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  1. Yes, being sacrificed is enough to stop you taking damage. Its similar to Fire starter who is able to reckless and then regenerate to heal up, (Or the pigapult reckless and then sacrifice a pig to heal) you pick the order of resoving the effects.
  2. Adran

    Outcast triple buring

    You can take it a step further using Jack Daw as the master with Twist and turn, by turning Talos tormented, Jack could then also take the action. And as Ludvig said. Each of the models is taking the "into the furnace " action, and Talos will only heal when he buries the model. The trick has previously been used to get Hannah to copy the pine box off a death marshall, and then the model she buries has to beat her much higher WP to unbury.
  3. Adran

    Marcus and 2 (2) Alpha actions

    No free activation for Beast B, because it couldn't activate immediately. The activation doesn't store up. Its like if you companioned/accomplced into Marcus and he cast Alpha, then it does nothing because you can't do a 3rd activation as a chain activation.
  4. Adran

    Playing into blasters

    Sonnia can probably be stopped by engagement if all she has is guild guard and hounds (Unless you have just surrounded her so people can't physically reach her), I know I would typically have someway that I could threaten her. Also Guild guard aren't very fast, so if I spend turn 1 hiding from her, she still isn't going to be able to blast onto me from the guards a lot of the time. (some time she might but knowing that she can do that and threaten 3 damage and burning on a target 24 " from her startign spot doesn't mean that she can then attack that model for free. If I am 15" from her then she will have to spend at least 1 AP to walk, if she then spends 1 AP and 1 ss (And 1 severe) to kill her own model, just do deal 3 damage and burning to one of my models so thatshe can then attack them without LOS for a second attack. Personally I'm a big fan of answering thsi sort of question by saying how the list you took anyway could be used to counter the opponents threat, because you are right you can't just hire the right answer because you don't know you're going to face it.
  5. Adran

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    I guess it depends on what you are actually tryign to achieve. If you want to win opposed duels then Positive flips will be effective, but if you are tryign to reach variable TNs then the control of cards in hand allow you to know what you can achieve. I also don't really think positive flips backfires much more than card draw
  6. Adran

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    The action is pretty good as a (0) action even without the trigger, so going into the game just expecting to use it as a (0) action obey is probebly fine, and if you do manage to restrict them to no Vp, then you don't get the bonus damage, just the attack. Which is probably still good enough...
  7. Adran

    Nothing Beast , The Faceless Oblivion

    It sounds like your opponent missed the restriction enemy on the upgrade. He can't bury a friendly model with the glimpse the void trigger if another model is already buried
  8. Adran

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    No, you're right with Loudest Squee will go any direction. Yes, you can use Sommer to direct you better
  9. Adran

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    If you use Bowled over, you have no say on the location of anything from that point. (Your point of control is where you put the pig in the first place) So yes it can give you 8 " extra movement, allowing you to get round corners, but if your opponent has moved into a place where you can't easily push (prehaps there is a smaller model or a wall just behind) then you are stuck until you kill the target. Not always a huge cost, but if its preventing you charging, then you lose half your attack power. If its also in a place you can't stampede off, you are suddenly only 5 attacks instead of the 12 attacks that you could ideally get.
  10. Adran

    The big guys of neverborn

    I've had a lot of fun using the charge through trigger to disrupt enemy formations, especially good if I can get it to trigger on the second attack of a charge, allowing me to deal damage to 1 target, move it out the way, and then go onto another (And if I'm lucky another and another...)
  11. Adran

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    The rules written say that you have to push to base contact, and the rules also say that a push to base contact is a push in relation to another object so must be performed in the shortest distance possible. That doesn't invalidate the list, but it does possibly explain why people here said positiong is hard, and you thought it was easy if you were mis-readign the push rules. Whilst it doesn't lower the Maximum effect of the list, it does make placement a much more exacting science.
  12. Adran

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Ooh I like the Sommer trick, that's a nice touch I hadn't thought of. There are quite a few ways the Gremlin list can do its placements, but that does also suggest that the placements are quite important. At least important enough to be an area that the list can be ruined with, and if you suspect you opponent might do that, you're now buying the Saddle upgrade and spending a little more care on activation order and model protection.
  13. Adran

    Timing of Loudest squeel?

    Rhilian,defender declare SS use first I read loudest Squee as the passive form of "After resolving", so have always read it as a trigger that would occur before Onslaught. I'm not sure that I can back this up with a rules quote.
  14. Adran

    Does archie need synergies to work

    If you do manage to take it on an instinctual model then yes you could take 3 (0) actions (2 of which could be the same). I can't think of an instinctual model off the top of my head that you could put it on, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.
  15. Adran

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    What I was trying to say is that is you compare individual model to individual model, you would see TT giving lower damage on average. But if you consider it along with some support (focus' from Shen long, effectively free focus against certain targets from Kang and so forth) then the TT Damage output increases quite a bit. So a lot of the time getting 1 focused on a TT model means that you are probably doing as much over the 2 attacks (1 focused 1 normal) as a comparable model does without the focus. Sometimes it'll be more. And whilst yes you are potentially looking at extra cost to get there because something has given them that bonus, its a much easier bonus to get. I also agree that the Faction as a whole seems to have to be balanced around the relatively easy access to positive flips. And its perfectly possible to build TT crews that don't have any access to positive flips, its also perfectly possible to build a Resser list that can't summon and that doesn't stop summoning being a strong point of the Resser faction that they have to taek into account. Which is the better damage track, 1/3/5 or 2/3/4? Most of the time you will find the 2/3/4 will do more damage if you just take (1) Ap attacks. If you start using Focus then sometimes the 1/3/5 attack with focus is better than 2 lots of 2/3/4. You're right Hard to wound is a good counter to focus, but Focus is a relatively good counter to Armor, since it would only apply once not twice (so on my example profiles above focus on the 1/3/5 does even better against Amor models than the 2 attacks at 2/3/4. ) Using Focus is potentially less card intensive than making 2 attacks. So it may be that to force through the 2 minimum 3 attacks you talk about you need to cheat in 2 high cards just to hit. With the focus attack, you are much less likely to need to cheat to hit, and so whilst you are more likely to need to cheat the damage flip, its probably used the same 2 cards over all. The chance of missing 1 of the 2 attacks where you didn't focus is something that many people miss out of this sort of calculation, which often makes the 2 attacks seem even better. So building a faction that encourages you to use focus, and can offer the models rewards for using it is not intrisically flawed. (Thats not saying that they have it right at the moment, but it isn't flawed that the faction works better if it focuses)