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  1. Titania and will o' wisps

    The autumn Knights all give out slow if a model is engaged with them (the enemy does a wp flip) it's a front of the card ability. Also cyclops can hand it out with no resist if you get lucky with their runes. also is it confirmed in rules about Aeslin not stopping lure? We've been playing that it does. "Until the end of the turn friendly models within 6" may not be moved, pushed, or placed by the Actions, Abilities, or Triggers of enemy models."
  2. Who/What are the Fae?

    I think that is the imprisoned name. There is a lot of new background in through the breach 2.0 core
  3. Who/What are the Fae?

    It's malifaux, so my guess is another tyrant, like despair, or death.
  4. Who/What are the Fae?

    plus if you take her Righteous Indignation all Enforcers and Minions become Fae (and undead), which I like to image are just ancient creatures that had been imprisoned and are just kind of leaking out of Nythera.
  5. Cyclops vs rougarou

    Thanks for the writeup. I just ran Rougarou and Tooth combo last night after reading it here. It worked pretty well, and was quite a surprise. Even more humorous with "deal with him" on the Tooth, because the push isn't a trigger, it just happens. I've also started trying out the Gorar again, and I think he is worth the extra point if you are also running a cyclops. The paralyze threat is much more real when the slow just happens from the runes, and the pillars can help block LOS to whatever death zone you have to move it into. I look forward to your next one.
  6. Aeslin...

    Interesting. Would you mind expanding more on your list here?
  7. Aeslin...

    But see, how do you survive close enough for them to get that negative twist? If it affected models targeted within 6" (or even 3") I'd be all over it, as it is, she has died horribly any time I have tried.
  8. A Clear Path push

    Ah great, thanks! That is what I was thinking was in the rules but couldn't find it, I didn't think to check the errata.
  9. Aeslin...

    This is probably my favorite model in Malifaux at the moment so I REALLY want to make her work, or at least not be a waste of points, so give me your best Aeslin stories and experience.
  10. A Clear Path push

    Hi there, I was reading through pullmyfinger and saw this under The Tooth. I thought I read somewhere that once you have met the requirement of a push it ended, but can't find that now. Does this mean I can push to the opposite side of a scheme marker? "Her mobility is about what one would consider average, and she has two built in boosts to mobility; both as (0) actions. One is the power to push an enemy model within 8" into BtB with her as a (0) attack action. So it's possible to get a 13" threat range on a single close combat attack with The Blossoming Blade. The other is a (0) tactical action that lets The Thorn push into BtB contact with a scheme marker within 4". Note that the wording of that second option, called A Clear Path, does not say 'push this model 4"', it says 'push this model into BtB with a scheme marker within 4"'. In addition to working against either friendly or enemy scheme markers, this ability lets the The Tooth push up to 4" plus the base width of the target scheme marker and her own base width; a little over 6" when the stars align."
  11. Titania feels

    Yeah the only clarification is it only makes minions and enforcers undead fae.
  12. Titania feels

    I killed Dreamer with it last night. I was pretty stoked.
  13. 5 models, 50 points

    HA! Good call...
  14. 5 models, 50 points

    @Ludvig it was his first game with Yas, not sure if he knows about it but I'll pass along the tip! @Mutter thanks - the opponent I was playing against actually made it for me - it is gorgeous.
  15. cyclops rules

    The free slow is super good. There is no way to guarantee other than having them near lots of scheme markers (and even that isn't 100%). I wrote up a bit more about them in my 5 model crew battle report I just wrote.