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  1. Spoiler Alert: Duel of Fate Lady J vs Nicodem

    I edited to hide, as spaces don't do it.
  2. Halloween Newsletter

    https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/10/19/halloween-newsletter A newsletter has gone out!
  3. Get Gourd Contest!

    The Get Gourd Carving Contest takes place between now and the end of October. To participate, you need to carve a gourd (like a pumpkin) with some Wyrd theme. Once you do, post a picture of it to Facebook or Twitter and tag us! As long as this is done before November, you're entered in. Up to 5 random entries will be drawn, each of which will receive a free Carver miniature. Wyrd will also vote internally on our favorite, and the winner will receive a Through the Breach Hannah miniature.
  4. A Final Plea for GG2018

    GG 2018 Test v2.pdf - an update with some more work thrown in. Changes: There is no longer the Even / Odd spread for GG18, though page 15 does allow that, should you want to use it. This is really just a give me to the fact that people aren't using this as a tournament document anymore. The Always Scheme is no longer tied to a Strategy, it is instead tied to the suit of the Strategy. This means that I didn't have to list out what Scheme went with old Strategies, should they be used in the rotation, etc. This also meant that I had to update the suits on the new Strategies to match the pairs I wanted. Punish the Weak went back to being a copy/paste of Make Them Suffer, but Minions/Peons no longer count as "existing" if they are in your deployment zone. This should stop some of the hiding stuff that was going on without removing Peons from the running. Dig Their Graves is now a numbered Scheme again, replacing Leave Your Mark. Frankly, I don't love Leave Your Mark. This also means there are two killing Schemes in the numbered Schemes (which is still quite a bit down from 4). Leave Your Mark is deleted, yo. I switched the numbers of Hold Up Their Forces and Search The Ruins. This has no mechanical effect, but it made layout work a bit better, so... The Always Scheme is now Surround Them, which is an updated version of Power Ritual. This means that two Always Schemes are not about killing and two are. It also means that the interaction heavy Strategies (Ply and Extraction) are forcing you to the corners. On a note of some of the discussion... first, remember that you don't need to convince each other of things. The argumentation is good, but there's no reason to dog pile on someone if your opinion has been expressed. Second, please remember that almost everyone taking the time to post on our forum is a hardcore player. What works for you may not work quite as well for others. Most tournaments have a good number of non-hardcore players, and they are not going to want unique everything all the time. Usability is going to be key. I think this current version is probably too complex for those people, but I'm willing to give it a shot. My final note is that, again, just because I'm updated this does not mean it is the direction we'll be going. This is absolutely more complicated, and a Scheme isn't really an "Always" Scheme if it's not always. The idea of this document works well for me, but the practical considerations are, nevertheless, present. Malifaux is a complicated enough game for many people; we don't need our organized play making it more so. Just something to keep in mind... Carry on.
  5. PAX Unplugged - Volunteers Needed

    We're still looking for some help for PAX Unplugged!
  6. Story Encounters

    Fair enough. I'd forgotten it listed out where everything was so I modified my post. Regardless, very interested in what people's favorites are We can spend quite a bit of time on them and rarely get feedback, so it's hard to know which way to go in their design.
  7. Story Encounters

    Hey everyone, Wyrd has put out a ton of story encounters over the years, and I thought it'd be nice if people could list some of their favorites. This would give players a chance to try out some of the alternative games that can be so much fun. You can find a full listing here.
  8. A Final Plea for GG2018

    GG 2018 Test.pdf That's a first crack at something different. It ties the Always Scheme to the Strategy (which has been mentioned). It's still far from unique Scheme Pools, but it gives some of that flavor. The Killing Strategies have Guard the Treasure (as does the Joker). All the others have one of the Killing Schemes. In this iteration, only Vendetta is within the Scheme Pool for straight killing, otherwise you need the Always to do it. This means that killing will always be a part of the mission, but it'll be rare that you get 2 Schemes that focus on it. I'm going to say this next part in big bold letters: I AM NOT SAYING WE ARE MAKING THIS CHANGE. I AM THROWING IT OUT THERE AS A DISCUSSION POINT. That is why it is buried in this thread. I also didn't put a ton of time into it, as it is a first draft, proof of concept. Anyway, there ya go.
  9. Homefront - Block 2

    Go for it. If people want to use them, cool
  10. A Final Plea for GG2018

    As to the removal of certain Schemes like Take Prisoner and Recover Evidence... first, I'll point out that I wrote Recover Evidence and got regular pushback from the community against it. Generally, testers thought it was a good idea that didn't work out in final balance. The reason it was removed from GG18 is that very reason. How often was it truly being chosen as a Scheme in competitive play? How about Take Prisoner? In the feedback I've seen, the answer is 'almost never.' If you have evidence to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear it. My perception of the situation is that people like the idea of Take Prisoner and Recover Evidence, but in principle they're going to choose another Scheme. If you look over the span of Malifaux time, you'll see that we are committed to gathering and using feedback. GG18 is no different. I'm happy to make changes to the document, as long as the 'problem' is evidenced and the 'solution' works within the overall structure. Next week, it is likely that we'll go down to 3 killing Schemes, as I feel fairly thoroughly convinced.
  11. Broken Promises PDF

    Broken Promises is now available on DriveThruRPG as a PDF! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/224136/Malifaux--Broken-Promises--2E
  12. A Final Plea for GG2018

    We are not going to have a modified Scheme Pool for each Strategy in GG18. Also, killing Schemes have been in the game since the very first iteration of the game, and they have not caused the game to move away from being one you can win without models on the table. If you look at the M2E book, there are 4 Schemes about killing: Assassinate, Vendetta, Make Them Suffer, and Murder Protege. GG16 had Hunting Party, Neutralize the Leader, Mark for Death, and a Quick Murder. GG17 also had 4. This means that GG18 is as killing focused as second edition Malifaux has always been. I'm happy to discuss the correct balance of schemes in the game, that's what testing is for... but it's not like GG18 is suddenly significantly more about killing than the game has ever been. Before GG16, these were all the Schemes to be had, and plenty of games were won with no models on the table or without taking killing Schemes. So, if you want to see a change, I need to understand why GG18 is significantly more about killing than Malifaux has ever been, and I need to understand why that is a problem. Coming at it from a "killing shouldn't be a Scheme" standpoint is not going to fly when the game has always had that.
  13. Post GenCon Update

    The intention is to have it in this month's Chronicles.
  14. Homefront - Block 2

    Homefront Block 2 will run from October 16th until the very end of October 29th. The campaign has started to take shape. Will the winner continue on the path to victory, or shall another supplant them?
  15. Homefront - Block 1

    The results of Block 1 are in! The Sandmen score 2 Strategy Points. The Order of the Chimera scores 1 Strategy Point. The Council pulls up the rear with no points. For Factions, the Gremlins receive 2 Scheme Points. The Ten Thunders, the Resurrectionists, and the Guild all receive 1 Scheme Point. The remaining Factions score 0 Scheme Points. It was a very close race for Block 1!