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  1. I find Asami to be incredibly mobile and fast. I wouldn't want to slow her down for Tannen and frankly her 0 place is great defense along with grasping strands if you are really worried.
  2. I've used the reaching tendril often, but I play her very aggressively.
  3. Yeah no chance. I look forward to using the high river monks in m3e.
  4. This was the scheme pool and strat- Random encounter generated with CrewFaux Deployment: Corner Deployment (9) Strategy: Collect the Bounty (Jokers) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Eliminate the Leadership (Doubles) * Dig Their Graves (Crows) * Undercover Entourage (2) * Search The Ruins (8) I took a suboptimal crew because I wanted to try one of each of the monks with his first outing, and was a bit surprised with just how terrible that themed list was. For instance, my first outing with Asami I did similar, and same with Misaki and both of those games were losses but nowhere near this awful.
  5. I know many people, myself included, like to have a core 30-35 SS list and then fill in the rest for strats and schemes. Most of what I see about Shenlong is fairly old and I was curious for those of you running him what your core lists look like these days, as I'm just starting him. I played my first game with him last week and was more or less humiliated 10-1. I did fine with the stance dance and Shenlong did well, but the rest was a hot mess other than Shadow Emissary and low river monk giving me three extra cards a turn (and the Shadow doing some damage).
  6. Yeah I picked mine up on the Black Friday sale - I'd not be surprised if he were available in the upcoming Easter sale
  7. This is what I've settled into as a pretty common core. 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew Asami Tanaka + 7 Pool - A Heavenly Design (2) - Grasping Strands (1) - Nefarious Pact (2) Ohaguro Bettari (8) - A Taste For Flesh (1) - Recalled Training (1) Obsidian Oni (6) Terracotta Warrior (5) Akaname (4) Akaname (4) (exported from CrewFaux) the akaname usually end up doing a first turn combo to puke up a corpse/scrap marker where I want to summon something for an extra flicker and then run schemes, but depending on my opponent the pool table setup etc they might get swapped out for Thunders brothers or yokai or combine for something bigger if I feel I'll need a dedicated tank or beater. They are definitely not required, I've just found I like what they add for my style. I almost treat them more as an alternative to a totem than anything else really. I just like the little guys and they usually win games with aggressive scheme running. The remaining choices are usually fully in support of the strategy and scheme pool.
  8. I just wanted to share this amazing Ten Thunders themed terrain my friend Tim built for me. Let's see your Ten Thunders terrain!
  9. Yeah it's target a scheme marker then place within 6, so you could make claim jump hard by possibly moving one between two others to cancel out.
  10. So, now that the Wokou Raiders have been out a couple of months, are people using them? What are their thoughts on them? 8 ss seems hard to fit in to the Misaki lists I've been running, but the models are absolutely gorgeous so I'd like to figure a way to make them happen, if they will ever see table time. Thanks!
  11. No, but 6 might be. I'd like to see them be Rare 3, then give the Taxidermist a front of the card ability that either doesn't count summons toward that value, or let him "unlock" +3 rare. Then at least there is the additional opportunity cost of also having to bring 7 more points worth of what is actually a decent enforcer but you don't necessarily want that in every crew.
  12. Ancient Protection isn't either/or - you can have it on multiple models, you just can't put it on more than one model a turn with a single terracotta warrior.
  13. No but ancient protection can eat the damag from their shot. Only once but still it's helpful
  14. I was just thinking about samurai some since I have one on the way and realized that with a terracotta warrior you almost have both favor of jingoku and room for one other favor on him. That's kind of neat. Any other samurai tips?
  15. I've been tempted to call this with Asami and then focus on summons and making sure you have only a single Flicker on each one at the end of the turn - that lets you maintain model count but still have fewer when it counts and with a heavenly design they can also be pseudo scheme runners. It also helps offset some of the cost of the enforcers - I'd include Yamaziko and Chiaki along with a samurai and Bettari who has the option to be useful while avoiding LOS. i haven't given it a ton of thought but I might do something like this: 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew Asami Tanaka + 7 Pool - A Heavenly Design (2) - The Peaceful Waters (0) - Grasping Strands (1) Ohaguro Bettari (8) - A Taste For Flesh (1) - Recalled Training (1) Yamaziko (7) - Equality (1) - Smoke Grenades (1) Samurai (8) - Favor Of Earth (0) Chiaki The Niece (6) - Pull Of The Grave (1) Terracotta Warrior (5) Monk Of Low River (4) (exported from CrewFaux)