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  1. Sybarite

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Would take quite a lot to make her too good =p Sadly I think shes gonna be crap this whole edition. I would like to think Wyrd cares about her and wants to make her work but it sure doesnt seem like it =(
  2. Sybarite

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Stitched need a buff? Woah!
  3. Sybarite


    You could always head swap the dmr you don't like ūüėÉ
  4. Sybarite

    Malifaux demos in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Still doin' them!
  5. Sybarite

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Ludvig : regarding hounds and the wagon. Then you are assuming theres a straight line without intervening terrain ans no meddling enemy models.
  6. Sybarite

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    A trio of guild hounds for 6 inches turn one? Thats not very good.
  7. Sybarite

    Pandora Tactica

    Youre gonna spend ap to kill Serena bowman just for one more incite, rather than do more useful stuff with the crew?
  8. Sybarite

    Marcus rules them all

    Ahh, yeah I can agree with that.
  9. Sybarite

    Marcus rules them all

    I dont get that Mei logic. She's subpar but fantastic?
  10. There will be a Story Event at Gothcon, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet, Gothenburg the 30th of March. All 16 places are currently taken, but I'll update if someone gives up their place. Also, I need to post this for event reports :3
  11. They're nice. It's just that the 7ss model slot has always been very highly contested in Neverborn.
  12. There will be a Malifaux tournament the 3rd of February in J√∂nk√∂ping, Sweden. Kulturhuset, J√∂nk√∂ping Svavelsticksgr√§nd 7-9 553 15 J√∂nk√∂ping It'll be 4 rounds of Gaining Grounds 2018. 50 ssFixed faction SCHEDULE 10:00 Intro 10.30 Match 1 13:00 Lunch 14:30 Match 2 17:00 Match 3 19:30 Match 4 22:00 Prizes etc ‚ÄĘRound 1 - Public Executions, Close DeploymentEliminate the LeadershipHold up their ForcesSearch the RuinsVendettaPublic Demonstration‚ÄĘRound 2 - Ply for Information, StandardDeploymentSurround ThemDig Their Graves Set UpUndercover EntourageTake Prisoner‚ÄĘRound 3 - Ours, Corner DeploymentGuarded TreasureCovert BreakthroughDig Their GravesSet UpSearch the Ruins‚ÄĘRound 4 - Symbols of Authority, StandardDeploymentPunish the WeakHold up their ForcesInescapable TrapTake One for the TeamRecover Evidence
  13. Sybarite

    How to outplay Imbued Energies ?

    It's that bloody power creep! Oh wait
  14. Sybarite

    THE tank

    Incorporeal, armored Aionus with Warding runes (with Sandeep) should be fun. The incorporeal action is a bit clunky though. It being until the models next activation is strong, but it means if you make it incorporeal and then have the model go it goes away immediately. ^^
  15. Sybarite

    M2E Ironsides

    I would probably go with Fictor's change too. Removes some of your control element, but I dont know if I like how gunline-y the list is.