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Fetid Strumpet

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  1. Or even the best master out of book 4.
  2. As soon as oath keeper and imbued energies are also hammered. I'd rather have access to those than my little helper.
  3. I haven't really had a lot of good effect for the Dead Rider. I think he'd be pretty decent with Nicodem, but that's the only resser master I'd really even consider bringing him in.
  4. The summoning isn't more powerful then attacks, it's how she Summons that's the issue, if she was limited to multiple resource drains the way other summoners are she would be fine.
  5. Or just get rid of suited and always available schemes and flip 5 fully random schemes each game.
  6. Perdita, Sonnia, Ophelia, Reva or Seamus would probably fit the bill. Nellie possibly as well, she's arguably the most powerful Guild master and definitely in the highest tier of masters in the game, but she might be a tad finicky for a brand new war game player.
  7. Congrats Alyssa. I love the Gorgon artwork.
  8. It never did that in 1st edition either. As for showing where it says your totem doesn't die when the master is removed, Malifaux is a permissive Rules set it tells you what you can and must do, it would be more appropriate to have your henchman show you the supposed rule where it says it does happen. There is no such rule, just like there is no rule that says you lose all your henchman when the leader is killed.
  9. No Amelia or Rowan, ah well.
  10. It's pretty good for competitive minded players for getting a particular perspective.
  11. Logfaux is suggestive nothing else. Malifaux Rankings US, another purely suggestive system of information, has Travis as one of the highest ranked players in the US and the highest Guild player. He regularly states on his podcast that he thinks Ressers are the weakest faction at the moment. Again doesn't mean anything. I think that the biggest issue with Guild at the moment is that they just aren't cool to a large portion of the player base. It's hard to get people interested in ordinary Humans with Guns when they can play nightmares made flesh, reanimated punk zombies, ninjas, inbred backwater bayou zanies, or incarnations of plague. Especially since they don't even get the good guy cache that many people seem to like.
  12. I think the only ones that have definitive stories in chronicals are Mr. Dark and Dr. Dufresne.
  13. My mastery of programming is limited to basic self taught skills in Dreamweaver, but given that bag o tools seems to be becoming more popular as a tournament software is there anyway to collaborate with the developers of that app to just give an option to automatically generate a report at the end of an event that can just be uploaded to logfaux to record the event results?
  14. Logfaux is at best suggestive. not definitive or comprehensive. It has Kirai WAY down in the rankings when she is through past victories clearly one of the most powerful masters in the game, and in my option overdue for a date with the cuddle bat.
  15. He's ok. He's just more support in a crew that already has a lot of support models generally required to even function. He's better in Molly, Kirai, and Nicodem crews.