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  1. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Ok, so we're booked in at Imge at 7:30 on Saturday, the same place we've eaten for the last couple of years. I need to confirm numbers tonight, if anyone else wants in they need to let me know ASAP, thanks. Right now I have the following names; Me, Dave, Judith, Connor, Ben Sime, Tim Brown, Connor T, Luke, Martin, Connor M, James Henley, Kamila, Greg, Josh, Wookie AJ BArr Ant
  2. Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    FYI we looking to plan the normal masters meal (open to all) for the Saturday evening. Details in this thread;
  3. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Apologies for the long radio silence. I have a very busy work life at the moment. Traditionally we all go for a masters meal on the Saturday evening (open to all). If people are interested in attending one can you let me know? (Post in this thread). Also if anyone local has restaurant recommendations (or would like to handle organizing it) then that would also be appreciated! We'll need to get moving on this so prompt responses are appreciated. Interested: Me, Dave, Connor, Ben Sime, Tim Brown, Connor, Luke, Martin, Connor, James Henley, Kamila, Greg, Josh.
  4. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Pools now posted.
  5. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    We have 16 players! Thanks all for the prompt responses.
  6. New Rankings Algorithm?

    <modhat> Topic pinned. </modhat>
  7. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Thanks, I assume you're AJ Barr?
  8. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    The end of the 2017 UK Malifaux season is upon us! Congratulations to the whole community on another awesome year, especially those who have run the events that make all this possible! Note; separate threads will be opened for the public events that run along side the main event. Tickets for these will do on sale at a pre-announced date and time. Now it's time to invite players to the annual Masters Invitational. You can read the qualifying criteria here. EDIT; Masters is quorate! Woop woop! Jamie Varney (Returning Master) Matt Lewin Lukas Rozanski George Hollingdale Conor McNama Tim Britton Josh Leak Ben Sime Ollie Hedges Tom Thorpe Paul Butler Joe Jackson Martin Jones Mark Elwood Joe Taylor Martin Wodehouse Reserves; AJ Barr, Ant Hoult, Scott Peden. Pool draws will be done LIVE on Arcane Reservoir Wednesday 6th of December. then posted here. (Details further down in the thread). Drop outs between now and the pool draw will be filled by reserves from the bottom of the list. Drop outs after the draw will be filled by replacing the dropout with the reserve player. <EDIT> Pools for day one; Rams: Matt Lewin Josh Leak Paul Butler Martin Wodehouse Tomes: George Hollingdale Tom Thorpe Joe Jackson Mark Elwood Crows: Jamie Varney Conor McNama Ollie Hedges Joe Taylor Masks: Lukas Rozanski Tim Britton Ben Sime Martin Jones <Text below now redundant> Important: Players have until December 7th 2017, or two days (whichever is the later) to respond to their invites. Players who do not respond in time will be treated as having declined their invite and their seat will be offered down to the next eligible player. No new offers will be made after December 14th, after which time seats may be filled at the organisers discretion. EDIT: When responding please give me your name! Thanks Offers should be responded to in this thread or by DM to me on here. Please spread the word! Masters Rules pack will be issued shortly. Qualified Players; Jamie Varney (Returning Master) Matt Lewin Lukas Rozanski Graham Bursnell George Hollingdale Conor McNama Tim Britton Josh Leak James Doxey Ben Sime Paul Campbell Ollie Hedges Tom Thorpe Paul Butler Joe Jackson Martin Jones Offered Invites; Mark Elwood Joe Taylor Martin Wodehouse Next Reserves (reserves can preemptively accept/decline should they wish); AJ Barr Ant Hoult Scott Peden Connor Truby
  9. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Sweet. Paid.
  10. Gaining Grounds 2018

    Think you're referring to this, which says after GenCon, and later in the thread Aaron confirms this would be a beta.
  11. Also assuming you're not counting metals (Miss Pack, Dead Justice) or alternate colours. Johanna may as well be an Arcanist by all accounts.
  12. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    That's a good Malifaux schedule. Friday evening is good for some wild stuff to go down. People will be keen to get a competitive event in and Saturday is a good day for it. Then unwinding Sunday with doubles / story encounter is a good way to end the weekend.
  13. Warding Runes with no mages.

    Given the range of things the runes protect you against are very specific you need to be more or less sure that taking them will have a significant impact on the game before they're worth taking. The only faction that makes sense against is probably Ressers, even then it may end up not doing anything. That said it can be a game winner if you end up facing someone who's core plan is to lure stuff in then kill it. So something for the time you have a good read on where your opponent is going in crew selection IMO.
  14. What to buy next???

    Silurids and Waldgiests are also top picks for Marcus. All depends on which way you want to go with your Arcanist lists.