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  1. Guild in Hard mode

    I think thats Lady Justices new Upgrade, which helps her get reposte
  2. Sorry Disagree. Assuming Rob Lo has the text correct. Nothing in the above posted wording says they can only use it in their activation. It says that they can only take 1 action per activation, but that means they could take 1 action during Models A activation, one during model b's activation as well as one during their own activation. Each is a different activation. The Playtest files did limit it to their own activation, but that appears to have gone. If it is Bobs activation, and Bob is engaged with a mindles zombie. Bob declares a walk action and the zombie chooses to declare a disengaging strike. It can choose to use Undead Minions for the strike. If it hits Bob can use his second AP to walk away again, and whilst the Zombie can declare a disengaging strike, it can't use Undead minions because it has already used 1 action this activation
  3. Yes. they can choose to gain the paralysed condition, but because they are immune to paralyse, it will have no effect on them.
  4. Tuning down Red Joker on damage

    My point is that the red joker probably didn't matter. A tooled up Vik of Blood/Ash should Kill Reva in 1 chain activation, so the end result was about the same. Reva is more than capable of Killing Lazarus in one activation without the red joker damage.
  5. New player - choice of master

    Dr Grimwell, Nurse Hartsbane and the 2 orderlies are all witch hunters. brutal Effigy is pretty go with most guild masters, Sonnia can heal and draw quite a few cards with his support most turns. Death Marshals always offer a threat, if only because they can remove a model from the board for several turns. Judge can really pump up himself or other models. (12 attacks from the judge is possible in 1 turn, which if he is boosted by Debt to the guild makes a mess of just about everything.
  6. Summoners into GG2018

    I don't like inventing new game rules- such as game effects to try and solve something. Conditions and Traits already exist, but things which affect them already exist. But thats laregly by the by. I think the problem with your rule is you have decided there are 2 forms of summoning from their theme, and lumped things accordingly. Where as I think its not as clear cut as that. By your rules Myranda turning into a Hoarcat pride would still count, but Myranda turning into a Canine remains, Flesh construct, Steampunk abomination, Gaki, or Onryu would not, but thematically they ought to be equivalent. The only difference is the model controlling the "shifting" Yan Lo Thematically is not "conjuring" because he only creates what you already hired. Also, in previous rules it has been possible to Dance apart Corephyee duets and scatter spider Swarms. Ashes and Dust already "shifts" into 2 models and I'm not entirely sure how you ought to look at the Desolation engine breaking apart and re-forming. Also Why Does Chompy deserve a special exclusion (as the only Henchmen that I know of that you can summon) as a Conjuration that still counts. Or is that bcasue thematically you think it is a shift, even though the rules don't support it being that way? Wyrd will do what it does, and I imagine that what ever way they go I will happily play it.
  7. FAQ 104. Joss has Burning +3 and Armor +2. He’s within the healing aura from Kearis’ Purifying Fire upgrade, does his Armor reduce the healing to 1 or does he heal the full 3? He would heal the full 3, regardless of modifiers. Similarly, anything which would increase the Burning damage would not increase the healing from Purifying Fire.
  8. Is Collodi next on the chopping block?

    You're right I didn't look back far enough.. Empty night is unrestricted in the number of times it can be used. It does only allow Ml actions. It is Minion or Nightmare, which is probably better than Minion or Puppet. (Isn't Vasila the only non minion puppet? ) Whilst issue command is restricted, Lucius does also have commanding presence, to get 2 things. And Yes, Issue command is probably better than Prompt now.
  9. Blasts vs. Misdirection and TC warrior.

    Does the attack deal any damage? If that is a yes, then after damaging triggers will go off. Going from memory, the blasts would originate from the Terracota warrior following misdirect becasue the warrior is now the targte of the action. Which I think means it can't easily use thosand strong, but that depends on the wordign of misdirect
  10. Is Collodi next on the chopping block?

    I don't even think My will is the most powerful "obey" action in faction. Issue command is better, because of the triggers, but does have to flip a card. If you just want to make an attack, then you probably want the certaintly of My Will., but something like Issue command (or prompt) are much better at scoring VPs, which is normally the important thing. Empty Night is often better if you want to attack because of the mobility, but does still require a card And During the Public playtest from what I recall Hinamatsu was always designed to not work with my will. I know I got in several discussiona about it
  11. From that wording, you can use it for disengaging strikes (well for 1 disengaging strike per activation). You are still only allowed to take 1 action from her card each activation. Making 2 hands from below attacks would require you to take 2 actions from her card, so not allowed.
  12. Anti-Hamelin Tech?

    You can't obey Bishop to Haymaker, so you only get 1 shot at it. I assume you're using Obey to move bishop up the field. That's a fair number of WP duels Bishop will be failing along the way. Ashes needs all 3 attacks to hit, and to reach moderate on 1 of them to kill an illuminated, so I'm not sure I'd call that easy. But Illuminated are slightly hamstrung against Hamlin due to large numbers of not brilliant models. Are you going to have to tell your opponent which master you are using before the game? Or are you just expecting them to be using Hamlin and planning on counter building? In all honesty your best bet is to build a list to do what you need to do to score.
  13. Opposed Duel Sequence (from the rules page 27) 1. Declare Soulstone Use 2. Flip Fate Card and Add Stat 3. Choose to Cheat Fate (lower total has first option to cheat, if its tied its the defender first) 4. Declare one Trigger 5. Determine Success the TN of an action does not matter until you get to part 5, determine success.
  14. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Why wait till the end of Turn. Witchling Stalkers are perfectly capable of ending the condition on her when you need it to end. I agree, if it were a (1) or she was instinctual, it would be much easier to get to a position that she can survive and blast at the end of turn.
  15. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Inferno is not a good plan A. Its a decent plan B, but I don't think you can really try and force its use onto a game.