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  1. Adran

    How to Alpha?

    It's hard to ensure everything is going to be in cover when sonnia is pushing so far, and even if they managed it the best thing is probably to spend stones on the attack, one for the positive flip to cancel cover and one to get the burning trigger.
  2. Adran

    Imbued Protection?

    The only things I can think of are things which prevent healing. Although they don't always stop it... I played one game where my blessed could not heal, but ended up using it to survive an instant kill effect.
  3. Adran

    McCabe or Nellie??

    Guild hounds are not a "must" ( but then I don't think such a thing exists UN the game). But they are a very good scheming unit when you have Luna. Not sure if their value has gone down with cheaper guards...
  4. Adran

    How does surround them work....

    Surrounded them only talks about deployment not table half. Flank and corner will only have 1 corner in each deployment zone.
  5. We always end the game at that point so end of game stuff happens.
  6. Adran

    How to Alpha?

    McCabe is a good enabler, but won't help other masters. Brutal emissary can be used to move models with some out of activation actions. Depending on what you're facing, one of the reasons for out activation is because your target will hopefully be nearer to you so less ap spent on movement. Perdita can push to a family member, and you can either move one up, or from the shadows Nino for maximum range. Or she can use obey to move your alpha striker 3 times before it activates.
  7. Ignoring an ability or condition is not the same as removing it. The improved harness does not stop you from removing the armour.
  8. Adran

    Imbued Protection?

    Enforcers, but yes it is almost guaranteed to stop death so better
  9. Adran

    Imbued Protection?

    Part of your problem is you've missed one of the advantages of the upgrade. It discourages the enemy from attacking your model. So them not attackign the upgraded model is actually giving you value. Likewise if upping Kaeris defence means they don't think they can do Eliminate the leadership, you've just reduced their possible schemes from 5 to 4. The Discard effect of the upgrade to prevent damage normally pays back 1 ss from its cost in effect, because its doing the same as a prevention flip. So paying 1 SS for +1 Df is not bad.
  10. Adran

    Growing Injustice Drawbacks?

    Looks like an accurate reading. It suggests that its not a good idea to rely too much on summoned cursed upgrades because they aren't as useful as hired upgrades, so where possible use the summoned ones to summon a new guilty
  11. Adran

    Card advantage?

    Lynch is the master of Card advantage, in a combination of his card draw, and his ability which allows his crew to discard aces without losing the card. There are several ways to try and abuse these mechanics, ranging from the simple use a ten thunders brother, and his card cycling becomes draw if you have the aces, to the potentially complex Torkage shuffle utilising Lusts Df trigger and the Torkage rapid fire to draw cards on every attack. Its worth noting that whilst Sensi yu can use Lynch's muligan ability, it will not allow him to discard the aces and regain them (The action had to be specifically written to dis-allow that combination). Zoraida has the bewitched spell, whihc can get a decent number of cards on the right target. Dreamer has an upgrade that gives him several cards. Neverborn get an upgrade that lets them cycle 3 cards from the soulstone they spend to draw cards, which will combine nicely, with things like rush of magic and Arcane resevoir. Lileth with the Lovelace sisters, and a primordial magic are then draw to 13 keep 7 each turn, Sonnia with the Brutal Effigy can draw cards for every kill. Combine that with her new upgrade that adds blasts to her Ml attack, and the Trigger on her sword to draw cards for every ram in the attack, and she can draw a stupid number of cards, but largely by being in a dangerous location. (The Brutal effigy works well with her ranged attack as well, and most of the guild masters don't really struggle to kill things so will get a few cards from the effigy buff). Nicodem can take an upgrade that lest him draw cards when undead die, and then used Zombies to fuel his summoning so drawing cards in the process. There are lots of ways to draw cards in all factions. I've listed a very small number, you're probably best to just read through the books, because there are plenty of ways to draw. I couldn't even list all the ways in Arcanists to draw cards without worrying I'd missed several.
  12. Adran

    Our worst models

    I agree that's what I think he is referring to, but in that case his point is that he doesn't play Ophelia because the other models that appear in her box have low defence, which may be a reason to not buy the box, but not to not use her if you already own her.
  13. Adran

    Gwyneth Maddox Question

    Previously we have also been told that it shows a models knowledge and understanding and affinities ( which may be picked up on later). So Gwen may just have a strong necrotic bend to the way she brings people to her table.
  14. Adran

    Our worst models

    This is your problem. The df of the crew isn't poor unless you pick models with poor df. It doesn't have to be worse than the df of a Sommer or zipp crew if you don't want it to be.
  15. Adran

    Our worst models

    I will agree from the shadow is a lot better than unimpeded for a sniper, but in general in the game it's a lot closer, and board depending. And if your opponent can engage the trapper it is a lot worse. ( sure it can escape,but that's probably cost it a lot in threat for that turn. And I've certainly played games where that ideal spot ended up neutering the trapper because it couldn't push to escape once I got there. Trapped is better overall, and I don't try and use of them for the same jobs anyway,