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  1. Date: February 3rd Location: Lisburn Gaming Club Time: 09:00 Format: 3 Rounds GG18, Fixed Master or Fixed Faction See you all there. D.
  2. daemonkin

    Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

  3. daemonkin

    10T - ALT MODEL

    The Tortoise and Hare came as a 2-pack. Granted it was a story encounter but who here still uses Izamu when they have Genbu in their collection? D.
  4. daemonkin

    10T - ALT MODEL

    Since the Illuminated come in a 3-pack and since Yan has just got his weird glory mouth light upgrade how about the 3 Storms a la Big Trouble in Little China?
  5. daemonkin

    10T - ALT MODEL

    Like a cockney double-team - or some Dickensian Duo out of Oliver Twist? D.
  6. daemonkin

    10T - ALT MODEL

    I agree the box Misaki is not quite right but thankfully the Guilder one is available and if like me you have a few of the original metal ones still in blisters I'm good for conversion opportunities! Other models that do not have alts would be more appreciated. D.
  7. daemonkin

    10T - ALT MODEL

    I approve of this D.
  8. daemonkin

    10T - ALT MODEL

    Alt Kang based on this artwork: D.
  9. Hi Bennie,

    Used your great tournament app over the weekend and would like to add a suggestion if possible: Some way of doing a grudge match for the first round? Get to pick your opponent if you like?

    Or some way of re-generating the first round after the initial draw?

    Best regards,


  10. Hi folks, Malifaux tournament: 19/08/17 10am start Lisburn Gaming Club Gaining Grounds 2017 Prizes to be won, fun for everyone See you all then! D.
  11. daemonkin

    [N. Ireland] 50SS Open Format 22/4/17

    Location: Lisburn Gaming Club Club Organiser: Colin Shields Date: 22/4/17 10am Format: GG2017, 50SS Open Faction, 3 Rounds Prizes: The gift of friendship! Plus the usual Be there or be a rectangular object with equal length sides! D.
  12. Hi guys, 3 rounds 50SS 2017 Gaining Grounds Fixed Faction 28th January, QUB Union, 11am - 6pm As normal, try and arrive early. Pick up games for anyone (not interested / can't commit) in tournament play. D.
  13. daemonkin

    Misaki & Wokou Raiders

    3. Easier to transport and play with in game. I LOVE my ninja spider daemons but the wokou raiders look very decent too. D.
  14. daemonkin

    Random Ripples Realizations

    Think Tengu can be good - I've used them until now with Brothers in pairs to do scheme placement, shooting star, region hand out etc but with Wandering Monks and Akaname summoning in we are spoiled for choice with scheme runners, Akaname spitting out corpse/scrap or scheme will be awesome. Yu can gather them up and put them where needed. D.
  15. daemonkin

    Random Ripples Realizations

    Not sure I want to be sitting near you! *steps away* D.