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  1. Next up is the Mechanical Rider and Miss Step.
  2. All I'll say there is framed for murder haha
  3. Well I've moved onto a Kaeris crew and first up are some arachnid friends.
  4. Yin was done a while ago but I haven't posted her until now.
  5. Thanks for your list. Looks good. I forgot to mention I also have Johanna and will have the Archane Effigy. Really the list I wanted was similar to what you posted but with Johanna, but obviously that would go over points! Hehe. I really had no idea what to drop. I like Johanna's healing and MS&U buff and like the Effigy condition removal but have no idea how to fit them in because I feel I need everything in your list already. I also forgot to mention - I'm prepared to buy any small boxes if necessary. For example mages, coryphee etc if that might work better.
  6. I'm looking to build a Kaeris crew for a fixed 50ss game. I will have to choose the crew before I know what strategy and schemes will be played. In addition to the Kaeris plastic box set I have or will have: Captain Mech Rider Large arachnid x 2 Gunsmith x 2 Raptors x 2 I don't really like the Howard model and can't see myself getting Joss as I'd need the Ramos boxed set which I doubt I'd get. Any ideas on what would play well? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Just paid now, I'm ready to come and pick up the wooden spoon! Greg Reynolds - Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto baguette both days. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! The black background for the photo really helps make the colours brighter and the effect look better... they won't look as good once the varnish is on!
  9. Grandma Abuela is ace, love the washing line! haha
  10. Komainu are ready!
  11. Nurse is done.
  12. Cool looking crew> I like what you have done with the Wendigo and tree conversion - looks great.
  13. Yes I have started up again and am working on a nurse and some Komainu. Maybe not a tutorial, but if you have any tips and idea's on how to make the glowing eyes on the lone marshal's horse that would be great. I really like the base and scene for Perdita!
  14. Some great stuff. I really like the light effects on the death marshals and lone marshal. I tried that on my soul porter but it didn't turn out nearly as good as yours! If you had any tips / tutorials on this that would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing your Perdita crew.