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  1. New always scheme ideas.

    I would disagree because we've seen it, and it doesn't work, it creates exactly the same problem but in the other direction, and pretty much means cheap units become worthless. At least at the moment there is a reason to bring both. Institute a bad passing mechanic and all you do is basically say only the best elite models will ever see play. At least at the moment you see a mix.
  2. Asura Roten - Residents of Rottenburg

    Pretty much this. She's just going to exist in flux until the FAQ update, if she is even added at that time. Until that happens there will be no definitive answer. So every Tournement/Organized Play/ Event you attend, and every casual playgroup you go to play at will require you talk to your opponent/TO to see how they are interpreting it. I will be ruling it the less powerful way in all games I referee and will not agree to play against anyone in a casual setting if they want to use the more powerful option unless it is officially FAQ'd that way.
  3. Asura Roten - Residents of Rottenburg

    I very much disagree with that statement and would never rule it that way.
  4. New always scheme ideas.

    There isn't a system that exists that does a passing system well, so I personally hope they don't try to implement a passing system, ever.
  5. Asura Roten - Residents of Rottenburg

    No, it more than doubled because they are attacking at ml 6 and not ml 5. Additionally they aren't required to use the dmging one. They can pounce with the debuff, potentially sucking your DF down to 0, allowing further pounces to be even more effective, and every single crow from Madam Sybelle to potentially outright kill you if she has bleeding tongue. I don't agree with the interpretation that every single activation every model on the field can use one of her actions, but if it's ruled that way I will happily grind every single opponent I can find down with it to prove she needs a nerf.
  6. New Nico Zahmbies

    No one is arguing the belle who is actually activating can use Asura's action during her activation. What some people have argued is that Belles who are currently not activating, but are getting to attack with their pounce attack based on another Belle's lure also get to use Asura's actions. I personally regard that as nonsense but that's the interpretation I was responding to. If true that will only strengthen the case to have Asura nerfed.
  7. New Nico Zahmbies

    That was my understanding as well. If that isn't the case I'll be happy to destroy people with Asura Belle Bomb pounce lists hopefully adding to the outcry to get her errata'd.
  8. New Nico Zahmbies

    Asura never should have been printed with the abilities she has. To be fair as long as models like Yasunori exist and somehow are considered fair I don't feel the least bad drowning such players in ml 10 zombies, or draining their hands with multiple hands below.
  9. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    Not a fan of the change. I'll probably just use the old version.
  10. Irish I was dead.

  11. Irish I was dead.

    I wouldn't, and I'm probably the biggest fan of Seamus that exists. He got better certainly, but he's still a pretty low tier master and he has bad matchups. In a fixed master environment you want to minimize the amount of factors that can cause a loss that are outside your control, and that means playing masters that don't have their core mechanics shut down if the opponent just happens to play the right stuff.
  12. Guarded Treasure 9.29

    If that line of thinking was followed you'd want 4, each tied in an anti-synergistic way to the strats themselves. So that a schemey strat might have and always kill based one, and vice versa. I still personally feel the always scheme is always going to fall into one of two camps. Either it is too hard and will absolutely never be considered or taken, or it's too easy and it will be taken in 80 to 90% of all games. I don't think either is a good outcome.
  13. chirp...chirp...

    Figure out which faction takes the lead where and then jump on that bandwagon. Wyrd has repeatedly made the runner up factions, mostly, get something even if they don't win, so just support whomever comes out ahead after the first results. Council isn't going to win, period. Any any games toward them will be wasted. With two options for association two of the most popular masters in the game the council don't have a prayer. Ressers were dominating on getting Serena until an association with the Dreamer came up and then we lost her. Same is absolutely going to happen here. Marcus or the Dreamer associated factions will win, and I'd bet money on the Dreamer taking it.
  14. Errata Hopes and Dreams!

    Glimpse as non leader would make them even more terrible than they already are. Although it does pretty much support an opinion I've had for an long time. Hanged were pretty close to what they were last edition, when they were also pretty much ignore but since masters could spend SS to add another flip they pretty much never effected a master so not only were they ignored, no one complained about them. As soon as they could everyone hated them and they got overcosted as a result. Frankly for their cost a ranged min dmg 3 attack would get better and more consistent than the attack everyone hates. It's only really great if you hit something with high wounds the first time before they start taking dmg. Once a model has lower wounds it becomes less and less effective and they run into the same problem they've always had in that they can't finish a model. It takes them 3 AP, assuming they hit each time, to kill a 4 wound model, and 4 AP to kill a 12 wound model, which is pretty much exactly the same as a min dmg 3 model. You are counting on the big initial swing and the no healing they've what makes it worth their cost, and it just isn't. I'm not arguing that the attack is fair if it's costed lower, I'm arguing I don't think it's possible with the current rules architecture to balance it fairly at all. No one is ever going to want it costed lower when used against them, but no one will actually want to hire them if you make it costed for what an opponent thinks is fair. Which is why I'd rather Hanged get a total rewrite to make them the models you bring to play terror games, and using them to shut down all the immunities that can mess with bringing an effective terror list. Perhaps change whisper to a flat dmg 3 attack that puts a condition in the affected model that can't be ignored that just makes it so the model affected can't ignore terror or paralyzed.
  15. Errata Hopes and Dreams!

    The aura abd the whispers attack are absolutely not worth 9 stones. Bad argument as well comparing to an executioner who was until it got its upgrade and Nellie synergy regularly lambasted as one of the worst models in Guild. And I would hire an executioner over a Hanged anyday of the week.