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  1. 4 AP on 1 model is much better than 2 ap each on 2 models. You just need to see the power of things like Austringers Deliver orders which spends 2ap to move a model and allow it to interact and is seen as one of their most powerful actions. I agree that unless you build to get the most out of reactivating swamp fiends, its not that great, but you do have the chance to do it for a (0) action if you had 8 in hand. That's quite a way that a silurid can go on the first turn if it really wants... I've been known to do similar things with Marcus. I'll grant you he can re-activate more powerful beasts as well, but a re-activating silurid isn't unheard of when I need lots of interacting that turn.
  2. If you bring in Lucius, and go for Pact, you could also bring in Terracotta warriors for a bit more upgrade re-arranging once you've gone master.
  3. I second that. Aim to Play everything you own, it will force you to look again at some models that you discarded and eitehr they now have new synergy, or fit the new schemes well.
  4. We're now at the stage of M2E that we were in M1E when you started to get this sort of effect. Models with named summoning pools getting a new model created which fits their summoning. But if we do go down the errata on Taxidermist and Sammy I would suggest Undead pig peon. If you do want to have open ended summoning like this, you want it quite specific, you never know Book 6 may have undead Sow or such like.
  5. Reactivate A model with the Reactivate Condition is available to be Activated one additional time during this Turn, as if it had not already taken its Activation. A model may not benefit from the Reactivate Condition more than once per Turn, even if it lost the Reactivate Condition and then gained it again. (page 62) You can activate them anytime you have the chance to activate a model, it doesn't have to be after everything else.
  6. It is rare 1 so at the moment I can't see anyway to get 2 statues down. And it referes to friednly statues so you can't even use an enemy one.
  7. I would assume that they have read what was written last week so no need to repeat it. But people might well think or try other things, so threads can still be made. Just because he didn't change for a week doesn't mean he is finalised
  8. But you only know who is a belle minion by looking at that models card. I'll grant you are more likely to look through cards when you know you need to, but you would only know Seamus can summon a dead doxy if you look at its card.
  9. Taking out being My willed, and comparign model to model. (Which is actually reasonable. If they were facing off, you couldn''t my will the illuminated) Yes., Illuminated is 2 stones cheaper. it is 2/4/5 same attack stat without the positive flip, and with a chance to flay. as you say, they do equal damge at 3 attacks. Neither model has 3 attacks. One has 2 and one has 4. You can buff up the illuminated to do more damage than its most likely 4 but then you are havign to use otehr models to get it to work. , and there is a debate as to which is better, Flay or Ignore armour (flay needs you to still use the card from hand to cheat, but ignore armour only works against armoured targets, and for about 1/4 of Himatsus attacks doesn't matter anyway). Saying he has to hit 4 times to get to 10 damage to be par with the mature that needs to get all his attacks to hit to get to 8 damage seems unfair. 2 stitched will need to win 4 Gamble your lives to really have much of a chance of killing Hina (win 3 and get moderate on them all and you kill him if he doesn't have stones) (or Flip severe on one of the hits). Hina will kill 1 stitcthed from unwounded in a turn. And I would expect the stiched to hurt themselves in that many attacks, so Hina can probably kill one and get a second close to death. So I would happily say that in almost all situations that you could set this up, Hinamtsu has a decent chance of out surviving the 2 Stitched. I'm a little surprised how many people seem to get their reactivating sticthed to actually activate. I know I target stitched on 1 wound to get rid of them as a high target priority. I'm stickiing with the view that he is second on terms of Neverborn beaters, behind Nekima, but that's not unexpected due to cost. He doesn't have the high spikes that a stitched comes with, but he is reliable.
  10. Good question. At the moment if the ten thunder player is player 2, then it will affect all the conditions on the other player. If the ten thunder player is player 1, then it won't
  11. Whilst I agree with you, I would rather it this way, than have to errata the summoners every wave when they got to summon something new. You can't actually tell who Seamus can summon by looking at his card either. (Or Nicodem/Kirai/Molly/Asami and so forth)
  12. Really? I'm going to ask again which beater does he pale to? If he is having to use his AP to walk, then surely the other beater would as well. The only neverborn beater I think that does more damage is Nekima, He is comparable to Teddy or Mature, and I would say better than Illuminated. I would also say much better than Stitched, as he isn't hurting himself doing it, ( I think He would beat 2 stitched in a fight). Open playtests can lead to loudest voice, which is why Wyrd have always put a lot more reliance on battle reports. Saying that activating Chompy twice a turn is bad is one thing, building a list to do it, and showing that it can be done in a game will have a lot more effect.
  13. I think you missed the interaction between ++DISPERSE.DISPERSE++ and tower shield being wicked. You have quite a good chance to deal quite a bit of damage in games where they want to be in certain places. And forcing models to have to walk with 1 AP when you also have a chance to make that walk fail and damage them with extra damage if they don't escape. I think if I was engaged with more than 1 model that I would probably try disperse rather than attack as it will probably do more damage, as well as make me safer.
  14. She can still use her (1) action with out any Black blood models, she just wouldn't get to draw range and LOS from soemone else. Of Course Killjoy is also a thing. Now if only there was a good model in her crew to kill to get you Killjoy out...