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  1. So he miss played that, I am glad it was only once per an activation.
  2. He used 2 high cards from his hand and flipped the 3 naturally. Then when he went to attack I somehow got lucky and kept flipping face cards for my defense, at least enough not to loose a model. I also was able to kill one of them before it could reactivate.
  3. Got to play vs her this weekend, she seemed ok but not much else. Also if you take her you will want 1-2 willow o wisps.
  4. Sub par? I do not agree given they have an extra Ml and a push. Sure they are not scheme runners but as a 5 stone fighter they work well. The problem he ran into was with his flips, he was low and I was high.
  5. Yesterday I got in a game with close deployment and my enemy used one of them to make to gators have reactivate. That had a large effect on sequencing in the first turn and I got lucky that multiple models did not die.
  6. I think this is a good change, not what I wanted but I will take it.
  7. I feel we are tackling this from 2 different ideas. You want to maximize the rage and usefulness of it. In which HtK is better because you can say he can survive X numbers of hit. To me that reduced him to a battering ram idea and that is not a bad thing, the faction has plenty of scalpels and threats that perhaps a battering ram is a good change. I am looking at this as a risk reward and making choices, in which EYF is better because if causes that do I kill and heal vs possibly something else like ice wall. I feel that HtK takes away from the risk reward of the model.
  8. I think Eat Your Fill leads to more tactical options and play where Hard To Kill will generally lead him to play more recklessly and like a battering ram especially early game.
  9. I said I should have, what happened was I forgot eat your fill ended your activation. Looking back at it i would have still done what I did. I needed to kill that model in order to put the pillars where I wanted because they do not give cover: "50mm bases with Ht 5 and the blocking and impassible traits". As for stopping Zipp from seeing him, the ice pillars would not have helped. At a movement 8 and flying Zipp would have gotten line of sight, all it would have done was change the placement he would have needed. I have replayed that turn a few times in my mind, end result is this: If you are engage then unless you are at 4 inches because of discarding a then you will need to clear the field to allow for the blocking of lino of sight to you; so it comes down to move or kill to make the room. As for the EYF psychological effect, that came from the fact that with two hits and the possible ability to increase his range my opponent felt he was pressured to kill him early while he had the means to. Most of my opponent crew would die if the Cyclops connected with 2 attacks. Not so much a psyk-out as I feel that give the connotation of something similar to a bluff but more of mental pressure. This was not a bluff but a threat, and one that was thought through. On that flank if he did not commit Zipp then he only had an iron skeeter after the survivor died which would have a very hard time chewing through 9 wd but if he took the iron skeeter and Zipp to the center then because the Cyclops had warp reality, between the daydreams and the Dreamer, I could redeploy him quickly. Once he made it to the center with all those "soft" targets there was no telling what could have happened and how many he could kill before being killed. My opponent made the right call and got lucky, but because I put him in a position where that was the choice he had to make I knew who I had to frame for murder and netted getting 3 points. The only models that could survive 2 hits from a retribution's eye cyclops where possibly the Taxidermist, Big Brain Brin, Sparks and Zipp and non of them would look good after that fight with most being near death.
  10. I think it is has the possibility to be, I was thinking of trying him or the Jury this weekend.
  11. Nope, I see this. Well some other variant as well, I love the charge blade but can not find a good armor pic of it right now.
  12. I saw this model in a game last night, even without putting down the suppression marker the model seemed effective.
  13. I find wyrd seems to under cost support and control models in the last few books and over cost some of the non 12-13 stone combat models. This playtest is just more of that.
  14. Lure still works, it causes the model to move there walk but does not generate an action. You can still dopple near him, nothing is stopping the doppelganger from triggering her take the action trigger.
  15. I am not seeing this. "Without a Master: This model and enemy models within a6 may not take Actions if it is not their Activation, unless those Actions are disengaging strikes." Does not have an effect on other friendly models, only on Hinamatsu and enemies. I do think cutting down on some of our mobility tricks with him hurts, I do a lot of mobility tricks when I play and they are a major part of how I play.