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  1. Bishops ability to attack df or Wp along with neverborns relatively easy access to Wp debuff skills are probably the main combination that see him suggested. He is a toolboix able to ignore almost all defences between his combination of picking a stat, and guaranteed trigger of his choice. Does that make him more useful than a native neverborn beater? That's personal choice, but Bishop can be at his best when combined with daydreams, insidious madnesses, web markers, misery auras and so forth.
  2. Well since you seem to be assuming Brewmaster is already in the right place for his stuff, perhaps Seamus can interact and summon. The as well as him killing a 6ish soulstone model a turn, he is scoring leave your mark, and potentially preventing interference. Or he interacts, shoots and moves to score/deny Interference. Or, one I quite like using, is he kills something, and then corpse bloats to explode the corpse near several other enemy models who are on -2 wp. (Or is he is in the middle of several models, drop a corpse, explode it, and heal up from all the lost wp tests. Hopefully killing another model, allowing another explosion...) The mobility of Seamus is much greater than that of the brewmaster, as is the survivability (at least in my experience). Yes, Seamus can't interact straight after a back alley, but he can do so next turn if he wants to. they try and do different things, but intrinsically a master which controls a model every turn has to do a lot more than a master that just removed the model outright the first time. Here is Stryders post about the Master finals he won, explaining what he likes about Seamus, a lot of it looks to me like it is still relevant to GG2017. He still rated him as one of the competitive resser masters in April2016, so he still thinks he did well in GG2016.
  3. You really have bizarre ideal circumstances. They appear to be forcing Seamus to have to move every time, and never even doing his summoning yet never force brewmaster to move. Sorry your argument doesn't persuade me. I'm going to agree with Math, I would rather use Seamus, and rather face Brewmaster to get me good results based on experience. The UK master 2 years ago won the event with Seamus, beating the "overpowered" Leveticus in the final. So Seamus might not be Jamies cup of tea, but can't be ruled out based on results.
  4. The top Kirai player was 1 place short of the masters in the ranking, so I don't know if that statement is very releveant (He'd one the GT the year before with Mono Kirai, and in that year only lost 2 tournament games with her despite having played her at every event he entered so most of the other top players knew exactly what they would face). I'm not sure this works well against the top Kirai players, as they probably have sufficient redundancy in the crew, and you are holding a very large part of your crew in one place trying to do one thing that isn't even scoring you points. You're right. They do have a (0) to place next to an adversay I think, but that's not as good as a (1) charge I would agree that Kirai is a tough master to get the most out of, but when she is played well she has very few weaknesses to try and exploit. When she isn't played well she can have a lot of weaknesses seem to show up.
  5. If that's how your meta play, then that's going to make him less good. No counter to that, unless you learn to build arcanist crews that don't use armour (which is a perfectly easy thing to do), and alter your own meta. You can take advantage of his slowness and use the metal gamin to give him protection from metal. Then the anti armour models your opponent has hired aren't going to be anywhere near as much use (and if they go after the metal gamin, they are probably in range of the Golem, who will make short work of them).
  6. You build your crew after you know what the mission is, rather than before hand, so that's why it can be hard to see what a standard list looks like, because there isn't a standard game. Once you have selected your leader (typically a master, especially at 50 ss, but could be a henchman in smaller sized games) you then can hire any model from the faction, and up to two mercenaries. A few masters also have other extra models they can hire. So when you are looking at the product in the shop they will have a coloured faction logo, and anything with the same faction logo can work together. (A few boxes have 2 faction logos, this is because they contain duel faction models who can be hired by either faction). The resources page on the wyrd website is good to get a run down of the masters, and Pull my finger is one of the best resources for giving a summery of what any model does (Although I don't think we, as a community, have updated it for the book 4 stuff yet). .
  7. I often use him in Close deployment games for things like turf war and extraction. He is a big threat when he gets to an area, and as such he can distort an enemy plan. Don't expect him to live, especially if they have good armour ignoring attacks. But if they have to swarm him then he has probably made his points. His standard attack is a pretty solid attack in its own right, with the auto slow trigger ad a waek of 3 damage. The Blade and claw upgrade might well give him a new lease of life, but you will still probably want to think about some form of healing. (Its cheaper to add in than something like Snowstorm which also boosts his mobility) He hits harder for a single attack than any other model. Its not that hard to give him positives to his damage flip (hello tookit), so if you are holding a red joker, almost nothing survives (to be fair, very little survives a normal smash attack). I would never put him in a "general" list, but then I don't really make general lists. When I need something that hits really hard, and doesn't need to move much to score, he is a serious consideration. If my opponent doesn't have much armour ignoring, then he easily safe guard a stash marker, and make it pretty hard for anything else to stay in the area for any length of time.
  8. I like her with Ironsides (at least in theory) because you want to have injured models, and the 2 of them together make it much harder for the enemy to remove the injured models. She is certainly a control style figure and I would use her in games when I wanted control of the enemy, rather than games where I used master x. Probably very useful in things like reckoning, Collect the bounty and head hunter to reduce their killing plans as well as" liability", "Missing forms" and " actually our claims extend" to potentially restrict interact schemes I can see her working well with models like the Cerberus to help keep the 3 headed, mages for their Wp boost, Rasputina to help protect important Ice mirrors, Ramos for the spider summons, performers in things like Squatters rights, even if you don't protect the squat markers you performers are stealing, you're getting soulstone every time they re-claim them.
  9. In my view no-one has specific scheme runners because no one has a specific crew (and no model is just for 1 master unless it is literally only allowed to be field by with that master like the totems) , and nothing is just a scheme runner. (be prepared for surprise answers to that sort of question from me)
  10. Drowned can be pretty good summons as when they die they drop a marker, allowing surprise "scheme running" and summoning all in 1 neat package. Datsuba gan get an ura up which means the spiits that die drop schememarkers, which can be used in a similar manner ( be warned that killing a drown in the aura will drop 2, but some schemes won't let you score if the scheme markers are too close) Necropunks are always good scheme runners. Gaki aren't bad and the crew can typically give spirits plenty of extra movement
  11. 1 the changing can copy the action, but they are casting it on a 4 needing a target number of 11 for it to have any chance of succeeding, so its much much worse with them than with Lynch. It is a once per turn action, but that means its a once per turn per model. You also need to have given the model brilliance somehow. Typically people doing Final debt do so with Lynch, but they are activating him last for the extra cards, so that won't work for changlings 2 This works just as you say. 3 and 4 I'm not sure what Twist you are talking about. Yes, colloid can make the wretches take action during his turn, and those actions they get a positive flip for the duels, but this doesn't increase the number or the damage. Making the blood wretches fast so they can use the rage builds and they can charge in the same activation is good. But Collidi making them do the rage builds during his activation doesn't help them during their activation as it only lasts until the end of the activation. 4 Yes, you can target an un damaged model to give them the brand new strings condition. This is helpful if Collodi is going to use my will on them to give them extra positive flips
  12. For the Yokai to drop a corpse marker they must attack an enemy model with their Kama, have a crow in the final duel total (so have used a Crow card in the duel) and declared the just a taste trigger and won the duel. If those all happen, then they will drop a corpse counter, and Toshiro can attempt to summon an ashigaru from that corpse. (if you have bought the right upgrade for him) (He can only do that in his turn, so the corpse will have to be made before he activates). If they attack a friendly model, or don't have a crow (or have instead declared another trigger such as soul burn), or lose the duel, then they won't get the corpse. Hope that's clear
  13. Remember Law of meat is a (1) action rather than a (0) action (which the Chaunt is). So you're probably restricted to a 16" walk. It also doesn't require the target to be a beast. So you can do what you wanted to do.
  14. There are 2 risks of picking the rider as a counter quick murder choice. Firstly, whilst its not so common now, there was a time people always expected the Mech rider in an Arcanist list, and its not a hard model to build to kill (Condiiton damage, indirect damage and trigger ignoring can be put into almost every list). It lasts about 1Ap more than a blessed if you are hunting it with Nekima for example. And then you have a lot of the game riding on the Rider living and being useful. Secondly, your opponent has a pretty good idea at scheme selection if they are going to be able to kill the mech rider. And So they have a good idea if they pick the scheme or not. Something like a blessed is a lot more versatile in its use, potentially making it harder to try and guess if you are capable of doing the scheme. And the more choices you make your opponent make, the more likely they make a bad one. That said, mech rider is a solid model and if you are going to pick it anyway, don't let the fact its the quick murder target stop you
  15. From my experience, Kirais greatest strength compared to Nicodem is probably Swirl spirits, with a strong mention of the general difficulty to be able to threaten her crew. I've played one game against her when she didn't reach the half way line before I had finished activating my models on turn 5, but she was still able to score 3points for Breakthrough on corner deployment by the end of the turn. Joe Wood talks on Schemes and stones about how he used her to win the UKGT with a largely fixed crew, its a little outside of the box due to a lot of the potwential card cycling he built into it to allow him to typicallyl look at 10-15 cards a turn allowing him to summon what he wants, and to pressure with every duel.