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  1. Is Shadow Emissary a complete autotake?

    It's autotake for every master.
  2. Internal balance of factions

    Yes it was a stated goal to balance master to master. Go back and listen to just about any podcast with Justin doing interviews around the time of the transition over to M2E. Well, if you can. Wyrd seems to do a lot of their information release via podcasters, which can make it hard to find the information once enough time has gone past. Here is a quote from Bill Anderson's blog at the time to back up my statement that one of the stated goals of M2E was Master to Master Balance: Here is a link to said Article: http://deadtau.blogspot.com/2013/05/malifaux-m2e-bye-bye-to-balance.html Now to be fair both Mack and Justin are no longer at the helm, and Aaron's priorities and goals for the game can certainly be different from the goals pushed at the time. Perhaps they no longer believe the game can or should be balanced in such a way. For me however it was THE biggest selling point of the new edition, which is a big reason I remember it so vividly.
  3. Internal balance of factions

    Personal opinion, Faction is an outdated concept at this point. There is too much cross faction hiring and special hiring options to speak about "faction" as a distinct identity, tool package, theme, or even visual cohesive unit any more. Additionally the tracking sites that track faction wins at tournaments aren't very relevant because they don't track the masters used, which at least from information I hear, which admittedly isn't the strongest evidence, is pretty much limited to a small pool of masters, which is exactly what was problematic during 1st edition. In this edition at least every faction has a tournament caliber master, but many only have one. And it isn't a recent phenomenon. Look back at Guild winning multiple events in prior years with individuals saying that just shows Guild can compete and are equivilant while Guild players countered, no, that means Sonnia was good, not Guild as a whole. I think the whole premise of faction balance is outdated and no longer even a valid concept given the company has embraced the multi-faction hiring bonanza that began with Storm of Shadows. I feel given that they need to refocus more specifically on the stated goal of M2E and focus more on master to master balance and reduce as much as possible the power level between all masters. While it is true it isn't possible to reach perfect balance point I feel they've been giving too much focus on the factions on not on the masters themselves.
  4. ASURA ROTEN Any Idea What They Do?

    There was an open play test for all the models.
  5. July 2017 Errata

    Well I tend to agree with your overall sentiment, the concept of internal faction costing goes out the window once you consider all the cross faction hiring that is now pretty much the norm.
  6. July 2017 Errata

    A model that is 2 SS that does absolutely nothing except activate is still worth hiring for early game activation control. Stuffed piglets actually did something. Reducing their stats, making them 1 hit killable, making them auto explode or many other of the suggested fixes wouldn't have addressed that fundamental point. A repeatable, burnable activation that does absolutely nothing else is still great value at 2 stones. No change to piglets save inelegant and confusing rules to limit their activation potential would change that fact, and the identified problem, spam for activation, would not be solved by changes to stats and abilities.
  7. HI new players searches for Arsenal decks of Wave 1

    War games vault sells them as PoD. You can get them there.
  8. Reva wrecking face?

    If so that argument flies in the face of publicly available evidence.
  9. Declaring factions in a game

    Personally I'm more and more comming to an opinion that not even faction should be declared for competitive games.
  10. Dog Might Kickstarter

    Very nice but very expensive.
  11. Gaining Grounds 2018 and The Future of Schemes

    As a side note I'd like for the new schemes to be relatively consistent in effect. Meaning just like in GG 2016 if a scheme relies on a condition and you are given it, then no action, ability, power, or rules loop hole will let you remove that condition, except through means the scheme itself specifies. Additionally I'd like it so that if a condition is part of a scheme than no action, abilility, power, or rules loop hole will let you avoid being given the condition as long as the requirements of the scheme itself are fulfilled.
  12. Gaining Grounds 2018 and The Future of Schemes

    Or just make a double large scheme list, a red and black and just flip 5 cards and get rid of always available and suited.
  13. Why play Ten Thunders

    If you want my response please PM me. I only wanted to offer something related to a topic that came up in the thread. I don't wish to derail thread further, but I do have a counterpoint to your statement.
  14. Why play Ten Thunders

    Can, doesn't mean such a list is effective or competitive. My point is that if Kang is fair against factions where it is known and excessively likely that a significant portion of models will have the relevant trait it might as well just work against everything, otherwise you are purposely limiting how often a model will be taken and making it weaker than what is fair. If that would be too powerful, then the trait specified is too common to be fair, in which case it should be limited to keywords that are less common and spread more evenly across factions. Or just get rid of announcing faction before set up and let players change faction as they wish between rounds.
  15. Why play Ten Thunders

    From my understanding of the rules you have it correct, not the previous poster.