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  1. Malifaux App Road Map

    I moved it to the app forum, then moved it back here and left a link there! Magic!
  2. Hello Wyrdos, As you may know, we recently released the Bad Things Happen app, which provides people with a nice app to track their Malifaux models and games. The app is free, but it's possible to pay a small fee and get all stat cards on the app for reference. The launch went well, and it's been downloaded thousands of times. There were a few bugs, but the developer has been working consistently to fix every one of them. What's more, though, they've also been working on adding new features. As such, we wanted to give you a road map of where the app is going over time. I'd like to add a note that we won't be adding every feature people are asking for (including the ability to see the stat card in its physical layout), but we're doing our best to add functionality and usability for players. Without further ado, the road map: December Search by name or characteristic Format Setup BEFORE encounter Custom “open” Format will all options Upgrades available in the Model List (Own, Fav, View) Encounters can import both Formats and Crews Full Pixel Support iPhoneX “safe zone “ fix “White” crew header issue Various crew building fixes Adjustment to button locations in encounter January GG2018 format added Errata Update added (yes, there's one coming) Special Edition Models added as options Q1 of 2018 Organized Play App User Accounts (Wyrd ID, Saved Crews, other saved data) which are tied to the Organized Play App Crew Builder connection to Organized Play app Find\RSVP events features in app, which is searching the Organized Play App Looking into (nebulous date) New share options for crews and formats Model counts for Crews As you can see, we have a number of plans. This includes an Organized Play app, which more information will be available on in the coming months. Suffice it to say, this will help event organizers to run their events, all while making the data from those events available online. We appreciate your support, and everyone who has given feedback on the app. As you can see, we're continuing to move forward in development, and we hope to have even more features available soon! PLEASE POST APP DISCUSSION HERE: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/forum/451-app/ Have a great day!
  3. App!

    If bullet points are short, one thread is fine.
  4. App!

    A new forum section! Please post app comments, suggestions, discussions, etc here.
  5. So quiet.

    We're starting a playtest soon. E-mail Kyle@wyrd-games.net and let him know if you'd be interested. The minis are being made, FYI.
  6. The Malifaux App, Bad Things Happen, is now available! You can find out all about it here. This app is a great way to track your collection, Crews, and games. It is also going to have more functionality added to it over time, and we're excited to provide it as a resource to the community. It's information is all up to date through the July errata, and it will shortly contain the November FAQ (as well as Gaining Grounds 2018). Thanks for your support!
  7. Hey everyone! We got back to the office after a nice Thanksgiving break, cracked open the shipping boxes to start shipping out orders, and… uh oh. At some point in the manufacturing process, the Winter Wonderland models encountered some problems. Namely, the mold for the alternate Rasputina sculpt appears to have collapsed at some point during the manufacturing process. Instead of shipping out a damaged and inferior product, we’ve decided to save Christmas with a replacement sculpt. The Snow Storm, Ice Gamin, and Wendigo in the Winter Wonderland box will still be made of plastic, but Rasputina herself will be remolded in high quality resin. This will, unfortunately, result in a delay of around two to three weeks in shipping out any order that contains one or more Winter Wonderland boxes (everything should still be shipped before the holidays). To apologize for this inconvenience, we’ve decided to dip into our own Christmas stocking and increase the size of the Winter Wonderland box. Now, every copy of the Winter Wonderland box will also include a resin Killer Tree (which counts as an Ice Golem). This addition will increase the retail cost of the Winter Wonderland box (a total value of over $100), but if you ordered (or decide to order) the Winter Wonderland box during our Black Friday sale, the price will not change! If you would prefer to simply have the cost of your Winter Wonderland box refunded, that is also an option. We'll be reaching out to everyone who ordered the box to inform them of the changes, and they can let us know if they'd prefer a refund (or they can contact customer service via our Contact Us form). Oh, and rest assured, these refunds will not negatively impact the number of Vintage Masters you receive with your order. If you still want the Winter Wonderland set but want the rest of your order more quickly, we recommend that you ask for a refund on your current Winter Wonderland box(es) and then place a new order including just the Winter Wonderland box. This will result in another set of shipping fees, of course, but it will ensure that you still get all of your other items in a timely manner. If you have any further questions, please let us know, or stop on by our forum.
  8. Units command zone

    Yup, you can never break 8". Movement effects, like Siren's Call, moves the other models in the unit at half the initial target's speed, so you can still pull squads some with movement effects.
  9. Here are the patch notes for the upcoming Bad Things Happen app patch: General Fixes Running the app no longer stops background apps Fixed an issue that caused the app to stop loading screens properly Henchman cost is no longer deducted from Soulstone pool when leading a crew Model status filters now work across the app Limited upgrades now properly applies limitation to individual models rather than crew-wide Removing an upgrade from a model now allows the crew to be saved Fixed an issue that prevented the 'Deleted' notification to be cleared from the screen Karina Summoner Card added to the Reference section Fixed an issue that causes the app to lock-up when using the Android back button Added 'Holding Dynamite' and 'Protected by Francisco' to the condition list Upgrade Fixes Spirit Beacon is now valid for models with Spirit characteristic Scout the Field changed from Gremlin upgrade to Outcast Warding Runes is now valid for models with Henchman characteristic/station Scramble now remains available until 3 are equipped in the crew Stunt Double cost reduces properly in a crew led by Colette Du Bois Killswitch/Decoy can now be added to a model maxed out on upgrades Sensei Yu is now able to equip upgrades restricted to him Upgrades restricted to Sky Pirate models now reduce cost when Zipp equips 'Gift of the Gab' or 'No Quarter' Warped Reality is now able to be added to Minion models Temporary Shielding now keeps its cost reduced after being loaded from a saved crew A model with the Conflux of Exploration upgrade may now equip a Lucas McCabe upgrade Shadow Lair removed from available upgrades in Crew Builder, now only available during Encounters Model Fixes Jack Daw no longer charges mercenary tax for Outcast models Hamelin can now hire models with the Lost characteristic when Sewer King is added as an upgrade C. Hoffman no longer may hire Living M&SU models when the Arcanist Assets is equipped Sandeep Desai may now hire Academic models outside of faction when the Unaligned Sage upgrade is equipped Stuffed Piglet cost increased to 3 Soulstones to match errata change Young Nephilim's Feast action now listed as an Attack Action instead of a Tactical Action Removed Creep Up on Them ability from C. Hoffman Added Gremlin characteristic to Som'er Teeth Jones Misaki now allows hiring according to her 'Infiltration (Last-Blossom)' ability properly Sammy LaCroix now has access to upgrades of the crew's Master leader Removed 'Followers of the Void' ability from Scion of the Void The Tooth is now properly restricted by its rarity Lucius' 'Guild Intelligence' Tactical Action is now the correct cost of 0 AP Tara now allows hiring according to her 'The Herald of Obliteration' ability properly Wrath's actions have been added to the 'Wrath (50+ SS)' leader version Freikorps Trapper's Willpower and Walk stats have been added to the model Moved a model image from 'The Illuminated' to 'Rail Worker' where it belongs Jorogumo model image now loads properly Cassandra's 'Breath of Fire' Attack Action now displays all icons properly Known Issues Screen scaling on iPhone X QR scanning may crash app if camera permissions are off Issue with app running on Google Pixel and Pixel 2 Favor of Earth and other upgrades do not change wound count in view. Export window remains open in Crew builder if home button is pressed. Base size for The Drowned and Necropunks display -1mm Aionus' Bony Fingers Attack Action displays "y" in Range instead of the melee icon Guild Austringer has an extra ability "Precise"
  10. Iconic Fate Deck

    Hi everyone, I've got some bad news for you. There was an error on the Iconic Fate Deck. Two of the cards, the 7 and 10 of Rams, say the word "Masks" instead of "Rams" under the number. These cards both count as the 7 and 10 of Rams (as the art indicates). We are aware of this issue and are taking steps to address it. It will take a few weeks for us to get the decks fixed, so in the meantime we'll be refund the cost of the deck to anyone who ordered the Iconic Fate Deck and hasn't had their order shipped (this will not affect your order total for the purposes of Miss Fire). You will be able to pick it up in the future via the normal purchasing options. For those of you who have already received their decks (or those decks on the way), we are getting replacement cards printed up. In order to make sure we get the color matching correct, this may take a few weeks. Submit a request through customer service on our webpage indicating that you received the deck. Make sure to include an image of the cards with it (you can put in "xx" for packed by initials). We apologize for the misprint, and we are going to get it fixed as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any other issues with your GenCon orders, as always, please contact customer service so we can assist you. Have a great day, The Wyrd Team
  11. Come check out the Tales of Malifaux Podcast on the Breachside Broadcast!
  12. November FAQ

    Hello, The following questions have been added to the FAQ: Are discarding and removing Upgrades the same thing? Yes. At the end of the Turn, are all VP from Strategies and Schemes scored at once or one at a time? They are scored in the same step (End Phase, step #2), but the resolution is done one at a time. First, each player scores for the Strategy, and then each player scores for their Schemes in the order of their choosing. No Abilities can happen while scoring during this step, but some Abilities may happen as a result of it. For example, Yan Lo's Follow Their Footsteps or Asami's Feigned Weakness could only come into effect after all points are scored from the Strategies and Schemes -- meaning Yan Lo could earn at most Chi +1 and Asami could only summon one model. If a model can (or must) move "up to" a certain distance from an effect such as a Push, can they choose 0"? If so, does it count as a move? They can choose their distance to be 0", which will not count as a move. If a Pulse affects multiple models at once, but does not involve any simple duels, in what order are those effects resolved? The person controlling the Pulse chooses the order models are affected. If a model Butterfly Jumps how does this impact the original action? Butterfly Jump specifies that it only rechecks range, LoS, and cover. No other parts of the original action are affected. This means that a model that Butterfly Jumps into an engagement would still be attacked from a Action. Similarly, it means something like the Widow Weaver's Seize Prey, which requires the target to be near Web Markers, would be unaffected. Again, only range, LoS, and cover are checked again. How does Sonnia's Follow the Flames Ability work? If a friendly Witch Hunter ends its Activation (anywhere on the board), a different friendly Witch Hunter within 12" and LoS of the first Witch Hunter may Activate immediately as a Chain Activation. Either of these Witch Hunters could be Sonnia. Can multiple models use Asura Roten’s Residents of Rottenburg Ability to take one of Asura’s Ml Actions outside of their Activation? For example, could multiple Rotten Belles take the “Undead Minions” Action as their attack from their Pounce Ability? No, it is once per Activation. Does the Carrion Emissary need Line of Sight to a summoned Mindless Zombie using Shards of Kythera? Yes. Can Trixiebelle use "Don't Fight Over Me, Boys!" (or Burt use Slippery) to redirect Attacks from a Flurry or Charge Action? No, as she can only redirect Attack Actions to other legal targets. Flurry and Charge set her as the necessary targets, therefore making no other model a legal target for the resulting Attacks. If Hungering Darkness has the Death Contract Upgrade and Lynch has the Rising Sun Upgrade, does Death Contract come into effect before the Hungering Darkness is no longer killed from the Eternal Darkness Ability? No. As the Hungering Darkness is not killed, the Death Contract clause does not come into effect. These will be added to the website later today. M2E FAQ & Errata (November 2017).pdf
  13. Winter Wonderland issue

    Mwhahahahaha. MWHAHAHAHAHA
  14. The Ripples of Fate stat cards are available on Wargame Vault!
  15. Black Friday Sale

    Check out the newsletter here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/11/20/black-friday-newsletter (Yes, that means you get 2 at $200, 3 at $300, and so on) UPDATED The following items are being removed from the Black Friday list: Curiosity Killed the Cat (non-translucent) Swamp Mother (translucent) Hamelin Crew (translucent) Bayou Gremlin (alt)
  16. Black Friday Sale

    No one knows what time the sale starts! Sorry
  17. Black Friday Sale

    A slight update on the original post. A few things have been pulled from the listing.
  18. The Malifaux app Feedback

    https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact Scroll to the bottom.
  19. Black Friday Sale

    Yes, every $100 per order is a figure. $200 = 2 figures.
  20. Head on over to DriveThruRPG to get your latest and greatest, Jurassic Faux! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/226519/Through-the-Breach-RPG--Penny-Dreadful-One-Shot--Jurassic-Faux?cPath=23027_23029
  21. New TTB One Shot - Jurassic Faux

    Well, it takes awhile to fossilize, and then molds can be made... I'd say 65 million years?
  22. August 15th - App

    Hey everyone, GenCon has come and gone! A lot of our year is the build-up to GenCon, which means that you've now seen most of what we're able to show! As such, Monday Previews are going to become fewer and further between, at least for awhile. We'll keep the news coming, though, as there are plenty of things happening around Wyrd. For now, I just have one "preview" for you -- we have commissioned the creation of a Malifaux App! If everything goes well, we are hoping for a release by the end of the year. I can't promise that, but we think it can be done. For now, though, just know that it's entering development!
  23. The update is now live, from my understanding.
  24. Hello Wyrdos, We are hosting a Bayou Bash playtest in the Wyrd office on Friday, November 10th starting at 6pm. We are inviting anyone to come out, play the game, and give us feedback. You will be asked to sign an NDA, but you will also be given a couple of slices of pizza! If you are interested and are wanting to come, please RSVP by e-mailing Kyle (kyle@wyrd-games.net) with your full name and intention to arrive. We will use the RSVPs to determine how much pizza and how many seats we need. In the chance that there's a run of playtesters, we are limiting attendance to 15 people. For those who are curious: Bayou Bash is a combative racing game where players take on the role of a Gremlin jockey riding giant animals as they attempt to beat their opponents around the bayou-based track. The game is quick (0:45 - 1:15, depending on track size and number of players) and allows players to sabotage their opponents while trying to achieve top speed. The players lack total control, though, and may find themselves careening into rocks or off the track. Bayou Bash is unique, though, in that the winner of the race is not who crossed the finish line first, but the racer who gained the most fans during the race. Beware, however, because as the fans line the track, other players may choose to attack them instead, eliminating your hard-won fans. It's a fun game that's easy to pick up, and we hope that you'll come help us finalize it!