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  1. 1) Ordered on January 3rd 2) Rotten Belle A x2, Rotten Belle B x2, Rotten Belle C x2, Tara, Nothing Beast, Void Wretch A, Void Wretch B, Void Wretch C, Dead of Winter, schemes and strats deck. 3) All cards were the pre-errata version.
  2. One that will probably not happen but as long as we are wishing, could ALL totems in the game be looked at? I find it very hard to understand how masters that are exceptionally powerful like Nellie or the Dreamer also get insanely powerful totems that no one at all experienced with the game argues against their being amazing for their master for the cost, while middle to lower tier masters like Misaki, Lady J, Kaeris, Seamus, and Ma have totems that are either universally ignored, or are only arguably good. While perfect balance is not achievable making it so a model your customer base is forced to buy as part of the cost of playing a master, and can only be taken with that master is always a must consider shouldn't be outside the realm of achievable. I'm not arguing for perfect balance or even relative balance against each other, just that if you sit down to play Kaeris, you should always at least seriously consider bringing her Eternal Flame, If you play Misaki you should aways consider bringing Shang and so on for mechanical reasons. Every totem should be as useful to their master as the daydreams and printing press are to the Dreamer and Nellie, and while it would be a big undertaking it is one thing that is very doable I feel, and would help improve the game experience for both new and veteran players alike. Remove the restriction to require a specific suit and a stone for a death strike on attacks from Chompy, Misaki, and Seamus and let them be able to just stone for the strike. Asami has insane mobility, better defensive kit with a def 7 (I tend to find stats > all) and a more powerful of the death strike built into her attack. She is already a top tier master in power before one even considers that is part of her card. I understand at the time being conservative with the power of them when the changeover was happening, but if it's balanced on a master as already powerful as Asami it should be balanced for all three of them. And while I'm a little leery of increasing the power level of the Dreamer, honestly something that helps smooth out the balance between summoning Dreamer and Chompy Dreamer should be explored, even if it's just added to the chompy upgrade. Then reword Risky ventures to give some other benefit so it isn't a wasted ability on Misaki. Please tweak From the Shadows. At this point in the game I don't personally know if the restriction on interacts is necessary any more, given all the other crazy scheme marker shenanigans that exist. This could certainly be too much so I'm not hard core supporting this, but please at least word it so if a from the shadows model deploys in it's own deployment zone it can make interact actions on the first turn. That is pretty much universally the impression that is gotten by everyone that has ever read that ability anyway, and if you are cleaning up things like the black blood shaman's abilities this one could certainly use some cleaning up as well. Clean up the Vantage Point and LoS rules. They are the most clunky and non intuitive portion of the game. The grow mechanic could use some looking at. I'm not certain if it is possible to balance it so that it is a useful but not auto include way to play, but it is so thematic, and so many new players try it and then get disappointed that it doesn't work well. I sort of feel if it's going to be in the game and so thematically linked to the Nephilim it should be a viable way to play them, or it shouldn't be part of the game. Being a sort of trap isn't a great state of affairs I feel. On a personal note for something as long as we are wishing, which might not be strictly necessary, but could Madam Sybelle finally get the Belle trait (even if it means rewording Cathouse Madam so she doesn't go to walk 6)? Justin even mentioned in an open forum that he didn't believe it was left off her intentionally, though that could be the case. Could she please be given something that makes her better with Seamus than she is with Molly, she is HIS particular henchman after all. Even if it's an upgrade that can only be taken if seamus is the master that just removes the randomization on Shriek, and or letting personal attention last until she dies, takes the action again, or is removed from the game? Yin's debuff is more powerful and she is harder to remove from the table.
  3. Yep. I keep checking and they're still not updated.
  4. Your more likely to get a twisted alternative, like perhaps a big queen of hearts with Nekima's rules than a sculpt that looks like Nekima only bigger. They haven't been doing things like nightmare chompy for awhile.
  5. He's not really all that squishy. He's a 7 stone model with ten wounds and the ability to heal.
  6. Well. Ignore trying to pass massive amounts of poison and just kill things that have poison with him.
  7. Quick question in regards to this. I'm still of the opinion that compared to pretty much all the other 13SS models Archie is pretty much garbage for the majority of resser masters. Especially considering how our point costs work out, fitting in a 13SS model is very tough anyway. I'm still trying to prove myself wrong however. For some reason I'm blanking on a rules interaction. Archie does, or does not have to actually hit the enemy model with his Sh attack to place the corpse marker? 1) He targets an enemy, discards an upgrade, misses, and therefore does not get to place a corpse marker. 2) He targets an enemy, discards an upgrade, misses, but still gets to place a corpse marker. My impression, due to the order of the wording is that it is option 1, correct?
  8. After reducing an enemy model to 0 wounds, summon an abomination into base contact with it before removing it. The target does not drop corpse or scrap markers. Trigger on Levi, Alyce, and Ashes and dust.
  9. How are crooligan's good for claim jump? They can't drop more than a single scheme marker a turn without outside help, in which case another model can do it just as well. Perhaps you were referring to Necropunks?
  10. Death Marshal Recruiter. Ability: When another friendly Guild Marshal within Aura 4 without this ability is killed, it may discard a card. If it does, it is not killed and heals one wound.
  11. It won't put everything back together because no update does. M2E was a decided improvement over 1E (in my opinion), but we lost Many dedicated people who hated the changes. Early in M2E people were cheering that wow look at how there is actually a point to taking the Ice Golem and Guild guard again, yet very swiftly they were back in the cases. Which masters are the power masters? Generally the same ones that were the power masters last edition, Kirai, The Dreamer, Colette, though to be fair the spectrum is tighter this time. One of the major design goals of M2E, much touted at the time was to get away from the concept of the game being balanced faction to faction and instead balance it master to master. Now it seems that concept is completely forgotten by the player base, though that is an important concept to me. The LOS and 3D terrain rules took a massive hit and actually got worse in the edition change. There are other things that are issues, but my point is even an edition change from 1E to M2E, which I thought was exceptionally good, (though I Personally think they've lost their way on some design decisions, at least if they haven't abandoned some of the publicly stated design goals), didn't put everything back together. That is a personal opinion and not meant as anything other than constructive critisim. And I think you perhaps misunderstood, I personally am in favor of open public tests. Wyrd seems, at least from the last book and Justin's comments before leaving to have abandoned them. Even Warmahoards abandoned it for their third edition. Time will tell how things turn out. And while the game could get better every update, at a certain point, and I'm not saying we are there, updates just change the game, they don't necessarily always make it better, but even the ones that have been good, haven't ever successfully put everything back together.
  12. The condition modifies actions sandeep takes, not the action itself. Isn't this the exact same argument people had over Sonia and the malifaux child?
  13. I'm with you that I preferred the 0 upgrades as well. I don't personally think we are necessarily in the minority. The other opinion had more reason to be vocal about wanting it done differently. 3rd edition whenever it comes, hopefully a ways from now, won't put everything back together. There will still be issues, and more of them I think if they've moved away from open testing.
  14. Speaking as someone whose favorite master hasn't gotten a new thematic model since twisting fates, 6 books ago, I for one hope that isn't the case.
  15. Well, you get your wish. Errata updates only come twice pet year, with currently Aaron's intention is that the June/July errata being reserved for emergency fixes. So you likely won't see any further errata until next X-mas.