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  1. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    I prefer bios that are purly fact based. I dont like ones that are a mini story from the prepective of the model or from some one else about the model. I get the purpose of the mini story format for some things. When you want to have something that is beyond comprehension, or that is mysterius and no one knows much about it. But i still just prefer to have the facts and then if you want a mystical story around it. Put it in the books story Oh and hate the nursery rhym, poem bios. There beutiful and its not there content. Just so vauge to me that they may as well not exist
  2. Picking up on something Beevison said, thats a shift i had to accept. Parkers crew alot like the crossroads 7 guys. Gives your oponant alot of control with how they deal with you (theu can pick the opyion that hurts them least) Now on the face of it that is realy bad. But its just around making sure neither option is good. With the dm recruiter i talked about earlyer. He has to discard cards to do things as i had put his hands in the air. Now you think. Oh well he can just discard cards and hasnt realy suffered. Well when you consider that he has to discard to attack burryed people and discard to keep guild marshals alive already then the two cards tends to hit a bit harder. So yes your oponant chooses the option that fits them best. Just taylor your effects to the modles they will hurt most
  3. I found the hail of bullet markers fantastic. Either to block enemy paths (held a death marshal recruiter out of los of his crew for 2 turns) or as portable cover for my self (carefull of lurs) Dont use parker as a beater. I found that his damage is consistant but consistantly low Cards or ss, depending on the limited upgrade you take changes what your better at. And buold around this. If you love ama then go for the one that gives you card cycling to make up for her low values. However if you prefer alice and her ability to make aboms then take the ss based upgrade to fuel her Most of parker and his crew have pittyfull damage. Bring something that can fight as you will need it and parker can do alot of schemes solo Some modles im keeping an eye on Envy, hes better when he shoots at enemys near markers and parker drops thouse markers Gluttony, tag some one with the hungry condition and then pop them with parker or anyone with a built in drop it trigger to lead them around and spike higher damage I think there is something there useing nix and benny as a front line and useing the upgrade to shoot everyone engaged
  4. Whos markers

    So juat reading through the outcast emissary and thaks to parker i have a question i didnt expect. The emissary says on its weary road action. Place A scheme marker in base contact. Not freindly not enemy. So can the owning player chose who owns the scheme marker?
  5. Parker plays

    So i have been looking at the crossroads guys alot atm with parker Envy shoots good when he shoots near a marker. Parker drops markers at range Pride/greed (can never remember witch is witch) makes people discard cards or take damge chunks. Parker uses stick up to drain cards The othere one. Saps ss. Anothere thing that parker can do and likes. Lust helps clear room for mad dog and helps bunch people for dynamite And my favorit with parker. Greed. When a marker is placed move to it and take two damage parker can use this to lead an enemy round and do min dmg 4 shots Side thought in relation to greed. Greed and the new prospector can do some pritty good crew manipulation and damage working in tandom
  6. Yh, no if thats how the timeing is resolved then only one would. Who decides witch model triggers first?
  7. Sad face. Thanks
  8. So if gluttony makes two people hungry for scheme markers and then a marker is droped between both of them. Do they both move to it and eat it. Or will one move and eat then the second has no marker to move to?
  9. Parker plays

    Well i still like the idea. Any of you guys tried gluttony with parker? Seems like a match made in heaven
  10. Parker plays

    also just re-read nix's upgrade and realised you can take hounds. And what do guild hounds like? To charge enemeys stood next to scheme markers. I wounder who forces enemys to drop them
  11. Parker plays

    Some things i habe read mention parker as having a surplus of ss typicly. What would you spend them doing in game. I thought maybe fule rustys abom creations. Im contemplating using nix. He is a tough modle especialy with a bucket of ss. And the ability to hit everyone engaged means i can hit everyone with hands in the air. Nix then nhialists the condition meaning he is un effected. And the enemys now have to attack. Each failed attack healing nix
  12. Parker plays

    I realy like that. Thats the kind of simple but effective combos that you can miss at first sight. Beergod. Thats a nice straight forward synergy. I realy realy like dead outlaws and will be having them in my crew anyway
  13. Parker plays

    Hi. Im getting parker in a few days after a long hiatus. And i love doing the unconventional. So let me know some of the plays and/or combos that you have found fun/strong with parker.
  14. Returning buy list

    Hi. Im returning after not playing for a year and a bit ( dont realy have any wave 3 or 4 stuff) and im looking for some help on what to buy from the new waves to get me up to speed. Im going to be buying parker to use. And i also enjoy tara, hamlin and Jack daw. What things out of the last two waves do i realy need and what can i avoid. Also is anything from the old books starting to get a lot of play from a meta shift?
  15. Lucius and loco

    Did some math and i dont get whats so strong