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  1. my issues with the APP

    I would like that any changes that occur to cards due to crew or upgrade selection actually appear on the stats of the models displayed. Examples would be the trait changes that Royal Indignation and AKA Sebastian Baker impose on models hired into the crew. Losing one characteristic and gaining others should be displayed.
  2. Malifaux - what next?

    We will have to agree to disagree. If your opponents are allowing you to deplete their hands with the CCK then they are just playing a different game than I can possibly comprehend.
  3. Malifaux - what next?

    I play Seamus a lot. I've been a very vocal defender of the CCK. At present as you said you are paying 3 SS for an ineffectual attack piece who maybe 1 or 2 games in 10 has an actual measurable benefit on the game. Compare to the Printing press, daydreams, the soul porter, Banasuva, The Hungering Darkness, peasants, Hollow Waifs, The Cherub, marionettes, the voodoo doll, the enslaved nephilim. At the moment the CCK is valuable as a 3 SS activation that maybe, occasionally does something, maybe. That's what he is. The best totems in my experience do something to support the master they belong to, or support the play style of the master in an integral way. The CCK doesn't. Wyrd could have gone that way with him, but didn't. An equivilant totem at the moment in my opinion is the Gorar. In theory full of wonderful value as it could give you back a good minion. But it isn't exactly difficult to kill, which could give the opponent points, and you have to ask yourself if the 3 SS for the slight loss of tempo for the opponent to kill it (assuming they are just killing it to stop it working and not getting vp) is worth it. At the Beginning of M2E I would have argued yes it's worth it, and did, however the game has gotten faster, with crew ending strikes now potentially happening on turn 1, and the AP spent to do anything has gotten more and more efficient. I don't think the tempo lose is all that much of a hinderence anymore, especially since wiping them out might also get you vp. I know not every master is not going to be competitive, but I do feel that expecting every totem be about as useful to its master as any other one is not that unreasonable of an expectation. And while I have a personal vested interest in the CCK I'm not overlooking models like Mouse or the overly maligned Shang either. Of course that's potentially outside the scope of what others or Wyrd itself might be interested in, but it's something I'd like to see happen.
  4. Malifaux - what next?

    Much more likely to happen, given the size of the time required to do such work if they can sell something to make a profit on it though and people like alternate sculpts of things. So I doubt very highly if they care enough about fixing weak totems to devote time to it unless they can also sell something.
  5. Malifaux - what next?

    Or how about just redesigning the totems that exist and creating new sculpts for them? I know Mouse, CCk, Shang and a few others pretty much pale in comparison to strong master totems like the Printing press, the Soul Porter or Day Dreams and frankly of all the things that would be beneficial and easy to fix I would argue these would return most bang for buck, especially if you sold the experienced ones in a faction pack.
  6. Malifaux App Launched!

    At present unless I missed it the app does not have a print function. If you are solely interested for non competitive play, and want physical cards in hand, at present the app is not a good purchase for then printing the cards. It is a good reference tool (sort of) for being able to look any model up without having to reference the books, which is useful, but it you want to buy it solely to be able to print physical cards, then no it isn't a good purchase for that reason.
  7. Malifaux App Launched!

    I don't think it actually matters what GG says other than a little more commonality. Individual TOS are going to make whatever decision feels right to them. I personally don't care what GG says I'll allow the app to count, There are others that will say even if GG says the app counts they will require the cards. All posting in GG is going to do is push TOS that don't have a particular opinion to just go with whatever the document says. It's not going to innoculate you 100% from showing up to a tourney and potentially being on the opposite side from whomever is running the event. Best to just have both if you want to be certain in any particular event.
  8. Obey and terrifying

    Yes it works. It is specifically why Madam Sybelle and the Hungering darkness, who can both have an obey style attack, count as friendly to the controlled enemy during the obey so they can't just easily turn their obey's into a paralyze without another terrifying model in the crew.
  9. Faction allies

    Honestly allying, no faction as currently written would do so with any other faction for any reason. Allies of convenience who would backstab and betray their partners the instant it looked most advantageous, any faction with any faction.
  10. Faction allies

    Your premise doesn't make sense to me. If they have to they have to, so, everyone in every combination, with no exceptions? I'm not sure I understand the context of the question or topic. If you're asking who would honestly and truthfully ally with another group to avert some deleterious event that could not possibly be looked at as beneficial for anyone, including madmen or nihilists, then no one. There isn't a single organized group in Malifaux that wouldn't look to skew for personal advantage or betray their ernstwhile allies as soon as or even during cooperative efforts. The game world is setup as a place where there are no real good guys. Maybe on an individual level you'd get more honest cooperation. But only the further apart the interests of individuals are and even then I'd expect it only to be an alligence of convenience that would fall apart pretty rapidly. So possibly Lady J and Colette, since their interests are pretty divergent, but a lasting Alligence would be pretty far fetched to me.
  11. Power level of book 5?

    I veiw it as a mixed bag, at best. The best and most consistent thing about the book is Wyrd's continuing upward trajectory in physical model design and art. Those have consistently gotten better each book, from Malifaux's inception to now. The actual rules contained in it are another matter. It has among its pages some really innovative, clever, and well thought out rules. Some of which could be argued are among Wyrd's best, ever. And that is a huge accomplishment given the state of the system they are working with. It also has some of the worst, least thought out, problematical, and deleterious rules Wyrd has produced, ever. And no I'm not going to get into specifics for multiple reasons. So best word I think that would sum up the new book is: inconsistent. The previous M2E books had their issues but on the whole, at least up to book 4 which is where I would argue some wobble started, I think the Rules were on the whole more consistent and hewed more closely to a unified design. There were design failures there as well to be sure, but if you were to chart it on a graph the majority of rules would have stayed in a pretty tight band close together. With a few spectacular outliers to be sure. I think the rules in the latest book skew far more wildly, and to be fair to the designers part of that is the enviroment they are designing for now 5 books in.
  12. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    Doesn't change all the limitations already on it. I would agree if it was just a ca 6 that could paralyze without needing a suit, if she was faster or more manuerable, or it didn't give a suit.
  13. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    Given the fact that you get a full heal off of it, it's on a slow, easily killable model, and requires a suit, I would disagree with that point of view. And I have my masters paralyzed by her all the time.
  14. Killjoy in Seamus crew

    Her box has 2. I know of almost no one who is going to actually mount the two zombies that come with her on her base. Besides the stronger portion of her play is if you don't constantly summon zombies and just leave her quarrentine markers in play.
  15. Killjoy in Seamus crew

    As an aside, Seamus is my favorite master, but if you are looking for a competitive option he's one of the weaker masters in the game and by far the weakest master in Ressers. Just be aware of that fact if competitiveness is a goal.