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  1. 4th November "Under the Hanging Tree- The Queen Returns"

    @Red? are these results going to be submitted to the Rankings page soon?
  2. Blood Ascendant @ Top of 2...

    Seishin are spirits and don't drop a Corpse marker, which is why the Wastrel was used before.
  3. McCabe Guide

    Extra ram if the model has already activated. I assumed you were talking about the Sabre and inbuilt critical strike. My mistake.
  4. McCabe Guide

    Kodoku on the Warden with the Sabre is even better (if a lot more combo-orientated) Interesting run through Tokapondora - my little use of McCabe has seen me take the Sabre on the Emissary and tag teaming him with the Warden. They have been pretty good as a mid table team denying opponents schemes (and their runners...)
  5. Guilderstore

    When are you changing your Outcast rose to something more Guild? Or just get a pic of a space hopper
  6. Katanaka Crime Boss - Suggestions

    Don't forget that for a zero a Wokou can move a scheme marker. So move the enemy scheme marker (it gets placed) and you can draw another card thanks to the Crime boss aura. I think Laugh off really helps with Guard the Stash as Lure/pushes are a key method by which opponents will try to deny strategy points.
  7. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    Excited for this!
  8. Malifaux App Launched!

    Crewfaux - 55mb on Android Malifaux App - 91mb (with all the cards purchased)
  9. Malifaux App Launched!

    Deleted - already reported
  10. Malifaux App Launched!

    Working in the UK. I built a crew for an opponent with a face down upgrade and looking through 'Opponents' crew I can see Death Contract and False target. Can someone (with an actual opponent lol) confirm?
  11. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    Hmm interesting technique!
  12. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    Agreed, without Recalled the Storm damage isn't reliable unless you have the crows in hand/Stone for it. I'd rather stone for the Ram on downburst to trigger Thunder with a low cache. Fishing for rams is tricky especially if you want to do it more than once! The best I've managed to do so far is 2 Downburst on a Rotten Belle (in a Levi crew) to remove the Belle, (a wounded) Johan, and a Waif. It was Corner deployment so that makes it harder for turn 1 alpha striking!
  13. Shenlong questions

    That is after both players have cheated and declared a trigger (step 4) if appropriate, but before determining success (step 5)
  14. 4th November "Under the Hanging Tree- The Queen Returns"

    bump @Red? can you confirm?
  15. Spam of “that damage cannot be reduced”

    In those instances, you still get to stone to prevent vs non-reducible Reva. Other options include standing on Corpse Markers so Reva cannot draw Line of Sight to them (would need a 50mm base though), block LoS between Corpse Marker and Colette, or use Colette's trigger to place within 6" and more than 3" away from a Corpse Marker. Misaki is harder to deal with since you have no defence vs Blasts, except hoping that you are more than 12" from the Thunder target. The damage is only 2 or 3 (preventable via SS), and the Thunder attack damage itself can be reduced.