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  1. Wyrd has two new projects in the works! Bayou Bash and War of the Spirits (a DCR expansion).
  2. Don't think I'm not watching.
  3. Hey Wyrdos, Just wanted to let you know that about half of the Wyrd office will be out of town for the GAMA Trade Show for about a week. Then, when we return, a few of us are almost immediately headed off for Adepticon. This means that a few things might be a bit more quiet or a bit slower, so please bear with us! And if you're at either show, stop and say hi!
  4. https://www.wyrd-games.net/where-to-buy
  5. There are successive waves happening. Not everyone is added at once. Fresh perspectives can be really helpful
  6. Going to fill in some random models for clarity. #72 is referring to your Desperate Mercenary making a disengaging strike against an enemy Hanged. You must make a check on Terrifying because you are attempting to target the model with the disengaging strike, and Terrifying applies when you're targeting the model. #79 is referring to your Desperate Mercenary attempting to walk away from an enemy Hanged, which stops you with a disengaging strike. Your desperate mercenary model did not actually end a walk action (as the disengaging strike being successful essentially negated it), and thus does not need to worry about the Terrifying. The difference between the two is based off which model is making the disengaging strike versus which one is moving.
  7. That is me, and you are not.
  8. That's fine.
  9. Wyrd doesn't run events at Adepticon, it's all done through volunteers. We only do the booth, which we handle ourselves since it's a smaller booth. Thanks for thinking of us, though!
  10. That's my bad. Forgot to today. You'll get it tomorrow
  11. It's perfect! :-P Kidding aside, the balance is solid and one of the things often praised by the community. With the complexity of a game like this it's very hard to get hard line on an answer, but tournament results seem to bear out that all Factions have a solid chance. It's generally accepted that there are a couple of Masters that are below par (though still very capable of winning) and a couple of Masters that are above... though I wouldn't say there's anything in that magical "S" tier. It's an A, B, and C, and a C can beat an A. If I were trying to sell the game to you as a competitive player, I'm not sure there's any Master I'd tell you to definitely avoid if you want to win, so I think that's a good sign.
  12. All base sizes are on the back of the stat cards, bottom right corner. I don't know of any database myself.
  13. The name has already been drawn, we're just confirming details before making any announcement. Sorry
  14. Yes. An e-mail will be sent.
  15. There's a good chance people will be added tomorrow.