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  1. W: Looking for Foil LE Cards H: LE Cards & $$$

    Sorry no. Not until I complete my collection
  2. H: Pandora Crew W: Paypal

    They are very nice but too expensive for me.....thanks!
  3. H: Pandora Crew W: Paypal

    Very nice....
  4. W: Looking for Foil LE Cards H: LE Cards & $$$

    Sorry. Not interested in selling. Only looking for other foils. Thanks
  5. W: Looking for Foil LE Cards H: LE Cards & $$$

    It is and I would. What do you have for trade?
  6. W: Looking for Foil LE Cards H: LE Cards & $$$

    Ups. Willing to pay well. > $50 if you have the foils I want.
  7. Looking for Lilith Pandora Zoraida Mah Tucket Von Schill Jack Daw Ulix Ophelia Have: Sonnia Collodi Yan Lo Wong Mcmourning Mysterious Emmisary $$$$$$$$
  8. W: Guild/Resser LE Foil Stat Cards

    Updated. Good point. Looking for Lady Justice *Done* Perdita Sonnia *Done* Lucas *Done* Mcmourning Reva? Tara Dreamer Jakob Have: Collette Ramos Mei Feng
  9. Seller/Buyer Warning

    Awesome deal with @Trample. Good communication, well packed and shipped quickly.