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  1. Freikorps theme

    Hi. A freind of mine realy likes the freikorps theme but also dosnt like losing all the time. What should he get to keep a little thematic but also perform relitivly well in a freindly enviroment. He has von schill box atm and thats is
  2. Is there enough variety

    Sorry for everyone who thought this was going to be an intresting discussion around the number of homogenous same role units with diferant skins within a faction
  3. Is there enough variety

    Cool. Thanks. I wanted a reason to get the alt hungry hippo. Hes just so big
  4. Is there enough variety

    Hi. Im looking at trying to main nb lucius. I was going to buy titania to use the court with lucius and her as asl second. Then use zoraider as my suprise pick. Now i havnt looked alot at gg 18 but am i doing to much of the same stuff? Ordering people around and scheme marker stuff?
  5. Faction rankings?

    I think i have settled on playing lucius and then building around him either neverborn or guild. But i think neverborn it is for me
  6. Returning lucius buys

    Ok im looking at getting tatania so that gets me some of the autume guys and girls. Like the rugaru idea, but they seem interchangeable so there lower on the list Love ferdinand vogal but half of him dosnt realy do anything for lucius and the othere half isnt to great as it is a bit lucius light. So hes a latter buy Bultunginginthing will be on the list when its released Teracota worriors are just not appealing to me. The sentiment above i agree with that they seem meh except for one thing. And asteticly i dont hate them they just dont fit with my image. Thanks guys
  7. Faction rankings?

    Ok. So this didnt realy go were i was hoping but did go were i expected. Seems like guild is considerd week to average so that may be mu best bet to avoid power playing
  8. Faction rankings?

    Ok thanks. The two factions i was considering are nb and 10t so maybe a re-think.
  9. Faction rankings?

    I know everyone hates this kind of post. But im just looking to get a feeling for the meta (or peception of) since wave 5 and erata. So if the factions were to be ranked. 1-7 were would each faction fall. Im not looking to power game. Quite the opersit. I like to avoid the op to avoid mirror matches and cop-out lists Im not looking to star arguments or get the obligatory "every faction has its merits" respons. Just a loose veiw of the perception. Thanks
  10. Returning lucius buys

    Hi. I have been away from. Malifaux for a year or so. So out of the last wave or two what are the Must buys Ok to buy Dont buys For lucius?
  11. Lucius has a freind?

    Im not just thinking for cards.move her up to were you want lucius to be and then she is his battery. Bought you an activation and ahes back in for next round
  12. Lucius has a freind?

    Hi. Has anyone tried serena bowman with lucius. Lucius using deep pockets, condisending and aether protection (you could go for wings as a replacment for any of them). First turn serena stays near lucius. Lucius stones for cards and then stones for abilitys killing serena. Then bring serena back and do it again. Thanks to condesending you get a ss back every time she dies. Use this to fuel a ss heavy henchman.
  13. When serena dies and is resummoned is she the same serena or a new serena? I assumed she is a new serena but the wording using her name just reads like she is the same?
  14. Four horsman levi viable now?

    No he dosnt as the emessary has a 0pt upgrade for that
  15. Four horsman levi viable now?

    Hi guys. With the errata now around and 3 horsemen (just the right amount) taking a pts dive we now have 10 pts spair in the levi emissary list, so what do you fill it with? Some cheep objective pecies like void wretches, a biger utility peice like sue, just cram upgrades on everyone? What do we think?