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  1. The UK Masters is one of the community's traditional events; a weekend for everyone to celebrate the transition from one year of organised play to the next. The event is in two parts; two days of open events anyone can play in, and in parallel the 'Masters Invitational' event, which crowns (complete with cheap plastic crown) an overall champion for the year; The UK Master. Based on feedback received both privately and in the thread on this forum it seems there is little appetite to change the qualifying criteria for the invitational portion of the event. As such the qualification rules for 2017 will be as follows; UK MASTERS 2017 INVITATIONAL i) Timing and Events: The 2017 season will run 01/01/17 to 30/11/17. Sixteen players will be invited to the 2017 Masters, to be held at some point after 30/11/17, probably in January 2018. Exact; format, date, and location of the 2017 Masters event to be confirmed closer to the time. ii) Eligibility: To be eligible to receive an invite a player must be; Active and in good standing within the UK Malifaux community. Have played in a minimum of at least four ranked events held during the 2017 season. Not have been disqualified from a Malifaux event of any kind held during the year of 2017. iii) Invitations: Invites to be given as follows; No player may receive more than one invite. One invite offered to the reigning 2016 Master, who will be decided at the event in January 2017. One invite offered to the winner of the UK Nationals (aka UKGT) in 2017. The remaining invites are to be offered to the highest ranked players who are able to attend, based on the player rankings for UK events held in the 2017 season.* Invites to be offered down the rankings until Masters is quorate at sixteen players. *Player rankings and their administration are a separate matter to be handled elsewhere. For rankings information see: http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/ Current masters standings for iii 4 are available here; http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/masters
  2. Right, the list here should now be up to date with attendees and food orders I've heard back from; http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/123020-uk-masters-2122nd-january-coalville/#comment-999151 Please check yours is correct and nudge anyone who you think may have missed the details. Thanks, see you all at the weekend!
  3. Update re the masters meal, please read; http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/123020-uk-masters-2122nd-january-coalville/#comment-999151
  4. I'll be there.
  5. List up to date. Open to suggestions but last year we had a great time at; http://imge.co.uk/ so will probably look to book there.
  6. Yes. Everyone is welcome. Let me know and I'll be happy to put you guys on this list.
  7. Traditionally there's a 'Masters Meal' on the Saturday night of the event, open to everyone, where we all pile into a restaurant and eat too much. Update: We're booked in for 8:15 on Saturday 21st at http://www.imge.co.uk/. This is the same restaurant we used last year. They have asked us to order in advance, so please DM me your orders / post them in this thread by Monday evening, along with any special dietary requirements you may have (menu on the website). This is also the deadline for signing up. Signed up: Me David B - Kofte, Tuvuk Shish Judith B - Mucver followed, Imge Chicken Insidiously Mad - Aubergine Salad (Saksuka) Mixed Chargrill Feast for two (Lux Karisik) Philippa - Aubergine Salad (Saksuka), main shared with Insidiously Mad. Austin Capewell Connor Truby Ant Hoult Paul Butler Ben Crowe Luke Cocksedge - Spicy Turkish Sausage (Sucuk), Chargrilled Chicken (Tuvuk Beyti) Ben Sime - Feta cheese triangles (Muska Borek), Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt (Iskender) Tim Brown Conor McNama - Squid Rings (Calmar), Chargrilled Chicken (Tavuk Beyti) Gitli - Squid Rings (Calamar), Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt (Iskender) KaiYoung - Spicy Turkish Sausage (Sucuk), Chargrilled Chicken (Tuvuk Beyti) Jamie Clark - n/a, Chicken Shish Kebab (Tavuk Shish) Dave Laing - n/a, Shish Kebab Lewis Phillips - n/a, Pepper Steak Jamie (FW) Matt (FW) George (FW) Marcus Ross Baker Tim Britton Lukas Dave (SSSK) - n/a, Imge Lamb (Kofte) Pete Rees Adam Hutchinson Mike Hutchinson Graham Bursnell - Fish Cakes (Balik Kofte), Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt (Iskender) EDIT: To be clear 'open to everyone' means everyone, including those in the side events.
  8. Given we've now had the first event of 2017, any more for any more on this?
  9. I'm in. First event I'll be playing in this year!
  10. I think if I were looking to add anything to the above list it would be more hitting power rather than objective running. You've got the Rider and Firestarter in there already, plus G&D.
  11. Yeah he's part of my core crew now. The power to output decent Ca damage without charging covers a decent gap in the crew. The fast push on Bettari into her Recall Training turn can lead to some sick things; (1) charge a target, get your two attacks from the charge on [+] flips. If you kill the target you then have 2AP remaining to charge again, or even walk back to Asami and (1) charge something else. Emissary also makes a good target for Terracotta Warrior's; Mold of the Other. Being 10 Wd, and combining HtK with the ability to flat out ignore one enemy hit makes him a very tough prospect to chew through. Most things will need an absolute minimum of 4 hits to kill him, probably more.
  12. I don't think Yu is going to give us much we don't already have in an Asami list. We already have Heavenly Design and Tengu available to add/remove markers at will. I think he's generally going to be worse than the Emissary most of the time, Emissary giving out the push & fast more easily but also having impressive damage output and being cheaper. Unless I'm missing something?
  13. I'd just swap the Gunsmith out for Johanna, she hits harder and gives more utility for the same points. When he's out Carlos would also make a great addition to the list.
  14. Hi Dave, Thanks for the feedback. I can certainly understand the sentiment, and it is something that was thought through in some detail. GG17 will be the current document at the time the event is held, and therefore would be the default pack to use. Now there's certainly merit to the view that as people qualified for the event playing GG16 then using those rules for the event would make sense. My view is this is mitigated by the January errata being in effect, this means we'd already be using rules other than those in place during the 2016 season. So either way we won't be using the same rules people qualified with. Masters players would also have to choose between practising GG16 for this event, and GG17 for other upcoming events. I'd rather not ask people to sacrifice weeks learning the objectives they'll be using for the whole of their 2017 season if they want to practice for masters. I also think it's better to 'eat the frog' and just get on with 2017. I don't think the community benefits as a whole dragging out getting started with the new pack. It's here, let's use it. That being said I understand some people will feel differently. - James
  15. <modhat> Given we've had a new book, a new errata, and a new GG doc between the last post in this thread and one proceeding it I'm locking the thread for necro. Start a new thread if you feel you need to. </modhat>