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  1. Oni Charges

    It doesn't seem worded as 2 clauses to me. It is you may do 1 damage to Asami to do a (2) charge as a (1) action. Look at the followign text A model may take a (1) Interact Action to place a Scheme Marker in base contact with itself and not within 4” of another friendly Scheme Marker. Do you have to place the scheme marker at once, or can you wait until you have taken a walk action to place the scheme marker, meanign that you took the interacty action whilst not engaged, but are able to place the scheme marker next to an enemy model. The senatnce follows the same structure as Wrath of the oni someone May do something to do something
  2. Mannequins

    Its the fact that they rely on high armour in the faction that so often gets anti armour counterpicked is what makes them a gamble. They do some good stuff, but so often 1 hit kills them.
  3. M2E Sandeep

    <MODHAT> I've stickied this for now. A thread would need to be useful enough to be worth lots of people looking at it over an extended period of time. to become a sticky. Adding tags to the post then it becomes easier to search for it so its unlikely to be lost if you have good advice in it. </MODHAT>
  4. Monday Preview - Waldgeist Rider

    So his Bark is worse than his bite?
  5. Weight on Base

    America and Ireland also apparently refer to the 1 cent coin ( in dollars and Euros respectively) as pennies. Sweden doesn't appear to have a low denomination coin that you would want to use, which I found surprising.
  6. M2E Sandeep

    Your quote only contains part of the sentence. You can stone for a mask,. Jinn was trying to show you can't flip your cards, and then choose what you are summoning based on the numbers flipped.
  7. Weight on Base

    That ought to work in practice but I'm not sure if I fall foul of the Treason laws for defacing the Queens image. You may wish to check the law on your own currency before doing so.
  8. Weight on Base

    I've known people put metal washers under the base. They can be only a couple of pence each from hardware stores (Although you probably buy them in lots of at least 100). I've a load of old metal sprew tags that I sometimes add to counterbalance. Lead is much heavier which might be more what you want.
  9. Master tiers or who is who.

    Often I am unsure to charging with justice or spending extra AP to walk, so from that point of view, I'm less worried about disgused (Even more so with her new upgrade)
  10. The nearest I can think of is The Judge and I can't rememebr how his action is phrased
  11. Wargame Vault only has Wind Gamin A

    According to 7 squirrel http://www.wargamevault.com/product/222529/Wind-Gamin-B http://www.wargamevault.com/product/222530/Wind-Gamin-C Edit- lets try spelling..
  12. M2E Marcus

    Yes, its from the new book. It can discard cards to drop scheme markers or scrap markers as a (0). At the start of its turn it draws the top card from the discard pile and then discards a card. It can protect against Severe damage (useful in GG2018). I think its a good tool to have. I won't always field it, but it makes a number of lists for me at the moment.
  13. M2E Marcus

    The steamfitter can give it out as an action.
  14. No. Poison and burning aren't damaging results.
  15. Good call. Then I would go for those +2 damage results if the circumstance is met.