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  1. Fetid Strumpet

    Newcomer first buy list

    Disclaimer, Seamus is my favorite master. Yes Seamus’ box is good. But the question is are you looking to play competitively or just play for theme and fun? Seamus is currently not a competitive master. You can certainly win games with him, and he isn’t garbage, but if you ever plan to play competitive events and competitive players are going to attend I’d estimate you’ll either need them to play weaker masters, hope they make a massive game changing mistake, or be 30 to 40% better than the opposing player to consistently win with Seamus. In Malifaux, in general, the more experienced and better player will win. But if you run into a player of equivalent skill, your master choice can give you a substantial edge over your opponent, between 30 to 50% of an edge or more. At adepticon this year a mono-Seamus player came in 4th, so at a mid level competitive event, a fairly good player who constantly ran into players using lower tier masters did pretty well. I think that’s about the best you can expect, and that rarely. If that’s totally cool for you here’s my recommendations: Dead Docies Carrion Emissary Yin Anna Lovelace Kentauroi The Colette smoke and mirrors box from Arcanists. If you are looking to go more competitive grab: Nicodem Box Reva Box Molly Box Carrion Enissary Asura Rotten Mindless Zombies Kentauroi Archie Dead Doxies
  2. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    And yet that would annoy all the other resser masters because then Kentauroi would no longer be able to be buffed by the carrion emissary’s carrion conflux, as well as other things other masters do to take advantage of minions. Molly would no longer be able to give them reactivate with her other 0 action. Making them an enforcer changes far more things then just changing some traits. Yes that still changes things but it is more unfair to change things for the other masters in such a way. I mean if the biggest thing we want to stop is Nicodem summoning them here’s an idea, just give them an ability: Nicodem can not summon me: Masters named Nicodem cannot summon this model.
  3. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Yes, and as far and I’m concerned those are all features, not bugs. Most people complain about the Kentauroi. It’s a powerful model that doesn’t need those blanket bonuses to be worthwhile. Taking those away actually then does what the game should do, make you weigh up the pros and cons between models. Taking or summoning a Kentauroi isn’t always the best choice at that point. Which is a good thing. Additionally I think it’s a good think if they finally create more and more non undead models for Ressers.
  4. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    I doubt any changes will happen, but even so if the mechanics work better then they’ll do it. Their in game reason for why Avatars no longer work the way they did is beyond doggerel. The mechanics and realtites and real world economics dictated the rules change, fluff then had to have “something” to justify it. It made no thematic sense for Sybelle not to be a belle, but it still happened. And you can justify it in fluff the same way in that creating such a hybrid interferes in some nebulous way with whatever necromantic energy animates it, and that it is mostly created by the same forces that create constructs.
  5. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Remove the undead trait and Nico can’t summon it but Molly can. Add the construct trait and Levi can hire it, if that matters, which I don’t feel it does.
  6. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

  7. Fetid Strumpet

    Schemes & Stones Peek-A-Boo Seamus Spotlight

    If you mean a slight uptick in popularity, sure. If you mean actual conpetitiveness, not even a little.
  8. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    There is an easier way. Just remove the undead trait.
  9. Fetid Strumpet

    Schemes & Stones Peek-A-Boo Seamus Spotlight

    He’s not.
  10. Fetid Strumpet

    Balanced Errata chat

    So there is more variety of choice in masters. To me, although others might disagree, the most important models to balance and make certain there are no bad or sub optimal picks are the masters. As it stands there is a small handful of masters that if you want to play and have any shot at winning a competitive event you have to use. They show up over and over and over. Even in listening to the reports from the latest fad of the week, all the talk around the iron Scorpius, you can still see the issue because almost without exception all the top competitors were saying they could only play their “sub-optimal” masters against players they knew or strongly suspected were significantly less good players than themselves. If you look at the commonly seen top masters they all share the issue that by any reasonable expectation they are either unkillable, or are such a sink of resources that spending that amount of resources actually is less efficient than just letting them run around, while at the same time being exceptionally strong at dictating the terms of the overall game. And in terms of balance yes it would be more ideal to buff every master to their level, but there are what, 49 masters in the game, and if they add more masters to the game that increases even more. Much easier and more practical to nerf a handful then buff a cart load.
  11. Fetid Strumpet

    Balanced Errata chat

    Personally, I have come to think that is the issue with most of the masters we would regard as upper tier. From listening to podcasts and reading battle reports almost universally it seems that the upper tier masters just have that confluence of ability to massively affect the game and almost impossibility of dying. Seriously really pay attention to how the attitudes of the players are on how often those masters die and you’ll notice a pattern. I think it would be a better game if they just hit every tier 1 masters survivability a little bit.
  12. Fetid Strumpet

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Two issues with that: The Valedictorian is already a better hire for Sandeep than for ressers, upping her dmg to 3 would be great in ressers but probably op with Sandeep as he currently is. Second, but more importantly, the summer errata is the emergency errata as stated by Wyrd’s policy, which certainly could change. That being the case I doubt very highly ANYTHING will get a buff, since underpowered models don’t break the game, they just don’t get played.
  13. Fetid Strumpet

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    In my opinion, here is the general reality, and it’s one that has mostly been true since the very first release of edition 1. Familiarity and skill with the game is useually the most important factor in winning malifaux. Someone who is familiar with the rules and the models is almost always going to beat someone significantly less skilled. That’s often true in most games. And if that’s your definition of balance it’s almost comically impossible not to achieve. You wouldn’t even really need playtestors to achieve that. the issue is when you get people playing in the same skill range against each other, and there is where the issue of balance comes in. A master who gives a better advantage can give a significant edge in winning and therefore is just going to get chosen more because that extra edge is a thing. For me the best way of telling how balanced a master is that if you came to any group of knowledgeable players and said: ”I just won a hyper competitive event, and I only used x master” if there is any expressed surprise, the master isn’t good enough. In an ideal world and one that is achievable, no one should be surprised by any particular master being used and doing well. 2E certainly did narrow the bands between master power level, but they are still noticably there, and the edge they give is still enough to push a player significantly over the top into victory. That should change.
  14. Fetid Strumpet

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    Better question, with all the vagaries of who belongs where, my question would be what tier should the vast majority of masters be on. And I would argue lower 1.5 to tier 2 is where all masters power level should land.
  15. Fetid Strumpet

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    Better way to think of it. Have any of your models (other than Asura) used one of Asura’s actions during this activation. If no, any one of your models that are allowed to take the action, and has the ability to do so during the current activation may do so. If yes, then no one, other than Asura, may use her actions until the next activation.