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  1. Shadowopal

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Do you want Grodd!?!? This is how you end up with Grodd!!!
  2. Shadowopal

    Above the Law

    Soooooo dark.
  3. I like the fact that I can download everything at once to my tablet and read it without data connection. It is a good mix of topics. I am afraid that blogs don't keep things varied enough. Admittedly, I don't follow blogs. So not the most informed on the topic. But the few that I have visited seem pretty focused. I also like the magazine layout of the Chronicles. I keep wishing on every star I can find for a print version.
  4. Shadowopal

    TtB Publication Index

    Thanks for all your efforts in this.
  5. Shadowopal

    Are we seeing any guild players at adepticon?

    As long as Bilz brothers show up there will be sonnia at least.
  6. Shadowopal


    Oh man. I am soooooo looking forward to these.
  7. Shadowopal

    The Future of Through The Breach!

    Well, the only caveat is that was Mack Martin talking. I am not sure what Mason has in store for us.
  8. Shadowopal

    Is ttb alive?

    Guild is the next book to be released. Soon I hope. I want my nightmares.
  9. Shadowopal

    New "Reputation" Options

    Counting down the seconds until someone disrespectfully disagrees.
  10. Shadowopal

    Honeypot Casino

    Not that I have seen. Maps are sparse in through the Breach.
  11. Shadowopal

    Second edition full character sheet (4 page)

    Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Shadowopal


    That would be awesome. Iconic shops would be fun as well. Nicodem's undertaker shop Levi's Salvage shop.
  13. Shadowopal


    Wow! That looks awesome!
  14. Shadowopal

    Branded bags & shaped foam trays?

    Don't care about foam as I magnatize. But patches would be cool.
  15. Shadowopal

    Adventures not available in PDF

    Huh... Hadn't noticed it was missing. Good call.