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  1. Som'erFaux

    After a great day at Warzone on Sunday I'm all paid up for this! See you there Rich.
  2. Reckless = OP?

    A mono Zipp player was 33rd @wobbly_goggy
  3. Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy - 19th August 17

    Ticket bought for Adam Perry ( 412723) oh whee!
  4. How to Fix High River Monks

    Lynch breaks that. Just place the card at the bottom of the deck like the Terracotta Warrior does, as a rule for reactivate
  5. How to Fix High River Monks

    Even better (and more in keeping with the monks) give them Brutal Sensei like the Low River Monks. Immunity to Slow, Poison and Burning.
  6. LGBT characters?

    There is no historical setting because there is no era in History that involves Soulstones, Breaches to another world and there were/are no gods/tyrants who caused a Burning man symbol to appear in our night's sky. While the British empire was a taboo subject in our English history lessons (when I attended school), I think any one of the above would have been considered an interesting enough event to mention in class. Well said.
  7. Growng Ten Thunders

    The only darkened you want are the Illuminated, which are TT anyway. Stitched can be fun, depleted are cheap (but we have some great ones anyway) but I rarely if ever field them. 10T bros loves the discard and pick up because you can gurantee the suit you want if you have the Ace of that suit.
  8. Growng Ten Thunders

    Lynch box set and the Emissary (if the cost of the Emissary prohibits another box purchase) Lynch Box and Emissary, and Wandering River Monk for a dedicated scheme runner. Low River and Shadow Effigy are good other options for the second unit box
  9. How to Fix High River Monks

    Only use I have found for them (other than FFM target) is a fuel for the Rail Golem in a Mei Feng crew. With some low in hand you can charge the Golem and attack two or three times to stack up the burning to around 3 - 6 (depending on Tomes). Another combo to this is to charge from the Mech Porkchop aura, giving you to attack flip to fish for more tomes (if they aren't available in hand)
  10. Journey along the Path, or how to suck at Yan Lo

    Did Tosh have the Peaceful Waters upgrade for the Low River Monk? I'd have added Chiaki and the T.Warrior in this pool so the T.Warrior can pass Ancient Protection to Chiaki who can pass it to Yan to soak that big hit one time. Interesting to see different Yan styles though!
  11. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight 10T Brewmaster

    If you obey a model to attack the Brewmaster wouldn't you be the model's controller and therefore if you hit Brewmaster's defense trigger you would get to place the model in the opponents deployment zone?
  12. Interference or increasing head counts

    If the deployment zones are favourable (i.e. Close or Flank) then TT have some great Masters to make a mess of the summmoner's day. Use Wings of Wind. That 3" push at the end of the turn really screws with the opponents counting of table quarters contested. I was able to hold off Hamelin with Shen Long thanks to this upgrade (and the Hamelin player struggling to summon enough rats)
  13. Noobfaux at Warzone Northampton

    Link doesn't work
  14. @Red? I can bring terrain and a mat as well.
  15. Bournemouth Malifaux 27th May 2017

    Tickets bought for (order: 33471): Adam Perry Andres Gonzalez