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  1. War games vault sells them as PoD. You can get them there.
  2. If so that argument flies in the face of publicly available evidence.
  3. Personally I'm more and more comming to an opinion that not even faction should be declared for competitive games.
  4. Very nice but very expensive.
  5. As a side note I'd like for the new schemes to be relatively consistent in effect. Meaning just like in GG 2016 if a scheme relies on a condition and you are given it, then no action, ability, power, or rules loop hole will let you remove that condition, except through means the scheme itself specifies. Additionally I'd like it so that if a condition is part of a scheme than no action, abilility, power, or rules loop hole will let you avoid being given the condition as long as the requirements of the scheme itself are fulfilled.
  6. Or just make a double large scheme list, a red and black and just flip 5 cards and get rid of always available and suited.
  7. If you want my response please PM me. I only wanted to offer something related to a topic that came up in the thread. I don't wish to derail thread further, but I do have a counterpoint to your statement.
  8. Can, doesn't mean such a list is effective or competitive. My point is that if Kang is fair against factions where it is known and excessively likely that a significant portion of models will have the relevant trait it might as well just work against everything, otherwise you are purposely limiting how often a model will be taken and making it weaker than what is fair. If that would be too powerful, then the trait specified is too common to be fair, in which case it should be limited to keywords that are less common and spread more evenly across factions. Or just get rid of announcing faction before set up and let players change faction as they wish between rounds.
  9. From my understanding of the rules you have it correct, not the previous poster.
  10. As an aside from the main topic, I feel Kang is a very badly designed model. If the argument is that he is a balanced choice against Arcanists and Ressers, and that what you get in effectiveness vs cost is fair, then there is no reason to restrict his bonus to just undead and Constructs, and his ability should just be opened up so it affects pretty much everything in the game. If the argument is that he is better than his cost vs specific traits and that's ok because you never know if those traits will be relevant, that argument only holds valid in a fixed list format, because you know if you face Ressers or Arcanists a solid portion of their lists is likely to be affected by the ability. Frankly, since Aaron seems to favor the route of aggressive errata, I hope Kang is on the block next go around and his ability is either opened up to affect pretty much all the common traits in the game, because if he is balanced against easy to target traits then there is no reason to restrict him to only being a good choice in those battles, or they serverlly curtail his ability and limit it to only less broad keywords such as Horrors.
  11. Nellie, Sandeep, and Asami are all stronger than Reva.
  12. Or even the best master out of book 4.
  13. As soon as oath keeper and imbued energies are also hammered. I'd rather have access to those than my little helper.
  14. I haven't really had a lot of good effect for the Dead Rider. I think he'd be pretty decent with Nicodem, but that's the only resser master I'd really even consider bringing him in.
  15. The summoning isn't more powerful then attacks, it's how she Summons that's the issue, if she was limited to multiple resource drains the way other summoners are she would be fine.