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  1. GenCon news update

    I'll second Fetid. US based, keeping Lynch, Dreamer, Titania, Seamus, and Zipp. PM if you would like any of the others.
  2. What to buy next?

    Re primordial, I'd take it every time with Titania, never with Lynch of course, and I don't own Lilith so I can't speak on her. I started taking it with Dreamer to start, get some points then summon day dreams for waking and leading nightmares. Doppelganger I stand by it and in fact never leave home without it. Interact while engaged is worthwhile let alone cheating initiative. Doesn't mean you always have to. If it isn't worth cheating then don't. I can't speak one way or another about mature neph I don't own one and with the 3 masters I own I don't see the need.
  3. Alt Hungering Darkness

    What do you have against Groot?
  4. What to buy next?

    Seconded for the Neverborn All Stars: Doppelganger, Johan, Nekima, Primordial. Beyond them maybe a Lilitu for lures and 4 inch engagement. Rougarou for Titania.
  5. Looking for a new gaming group

    I'll be there tonight as a matter of fact
  6. Looking for a new gaming group

    +1 for SD. Great group. I don't get to play often unfortunately but have had a blast every time.
  7. New (kinda) with a question

    This company does print on demand services http://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures?filters=0_0_0_44301 You can try to also find the 2 arsenal boxes for resurrectionists but they can be a bit difficult to pin down, and will also come with cards you may not need and maybe some that are out of date.
  8. Post Califaux 2017 Thoughts

    There is also a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/465242293681336/ That should work, if not search SAD Malifaux
  9. The only legitimate way I know of is download the full M2E books from drivethrurpg.com
  10. Which models have frustrated you to build?

    Agreed completely on Aeslin specifically. Especially worse because she won't get used often. Madnesses were bad just because they're an indiscriminate shape so they're a little difficult (for me at least) to figure out what goes where.
  11. Paint ideas

    Maybe tell us what you've gotten done so far? I personally like the idea you were going with
  12. Chuck Norris Model

    One attack would need to be Beard Fist since he has a third fist under his beard
  13. If you're looking for movements and not specifically pushes there are Beckoners... Not exactly in theme I guess but the movement is there. Do a little hobby work and add some horns to their foreheads and suddenly they're visually thematic.
  14. Human colored gremlins?

    Did the same thing in my insidious madnesses on a suggestion of a friend and they turned out awesome