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  1. She totally wants to. All that gibbering; it's contagious!
  2. /whistles innocently
  3. Yes, you have limited space. Ideally, you're using a hosting site for your posting images, and not the forum (which is not really set up for that). If you have things linked through, they should auto-populate from just pure images.
  4. Psh. Only if they rear up. They're more long than tall.
  5. Yes. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54fe412ce4b0c449f7369857/t/5939b802e3df282dbda114b4/1496954886734/?format=500w So......... Might 1 | Grace 1 | Speed 2 | Resilience 0 Charm -3 | Intellect -2 | Cunning -1 | Tenacity 0 Basically just random guesses there. Nothing official. I'd probably have Karkinoi be Enforcer level, so +8. That leaves Derived at: Defense 4 (12) Willpower 2 (10) Wounds 4 Walk 5 Charge 6 Height 2 I'd pick some skills, and that could obviously adjust some of the numbers, but I think that's a good place. I think their Actions you can largely figure out, as you really just want an attack action and a lay egg thing. I'd probably make the lay egg a (2). The Scything Claws I'd probably do as 2/3/4, but that does extra damage when you're engaged with more than one of them. I dunno, just throwing stuff out there. It's your game, so...
  6. Thanks, and welcome to the game!
  7. Here are the changes: Wave 5 6.20.17.pdf Union Steamfitter - Discarded Tool now allows two cards for a Scrap. Hinamatsu - Gained Wicked. Adze - Firefly now gains +2 TN if the target is by itself. The Midnight Stalker - Can no longer ignore Terrain (but still has his place). Asura Roten - No longer gives -1 Ml to her Actions, gives -C instead. Cannot target through Quarantine Markers, but she auto-triggers More Hands. Can now summon a Zombie without even a flip, but must discard a Quarantine Zone. Gwynth Maddox - Lost The Party Never Ends. Now it totally ends, but there's an After Party. Lotus Eaters - Walk the Path dropped to Range 6, but targeting an enemy marker loses the suit requirement and instead increases the TN. Obsidian Statue - Cursed Statue now only applies if it doesn't have a Statue Marker in play.
  8. You will definitely not have the final cards until they are officially released, so you cannot use them before the release.
  9. Hello, Wyrd is working on playtesting a new board game called Bayou Bash, and we need your help! Bayou Bash is a fun-filled racing game, where Gremlins on animal mounts speed around the Bayou trying to avoid crashing, while at the same time leveling underhanded attacks at their fellow racers. The game plays with 2-5 players, and should be accessible to any audience. The hope is that a full game (non-playtesting) will last 30-45 minutes. We are looking for people who are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, print out a copy of the game, and play it at least once every other week. Then, come on the forum and provide us feedback so we can make sure the game rules are clear and that the game stays on target: fun. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, e-mail Kyle@wyrd-games.net and let him know your full name, why you're interested in playtesting, and about how often you think you'll be able to play. We appreciate your interest, and thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  10. Only 11 openings left!
  11. Slots are filling up! Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!
  12. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Malifaux There is a great Bundle of Holding deal now available! It's a great chance to pick up Malifaux book PDFs, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. Check out the full details on the link above.
  13. Yes
  14. They do, on the back.