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  1. marshimartian

    Dumping Whole Collection W: XWing, $

    Edited sold items and added Rail Golem to Arcanist list
  2. marshimartian

    Dumping Whole Collection W: XWing, $

    Expecting a baby in September, and having not played in some time, my metal buddies need a new home. Yes, most of my models are in fact metal. I am looking to sell, or trade for XWing. Will trade in your favor. The more you take, the better deal I'll make. Would prefer not to split up factions. Would make a very generous bargain if someone were willing to take everything at once. I have made my best effort to photograph and describe everything accurately, it is the buyers responsibility to ask any questions before finalizing the agreement. Everything else is gone! Thanks guys. Other: Terraclips (2 boxes streets, 1 box buildings, 2-3 box clips, I think-all dumped in large bin) Through the breach, 1 male 1 female NOS Angry Mojo terrain from original kickstarter (downtown hexopolis, the graveyard, and the ruins) 2 Games workshop forrest terrain Handful of custom terrain Handful of rock terrain made from recycled tires and a few brick walls
  3. marshimartian

    Wanted: Nightmare Tara (UK)

    Have NIB nightmare Tara. Located in US, but shipping isn't horrible. Pm if interested
  4. Location: Comic Store West 2111 Industrial Highway York, PA 17402 (717)845-9198 Entry: $5 Date & Time: Friday, November 27th @ 6 PM This tournament will follow the official alternate tournament format "Treacherous Ties" and the Gaining Grounds document. Prizes will be based upon number of players. If you have any questions or to pre-register, feel free to PM me here.
  5. marshimartian

    Demos at Comic Store West - York, PA

    Location: Comic Store West 2111 Industrial Highway York, PA 17402 (717)845-9198 Demos available every Friday at Comic Store West! I will be available no later than 6 until the store closes, just tell the staff you'd like a Malifaux demo and they'll point me out for you! If you already know how to play, then come out and join us for a game, and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events! If you have any questions, would like to arrange a different day/time, or would like to try a specific crew, just PM me in advance and we'll set something up
  6. Awesome event! Thanks for running it!
  7. marshimartian

    Mid-Atlantic Facebook Group [NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, VA, and D.C.]

    I guess a link would help... https://www.facebook.com/groups/861705523848560/
  8. A place to find and post events for the Mid-Atlantic region. Let's pull together to increase attendance and make it easier to find and RSVP to events in our area.
  9. marshimartian

    actually good japanese terrain?

    Personally, these guys have been on my wish list for some time: http://renaissanceminiatures.com/webstore/products/eastAsianOS/ But it still looks like the gate misses the mark.
  10. marshimartian

    Cavalry Crew?

    Actually, McCabe works amazing with hounds. I've really been wanting to run a list like this myself.
  11. May have to try to make this one
  12. Comic Store West 2111 Industrial Highway York, PA 17402 (717) 845-9198 I'll be starting a Map campaign league beginning October 17th and running for approximately 6 weeks. Entry: $5 Top Prize: An M2E box set of your choice More details to follow...
  13. Comic Store West 2111 Industrial Highway York, PA 17402 (717) 845-9198 Demos and game nights continue every Friday night in October starting at 5pm. Come in and learn, play, or paint! A small tournament will be held on October 10th as well, new players welcome!