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  1. Yes, actions which change the controller don't change friendly/enemy status. small rule book page 23 "When a model’s Actions are controlled by the opponent (for instance with the Obey Action) the model does not change which models are considered friendly, its friends are still its friends."
  2. Upgrades are available in the generalist upgrade decks 1 and 2. (And I assume individually from Wargames vault). I would suggest getting the 2 decks as you will then get all the upgrades for all factions that don't appear in crew boxes.
  3. brewmaster

    Dogmantra is right, apparently needless suits are there for a few possible reasons. They might be there to show a masters affinity with that suit, they might be there because they interact with something somewhere else, or they might be there for future proofing. For example an Ice gamin has a on its defence, but nothing on its card that could use it. There is an upgrade card that gives friendly frozen hearted minions a Df trigger on tomes, which the gamin will be able to get every defence duel, where as the December acolyte (for example) will need to flip a to get.
  4. As you say the trick with Shenlong is knowing when you want each upgrade. If you can read the abilities and the board state and know which you want, then don't follow my advice, but if you don't fully know how each upgrade will effect you throughout a turn, its hard to know what you do want (I keep forgetting that I can use High river style defensively as well for example) and being forced to only use 1 style for a game can be a good way to find out what it can actually do.
  5. If you have the time, and the friends prepared to help then I suggest the first thing to do to understand Shenlong is to understand his limited upgrades. The best way is to just use 1 limited upgrade for a game. Then play the same game but with a different upgrade, and so forth (Hence the need for time and understanding friends) until you have tried all 4, and then you at least will have a better idea of which upgrade you want for when. I thought his damage track was pretty solid, especially since he can use focus on 2 of those attacks (gain 1 at start of turn, and then after you have used that one you 0 for another one). Try and play the games focusing on 1 aspect of him, to understand what he can do and then you will know when best to switch his approach.
  6. Sorry, that was my point, you get the kill done with a minion, rater than Master/henchman that took the action. But it probbaly should have been spelled out for people that didn't realise.
  7. He is also one of the few models that can remove Corpse markers. That might not always be useful, but I strongly expect people complaining about the power of Reva to take another look at him. (Doesn't mean that they will reagually pick him, but if you are worried about corpse markers in your half becoming attack nodes, then his slow speed is much less an issue). I use him occasionally, typically when I want his denial, or paralyse removal, but when he works he can be really useful. So yes, 9 times out of 10 he is not very good, and I wouldn't pick him, but just occasionally he excels.
  8. You've not seen the 9 belle levi list at work? Or the 9 stalker Sonnia list? I've never seen anything about the wretch list, but on paper it doesn't look all that scary. That suggests to me there is a trick to playing it, which I normally find means it relies on "gotcha". Will be interested to hear more about it.
  9. Witchling stalkers are very good minions for gettign round frame for murder. They hit fairly hard, add conditions, and as a last resort (or you know, all the time) you can kill the stalker and have them explode to kill the target.
  10. As I see it, there are 2 reasons to store aces. Firstly because you want the discard for damage (or mulligan), in which case you will put them back into the discard pile before the shuffle, so they are there to find again. The other one is to fuel an effect. Any ace can be discarded to activate things like defensive stance, so just keep one. If you are using models like Terror tots or Gupps, that want a certain ace, then hold that one. If you are only doing the second one, you don't need more than 1 ace, so don't care about them being out of your deck for a turn. If you are doing the first one, then you are probably hoping to have discarded them during lynches activation so they are in the discard pile to find again next time. If for some reason you haven't, I would probably still discard them at the end of turn unless I had a really cunning plan that needed them right at the beginning of next turn.
  11. Glimpse the void normally only allows 1 model buried at a time, and that model will unbury when a model on the table is killed. (Any model). I've not really used her since the errata so I might be missing something, but a Ml 4 model with and a 2/3/4 damage track, that on a trigger can force me to take a TN 13 wp duel or be buried until something dies does not really scare very many fast models. Yes you can scheme fairly well, but I can't see enough of a threat in the list to stop your opponent schemeing and removing your schemes. And Ht 1 does not make you any easier to hide unless you are facing Ht 1 models.
  12. Taxidermist are probably a good start, make use of all those corpse markers. Picking models more durable than Bayou gremlins is also a good idea.
  13. I have always seen them as an ok healer for 4ss. They are cheap, and versatile, but one of the downsides to cheap is they are easy to remove which doesn't do so well with their combat capabilities. They work best with McCabes upgrade cycling as I can't think of another way to get them an upgrade, but if you want healing in your crew, they are probably one of your best options. And whilst its a 2 action to heal, the triggers are typically 1 action worth or better. Would I always use them? No, but they aren't a bad package for 4 ss, and you can typically find something useful for them to do each turn.
  14. FAQ question 26 26. If a Henchman is leading a Crew, can a totem be hired? Yes. There is some fluff description about masters beckoning totems, but the totem rules are in the second paragraph of the entry. A Henchman leading a Crew may hire a totem. However, keep in mind that most totems can only be hired by a specific Master, so Henchmen will need to look at the generic totems.