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  1. Yh, no if thats how the timeing is resolved then only one would. Who decides witch model triggers first?
  2. So if gluttony makes two people hungry for scheme markers and then a marker is droped between both of them. Do they both move to it and eat it. Or will one move and eat then the second has no marker to move to?
  3. Parker plays

    Well i still like the idea. Any of you guys tried gluttony with parker? Seems like a match made in heaven
  4. Parker plays

    also just re-read nix's upgrade and realised you can take hounds. And what do guild hounds like? To charge enemeys stood next to scheme markers. I wounder who forces enemys to drop them
  5. Parker plays

    Some things i habe read mention parker as having a surplus of ss typicly. What would you spend them doing in game. I thought maybe fule rustys abom creations. Im contemplating using nix. He is a tough modle especialy with a bucket of ss. And the ability to hit everyone engaged means i can hit everyone with hands in the air. Nix then nhialists the condition meaning he is un effected. And the enemys now have to attack. Each failed attack healing nix
  6. Parker plays

    I realy like that. Thats the kind of simple but effective combos that you can miss at first sight. Beergod. Thats a nice straight forward synergy. I realy realy like dead outlaws and will be having them in my crew anyway
  7. Parker plays

    Hi. Im getting parker in a few days after a long hiatus. And i love doing the unconventional. So let me know some of the plays and/or combos that you have found fun/strong with parker.
  8. Returning buy list

    Hi. Im returning after not playing for a year and a bit ( dont realy have any wave 3 or 4 stuff) and im looking for some help on what to buy from the new waves to get me up to speed. Im going to be buying parker to use. And i also enjoy tara, hamlin and Jack daw. What things out of the last two waves do i realy need and what can i avoid. Also is anything from the old books starting to get a lot of play from a meta shift?
  9. Lucius and loco

    Did some math and i dont get whats so strong
  10. Where are abilitys?

    So both also state printed so in both examples would need to be next to the modle holding the upgrade not the modle benifiting from it
  11. Where are abilitys?

    Im mainly focused on the doppel. Also there are things like the changleing who dont care about the leader critiria. But are worded i belive the same why. I dont personaly know of any but if an upgrade said take an action that x model can take then you could copy the monks ability from the monk as it dosnt state printed on card. Just can take. Is how i see it Thanks ludvig i know its not official but you see it how i see it
  12. Where are abilitys?

    Sry actions. So prime example. Doppleganger wants to use a monk of low rivers new heal. Dose she coppy it from the monk or from the modle holding the new 0 upgrade. Second one the doppelganger cant copy from leaders. So with lucius and his new attack from the emissary can the doppelganger copy it from the emissary cus its on his upgrade and thats nonleader. Or he cant as lucius gains the action meaning the emissary never had it
  13. Where are abilitys?

    So i asked a similer question and prompted an argument just wondering if we have an official answere on this. Where is an ability considerd to be for abilitys that referance othere modles. wording examples. Copy an ability printed on a non master modles card or upgrade So part one. an upgrade such as a fix upgrade that gives othere modles and action (monk of low river) dose the monk of low river have the action to copy or as it says printed on dose this mean it is actualy on the upgrade that a henchman has Second. A non master giving a master an action such as emissary upgrades. Can you coppy it from the master as the upgrade originates from of the emissary. Do you copy it from the emessary who has it printed on one of his cards although he dosnt have the action him self when insted of printed it says that target modles may preform that is fairly clear. The monk can preform it not the modle with the upgrade and the master can preform it not the emissary. Please help
  14. Lucius and loco

    A podcast mentioned that papa is now amazing with lucius but i can find no real reason as to why. Any thoughts