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  1. Location: Lisburn Gaming Club Club Organiser: Colin Shields Date: 22/4/17 10am Format: GG2017, 50SS Open Faction, 3 Rounds Prizes: The gift of friendship! Plus the usual Be there or be a rectangular object with equal length sides! D.
  2. Hi guys, 3 rounds 50SS 2017 Gaining Grounds Fixed Faction 28th January, QUB Union, 11am - 6pm As normal, try and arrive early. Pick up games for anyone (not interested / can't commit) in tournament play. D.
  3. 3. Easier to transport and play with in game. I LOVE my ninja spider daemons but the wokou raiders look very decent too. D.
  4. Think Tengu can be good - I've used them until now with Brothers in pairs to do scheme placement, shooting star, region hand out etc but with Wandering Monks and Akaname summoning in we are spoiled for choice with scheme runners, Akaname spitting out corpse/scrap or scheme will be awesome. Yu can gather them up and put them where needed. D.
  5. Not sure I want to be sitting near you! *steps away* D.
  6. 4 it seems. According to her summoning card it requires 8. D.
  7. Really excited by Wave 4. And like @Eclipse I have a bunch of stuff to paint - Yan Lo and Asami boxes, Jorogumo and repaints of Mei Feng and McCabe. Looking forward to running Asami at my next tournament. D.
  8. I see what you did there @Fetid Strumpet Again, whoops. Been a while since I've been on the forums. D.
  9. @LaBelleMort Sorry, my bad. Just seen the post from Wyrd and assumed it was the new artist's work. Still hoping for more Puppet Wars news... D.
  10. This is what I was referring to:
  11. Could this be the start of some new development for Puppet Wars? Love me some puppets... D.
  12. October 1st - start of the new rotation for Gaining Grounds 2016 Running a 50SS event at a new venue for Malifaux, Lisburn Gaming Club 50SS Gaining Grounds 2016 3 Rounds This event will have Guilders available for all participants. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/492538727587967/
  13. Hi guys, Q-CON rolls around yet again. Singles Tournament on Saturday 18th June - 9:00 registration for 9:30 start. 50 SS, Fixed faction, Gaining Grounds 2016 be there or be an equal sided rectangle. D.
  14. Brian hinted that something will be coming. No idea what but hope it's updated models and masters.


  15. Hi guys, Organising a casual play and demo day at Slayers 24hr event 23rd April 2016: Location: Queens Students Union Time: 12:00 til 12:00 Bring what you want or borrow my stuff. See you soon, D.