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  1. Asami's Heavenly Design

    I'd disagree. You would normally want to consider on top of a building as terrain. Most Vantage points are that sort of thing.
  2. I was talking about attacks that have a minimum damage 1, or possibly 2 as a weak attack, in which case the Armour+2 is not the reason they aren't dying fast. But a model with no armour and a high Df stat could be worse. . It'll need a lot more weak low attacks to kill it, because they miss and don't hurt it, where as against the Armor they are still doing the same damage. You have to be doing 3+ damage before armour +2 is better than armour+1, which eitehr means you have a beater , who probably should be focusing to get moderate or severe, or you are getting lucky with non beater models hitting well.
  3. Sonnia vs lucius+dashel+riflemen

    Look at Nurse Heartsbane, not just a nurse.
  4. Decision for a new player

    Part of that is because there isn't an easy right answer. A lot of it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are doing Reckoning for example, then you want to create a "killing ground" where you can bring models to and remove them. If you are doing Reconnotre you need to have models that can eitehr survive on their own, or with a resonable range from other people. You probably also want to project force. So Titania with her box crew is probably lookign more at bringing models togetehr and getting those scheme markers placed to heal Titania and hurt enmies, where as lilith has some super mobile tots that typically want to run off on their own and drop markers, where as lilith just ties up the big threats from the opponent to stop them scoring.
  5. Almost all of the models with printed Armour+2 are not monstrous sinks for anyone to kill. They may be slow, but you learn, that you might be better focussing and getting 1 high damage hit rather than 2 low damage hits, or they are easy to hit, so die to a high number of weak attacks (most of which will hit because they are often low Df)
  6. Whilst I agree that the trick ought to be changed. (My suggestion is for Imbued to not kick off sacrificed) I find that I much prefer to have my blessed or Cerberus to have an upgrade, and so I almost never Pick Myranda for her shape change ability. If I want one of those more expensive beasts, I normally want them to be fast or well rehersed themselves for that critical turn and the 1 ss tax is worth it for that slot
  7. Asami's Heavenly Design

    I would say that she can't be placed on top of anything that is terrrrain, because then her base is touching terrain. So no you can't place her on a flat piece of severe terrain, because her base would be touching it.
  8. Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    That doesn't make any difference at all here. Cheating cards is something that happens after you have flipped cards. So if you flip a ram, you will heal, even if you later cheat a tome in instead. The question is if I flip with positive or negative flips, do I get to consider all the suits of those cards I took from the deck, or only those from the card I used to be the result of the flip.
  9. UK Nationals 2017

    Thank you to Mike and his team for organising an enjoyable weekend gaming. Thank you to everyone who bought a table (Special thanks to Dave who covered at least half the tables on his own!) Thank you to my 7 opponents who all gave me a fun game And everyone else who was there. I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. Looking forward to nest year
  10. Alternate Starter Set crew

    The starter set figures were designed to be used to teach, so no triggers on the minions and avoiding complex mechanics like summoning. But if the people you are using it for are unlikely to be too confused by that sort of extra complexity then you could easily use just about anything.
  11. Which Master to chose

    In my opinion all the masters in the game can be played competitively whilst meeting your criteria, but Hamlin is probably the one that is most likely to summon a large swarm of relatively unimportant things, because they just happen around him. Its hard for me to say what is easy for you to understand, but all the masters cards are avalible on the website, so you can see what they say and do. Whilst upgrades will change them, you don't have to hire any upgrades if you don't want to. All malifaux models have some degree of "Trick" to them, so it might be s simple as Perdita suddenly relocating to a different place at the start of her activation, or Lucius switching places with another model and then making that model take 2 extra actions, and what extremes you consider dirty shennigans is something only you can say. Your best bet is to Pick a Master you like the look of, and like the rules for, and play that master until you feel you understand the rules of the game. The you can decide if you like that Master or not. Any master can be used to play in almost any style.
  12. Sort of yes, but she can only hit 2 models if you aren't bunched up in the normal sense. If you are bunched up she can easily hit more than 2 models.
  13. Here is a thread where Nathan talks about this sort of topic
  14. Even if the intent of the app is that you will not need to do any on table tracking, I think that it is very early in the life of the App as something used by players to say that its fine to do so. I can't get the App to work on my phone, and I haven't faced an opponent with it yet, so this is with no actual experience but since its less that 2 weeks old and there has been some in game tracking bugs as well as Crew building bugs reported, I would be very loath to rely on an opponent to use it only. (Although I am very Anti its use in game anyway. I love the idea of it as a reference tool, I hate the idea of it as a game aid) I remember the release of the Crew builder the first time round, and people claiming things were now allowed because the official crew builder let them do it, when it was just incorrectly coded. I've already seen one or two threads out there thinking that because the app let them build it in a certain way, those were the actual rules.
  15. I know my local stores have to reach a minimum order with their supplier before they can order anything. So just because I went in and asked for box X, it may well take some time until the store builds up a big enough order to make its order from the supplier. The Supplier I assume also has a minimum size order, so if your item is not in stock with them, it might not instantly be ordered with wyrd, but instead just added to their next order, which could easily not happen until a couple of months after you spoke with the store. And thats the first Wyrd know of you wanting it. So saying they haven't delivered in that time is not fair on them, because It hasn't been ordered from them yet. And I assume some stock is sent by sea, so its not going to arrive straight after it gets ordered anyway.