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  1. She totally wants to. All that gibbering; it's contagious!
  2. /whistles innocently
  3. We are pleased to announce that Through the Breach will be moving to a second edition! We are also announcing an upcoming worldwide campaign for Through the Breach! Check out the full details here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/1/23/monday-preview-through-the-breach-core
  4. Old on the left, new on the right.
  5. Yes, you have limited space. Ideally, you're using a hosting site for your posting images, and not the forum (which is not really set up for that). If you have things linked through, they should auto-populate from just pure images.
  6. Psh. Only if they rear up. They're more long than tall.
  7. Yes. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54fe412ce4b0c449f7369857/t/5939b802e3df282dbda114b4/1496954886734/?format=500w So......... Might 1 | Grace 1 | Speed 2 | Resilience 0 Charm -3 | Intellect -2 | Cunning -1 | Tenacity 0 Basically just random guesses there. Nothing official. I'd probably have Karkinoi be Enforcer level, so +8. That leaves Derived at: Defense 4 (12) Willpower 2 (10) Wounds 4 Walk 5 Charge 6 Height 2 I'd pick some skills, and that could obviously adjust some of the numbers, but I think that's a good place. I think their Actions you can largely figure out, as you really just want an attack action and a lay egg thing. I'd probably make the lay egg a (2). The Scything Claws I'd probably do as 2/3/4, but that does extra damage when you're engaged with more than one of them. I dunno, just throwing stuff out there. It's your game, so...
  8. Thanks, and welcome to the game!
  9. Here are the changes: Wave 5 6.20.17.pdf Union Steamfitter - Discarded Tool now allows two cards for a Scrap. Hinamatsu - Gained Wicked. Adze - Firefly now gains +2 TN if the target is by itself. The Midnight Stalker - Can no longer ignore Terrain (but still has his place). Asura Roten - No longer gives -1 Ml to her Actions, gives -C instead. Cannot target through Quarantine Markers, but she auto-triggers More Hands. Can now summon a Zombie without even a flip, but must discard a Quarantine Zone. Gwynth Maddox - Lost The Party Never Ends. Now it totally ends, but there's an After Party. Lotus Eaters - Walk the Path dropped to Range 6, but targeting an enemy marker loses the suit requirement and instead increases the TN. Obsidian Statue - Cursed Statue now only applies if it doesn't have a Statue Marker in play.
  10. Hello everyone, Thank you for your interest in the open beta phase of Malifaux book 5 playtesting. In this playtest we will be going over the new models for the next book. This is a chance for you to sneak a peak at what's coming, but it's also an opportunity for you to help make the game of Malifaux better. You can do this by providing feedback on the models presented to you. Process Every week on Wednesday until playtest is over (date not determined), new playtest files will be added to this thread. I recommend that you follow this thread (top right); it will give you a notification each time I post new files. This will give you one week until updates are seen. You are welcome to download the file and print it out for yourself and your opponent(s), but the cards may not be distributed in any other way. Feedback The most important kind of feedback is a battle report. Theory-crafting and speculating is all well and good, but battle reports will see the most traction. Sometimes, things look great on paper but aren't as powerful in an actual game; get these models on the table! When writing a battle report, you need to let me know the set up (crews, strategies, schemes), a breakdown of the turns (either blow by blow or detailed summary), and a final thoughts. The final thoughts should cover what you thought of any models currently in playtesting and what your opponent thought. The main points of feedback I'm looking for are clarity (do you know what it does?) and balance. If you can make the actions that involved playtest models a different color so they are easier to pick out, all the better. Other types of feedback are welcome, but I ask that: 1) all feedback on a single model outside of a battle report is in a single thread, and 2) you avoid posts that give no feedback (i.e. lists of changes or posts that you're going to post). The last note is that these models have been playtested already and are mostly done. Some have further to go than others, but do not expect any sweeping changes. These are largely where we want them to be. Tone and Discussion In playtesting, emotions can run pretty high. We're all here because we love the game, but we all have different ideas on what that game should be. No one is necessarily 'right' about what they want, nor are they wrong. At the end of the day, though, decisions need to be made, and they are best made with good quality feedback. The playtesting section of the forum will be more heavily moderated than the standard forum. Be aware of that if you are going to post in it. The way to be: Do not attack other testers. Someone may be wrong, but that is no reason for you to insult them. Argue the point; don't argue the player. Leave constructive feedback. Whether you love or hate something is really not constructive. Telling me why you feel a certain way can be. Avoid insulting the models, and instead focus on what would make them better. Be open to argumentation. This is a playtest, and people will disagree with you. Don't let their disagreement get to you, and remember that you don't need to convince them: you need to convince me. I can be convinced by reading a good argument between two people, but keep in mind that not everyone needs to agree at the end. The final note that I want to add is that some of your feedback may be listened to, and some of it won't be. No model is going to make every player happy. Do not be discouraged if a model doesn't go the way you want. I take the time to read feedback, and even if a model doesn't change based on your suggestion, that doesn't mean your suggestion fell on deaf ears. Okay! I think that's it. Happy testing!
  11. You will definitely not have the final cards until they are officially released, so you cannot use them before the release.
  12. Hello everyone! We are rapidly approaching the greatest time of the year: GenCon. Wyrd gets into a flurry of activity with everything to prepare for the con, and we need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you are going to be at GenCon and are willing to spare some time to help us, we'd appreciate it. As a thank you, we'll provide you with some gifts by way of thanks. All the information you need is in this post, so read on! Being a Volunteer Volunteering with Wyrd can be a lot of fun. You get to meet Wyrd employees, chat with passionate customers, and get an insight into what it's like to work a convention. As a volunteer you'd be representing Wyrd, so we have a few ground rules. You must show up to any volunteer shift on time (and on time means 5+ minutes before you actually start) and presentable. This means having recently showered, clean clothes, etc. You must be wearing the Wyrd shirt we give you (more on this later). You must be happy to interact with the community. You'll be helping people and answering questions the whole time. You must be able to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the slots you sign up for. These will be listed at the bottom of this post. Signing Up If you want to sign up to be a volunteer, you need to e-mail me (aaron@wyrd-games.net) with the subject line "GenCon Volunteer" and let me know which slots you want. Slots requested may not be available, but we will do our best to keep the list up to date. You need to include the following information in your e-mail: Full Name Best Contact E-mail (one you use) E-mail used in GenCon's system, if applicable T-shirt size Open slots requested I will reconfirm with all volunteers before GenCon, to make sure you can still fill your shifts. Thank You Each volunteer will receive something as a thank you based on the number of slots they sign up for. 1 slot = t-shirt and badge (if you already purchased a badge, we can refund you based on the e-mail used in #3 above) 2 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $25 store credit* 3 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $50 store credit* 4 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $100 store credit* 5 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $150 store credit* 6 slots = t-shirt, badge, and $200 store credit* If you sign up to run a Through the Breach adventure, the first game you run will get you a free copy of the TTB 2.0 Hardcover book. Subsequent games will count toward the schedule above. All volunteers that work on Thursday in the Exhibit Hall or takes a breakdown shift will get a special goodie as a way of saying thank you, in addition to what is listed above. *All store credit must be used at GenCon. Volunteer Slots All slots below are available for volunteers. This list will be updated regularly, but be aware that someone may have already e-mailed me about a given slot. Please check the Responsibilities section below before you sign up, to ensure you can fulfill the duties required of you. ALL FILLED!!! Responsibilities Below is a look at what you'll be asked to do, based on the slots above. Customer Service - You will be responsible for assisting customers with any questions they may have. This requires an understanding of all of our game lines as well as at least a basic understanding of what events Wyrd offers at GenCon. You will need to ask people if they need help, as well as be prepared to be assisting multiple customers at once. Demos - The demos are short-form introductions to our games. These are not sit-down and play a game events, which happen in the Event Hall. You will be required to conduct ad hoc demos from walk up customers. You need to know the game well, with the ability to simply and clearly explain the game(s) you're responsible for. You need to be able to give them an understanding and give them a short chance to try it. No demo should go more than 15 minutes. Again, this is not a chance for people to play a full game. Learn to Play (minis) - Our Learn to Play events are two hour events for people to play out the game in question. You will be responsible for teaching two people how to play the game for one hour and then shift to teaching two new people in the next hour while remaining available for questions for the first group. In this way, you'll be working with four people at all times, giving them an understanding of the game in question. If you are not the first shift in the morning, you will also need to be able to answer questions from someone else's previous demo as their shift will be ending. Learn to Play (TTB) - Our Learn to Play for Through the Breach requires you to have a good knowledge of TTB. You will be walking players through a character creation and then running a short, 15-30 minute adventure with the characters they have created. You must know the game well enough to do this, and be comfortable as a GM. You may be responsible for up to 5 players. This will happen in the Event Hall, so be prepared for some distractions. RPG Session - You will be responsible for running a one-shot adventure for TTB complete with pre-generated characters. You must know the game well enough to do this, and you must review any adventures you are running beforehand (they will be provided to you). You are required to run the one-shot listed in parenthesis for the slot you sign up for. You must be comfortable with a variety of people, and comfortable as a GM. Breakdown - You will be responsible for helping take down Wyrd's booth. This involves some heavy lifting and a whole lot of sweating. It will take hours, so be prepared! You need to be able to lift a decent amount of weight and stay active during this time. You should be prepared for your shift to run over the time stated, as it may take longer to complete. This is not easy, but it is hugely appreciated! That should be it. Thank you for your interest and for your help!
  13. Hi everyone, I've got some bad news for you. There was an error on the Iconic Fate Deck. Two of the cards, the 7 and 10 of Rams, say the word "Masks" instead of "Rams" under the number. These cards both count as the 7 and 10 of Rams (as the art indicates). We are aware of this issue and are taking steps to address it. It will take a few weeks for us to get the decks fixed, so in the meantime we'll be refund the cost of the deck to anyone who ordered the Iconic Fate Deck and hasn't had their order shipped (this will not affect your order total for the purposes of Miss Fire). You will be able to pick it up in the future via the normal purchasing options. For those of you who have already received their decks (or those decks on the way), we are getting replacement cards printed up. In order to make sure we get the color matching correct, this may take a few weeks. Submit a request through customer service on our webpage indicating that you received the deck. Make sure to include an image of the cards with it (you can put in "xx" for packed by initials). We apologize for the misprint, and we are going to get it fixed as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any other issues with your GenCon orders, as always, please contact customer service so we can assist you. Have a great day, The Wyrd Team
  14. Check out this week's Monday Preview!
  15. Hello, Wyrd is working on playtesting a new board game called Bayou Bash, and we need your help! Bayou Bash is a fun-filled racing game, where Gremlins on animal mounts speed around the Bayou trying to avoid crashing, while at the same time leveling underhanded attacks at their fellow racers. The game plays with 2-5 players, and should be accessible to any audience. The hope is that a full game (non-playtesting) will last 30-45 minutes. We are looking for people who are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, print out a copy of the game, and play it at least once every other week. Then, come on the forum and provide us feedback so we can make sure the game rules are clear and that the game stays on target: fun. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, e-mail Kyle@wyrd-games.net and let him know your full name, why you're interested in playtesting, and about how often you think you'll be able to play. We appreciate your interest, and thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  16. Only 11 openings left!
  17. Slots are filling up! Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!
  18. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Malifaux There is a great Bundle of Holding deal now available! It's a great chance to pick up Malifaux book PDFs, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. Check out the full details on the link above.
  19. Yes
  20. Wyrd is happy to announce that we have teamed with Wargame Vault to offer print on demand stat cards! https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures?site=wgv Orders require at least 10 cards be purchased. For now, only Wave 1 and Wave 2 cards are available.
  21. They do, on the back.
  22. Updated now that I'm back in the office!
  23. https://www.wyrd-games.net/iron-painter
  24. Stay tuned...