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  1. So heres the latest additions. Miss Step is here because I painted her up for my Levi crew, Howard is for my Arcanists. And my next Outcasts lined up
  2. Welcome. Love the art we have seen so far
  3. So last year I tried getting into Outcast and started with painting Tara after having not picked up a brush for 2 years, it was great to paint again but a local tournament came up in March and I felt a lot more comfortable running her then got sucked back into my love of Arcanists for all of last year. So I have tried prying myself away again this year for a faction switch up and am back on the Outcast wagon. Enough of backstory here is my Tara crew that I am probably going to revisit as I have improved since picking up a brush again but they are low on the priority list And here is my core Levi models that I started assembly of earlier this year I will keep this updated as I progress. I have a few models I am finishing up for Levi then will be onto the Viks and then Jack Daw
  4. I voted Sandeep as with Raspy and Colette you have a lot of hire choices I usually run with Sandeep as well.
  5. The Southern Hemisphere Open is running in its debut year this September across the 23rd, 24th and 25th. I will be running a 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 Malifaux tournament on the 23rd Player Cap: 32 players 4 games We are looking to have a great quality event with a good selection of prizes for both gaming and hobby. Link to Southern Hemisphere Open site for more info about the event and to purchase tickets http://objectivesecured.com.au/southern-hemisphere-open/ https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/southern-hemisphere-open-tickets-32874028103 Players Pack and more details to follow. If we reach the player cap of 32 players additional gifts for all participants will be unlocked.
  6. 1. I havent actually bothered to hire any mercs with Sandeep in my 30 odd games with him and never once felt I was losing out. 2. Favourite Beaters would be Banasuva, Howard, Joss and Arcane Emissary with Cassandra kind of pulling in here a little. I tend to find I can go light on beaters with Sandeep utilising models such as December Acolytes and Silent Ones combined with Sandeep with the Commands upgrade. Having a Summoned Metal Gamin with Commands in Wind moving around those models plus a minion copying Arcane Storm covers a lot of the damage dealing required. 3. Favourite Henchmen woudl hands down be Cassandra, seconded by Myranda and I need more games with Carlos when he comes out as he looks very tasty too. I have run both Angelica and Cassandra in Leave Your Mark games, its not and either/or option Angelica helps out slower models such as a Silent One and Arcane Effigy or even Pushing about the Emissary to line up a charge while Cassandra is always very independent. Heals are always coming from Silent Ones I dont need mercs at all with Sandeep, if you want a Sniper take the aggressive one we have with a December Acolyte
  7. He works fine, plus If you run a Librarian you can get at least another stone out of him through heals, even if you dont need stones he is a solid model
  8. So I am going to be running an escalation league starting on May 2nd at Outpost (South Perth Community Center, Cnr Sandgate St and South Tce, South Perth). Nights start at 7:15pm. I have a Wyrd prize pack so we will be raffling off 2 small mystery boxes with each player getting a raffle ticket for each achievement that they have accrued and Guilders will be going out to each player who plays at least one game at the club at each different game size. All games do not have to be played with the same Crew, master or even faction but it will be easier to score more achievements and therefore gain more entries into the raffle if you grow your crews organically around the league. The person who has scored the most achievements that did not win a mystery box through the raffle will be awarded a 3ss guilder with everyone else being awarded a 1ss guilder. I will post up an achievement "BINGO' style sheet soon that everyone who participates will need to fill out each night. The event info will also be posted up on the Malifaux Perth and Outpost groups on Facebook Dates May 2 - 35ss games May 9 - 35ss games May 23 - 45ss games May 30 - 45ss games June 6 - 50ss games June 13 - 50ss games
  9. I couldnt agree more. I am currently trying not to answer Sandeep to every question being asked as he just clicked with me and I am finding I really dont need to run anyone else, even when I am playing around with different crew builds to experiment he and his crew perform incredibly well. Reva is one of those masters though that can take a couple of games against before you get a bearing on how she plays and affects the state of the board
  10. I have played Reva a few times with Raspy and Ironsides. Both approach the game differently in how to neutralize Reva. Raspy - Ice pillars are your friend, have the wendigo as well and you can shut down Reva's LoS to corpse markers making her have to move and not hurting you as much, she will shift a bit more into support but you should be able to control the flow of the game and reduce her influence a little. Ironsides - The way I looked at playing her here was hyper aggressive backed up by a lot of sturdy M&SU with healing in the crew too. I do like the Arcane Emissary in the crew for the removing of corpse and scheme markers that it brings plus it a really nice model to paint too.
  11. Thing is the prompt change brings it into line with other similar abilities in the game such as any obeys and Sandeep's copy ability. Its healthy for the game and Colette has a lot of tricks that dont just rely on triple prompting, sure thats easy but I'm almost certain you are not getting the most out of her when you do that. I'm happy with the change.
  12. I cant argue too much with this. What I have found lately is I am trying not to run Howard in so many lists and then running Sandeep a lot I have found in general I am gravitating towards Frozen Heart and Showgirl models blending them together
  13. For me as said previously its the Carrion and possibly Phillip and the Nanny plus something small to scheme (Dog, Necropunk, Crooligan) I have also been looking at a Nurse and Doxy too.
  14. This single thing has flipped my from Abyssinia to KE
  15. For me if it is look at playing purely in theme it it is Frozen Heart or Beast. Sandeep is phenomenal but I dont run many academics and run out of them with the majority of my hires