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  1. GenCon news update

    Hey all! I'm at GenCon right now as people come say hi and pick up their new shinies. I'm going to take a moment though to share some news... The update decks are sold out online. We get them printed overseas and had to ship them over. We got a bunch air shipped in for the show...And we thought it was enough. The demand has been wonderful... But we sold out. We're trying to grab some before they get on the boat to air ship more... If we do, we'll announce it and add more to the sale. Otherwise, thank you and we'll have more in a few weeks to send for stores. As for the voting. I'll set up a form when I get back so anyone who missed voting can. We'll need your order number, etc. You'll have a few weeks after GenCon to vote. Please don't message customer service; we'll get that form up soon. Thanks all! I'm back into the fray!
  2. GenCon news update

    We just put 80 more decks on the web store. That's all we can do, so no more after this! Thanks
  3. You can find it here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/8/2/gencon-newsletter
  4. Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    I can't speak to exactly when it'll go down, but the webstore GenCon stuff is only during GenCon. Sometimes there is some wiggle room depending on when we can make updates, but I wouldn't count on it.
  5. I think the scheduled errata has some to do with it. I think an increasingly competitive player base has something to do with it, too. The fact that I read all the threads and let people know I read them probably doesn't hurt, as people know they'll be seen and aren't just shouting into the internet void. Lastly, I think that people are excited about the game (added into GenCon and GG18 and Upgrades), and that makes them want to talk about it. The two easiest things to talk about are hobby and balance, especially in a game where "netlisting" is pretty often seen as a futile gesture.
  6. August 11th - The Lord of Steel

    Behind Enemy Lines!
  7. Any questions or criticism of the fluff?

    Nerdelemental is no longer writing for us, no.
  8. August 11th - The Lord of Steel

    My Basotho Cav and Marauders scoff at your mentions of inferior mobility.
  9. Newsletter Update

    Hey all, Just a few minor updates to the information from the newsletter. First, Kandara. The incorrect image was used in the advertising. I've updated it to be correct, but here it is below. Additionally, I wanted to make note that there are only two Kentauroi in the box: Last, but not least, people wanted to know more about the Tarot deck! The deck is made of regular card stock, and you can see it better below.
  10. July 2017 Errata

    Hello Wyrdos, It is time for the summer edition of our twice-a-year errata! Unlike the winter errata, which looks at overall game health and improvements, the summer errata is aimed at only addressing significant problem areas within the game. We only looked at some of the most outstanding game issues that have persisted for some time in this errata. We are well aware that not every player likes errata, as there may be some confusion about the current versions of the cards. We offer all of our errata cards for free, and they are available in numerous places online. We believe that improving game health in the long-term is worth the risks. We just ask that you bear with us through updates, and we appreciate any help you can do in informing your communities. We truly believe this changes will make Malifaux more fun for everyone involved. With all that said, we have 4 changes for you in this errata: The Mechanical Rider's summon increased its TN by 2 (making it less likely to top deck), and its Arcane Ritual Trigger is significantly changed. It now places a single Scheme Marker within 1" of the target, but can position it further away for each additional Tome. It is no longer limited to once per Turn. The Mechanical Rider has been a standout model for awhile now. The increase in TN for summoning will make it more likely to require resources without stopping it from this function, and the Trigger change will make it less skilled at Schemes while still being quite good at them. This is a knock, but not one that fundamentally changes how this model plays. Wind Gamin no longer bury when killed. Now, if they die, they can push a model 5". Wind Gamin are a powerful 4ss model, and the point of this change was to be sure they died, thereby functioning within the normal confines of the game. Practiced Production now prevents you from placing Scheme Markers near non-Peon, non-Insignificant friendly models. This should help with some of the stronger combinations with models like the Malifaux Raptors by requiring models that could score to begin with, thus controlling this powerful Upgrade. Stuffed Piglets are now 3 Soulstones to hire. There have been complaints for a long time now about cheap Activations in the form of Stuffed Piglets. By making them cost 3, it limits this ability without impacting their gameplay for those that like them as they are. We feel that these changes will greatly improve gameplay for the Malifaux community. With all errata, we try to maintain models with as few changes as possible, ensuring that people can still use their favorite models... just in a toned down way. You can find a PDF of the cards attached below, as well as images up on our website. The cards will be up on DriveThruRPG in the coming weeks (we want to ensure there are no errors, so there is a longer delay). Thank you for your understand and support, and happy flipping. May all your Jokers be red. Mech Rider.pdf Wind Gamin.pdf Practiced Production.pdf Stuffed Piglets.pdf
  11. Come check out the Tales of Malifaux Podcast on the Breachside Broadcast!
  12. GenCon Hotel Room

    Wyrd has one extra hotel room during GenCon, but only on Saturday night. If someone is looking for a room for that night, please send me a PM. It cannot be extended, and you would be responsible for all charges. The room is at the Embassy Suites.
  13. Abbysinian Strats and Rules

    Yeah, you're quoting me from December 2016, and the rules weren't finalized then. I don't know when they got the Long Game, but they certainly haven't always had it.
  14. GenCon Malifaux Tournaments

    @rancor709 is running them. Which events are you wanting details on?
  15. No Image of Kentauroi

    Yes, I said it in an announcement post
  16. We are pleased to announce that Through the Breach will be moving to a second edition! We are also announcing an upcoming worldwide campaign for Through the Breach! Check out the full details here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/1/23/monday-preview-through-the-breach-core
  17. Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    It just depends on when things hit retail. Limited editions don't care about retail, but those alts aren't that... so it just depends.
  18. GenCon 2017 Volunteers Needed

    We've had a few volunteers drop out, so we've got 5 slots open now. 3 for The Other Side and 2 for TTB. If you can fill in one of these times, please sign up!
  19. Hello everyone! We are rapidly approaching the greatest time of the year: GenCon. Wyrd gets into a flurry of activity with everything to prepare for the con, and we need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you are going to be at GenCon and are willing to spare some time to help us, we'd appreciate it. As a thank you, we'll provide you with some gifts by way of thanks. All the information you need is in this post, so read on! Being a Volunteer Volunteering with Wyrd can be a lot of fun. You get to meet Wyrd employees, chat with passionate customers, and get an insight into what it's like to work a convention. As a volunteer you'd be representing Wyrd, so we have a few ground rules. You must show up to any volunteer shift on time (and on time means 5+ minutes before you actually start) and presentable. This means having recently showered, clean clothes, etc. You must be wearing the Wyrd shirt we give you (more on this later). You must be happy to interact with the community. You'll be helping people and answering questions the whole time. You must be able to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the slots you sign up for. These will be listed at the bottom of this post. Signing Up If you want to sign up to be a volunteer, you need to e-mail me (aaron@wyrd-games.net) with the subject line "GenCon Volunteer" and let me know which slots you want. Slots requested may not be available, but we will do our best to keep the list up to date. You need to include the following information in your e-mail: Full Name Best Contact E-mail (one you use) E-mail used in GenCon's system, if applicable T-shirt size Open slots requested I will reconfirm with all volunteers before GenCon, to make sure you can still fill your shifts. Thank You Each volunteer will receive something as a thank you based on the number of slots they sign up for. 1 slot = t-shirt and badge (if you already purchased a badge, we can refund you based on the e-mail used in #3 above) 2 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $25 store credit* 3 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $50 store credit* 4 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $100 store credit* 5 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $150 store credit* 6 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $200 store credit* If you sign up to run a Through the Breach adventure, the first game you run will get you a free copy of the TTB 2.0 Hardcover book. Subsequent games will count toward the schedule above. All volunteers that work on Thursday in the Exhibit Hall or takes a breakdown shift will get a special goodie as a way of saying thank you, in addition to what is listed above. *All store credit must be used at GenCon. Volunteer Slots All slots below are available for volunteers. This list will be updated regularly, but be aware that someone may have already e-mailed me about a given slot. Please check the Responsibilities section below before you sign up, to ensure you can fulfill the duties required of you. Board Game Demos - Friday 10:00-14:00 TOS Demos - Friday 10:00-14:00 TTB Demo - Saturday 10:00-14:00 TTB Demo - Saturday 14:00-18:00 PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE NO MORE BADGES TO PROVIDE!!! Responsibilities Below is a look at what you'll be asked to do, based on the slots above. Customer Service - You will be responsible for assisting customers with any questions they may have. This requires an understanding of all of our game lines as well as at least a basic understanding of what events Wyrd offers at GenCon. You will need to ask people if they need help, as well as be prepared to be assisting multiple customers at once. Demos - The demos are short-form introductions to our games. These are not sit-down and play a game events, which happen in the Event Hall. You will be required to conduct ad hoc demos from walk up customers. You need to know the game well, with the ability to simply and clearly explain the game(s) you're responsible for. You need to be able to give them an understanding and give them a short chance to try it. No demo should go more than 15 minutes. Again, this is not a chance for people to play a full game. Learn to Play (minis) - Our Learn to Play events are two hour events for people to play out the game in question. You will be responsible for teaching two people how to play the game for one hour and then shift to teaching two new people in the next hour while remaining available for questions for the first group. In this way, you'll be working with four people at all times, giving them an understanding of the game in question. If you are not the first shift in the morning, you will also need to be able to answer questions from someone else's previous demo as their shift will be ending. Learn to Play (TTB) - Our Learn to Play for Through the Breach requires you to have a good knowledge of TTB. You will be walking players through a character creation and then running a short, 15-30 minute adventure with the characters they have created. You must know the game well enough to do this, and be comfortable as a GM. You may be responsible for up to 5 players. This will happen in the Event Hall, so be prepared for some distractions. RPG Session - You will be responsible for running a one-shot adventure for TTB complete with pre-generated characters. You must know the game well enough to do this, and you must review any adventures you are running beforehand (they will be provided to you). You are required to run the one-shot listed in parenthesis for the slot you sign up for. You must be comfortable with a variety of people, and comfortable as a GM. Breakdown - You will be responsible for helping take down Wyrd's booth. This involves some heavy lifting and a whole lot of sweating. It will take hours, so be prepared! You need to be able to lift a decent amount of weight and stay active during this time. You should be prepared for your shift to run over the time stated, as it may take longer to complete. This is not easy, but it is hugely appreciated! That should be it. Thank you for your interest and for your help!
  20. July 2017 Errata

  21. July 2017 Errata

    The Scheme Condition thing is being addressed in GG18, which will be available after GenCon for people who would prefer to use it.
  22. July 2017 Errata

    It works as the cards say.
  23. July 2017 Errata

    All I can say is that this went through a lot of playtesting with a lot of suggestions proposed. Not everyone is going to be happy with any change that is made. I'm sorry if this change affects you negatively, but I truly believe it will cause more improvements in game quality than it will have negative impacts.
  24. We'll let the image speak for itself.