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  1. I haven't played with or against her yet, but I haven't seen anything that makes me think she's stronger than say Lilith using tangle shadows to pull models into Nekima effectively killing what you want without risking Nekima. Nor do I see her as being as difficult to face as Pandora. What about a 3ss Will 'o Wisp copying 2AP actions and generating Voodoo Dolls and Teddies? I think the newer models when they are released tend to be a tad stronger than some of the older models. Maybe the answer is not cuddling new models but a free 0ss upgrade buff to old models that start to slip behind the power curve, this also avoids errata cards which tends to be annoying. Also if a model is too hard why not introduce after testing other faction counter models that can be used verses it if necessary. I don't see the big deal with Reva but maybe that's just because I have yet to play with or against her!
  2. I so desperately want him to be good because the model is amazingly cool. I have an old Joss model and neither the old nor the new one really fit with the look of my crew. I think with a Kaeris crew Carlos is going to be picked over Joss and the Captain 99 times out of 100, he just seem that great, plus I like the model - just need to wait until June / July now...
  3. I'm building and painting a Kaeris crew. I've got the Firestarter as my henchman and he's great but I am looking at more henchmen options. I want the Captain to be amazing with Kaeris because the model is so cool, but I think he's far too many points with only 9 wounds to really benefit Kaeris. What do people think? When would you take him, why and for what schemes and strats? Joss. Any thoughts on using him with Kaeris and again for what schemes? What about henchman hardcore? Joss or Captain? I'm trying to decide between the two while I wait for Carlos to come out who I believe is totally made for Kaeris!! Thanks
  4. Eternal flame.....
  5. Some new recruits for Kaeris. Johana and a Raptor.
  6. Wow, smart conversion I like this better than the original model!
  7. Some great stuff for sure, have you got any tutorials up?
  8. Like your take on Yin especially, looks great.
  9. Really liking the fire on the purifying flame!
  10. Next up is the Mechanical Rider and Miss Step.
  11. All I'll say there is framed for murder haha
  12. Well I've moved onto a Kaeris crew and first up are some arachnid friends.
  13. Yin was done a while ago but I haven't posted her until now.
  14. Thanks for your list. Looks good. I forgot to mention I also have Johanna and will have the Archane Effigy. Really the list I wanted was similar to what you posted but with Johanna, but obviously that would go over points! Hehe. I really had no idea what to drop. I like Johanna's healing and MS&U buff and like the Effigy condition removal but have no idea how to fit them in because I feel I need everything in your list already. I also forgot to mention - I'm prepared to buy any small boxes if necessary. For example mages, coryphee etc if that might work better.
  15. I'm looking to build a Kaeris crew for a fixed 50ss game. I will have to choose the crew before I know what strategy and schemes will be played. In addition to the Kaeris plastic box set I have or will have: Captain Mech Rider Large arachnid x 2 Gunsmith x 2 Raptors x 2 I don't really like the Howard model and can't see myself getting Joss as I'd need the Ramos boxed set which I doubt I'd get. Any ideas on what would play well? Thanks.