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  1. Welsh Borderers are a seriously good choice for the Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem. Dragoons are also not a bad choice alongside titans.
  2. OK 2.4 is up. I've changed the initial post
  3. Eep.... I should have known that.
  4. No Head Markers yet, For the moment just rename one of the others, I'll add them in the next pass. Also someone reminded me that the Samurai can have +3 Wds. So I'll add a separate model for the Samurai of Earth.
  5. Malifaux 2.4 ֎ Fixed size of Oxfordian Mages base ֎ Added Head tokens for Headhunter Strat. ֎ Added Samurai of Earth with 9 Wds. Malifaux 2.3 - Only a few changes ֎ Added the missing Freikorps Trapper and Oxfordian Mage. ֎ Moved Sabertooth to the correct section (Minion → Enforcer). ֎ Fixed Lone Samurai's wounds. ֎ Fixed the Scheme Markers so they don't stop you selecting anything else when you have an aura up. ֎ Fixed some of the Schemes where you could see the targets through the token. Have fun... & note any other issues the module may have here. Changes to be added into the next version 2.4 ֎ Add Head Markers ֎ Add Samurai of Earth with +3 Wds ֎ Put Oxfordian Mages on the Correct Base
  6. Man-Bat was well know for wearing pants.
  7. Worry not... because I have Man-Bat to fight Bat-Warden.... unfortunately.. he is only like 4 soulstones... so it might be a short fight.
  8. It even has a Bat-Grappling Hook.
  9. They are Special Edition Izamu and Blessed of Decemeber
  10. I only have Alice, the Cat and the Catapilar... Though I have played through both games multiple times.
  11.     Hey there mate you couldn't tell me what CCS class/ID links to the png on the Mac... I don't own any mac products. But that should allow me to link to the correct place.

  12. Generally JPG is the best thing for Gradiented Images (Like Photos or Airbrushed art) when viewed on the Internet. PNG are lossless so tend to be very large for this type of image. Generally I only use them on images with a lot of block colour or if I need transparencies.
  13. I'm wondering if the file is too large. I couldn't get it to repeat the error. I looks like you saved as PNG and the file is something like 56Mb which I think is over the server size limit
  14. Aquaman has dreads, Marcus has dreads... obviously the same person.. The temporary theme I uploaded while I fixed the forums had an ocean as the backdrop.
  15. I won't hear anything bad said against Aquaman...