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  1. Claim Jump - list of models

    Or 2 AP to use false claim if you aren't currently in the right place to interact. You're right, 50mm base plus 2" doesn't reach 4". remove Boris and well rehersed.
  2. Outcast Henchmen - Are they superfluous?

    Your argument seems based on the premise that henchmen cost more than enforcers. Which isn't really true.There are a couple of cheap enforcers, but a lot of them actually cost more than a henchman. (I just checked mean value, and then realised I haven't updated my table with Nothing beast errata , ok henchmen are now slightly higher on average, 9.2 to 8.8). I guess its possible you could hire Jake and a specialist instead of Aionius, but Aionius is still cheaper than Ashes and dust or the desolation engine. You can certainly argue enforcers are more powerful than henchmen, but its not easy to claim they give you better activation control unless you always load up your henchmen with as many upgrades as you can.
  3. Hamelin activations....

    It is almost impossible to out activate a Hamlin crew if they want to "pass". The solution to this that I normally apply is to try and prevent this activation control being an advantage after the first turn by trying to make sure I get models into a place where they are able to be a threat on turn 2. If you've forced Hamlin to activate early on turn 1 to gain extra stolen, then you have already removed one of the greatest advantages to the passing in tun 1. Obedient wretch and stolen getting you to 4 rats for 6ss, gives you the 10 activations. I don't like to sacrifice the first stolen unless I have the Black joker in my hand, as it ruins the summon, and hamlin with no stolen is relatively easy to kill. (well compared to him with them anyway). But that also depends a llittle on the opponent, and do I think they will be a threat to him turn 1/2
  4. Hamelin activations....

    Hamlin can't hire 2 stolen. You are only allowed to hire 1 totem unless you have rules to change that. Hamlin doesn't have rules to change that, so whilst he can have more than 1 on the table, he is only allowed to hire 1 so the rest have to come from summoning
  5. You can play the game without a strategy deck, just with the rulebook and read out the strategies, but I find having the deck does help me remember during the game what I'm doing (and acts as a easy way for me to record any secret schemes), and what the opponent might be doing. If you are going to use your deck for this, then you will need a deck each, because you will both want the same 5 scheme cards to look at. Picking based on look is a good way to do it. Some masters are harder to learn than others, but none are impossible to learn with. Seamus and Pandora are both relatively simple to pick up a basic play style for (although still hard to master). They both do focus on Wp duels a lot more than most, so learning with these two will give you a slightly warped view of the game, but not significantly warped. You'll probably value high wp more than most people, and prefer models that can attack wp. When playign these boxes against each other, the Pandora box has more SS value. I would suggest games of 30-35ss, allowing you some customisation of the crews, which might mean that panodra doesn't use one of her sorrows, or many upgrades. If you want to start playing without upgrades (A bit like playing Warhammer without buying Magic items for the Characters) then you might want to play 25-30 ss. As you expand your collections, I would recommend playing 50 ss games, its the most balanced, but smaller games are still fun, and a good way to learn. I started sleeving all my figure cards, but it was too time consuming, so not I use the 9 card pages to put my crew in and use dry wipe onto those. I think the ones I have are ultra pro, but any gaming shop that does ccgs will have some, and they are really cheap. Enjoy
  6. Finding terraclips is not easy, its been out of production. Any 2 sets can be used to cover a 3*3 board, but it can be a bit of a push. And if you want multiple levels then any 3 sets is much better. Scheme markers can easily be made to fit in with the look of your crew, even in the simplest form of them being the same basing as the crew, just without a figure on. More elabarate things can be done to make them fit your crew if you want.
  7. Claim Jump - list of models

    Arcanist Wind gamin, Blessed of december, sabertooth cerberus, Boris the dancing bear (Slate ridge mauler), Union Miner, Ice dancer. Large based models with Well rehersed. Showgirls with a manniquin. Cassandra, Practise produstions, Fire starter, RAil golem, Scorpinois. Models with imbued energies Resserectionist Necropunks, Dead doxy Ten thunders Wandering river monk Outcasts Bishop, Ashes and dust, Aionius, Wokou raider, rat king, Scion of the void, model with Oathkeeper Gremlin Bayou gremlin, Burt, Merris, piglets with corn husks, Gracie, Whiskey Golem (plenty of stuff with reckless that I can't think of just now) Guild constructs with Hoffmans modifications. Executioner Blimey arcansist have an easy time of it...
  8. The Trigger on his issue commands will heal the minion. Ringsnake appears to be wrong. I can't see an easy way for Lucius to heal at a quick glance. EDIT Ringsnake talks about using the trigger to heal the minion you did 2 damage to regain a soulstone used as part of Devils deal. Look at the resources page for the gaining grounds packs (organised play formats) They aren't in the published books. The books do have story encounters, but there is no need to keep current on these https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources it probably only have the latest version, (GG 2017) but that contains the new strategies from gaining grounds 2015 and new schemes, so you are missing the schemes that GG2016 introduced, but I don't think anyone is particually using them anymore. If you really want them for completeness sake, send me a message I still have it saved.
  9. Reckless = OP?

    On'y Wild ones was for winning something. (and Tara's general existance) The others were just general this would be cool.
  10. Reckless = OP?

    Nightmare Whiskey Golem (also only existed as a faction for 5 gencons)
  11. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Wyrd don't discount their stuff. Their "sales" allow purchasing of limited edition stuff and pre release stuff (although less of this now) that you otherwise couldn't buy. As Aaron said they have always put on the webstore the same stuff that you could buy at Gencon (at least since malifauxs first birthday gencon when I've been buying them).
  12. Reckless = OP?

    Cheers there were a bunch of unknown factions on the rankings site, so I just discounted them Just to say gremlins don't have low wp. Or below avergae stats (as long as you discount Ht as a stat) What they do have is an absence of defence tech. There is not very much hard to wound, incorporeal, armour or hard to kill in the faction. (not none, but not very much).
  13. Reckless = OP?

    It was also only 2 gremlin players in the top 50, out of a total of 12 Gremlin players at the UKGT2016. Not really dominating. 2 firsts, 1 second and 1 3rd in the last 10 ranked events in the uk is right on the average I would have reckless (and drunk and ) give fast, but thats about the only change I would think was needed.
  14. healing is not always essential. The models are as effective on 1 wound as on full wounds in a lot of cases. If you chose to go the Philip and Datsue ba route, then look at the upgrade that lets you drop a scheme marker next to spirit that is killed. Its a way you can use kirais summoning on 1 turn to set up Philips card cycling next turn. (If you go this way, then an ideal first turn is summon a drowned off a seishin killing it and dropping a marker, summon a hanged of a seishin, killing it dropping a scheme, summon a hanged of the drowned, killing it and dropping 2 schemes, giving you enough markers for turns 2 and 3 for Philip. I like take back the night on Philip, for more cards, but its a tough fit t this points level. And can see a strong use for Muhuahua on kirai if you want to fuel your summoning in other ways. In effect it gives you lots of free wounds to summon off since you are generating plenty or corpses if you are summoning the undead spirits.
  15. Neverborn - rate our masters

    I've not put him on the table this year, so I can't really place him relative to the others (I've also not played enough GG2017 to be comfortable on how that affects different crews power levels), but he has a place. He is probably the most efficient schemer of the 4, but he is probably also the one that most needs a crew to support him.