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  1. Not looking to sell card. Looking to trade for Seamus or Molly card.
  2. That's the correct interpretation. Just like if you control an enemy and try to take an interact you'll give them a scheme marker, and why you can't command an enemy to destroy their scheme markers, because their is no action that allows models to just generally destroy friendly scheme markers, only enemy.
  3. Willing to get in on a three way trade if anyone wants a foil Kaeris or MCabe as I'm looking for Seamus and Molly, if the person with a Lilith doesn't directly want Seamus. 😄
  4. If you're close enough to put a wall up to prevent an initial push, then it doesn't need to push to get to you.
  5. Yasunori Flies, so I'm not seeing what this accomplishes. Unless you are actively trying to keep you models in tight formation with terrain and Flame walls to prevent the base from being able to land anywhere, in which case the TT player just sends out their other models to get points while Yasunori essentially semi-perma-paralyzes your entire crew.
  6. If you ever want a lighting designer to assist with your booth look me up.
  7. Not exactly. If you are further than 3" away you are correct that you cannot charge a model that has invoked dark protection that turn. If you are 3" or less and not engaged in melee already than you may charge away.
  8. Seishin can't block los from vantage point rules which is the reason I tend to find that load out inefficient. Unless you've completely ignored 3D rules I tend to find if the opponent is playing against Seamus and there is a vantage point someone will be on it.
  9. Depends. I've had games where I just had the ones I hired at the start and never summoned another model, and others where I ended the game with 7 Belles on the table. It really just depends.
  10. Take any comments of anyone, including myself, about the effectiveness of a model with a grain (or perhaps huge helping) of salt. My advice would be to proxy them, play them in games, and decide what you buy based on your personal experiences. Your individual opponents and meta might make even serious tournament player advice moot and ineffectual. That said, in the most general terms, here are my opinions of the models you mentioned, specifically in regards to Seamus. The Drowned: Pointless in a Seamus List, generally only good as summons, never as hires and he can't summon them. No Wp duels. Slow. Combo piece for an easily killed model. Carrion Emissary: Strong consideration for many Seamus lists. No Wp duels but the ability to get mobile corpse markers to assist with Summoning or Red Chapel Killer is good. Shards give additional board control as well as helping block LoS for Back Ally. Strongish beater with Rot and Rend. Both upgrades can have a place. Dead Rider: Pointless in a Seamus List. No Wp duels until late in the game, in which case ideal positioning will be an issue. Over costed as a beater without a master that can give it more support. Better more synergistic models are available. Jakuuna Ubume: Situational model. Have used to good effect in a Seamus list, have also had her fail miserably. Good model to have as an option. Heyreddin: Situational model. No wp duels, and his aura works against your models as well as enemies. He can be a good solo model that is mostly autonomous on a flank. If you are good at positioning he can help you get essentially free focus (damage portion) for all you models that are able to take advantage of it. Downside is if you are bad at positioning, or if your enemy is able to control Heyreddin's placement via placement effects or pushes you can essentially give your opponent bonus damage against your models. No real specific advantages or disadvantages in a Seamus list beyond no WP duels. Another decent model to have in your case if you like options. Again just to stress, these are my personal opinions and should in no way be taken as the absolute truth about any of them. And again this is just in relation to Seamus. Paring them with other masters can raise or lower their effectiveness.
  11. My perspective, M2E did a much better job balancing small models vs big models. There were a few exceptions but Killy expensive models that were very efficient ruled the game in 1e. Big models and small models are all important in M2E, but because of that activation control became more important. I remember an argument during the second open about Kirai's Seishin. In 1e they were hireable and there was an argument about making them cheap and hiriable in this edition. I argued for, and still believe the correct choice was that they shouldn't have been because of the exact situation we are seeing with stuffed piglets. I don't think outside of very possibly Hamlin that the game's structure can really fairly accommodate models hirable en mass at 2ss. I don't think stuffed piglets are cheesy, I just think the underlying rules of the game doesn't accommodate them well. They and anything else that is 2ss that isn't unique should get a through looking at in the June errata.
  12. I'll say try them but I've found hiring hanged pretty bad myself.
  13. McMorning of either stripe. 10 Nurses.
  14. Welcome. Search for posts by me, as I'm probably the most vocal, though not always right, fan of Seamus. Benjoewoo also has some good tips and a slightly different perspective than I have. Emissary, Doxies, and Nurses are good adds, as are Jaakuna, Yin, Datsue-ba, Seishin, more Belles, Mindless zombies (for the Emissary), Necropunks, Anna Lovelace, and the Valedictorian. If you listen to podcasts I did an episode of schemes and stones covering him (Note that this was prior the third book releasing).
  15. Kaeris is old. Never seen the trapper puppet before, it's new. Possibly a new sculpt of pathfinders?