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  1. Sorry no. Not until I complete my collection
  2. They are very nice but too expensive for me.....thanks!
  3. Very nice....
  4. Sorry. Not interested in selling. Only looking for other foils. Thanks
  5. It is and I would. What do you have for trade?
  6. Ups. Willing to pay well. > $50 if you have the foils I want.
  7. Looking for Lilith Pandora Zoraida Mah Tucket Von Schill Jack Daw Ulix Ophelia Have: Sonnia Collodi Yan Lo Wong Mcmourning Mysterious Emmisary $$$$$$$$
  8. Updated. Good point. Looking for Lady Justice *Done* Perdita Sonnia *Done* Lucas *Done* Mcmourning Reva? Tara Dreamer Jakob Have: Collette Ramos Mei Feng
  9. Awesome deal with @Trample. Good communication, well packed and shipped quickly.