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  1. Black Friday Sale

    My suggestion is distract the kids with something sparkly, that's probably the easiest way to steal your kids fidget spinners.
  2. Black Friday Sale

    I think you might have had an old version of the site using Ajax cached. I had to turn off the Ajax cart for this sale.
  3. Forum colours

    @Bengt Yeah that was the first pass at it. I've had to go in and add a few extra exceptions in the CSS. I think it should now look a lot better now.
  4. Forum colours

    @Bengt I've been messing around with a pale version of the new theme for heretics people that prefer dark text on a light background. You can find it in the Theme tag.
  5. July 2017 Errata

    I was working in a shop at the time and it was so obvious... We had a fairly decent tournament crowd... I ended up with a group of friends that played Warmachine.
  6. July 2017 Errata

    Which is a lot better than it used to be. The thing that killed WFB I fell was the fact that Demons went 2 years with no Errata. You had to play Demons or an Army designed to counter them or you might as well have not bothered turning up to a tournament. It never really recovered.
  7. Femme Fatale Begins

    It should now be all working correctly. Thanks for pointing it out. Something very weird was going on in the back end. I think we got a case of gremlins when the forum was updated, as it should have had the same settings as Total Testosterone.
  8. Thoughts on KE units in Aby Kassa?

    Welsh Borderers are a seriously good choice for the Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem. Dragoons are also not a bad choice alongside titans.
  9. Malifaux Vassal update v2.4

    OK 2.4 is up. I've changed the initial post
  10. Malifaux Vassal update v2.4

    Eep.... I should have known that.
  11. Malifaux Vassal update v2.4

    No Head Markers yet, For the moment just rename one of the others, I'll add them in the next pass. Also someone reminded me that the Samurai can have +3 Wds. So I'll add a separate model for the Samurai of Earth.
  12. Malifaux Vassal update v2.4

    Malifaux 2.4 ֎ Fixed size of Oxfordian Mages base ֎ Added Head tokens for Headhunter Strat. ֎ Added Samurai of Earth with 9 Wds. Malifaux 2.3 - Only a few changes ֎ Added the missing Freikorps Trapper and Oxfordian Mage. ֎ Moved Sabertooth to the correct section (Minion → Enforcer). ֎ Fixed Lone Samurai's wounds. ֎ Fixed the Scheme Markers so they don't stop you selecting anything else when you have an aura up. ֎ Fixed some of the Schemes where you could see the targets through the token. Have fun... & note any other issues the module may have here. Changes to be added into the next version 2.4 ֎ Add Head Markers ֎ Add Samurai of Earth with +3 Wds ֎ Put Oxfordian Mages on the Correct Base
  13. Easter Sale!

    Man-Bat was well know for wearing pants.