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  1. Dog Might has launched a Kickstarter for skirmish boxes, which includes a partnership with Wyrd to use our official Faction logos! These boxes are full of customization options and can hold your Malifaux figures. Check out the options today:
  2. Hello everyone, Thank you for your interest in the open beta phase of Malifaux book 5 playtesting. In this playtest we will be going over the new models for the next book. This is a chance for you to sneak a peak at what's coming, but it's also an opportunity for you to help make the game of Malifaux better. You can do this by providing feedback on the models presented to you. Process Every week on Wednesday until playtest is over (date not determined), new playtest files will be added to this thread. I recommend that you follow this thread (top right); it will give you a notification each time I post new files. This will give you one week until updates are seen. You are welcome to download the file and print it out for yourself and your opponent(s), but the cards may not be distributed in any other way. Feedback The most important kind of feedback is a battle report. Theory-crafting and speculating is all well and good, but battle reports will see the most traction. Sometimes, things look great on paper but aren't as powerful in an actual game; get these models on the table! When writing a battle report, you need to let me know the set up (crews, strategies, schemes), a breakdown of the turns (either blow by blow or detailed summary), and a final thoughts. The final thoughts should cover what you thought of any models currently in playtesting and what your opponent thought. The main points of feedback I'm looking for are clarity (do you know what it does?) and balance. If you can make the actions that involved playtest models a different color so they are easier to pick out, all the better. Other types of feedback are welcome, but I ask that: 1) all feedback on a single model outside of a battle report is in a single thread, and 2) you avoid posts that give no feedback (i.e. lists of changes or posts that you're going to post). The last note is that these models have been playtested already and are mostly done. Some have further to go than others, but do not expect any sweeping changes. These are largely where we want them to be. Tone and Discussion In playtesting, emotions can run pretty high. We're all here because we love the game, but we all have different ideas on what that game should be. No one is necessarily 'right' about what they want, nor are they wrong. At the end of the day, though, decisions need to be made, and they are best made with good quality feedback. The playtesting section of the forum will be more heavily moderated than the standard forum. Be aware of that if you are going to post in it. The way to be: Do not attack other testers. Someone may be wrong, but that is no reason for you to insult them. Argue the point; don't argue the player. Leave constructive feedback. Whether you love or hate something is really not constructive. Telling me why you feel a certain way can be. Avoid insulting the models, and instead focus on what would make them better. Be open to argumentation. This is a playtest, and people will disagree with you. Don't let their disagreement get to you, and remember that you don't need to convince them: you need to convince me. I can be convinced by reading a good argument between two people, but keep in mind that not everyone needs to agree at the end. The final note that I want to add is that some of your feedback may be listened to, and some of it won't be. No model is going to make every player happy. Do not be discouraged if a model doesn't go the way you want. I take the time to read feedback, and even if a model doesn't change based on your suggestion, that doesn't mean your suggestion fell on deaf ears. Okay! I think that's it. Happy testing!
  3. You'd have to ask @Nathan Caroland
  4. Wyrd is happy to announce that we have teamed with Wargame Vault to offer print on demand stat cards! https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures?site=wgv Orders require at least 10 cards be purchased. For now, only Wave 1 and Wave 2 cards are available.
  5. Wyrdos, We are happy to announce that Malifaux will be entering a short period of open playtesting for book 5 models in the month of May. The files will be made available on May 10th for a quick run through and a few weeks of testing. The community has always been excellent about providing us feedback and helping to ensure Malifaux is the best balanced miniatures game, and we're looking for some final feedback on the models. More information will be available with the rules tomorrow.
  6. Just an FYI that I'm out of town for work next week, so the wonderful and talented @Mason will be doing the update. Don't be surprised if everything becomes a vulture or a spider, though.
  7. This is not relevant, but @Rosskov, I love your avatar.
  8. So many pictures!
  9. Stay tuned...
  10. I just edited and hid posts related to joking about the name. The potential issue was brought up by the first post, and we can leave it at that.
  11. I'm just giving you crap because you're a mod
  12. I can assure you that the model can be played. Pay his Soulstone cost, have his card printed, put him on the table! I think what you mean is that he's not competitive :-P
  13. According to whom?
  14. The important question, to me, is whether or not it's a problem to use those stats. There are things in the game that give effects to certain types of duels, such as to Ca actions. These bypass that, but might be affected by other things. Importantly, all of these stats exist already, so it's just a question of whether the initial "wait, what?" outweighs the variance that is gained.
  15. No, just forgot to include it as the different orientations need different files. I'll get it out later.
  16. To those who haven't tested with Wyrd before... We tend to start strong with design to see what people line and then tone it down. No one here believes this is final form Charm Warder.
  17. That is true. Maybe don't bring 3 :-P
  18. An Extra Set Of...: At the start of the Turn, choose one of the following bonuses. It gains that bonus until the start of next Turn:
  19. He's a serial killer, so it doesn't really fit.
  20. I didn't find it odd. :-P
  21. Thank you for the report!
  22. Colors much appreciated! FYI, Jury is a she
  23. Thanks for the batrep!
  24. Thanks for the battle report!