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  1. Definitechoice

    USA New England (+NY/NJ) Events Calendar

    @BaronCimetière There are a few players on the UWS. Best bet is to join the NYC Malifaux group, and advertise there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1838545016433456/
  2. Definitechoice

    try list with shen long

    You'll also want to put The Peaceful Waters on Shen.
  3. Definitechoice

    10T - ALT MODEL

    Ototo would be great, especially since alternative art already exists for him. The same for Yan Lo. The 10T crewboxs were Wyrd's first plastics, and some of them are showing their age. Wouldn't mind an entire new Rail Crew or Dark Debts.
  4. Definitechoice

    Shenlong, what should he be doing?

    Nope. Show Ya the Door says "This model may only target a friendly model with this Action once per Turn."
  5. Definitechoice

    Flow like water and ignore it all?

    It's mostly a corner case issue, and I don't think I've ever had it come up in a game. It has been discussed before because of some odd interactions... There should be a thread or two in the rules forum about how it interacts with Vasilisa.
  6. Definitechoice

    Post your schemes, get a list thread

    Glad to see we have a thread like this now! For my first game of the TFL, I have the following. Opponent declared Guild. Corner Deployment, Guard the Stash. Game 1:Convict Labor, Take Prisoner, Leave Your Mark, Catch and Release, Public Demonstration.
  7. Definitechoice

    Theoryfaux: Asami

    It's far too much work to be worthwhile, but you could take Sensei Yu with Fermented River Style, and hope they fail the Tn 11 walk duel. An Akaname could use Spray Filth on him to up the Poison condition, but then you probably want Promising Disciple as well. And maybe a Terracotta Warrior to switch styles.
  8. Definitechoice

    Random Ripples Realizations

    @InvokeChaos 5) Silly Jank! Wokou Raider can be in a Misaki crew due to infiltration... They prevent the opponent from cheating attack actions that target it's Df... have her leap frog with Misaki to be her Misdirect target, hehe. No cheating for you! Obviously this isn't ideal, but it's a fun interaction that could come in handy against low min damage attacks hmm Does Misdirection ever actually change the target though? The Raider suffers the effect from the attack, but that attack action didn't target a Wonkou Raider's defense, it targeted Misaki's defense. 1) An obvious but favorite one of mine so far: Terracotta warriors let McCabe swap around what upgrades he can pass out to minions. So, Ancient Treasures says to follow "all of the usual restrictions for attaching upgrades at the start of the game." So the relevant ones here " A model may not purchase more than one upgrade with the same name" and " A crew may not have the same Upgrade more times than the Upgrade's Rare restriction value." None of McCabe's upgrades are Limited, nor are they Rare. Is attaching an upgrade equivalent to purchasing an upgrade? I'm going to assume yes because that seems like the intent. Assuming purchase=attach, then McCabe can't purchase Glowing Saber and Elixir of Life, and then have the Terracotta warrior discard the Elixir and attach a second Glowing Saber. What happens though if you include the Emissary? He attaches one of McCabe's upgrade not already attached to any model in the crew at the start of the game. So, McCabe has the Saber and Elixir of Life. Emissary attaches Badge of Speed. Terracotta Warrior then uses Ancient Treasures on McCabe to discard the Elixir and attach the Badge of Speed. Doing so follows all of the usual restrictions for attaching upgrades at the start of the game. It seems possible then to have a double of any of McCabe's upgrades.
  9. Definitechoice

    Weekly Demos at Nu Brand in Brooklyn, NY

    Relevant links: http://www.nubrandgaming.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/nubrandgamingopenplay/ Nu Brand is also home to Bkfaux. Get a demo, get hooked, play a tournament. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/120439-the-faux-classic-bkfaux-v-is-nov-12th-13th-in-brooklyn/
  10. Definitechoice

    Theoryfaux: Asami

    Amanjaku might make the Emissary an auto include for me. Being able to use Prophecies in Thunder on turn 3, turn 4 and turn 5 is just insane.
  11. Definitechoice

    Jorogumo Glaive experience wanted!

    A special prize was offered for the first person to run and win with a list that consisted of a only a single type of model, plus a Master. Other competitors were Misaki with 7 Ronin(won it), and Kirai with 8 Belles. Corner, Guard the Stash, Mark for Death, Setup, Exhaust and Take Prisoner. McCabe, Badge of Speed, Elixir of Life, Promises 5 Jorogumo Setup(Nekima) and Mark for Death Lilith Primordial Magic Nekima Doppleganger Barbaros Mr.Graves Mysterious Effigy(I think) Convict Labor and Mark for Death Turns 1 and 2 were walk actions, placing scheme markers near the Stash markers, and dancing around with threat ranges. After that it was piece trading, while I used nimble and Wander the Earth to get a Jorogumo directly in the middle of my scheme marker triangle but within 3" of Nekima after she activated. Triggered Entrap, and scored Setup. Last activation, after drawing a hand where my high card was 6 for the turn, Barbaros pushed a Jorogumo off the Stash marker and off the scheme marker my opponent needed for his final point for Convict Labor. Final score 10-9 Neverborn. Barbaros scored all of his Mark for Death points with For the Brood. McCabe's pushes, nimble and Wander the Earth combined with their 3" melee allowed me to waste a lot of my opponents AP since he had to move into position to attack with everyone apart from Nekima, and then she wasn't in range to use Black Blood. Ml5 was off-set by Promises, and wasn't much of an issue apart from when I foolishly tried to attack Lilith.
  12. Definitechoice

    Smoke and shadows/occupy their turf

    It works fine, but you definitely need a back-up in case the cards go against you. The smoke bombs are actually incredibly useful for making sure your minions survive the turn.
  13. You can make it work on a 50, sort of. I've been using it as an Emissary proxy, and will probably mount a rider on it for Yasunori.
  14. Definitechoice

    Jorogumo Glaive experience wanted!

    They don't have a rare limit, so it can be fun, though not necessarily competitive, to run lots of Jorogumo and mess with people. Hunting Party, Public Demonstration, and Occupy Their Turf are all lots of fun with multiple Jorogumo, and maybe Smoke and Shadows. I ran 5 of them with McCabe one round of a tournament recently, and the list did better than it had any right to.
  15. http://watchfulistudio.com/our-store/ancient-chinese-terracotta-warriors-5