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  1. Wyrd is happy to announce that we have teamed with Wargame Vault to offer print on demand stat cards! https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures?site=wgv Orders require at least 10 cards be purchased. For now, only Wave 1 and Wave 2 cards are available.
  2. Hey Wyrdos, We've got a contest for you that will run through the end of February. It's your chance to win the cute voodoo doll pictured below! Paint up a model from either our December or our January releases and post it in the thread below for all to gaze upon! Post it by the end of February and be entered into the random raffle to win a voodoo doll. Limit one entry per person. Please do not post in this thread unless you are entering the contest!
  3. I can't specify how or where India will show up, only that they are not currently in the King's Empire. The Black Powder Wars show up in TTB, but there's not a ton of detail out there about them.
  4. He's a minion. The wgv card is correct from what I've seen
  5. People have been added.
  6. Hey everyone, GenCon has come and gone! A lot of our year is the build-up to GenCon, which means that you've now seen most of what we're able to show! As such, Monday Previews are going to become fewer and further between, at least for awhile. We'll keep the news coming, though, as there are plenty of things happening around Wyrd. For now, I just have one "preview" for you -- we have commissioned the creation of a Malifaux App! If everything goes well, we are hoping for a release by the end of the year. I can't promise that, but we think it can be done. For now, though, just know that it's entering development!
  7. Wyrdos, We are excited to announce a brand new contest: Storied Soundtracks! In this contest, writers will compete by writing a story based on a song specified by the contest (below). The story can be any length, based within the Malifaux storyverse. At the end of the contest, Wyrd will select the winner who will receive a prize. All stories should be posted in this thread, and no one should post in this thread outside of a posted story -- discussion can be in a different topic. All stories must be posted by March 15th, 2017 to be eligible to win. The contest winner will have their story (with some editing) published in Chronicles and be paid $0.03 per word, to a maximum payment of 10,000 words (your story may be longer, but you will not be paid above that amount). Every contest entrant who submits at least a 5,000 word story will be given $15 in Wyrd store credit as a thank you for participating. The song your story should draw inspiration from can be found below. Good luck, and write on!
  8. Check out this week's Monday Preview!
  9. Hello Wyrdos, We wanted to take a moment to bring attention to a fundraising campaign for Tommy Castillo, who has done some artwork for Wyrd in the past. Tommy is currently raising money for a much needed kidney transplant, and he could use our help. We have created a special gift card on the Wyrd webstore. All of the proceeds from that gift card will be donated to Tommy's YouCaring page. This gift card will only be available between now and Monday, February 27th. You can find it on our webstore here. You can also donate directly to Tommy via the YouCaring page. Anything you can give would be a great help to him. Thank you for reading, and stay Wyrd!
  10. Welcome to the Divergent Paths global event! This event is a chance for players all over the world to take part in story encounter games that will help shape the future of three individuals newly arrived to Malifaux. As players win games, they will begin to push the characters in new directions, giving players unprecedented control over the fate of future game models. For rules can be found on the event's website: http://www.wyrd-games.net/divergent-paths If you are a store, more information can be found here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/divergent-paths-store-resources This thread will be updated every other week with information on the story encounters available for those two weeks, so feel free to follow this thread to stay up to date. Good luck with your games!
  11. The $45 credit is meant for if you are opting out of the second rulebook.
  12. Hi everyone, As you may or may not be aware, Pull My Finger is a fan-made and fan-run website dedicated to Malifaux information and tactics. It has been around for a number of years, and has been extremely beneficial to the community. Wyrd wholeheartedly supports it. Recently, the wiki has asked to put up money to continue hosting the site. The community stepped up and offered to support the website, with a number of fans offering to just pay for it (either on their own or through group donations). At the time, it has been funded for the next year. Wyrd would like to offer a more permanent solution than this, however. We are willing and able to host the wiki on our website with its own special section. The wiki would continue to be fan-made and fan-run, with their own moderators, etc. It would have a separate log-in than the website. Very little would change except the website address and the fact that funding would not come up again in the future. One of the other advantages to this is that, by making it a part of this site instead of wikispaces, we will have more control over the layout. We can make it look a little better. Ultimately, Pull My Finger is a fan project and we want to keep it that way. We'd just like to offer this little bit of support. We can have a wiki up and running in almost no time at all for the information to migrate to and the community to continue to take advantage of. If this is something the community would find valuable, we'll proceed. If not, that's OK, too. Let us know your thoughts.
  13. Wyrdos! Hello! It is time to reveal the January 2017 Malifaux Errata! As I mentioned when I took over Malifaux, the plan is to move away from a bimonthly FAQ and Errata. Instead, we will continue the bimonthly FAQ (in order to address clarity issues), but the Errata is moving to (at most) twice a year. These updates will be in January and in July. The January Errata is where we will be looking at overall gameplay and trying to make any adjustments we feel are necessary to the health of the game. You can see that in this Errata document. I do not expect this file to be this large again. The July Errata is intended for emergency repairs, in case something major comes up in the meta that is an extremely negative impact on the game. By shifting to this schedule, we feel that players can more easily know when to look for Errata (once or twice a year is much easier than every other month) and it gives us more time to examine any changes we need to make. Our errata cards will always be available as a free PDF download and updated on Wargame Vault for print on demand. Our models will continue to come with the old cards until we do a new print run of the model(s) in question, at which point that card will be updated as well. With that explained, let me dive into a little of the happenings... -- As I said, the January Errata is intended to look at long-term game health. It is not exclusively focused on balance; it has a more holistic view of the game. Take, for example, the Tara changes. Most of these changes make her Crew easier to understand for newer players, syncing her hiring options with the way rules that came after she was written work. It is simple changes like these, along with minor balance adjustments, that are the focus of this update. After six months of playtesting and a lot of discussions, I am very happy with where these changes ended up. -- The changes you see below will go into effect January 1st, 2017. They are being provided to you now in case there are any typos or to identify any lack of clarity in the cards. These changes will not be adjusted in any way that affects game balance. No models will be added to this list and none will be taken away. Thank you, and enjoy! General Clarity Changes (minor gameplay impact) Tara: Clarified Stutter Time per FAQ, gained Infiltration (Void). Void Wretch: Gained the Void Characteristic. Scion of the Void: Gained the Void Characteristic, lost the now redundant Followers of the Void. Death Marshal: Gained the Void Characteristic. Dead of Winter: The now redundant The Darlings has been replaced with The World is Empty. Brewmaster: Drinking Contest reworded for clarity and to work better with Sensei Yu. Black Blood Shaman: Changed the Black Blood Condition given by the Blood Infusion trigger to the Black Blood Ability. Nerfs! Francisco Ortega: El Mayor is now a Condition that ends when Francisco activates or leaves play. Papa Loco: Hold This is now a Condition that ends when Papa Loco activates or leaves play. Guild Austringers: Lost enhanced raptor range while focused. Colette: Prompt is now once per turn per model. Lenny: No longer gives +Rams to Masters. Rooster Riders: No longer Reckless. Rotten Belles: Casting of Lure reduced by 1, Wounds reduced by 1. Daydreams: Lucid Dreaming rewritten to only apply to one Cast. Buffs! Nothing Beast: Became a Henchman, gained the Void Characteristic. Guardian: Reduced to 7ss cost. Upped minimum damage on the sword to 2. Lucius: The Austringers sent Lucius a fruit basket with a nice card, and now he doesn't hate them as much. Gained +Mask to Defense (Re: Surprisingly Loyal upgrade). Devil's Deal reduced to 2 damage. Elite Training works on Melee attack and Horror flips of Minions, Mimics, and Guardsmen. Commanding Presence works on all friendly models, range reduced to 12”, TN dropped. Governor's Authority lasts until this model's next Activation. Guild Intelligence made a (0), lost its TN, and now works with all friendly models. TN of Issue Command lowered, Triggers changed around. The Scribe: Became a Minion. Insignificant changed to The Secretary's Eyes and Ears. Butler now affects all friendly models. Governor's Authority lasts until this model's next Activation. Removed Flurry, gained "Do You Have An Appointment?" Action. Ironsides: Gained a Tome to her Defense. Misaki: Deadly Dance changed to a (0) Action, now lasts until the start of Misaki's next activation. Downburst reworded slightly, TN of Defense duel increased. Rolling Thunder Trigger added. Montresor: The Choking Death now triggers when models activate, instead of at the end of the turn. Gained +2 Wounds. String 'em Up weak damage increased by +1. Union Miners: Improvised Weapon gained +1 Range. Modified Welder increased to Burning +2. False Claim only discards a Scheme Marker if both are still in play, instead of one Marker no matter what; restriction on only being able to be used when they can Interact changed to only being able to be used when unengaged. File: January Errata.pdf
  14. Now accepting new applicants! http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2015/10/26/new-henchmen-welcome
  15. I'll post progress in Kickstarter updates over time.
  16. It is getting made. I'd rather not give a guesstimate of when and have that potentially be wrong, so here we are
  17. You should be able to make adjustments to your pledge up until the manager closes. That's my understanding of the whole process.
  18. Just a quick update... Wargame Vault is processing the orders, which will print and ship this week. Everyone should get a confirmation when that happens. They also will make special notations on non-US orders for customs.
  19. Hi everyone, I've got some bad news for you. There was an error on the Iconic Fate Deck. Two of the cards, the 7 and 10 of Rams, say the word "Masks" instead of "Rams" under the number. These cards both count as the 7 and 10 of Rams (as the art indicates). We are aware of this issue and are taking steps to address it. It will take a few weeks for us to get the decks fixed, so in the meantime we'll be refund the cost of the deck to anyone who ordered the Iconic Fate Deck and hasn't had their order shipped (this will not affect your order total for the purposes of Miss Fire). You will be able to pick it up in the future via the normal purchasing options. For those of you who have already received their decks (or those decks on the way), we are getting replacement cards printed up. In order to make sure we get the color matching correct, this may take a few weeks. Submit a request through customer service on our webpage indicating that you received the deck. Make sure to include an image of the cards with it (you can put in "xx" for packed by initials). We apologize for the misprint, and we are going to get it fixed as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any other issues with your GenCon orders, as always, please contact customer service so we can assist you. Have a great day, The Wyrd Team
  20. Approximately 2 months, probably with a little extra. It'll go into April.
  21. That's a long time not to hear. I don't have access to customer service systems to check, but we'll definitely get you taken care of one way or another. Send me an e-mail directly with your customer service information and I'll pass it on directly (though don't expect to hear back from me, I'll just be manually passing it along to the right people). aaron@wyrd-games.net
  22. You can see them here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata You can print those off. You can also go to Wargame Vault to order print-on-demand cards.
  23. There are plans, and we'll launch it around the same time we do the pledge manager (which will be very soon)!
  24. February Chronicles is now available here. Starting Malifaux On A Budget - The Neverborn - Pick your master and learn how to build an effective crew in the second installment of a new tactics series. Get to Know a Wyrdo - The Wyrdest of us interviews the newest of us, Kyle! The Other Side... of Playtesting - Aaron talks a bit about his experience running playtesting. Black Betty - An aspiring Showgirl must put on the show of her life or risk losing her life. Starting a Station - Learn how to make a railroad terrain piece. Denial of Sanzu - In this Through the Breach adventure, the Fated begin a journey that will take them into the spirit world. Cabin in the Woods - A Malifaux slasher Scenario... or a Malifaux 'trying to survive' Senario. Brought to you by Lindsey!