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  1. what's your crutch?

    Seconded the doppel. Cheating initiative is just too fun.
  2. Are Gremlins OP?

    Similarly, scheme heavy screams Titania from NB.
  3. Are Gremlins OP?

    To the OP, what are the "extras" you guys have? I can't speak for the Arcanists, but the NB I do have some experience with. If he's running garbage added to a crew box it doesn't set up success. My opinion is Gremlins aren't broken and, unless something has drastically changed recently, Ophelia is not even close to broken. I make the recommendation to anyone playing NB if you want to win at all costs have the all-stars available. If you want to have fun, play with models you like.
  4. Are Gremlins OP?

    Well that's obviously a biased opinion being 10th ranked on that website. All kidding aside, despite the issues with reporting that's awesome John
  5. Latest upgrades

    They are/will be available as a separate deck for purchase but the last update I saw Wyrd won't be including them in the master boxes. They should be available now or some point soon on the official app too.
  6. Starting Lynch

    I'm still in the camp of 'don't rely on Brilliance to win you games' because I haven't seen a reason to trust other play styles. So I generally prefer undying Huggy Bear. I have never used Beckoners in a competitive list because Lilitu. Better melee range, better Lure, I feel (just feeling mind) more able to put wounds on a model, same cost. Doppel is great in scheme marker pools because of don't mind me, and in general because copying actions and cheating initiative which lets you be a little more aggressive since you can cheat to go first. My opinion on Nekima is I love her. However, 2 Illuminated for the cost of Nekima and a stone is usually where my mind goes.
  7. I have to side with @yool1981 on Illuminated. They're good, yes. But they're meant to be stuck in against an enemy, probably a beater. And of the 3 NB masters I own and play, I only ever consider taking them with Lynch, the other 2 being Dreamer and Titania.
  8. Serena Bowman proxy ideas

    Seconded @gribble. Just did a quick image search and there are some decent parts to make one without using a model that already has a designation in Malifaux.
  9. Looking down the line

    Going to throw Johan and Mr. Graves into that list as well for recommendations on purchases. Thus completes the Neverborn All Stars.
  10. That graves may just be the best conversion I've seen, bar none.
  11. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Er. Mah. Gerd. That is all.
  12. Two Teddies and Then?

    For me, rule of cool in this situation means 2 Teddies, Widow Weaver (to get Teddy full effect among other things with web markers) and Kade. This type of list is one of 2 crews that got me into the game way back in 1st edition, along with Seamus (problems? throw zombie hookers at it). I can't say pew pew Dreamer makes a ton of sense to me for the list, but summoning Dreamer always makes sense, and melee Dreamer I think makes a lot of sense depending on the strat and schemes.
  13. 50ss Dreamer

    Not Whodares, obviously, but I'd look at removing Lelu and Stitched. If you're trying to fit in Weaver you're looking at abusing WP. And you've got beaters and damage dealers in spades. Er, Crows. I've never once had Lelu do anything useful so I'm biased. Stitched has been hit and miss, and often is just the best option to summon or to hire for the cost, so I try to make it work. I've also really like using Primordial Magic to start and summoning Daydreams lately after getting a VP off Primordial for whatever strategy is there, obviously situational, but rush of magic is pretty legit. Just my experience with casual games in a limited number so take it for what it is. But if you're looking at jumping into Neverborn I'd look at getting the PM. And definitely doppel. Never leave home without it.
  14. Lore question

    Such great artwork. Especially Thing from The Addams Family in the bottom right.
  15. Irish I was dead.

    @Fetid Strumpet I have been mostly paying attention to Neverborn boards for a while now, as Seamus is my only (and most loved) Rezzur master. Have you posted your thoughts on his new upgrades and how he plays post wave 5 somewhere that I may read? I understand he is still lower tier but a fin casual game with him may be in my future and I'd like to read your input. PS sorry for thread-jacking.