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  1. The target is mid-May
  2. Wyrdos, We are excited to announce a brand new contest: Storied Soundtracks! In this contest, writers will compete by writing a story based on a song specified by the contest (below). The story can be any length, based within the Malifaux storyverse. At the end of the contest, Wyrd will select the winner who will receive a prize. All stories should be posted in this thread, and no one should post in this thread outside of a posted story -- discussion can be in a different topic. All stories must be posted by March 15th, 2017 to be eligible to win. The contest winner will have their story (with some editing) published in Chronicles and be paid $0.03 per word, to a maximum payment of 10,000 words (your story may be longer, but you will not be paid above that amount). Every contest entrant who submits at least a 5,000 word story will be given $15 in Wyrd store credit as a thank you for participating. The song your story should draw inspiration from can be found below. Good luck, and write on!
  3. Hello, We are looking for volunteers for Origins Game Fair, which takes place from June 14th - June 18th in Columbus, Ohio. If you live nearby or are attending, please consider signing up to help Wyrd at the event! All volunteers must be prepared to meet a high standard in terms of: customer service, present-ability (i.e. clean clothes), and hygiene. If you enjoy interacting with people, this is a great opportunity for you. We are currently looking to fill the following shifts: Thursday Through the Breach Overview: 11:00 - 17:00 Friday Through the Breach Overview: 11:00 - 17:00 Saturday Through the Breach Overview: 11:00 - 17:00 Teaching Malifaux: 15:00 - 20:00 Sunday Through the Breach Overview & Breakdown: 11:00 - 16:00 If you are interested in any of these shifts (or have any questions), please e-mail Kyle@wyrd-games.net. Tell him your name, shifts desired, your t-shirt size, and confirm that you are familiar enough with the games to demo. Kyle will be your point of contact during set-up. We will offer volunteers $25 in booth credit at the con per shift, which is only redeemable after their final shift. If you sign up for 3 or more shifts, we will also get you a badge for the con (in addition to the booth credit). We will likely also provide a t-shirt for use during your shift. For more information on what each shift entails, please read the descriptions below. Shift Descriptions Teaching Malifaux: You must have a good knowledge of Malifaux, enough to teach someone the game. The focus is on getting someone competent with the game, which means focusing on the basics: breakdown of the stat cards, how duels work, triggers, etc. You will be teaching two people at a time for one hour, then transition to a new group. You will be asked to still be available for the first group to answer questions. Through the Breach Overview: You must have a working knowledge of Through the Breach, enough to answer basic questions and help someone through character creation. These slots are more of a "TTB Customer Service" position, as you will not be playing the game with people. It's chatting with them about the system, what makes it good, and letting them flip through books to create their own characters with your oversight.
  4. I'm going to compile any resources here that seem like they'd be helpful for Through the Breach. If you have any links or resources to add, feel free to post them below. Character Sheets
  5. Wyrd Chronicles #29 is now available free on DriveThruRPG! In this issue: Pardon Our Dust - Get tactical advice on the new Gaining Grounds 2017 and learn how to keep your Crew Hiring flexible. Egg Hunt - A multiplayer scenario that celebrates an age old tradition. Organ Donors - The Fated find themselves unwilling donors in McMourning’s laboratory. Forging a River - Learn how to make realistic water effects. Unappreciated in My Time - There is something new to fear in Malifaux. The Bone Stag - The Outcast Janbaaj learns to face his fear and become a chosen Warrior of Tallil. A Wyrd Crew Plays: A Stitch in Time - The Wyrd Crew joins in the fun of the Through The Breach Global Campaign.
  6. Stay tuned...
  7. Hello Wyrdos, Unfortunately, there was a mix-up of model renders in the Easter Sale. The alternate Titania model that was supposed to be shown as for sale is below. The Titania shown on the Easter Sale graphics was not the model for sale. We apologize for this mix-up. If you ordered the alternate Titania during the Easter Sale, you will get the model pictured above. If you ordered the model and do not want the version seen above, please reach out to our Customer Service team. We will refund that portion of your order. Again, we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. If you are interested in seeing the model painted, please see below! Painted by Marina Ainagoz.
  9. That is true.
  10. The threats are real! :-P
  11. https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/shop
  12. Bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp
  13. It's all there.
  14. Check out all the sordid details: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/4/10/easter-sale-newsletter The sale will be from Friday, April 14th until Monday, April 17th.
  15. There is no reason not to use official prize packs.
  16. Our Upcoming Releases are now viewable through June. https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases
  17. See above
  18. Hello all, We're looking for some playtesters for Malifaux! We've got a new book coming out later this year, and we need people to help us test it! If you're interested, please fill out the attached NDA and e-mail it, along with answers to the below questions, to Kyle@wyrd-games.net We will not be replying to any e-mails, so please make sure you have everything you need. If you're accepted, you'll be added directly to the playtesting forum. Your name: Your forum account: How long have you been playing Malifaux? What Faction do you play? What do you think makes for good playtest feedback? Do you prefer pie or cake? Describe what kind of gamer you are. Thanks! 2017 - NDA.pdf
  19. We are pleased to announce that Through the Breach will be moving to a second edition! We are also announcing an upcoming worldwide campaign for Through the Breach! Check out the full details here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/1/23/monday-preview-through-the-breach-core
  20. Hi everyone, I've got some bad news for you. There was an error on the Iconic Fate Deck. Two of the cards, the 7 and 10 of Rams, say the word "Masks" instead of "Rams" under the number. These cards both count as the 7 and 10 of Rams (as the art indicates). We are aware of this issue and are taking steps to address it. It will take a few weeks for us to get the decks fixed, so in the meantime we'll be refund the cost of the deck to anyone who ordered the Iconic Fate Deck and hasn't had their order shipped (this will not affect your order total for the purposes of Miss Fire). You will be able to pick it up in the future via the normal purchasing options. For those of you who have already received their decks (or those decks on the way), we are getting replacement cards printed up. In order to make sure we get the color matching correct, this may take a few weeks. Submit a request through customer service on our webpage indicating that you received the deck. Make sure to include an image of the cards with it (you can put in "xx" for packed by initials). We apologize for the misprint, and we are going to get it fixed as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any other issues with your GenCon orders, as always, please contact customer service so we can assist you. Have a great day, The Wyrd Team
  21. Hey Wyrdos, We've got a contest for you that will run through the end of February. It's your chance to win the cute voodoo doll pictured below! Paint up a model from either our December or our January releases and post it in the thread below for all to gaze upon! Post it by the end of February and be entered into the random raffle to win a voodoo doll. Limit one entry per person. Please do not post in this thread unless you are entering the contest!
  22. The retail pledge ($50) is available on BackerKit.
  23. Hello, Attached is the March 2017 FAQ update! This takes into account a variety of questions that have come up for players. I apologize for it coming so late in the month, but it should answer a number of questions to ease play of the game. Below is a look at changes: 51 - Conditions gained during Upkeep can process during the Upkeep step. 52 - Headhunter Markers are placed after the Action is fully resolved. 72 - This has been updated, and now clarifies that bonus damage (such as from Bigger They Are) does not apply to additional damage. 102 - Anna Lovelace's Auras are clarified that they only effect enemy models via enemy effects. 119 - The Stutter Time question has been updated because of the errata from January. 126 - The Drinking Contest question has been updated because of the errata from January. 130 - The Drinking Contest question has been updated because of the errata from January. 141 - Yokai that get an extra action on a charge do not get the Frenzied Charge bonus to it. Additionally, a few old questions have been deleted: Old 113 - Black Blood Pustule question removed due to clarity from January errata. Old 117 - Stutter Time question removed due to clarity from January errata. Old 129 - Drinking Contest question removed due to clarity from January errata. Please remember that FAQ questions only apply to the specific issue addressed. While we understand there were more questions, we felt these were the top priority to address. There will be another FAQ (assuming it is needed) in May. Thank you! M2E FAQ (March 2017).pdf
  24. It is just referring to fixed damage on triggers.