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  1. I have taken them down until the issue is identified. Anyone who ordered cards, I'd appreciate if you would post: When you ordered What you ordered If the cards were correct This information will be helpful
  2. It does help. What day did you order? How much of it did you order?
  3. Hi everyone, It looks like some people's card orders from Wargame Vault did not come with the errata, and some people's did. We don't know who this has impacted in total yet, but we are in communication with Wargame Vault and will get it sorted out. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.
  4. I'm looking into a potential issue on the site regarding the Scribe. It'll be back up when I know there isn't an issue.
  5. Well, the quick Glory is something we're adjusting. Other than that, Dan is playing quite well. For example, Al wasn't taking advantage of certain things like the ability to Pass activations to get closer to the last activation in the turn, which in turn could help him secure an Objective. The same was true in his game versus Abyssinia. He has proven more comfortable with the cards he's using, and thus is able to do more with them.
  6. Hey Wyrdos, We've got a contest for you that will run through the end of February. It's your chance to win the cute voodoo doll pictured below! Paint up a model from either our December or our January releases and post it in the thread below for all to gaze upon! Post it by the end of February and be entered into the random raffle to win a voodoo doll. Limit one entry per person. Please do not post in this thread unless you are entering the contest!
  7. Well, at this time all we've got worked up is Thrace, but there's no plan to limit Syndicates to single-model Fireteams like Thrace is.
  8. Yes
  9. It will likely be legal to play unpainted, but I can't say that for sure yet. If we do allow unpainted, there will likely be painting prizes as part of it, to encourage people to do so anyway.
  10. When we do our next print run of them, we'll do the updated version. That'll probably be awhile, though. If it's Ironsides, I bet you could draw that Tome on there
  11. I've updated: SE Tara SE Nothing Beast SE Francisco Mr Cooper Hanged Eric Hanged Nathan Miss Terious They are not yet available, as it takes some time on Wargame Vault's side. As far as I can see, there's nothing else on the site to update.
  12. Rail Gunner. I just really like the model. Game rules? I'd probably grab the Steel Legion. Most expensive unit in the game for the win.
  13. The bases are just under 10mm thick.
  14. They don't.
  15. Well, only because I made the portals one cheaper