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  1. Death Marshalls

    Oxfordian mages are one fix upgrade that doesn’t take a slot. And so what if they are only valid in the original faction. Shouldn’t models released for a faction be better in that faction than if hired out of it?
  2. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    Which is why she shouldn’t have been built on the current burning mechanics in the way she was because they aren’t conducive to interaction the way poison is.
  3. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    Kaeris' problem IS the burning mechanic, which as utilized is a bad mechanic. The issues with it are twofold. First as much as many Arcanist players like to say it isn't actually real dmg, burning can't be treated as anything less. If you have a min 2 model who also puts 2 burning in addition to the 2 dmg and they punch a model who has already activated, for all practical considerations that model just did 4 dmg. So you can't treat burning as anything other than actual damage on an attack. The issue, as rightly pointed out by Arcanists, is that if you punch a model who hasn't activated they don't die immediately if the burning dmg exceeds their remaining wounds. So it's a narrow band where burning applied to a model who hasn't activated, but has burning in excess of their remaining wounds, means that the burning isn't as effective as just doing the damage, but because it does so much dmg it can't be treated as being less than the full dmg. Not to mention that once burning gets on a model, if burning kills it you don't get credit for the kill. It's a problem. The other problem is that burning falls off at the end of every turn. That's problematic for models that want to do setup by inflicting burning on a model, and then hitting them with effects that react to burning. It requires specific setup, and specific activation order, and more and more the more competitive models and crews in the game are ones that don't require specific setup and activation order to do what they want. Any ability that keeps burning on is EXCEPTIONALLY strong, because if you get burning 3 or 4 on a model, which I find isn't all that hard, and then don't let it fall off, thats essentially a free and automatic hit from a beater model next turn. Essentially those two elements make designing a crew devoted to burning difficult. Poison, in the way they've used it works much better. Since it doesn't do it's full dmg all at once it's much easier to just toss it in and cost it fairly. Also since it doesn't all leave a model at the end of each turn, models that want to interact with poison can apply it in earlier rounds and then use their abilities that interact with poison as they wish in later rounds. The fact that they tried to build a cross between McMorning and Rasputina on a mechanic that doesn't work well means she really needs a complete rebuild and a rethink on how she interacts with burning, and no she doesn't need to become another summoner. I don't know fully how to rebuild her to make things work better for her, but large auras that do things like making every model that dies from burning in the aura count as being killed by her crew, being able to teleport or arc spells through burning targets, and making burning stick around and only tick down like poison when you want it to would go a long way to making her better.
  4. Monday Preview - The Undying

    Seems odd they would be hyping this and driving up interest in this set if backdraft is what releases first.
  5. Death Marshalls

    How are they slow? They have walk 5, that’s the most common movement stat in the game.
  6. Nellie - Ours + Big jake good?

    That isn’t universally true as of yet. At the moment it is open to interpretation. Wyrd hasn’t issued any official statements as to how they interpretate it. So it’s down to how individual TOS rule it for organized play, and how the players rule it for casual games.
  7. Nellie - Ours + Big jake good?

    Rules sets are permissive, you only get to do what the rules tell you you can do. Arguing that because the rules don’t say that you don’t count them isn’t a valid argument because the rules also don’t say you can’t just win the game by declaring you do. They don’t say that you can’t just declare an enemy model dead by just saying so. In order to be a valid rule it has to explicitly tell you you can do something. A better argument, and the only one that currently is valid, and is the point of contention is what the interpretation behind counts as two models means. RAW it means what it says on the tin. It counts as two models for the instances it says it does, and all that means is the number of models, no other variable like cost is counted. Given that a good deal of the rule set has been based on intent and not what is actually written it is an entirely logical argument to argue the designer’s meant you to count cost twice. I don’t agree with that argument but it has a good basis for interpretation. Arguing that the rules don’t say you can’t and so you can is not.
  8. Nellie - Ours + Big jake good?

    There is a large argument about that. I don’t rule it that way for example. He counts as two models, nowhere does it say you get to count his cost twice. He counts as two models that cost a total of 5 SS.
  9. Unfortunately I don’t do Facebook and don’t have an account. If I come though I’ll bring a Matt and some quick terrain if that will help. You might want some extra scatter terrain for my mat.
  10. Female Convict Gunslinger

    The only 1E special edition model that got a m2e card specifically was Miss Terious. The gremlinette, Miss Pack, and Miss Demeanor don’t have them.
  11. Hand Pressure Options

    The trick with Terror lists is that they are very swingy and not especially good just on their own, in a competitive sense, because there are so many ways around it. Frozen Heart, immunity to paralyze, immunity to conditions, immunity to horror, condition removal, etc... The trick to making a very good Terror list is to find models that synergize especially well together, that also just happen to have terror or manipulative. Just tossing in models that have terror and hitting frape on the blender doesn't really make an effective list I find. I've been experimenting with some builds and I've gotten more success using AKA Sebastian Baker instead of Corpse Bloat and Performers instead of Belles. I still haven't cracked a good consistent one yet though, especially considering that as soon as you declare Ressers the enemy is likely to bring the anti-condition tech which makes your job harder.
  12. Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    If running Seamus and the opponent declares Ressers Chiaki must go in, full stop. Seamus doesn’t work at all if he can’t heal and there is too much danger of a Hanged summon from 3 of the most popular masters.
  13. Suit Symbols on Stats / Actions

    For several reasons: 1) what if you have multiple triggers? Baking it into the action allows you to declare another one on top. 2) What if they Design an upgrade that gives you triggers on attacks. Ties into the above point. 3) Several models can steal suits from your abilities. That makes it harder to declare triggers. Those abilities would be pretty worthless if the trigger was just part of the action. 4) there are models and abilities that shut off trigger use. The students from university of transmortis are some examples. Those abilities would be worthless if the trigger was just part of the action.
  14. nurse nerf, why?

    Little gassers and chihuahua.
  15. nurse nerf, why?

    Disagree. Not worth hiring at 6 outside a Kirai flesh construct summoning engine. There are better, faster, and more consistent models for 6. Nurses have a lot of downsides that I’m not willing to entertain at 6.