better, nice to see you guys on here and producing great work! Here is my lot for Feb, Rat Queen Rat King And a group shot showing everyone I've painted this year with the help of this thread (includes newly painted Hamelin and Baby Kade) That brings me to 37ss for the month (Hamelin 15, Rat Kings x 2 16, Kade 6) I'm going to have to do the rats at some point aren't I?
  15. Kogan Style

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    In Ply he is just so good! All those Severes down to Moderate means the opponent has to kill the model if they want to remove Ply. I agree that Ca actions will shred him but for 8ss I have found value in Nix.