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  1. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    I have the metal box but thanks for the heads up! Yeah summoning is always decent, extra AP wins games. I absolutely LOVE Asami because she has the different play styles she can do which makes her crazy flexible and keeps her interesting. I am hoping for the same with Dreamer.
  2. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    Thanks - hmmm wondering now if I should wait to start him. I completely forgot it was already August...
  3. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    I admittedly just skimmed a few pages on this topic, but didn't see much on the Tantrum/Shooty version of Dreamer. Can anyone point me to a good resource on that style of Dreamer play post errata and book 4?
  4. Errata cards

    I only see one for the FAQ, not the cards. And the cards aren't listed in the FAQ, just a summary.
  5. Errata cards

    Is there a place to download a pdf of all of the errata cards for Neverborn or does one have to go image by image on the FAQ page? Thanks!
  6. Malifaux: Ten Thunders: YASUNORI

    yeah not even slowest in book 4 ;-)
  7. Why play Ten Thunders

    The thing I've found in this game is the worse my hand management is, the worse my flips are and the more they matter. I found in the past I'd try and cheat stuff that really didn't matter all that much and then be out of cards when it did. It was hard to realize that more often than not I was the reason I was having such bad luck, and it didn't really resonate until I watched a game with the best player in the club and saw how often he didn't cheat, and just accepted a flip on a straight. If the opponent flipped a weak, awesome, because either he took min damage anyway, or awesome because the opponent just lost a decent card out of their hand that was likely earmarked for something else, and was then dependent upon luck to enact the basic plan. edit: This also goes for those "nice to have but actually unnecessary" which 10t has a lot of. Also cheating a moderate for damage when much of our stuff only steps up a single point or even 2 - it's often not going to kill the model in the same turn. I've really tried hard to spend the game only cheating what is necessary and it makes a big difference.
  8. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Akaname'

    Thanks for doing these! I absolutely love these models, they are so cute! I painted up the garbage can on mine to look more like a cup of popcorn with popcorn coming out to match one of my opponent's dark carnival.
  9. Yamaziko with Asami

    Smoke pillars on summoned jorogumo. Also if you can get extra flicker when summoning the Jorogumo it can do the bury and place at end of turn.
  10. Shenlong, what should he be doing?

    Will you be the father of my children @InvokeChaos? seriously, this should be stickied
  11. Yamaziko with Asami

    Anyone run this combo yet? I tried it out for the first time the other day and while I underestimated my opponents shooting and lost her to an oathkeeper Parker activation I think there might be some interesting application of jorogumo (both hired and summoned with 2+ flicker). Anyway has anyone tried it out yet?
  12. New to Ten Thunders

    Shenlong is not a simple master, though. That needs to be made very clear. He can do so much, and so enable his crew that it is easy to just spend the whole game being "cute" but not actually doing anything, which can lead to frustration. Asami is really fun, and if you are looking to just stick to 10t as a secondary faction, she is interesting, if you are just starting and don't want to lay out a ton, she is actually decent as a caster. Granted, you won't be able to use a lot of it in other factions, but she's great if you don't want to buy the whole faction. You can spot pick some single non-oni models like 10t brothers, lone swordsman, etc, and basically be done and be able to compete in most every scheme/strat.
  13. Asami List Theoryfaux

    I played another game with her last night after having flirted with Misaki and Shenlong for a few weeks. She is just so amazingly flexible. I ultimately lost but it was 7-10 as opposed to the last time I played this opponent (far and away the best in our group). Last time I lost 0-10 with Shenlong and felt I had no idea how I was going to get points. This game my opponent had to work at it, plus she got to devour Asami with her other mouth, and that's always cathartic. Also this was the first game with a good pool for Feigned Weakness, and getting 4 free summons was nice. Sucks they still keep slow though.
  14. Triggers on attacks, charges, yokai

    Just adding for posterity that this was cleared up in the FAQ in case someone searches for it in the forum rather than the FAQ. "Yokai that get an extra action on a charge do not get the Frenzied Charge bonus to it"
  15. Help against Asami?

    People have no problem pointing out a jorogumo as a tough thing and that requires a 13 of masks(yes, she can use ss, but she likes those for damage prevention unless you are just letting her do what she wants, in which case you will be drowned in murder monkeys). You have a ton of card cycling so it shouldn't be too difficult to get that card in hand. Asami burns through cards like crazy. If you force her to hold on to two cards that limits her, and if you do manage to knock off a heavenly design you really screw her gameplan hard. In the mean time, Hans can also one shot a terracotta warrior, or any of the scheme runners, regardless of which 10t master, and we are very upgrade reliant, shoot the conflux off of the emissary, shoot recalled training off of the beat stick enforcer, shoot promising disciple off of Yu. Shenlong likely has enough card you won't really threaten him, but if you get a chance to knock off his style he can't switch for the rest of the game, so will need to be a bit more conservative. You need to threaten her and keep her on the defensive. I have more games against rezzers than any other faction(followed closely by Outcasts) Molly is a pain, Reva is a pain because the corpse candle can't really be stopped and her beat down is really tough to take for a fairly fragile glass cannon. Kirai can play her own game as she always does, and a pair of hanged in concert can be a real pain. Nicodem has to switch from primary summon engine to his enabler mode, because as mentioned there won't be many spare corpse markers, but the emissary with my little helper is really solid and double 0 action. Seamus is a bit weak against her. McMourning can get to, and kill her pretty easily, but as always you have to watch over extending. Bettari with flaying song will likely kill one model a turn, but rezzers are better than anyone at tying her up with chafe. I am just saying from experience the things that have messed me up on the table.