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  1. You'd have to ask @Nathan Caroland
  2. This is not relevant, but @Rosskov, I love your avatar.
  3. So many pictures!
  4. Just an FYI that I'm out of town for work next week, so the wonderful and talented @Mason will be doing the update. Don't be surprised if everything becomes a vulture or a spider, though.
  5. I just edited and hid posts related to joking about the name. The potential issue was brought up by the first post, and we can leave it at that.
  6. I'm just giving you crap because you're a mod
  7. I can assure you that the model can be played. Pay his Soulstone cost, have his card printed, put him on the table! I think what you mean is that he's not competitive :-P
  8. According to whom?
  9. The important question, to me, is whether or not it's a problem to use those stats. There are things in the game that give effects to certain types of duels, such as to Ca actions. These bypass that, but might be affected by other things. Importantly, all of these stats exist already, so it's just a question of whether the initial "wait, what?" outweighs the variance that is gained.
  10. Wave 5 Upgrade 5.17.17.pdf Sorry I forgot these earlier.
  11. No, just forgot to include it as the different orientations need different files. I'll get it out later.
  12. To those who haven't tested with Wyrd before... We tend to start strong with design to see what people line and then tone it down. No one here believes this is final form Charm Warder.
  13. That is true. Maybe don't bring 3 :-P
  14. An Extra Set Of...: At the start of the Turn, choose one of the following bonuses. It gains that bonus until the start of next Turn:
  15. Here are the second week's files: Malifaux 5 Beta 5.17.17.pdf I do not want any summary or 'initial reaction' threads. Limit it to one thread per model. I locked last week's threads so we start fresh. This week saw mostly clarity changes as people become more comfortable with the models. There are a few exceptions, which I'll list below. All changes highlighted yellow. Kandara - Now suffers damage from Jealous Fire Lord, but gains Blessed +1 from it. Union Steamfitter - Now always has a free suit: the top card of the discard pile. Weld Metal Plate and its trigger switched effects, which should make it easier to use. Big Brain Brin - Became Kin. Wrastler - Has a new defensive ability, and Hit You With Anything got improved for when you can use it. Flying Piglet - Gained a Wound. Bayou Smuggler - Up Sheet's Creek trigger changed so that it prevents some discard. Gained a whole new Action: The Swap. Hopefully you enjoy that one Gremlin Crier - Over Excited now works on card discard from Actions, but deals extra damage if you go above 6 cards. Jury - Book gains +2" range Monster Hunter - Something to Prove is quite different. Relish the Kill also now draws 2 cards in addition to healing. Domador De Cadaveres - Name change. Also, Special Dispensation no longer adds the merc tax. Hinamatsu - Can no longer be obeyed or similar. Cyclops - Lost Eat Your Fill, gained Hard to Kill Bultungin - Unfinished Hunt Trigger now only works if damage is reduced or prevented Grootslang - Added a heal Trigger on Lair to Lair Benny Wolcomb - Now a Nihilist Prospector - Gained a new Ability that lets him gain Soulstones. Shafted changed to only do 2/3/4 damage, and gained a Trigger! Asura - Grasping Hands now lasts until Asura's next Activation. Kentauroi - No longer needs a card discard to let people ride it. Bone Pile - Now only gets an extra set at the start of the turn. Sorry, summoners. Gravedigger - Autotriggers on its shovel, Bring Out Yer Dead is an auto-action, and Wheelbarrow Ram is better (for the most part) Gwyneth - Now heals 2 when an attack fails against her. Red Pole - Crime Boss name change. Nagamaki Action damage can't be reduced if the enemy is Fragile. Lotus Eater - Mostly rewritten. Obsidian Statue - Rotund is a may. Dark Energies is enemy only. Charm Warder - Lots of updates. Tanuki - Lots of updates. --- I will make note that Ten Thunders saw the most changes. These models will need the most work. Other than them, based on feedback, everything else is dialed in.