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  1. Yeah, something like that would work. Right now it's in a utility space, but doesn't bring anywhere enough of that to the table to see play. You could incorporate my suggestion above as one of the options, so you can hand out the burning. It'd then get some play in Kaeris and Ironsides.
  2. I got this guy on the table last night in a game Kaeris vs Tara (res). Tools for the Job was reasonable when I was free to cycle optimally, otherwise nothing he did was relevant at all. He's just not at the power curve for a 6ss model and hasn't got a USP. If he's going to see play there are probably two roads he can go down; he either becomes the Arcanist 'nurse' with some sort of ability with a trigger on every suit. Alternatively he could provide some synergy with our lower end M&SU masters (Ironsides & Kaeris). If he a had an efficient area pulse that gave models burning 1 that would go a long way. Eg; (0) Purge Steam: All models in pulse 5" gain the Burning +1 condition, enemy models may pass a TN12 Df duel to avoid the effects of this action. Having a simple and really efficient way to just do 1 damage to your own stuff for Ironsides, and handing out burning to a Kaeris crew would give them both a good reason to take this.
  3. Performers are one of the best mercenaries in the game. Tragically underrated by a lot of players.
  4. I attended 'as the Arcanist' for my team and played; Head Hunter, Interference, Stake a Claim once each and Squatters Rights twice. Across the weekend against five masters from four factions. So no less variation for me than any other event really.
  5. Had a great time at the event and echo everything others have said about the venue and atmosphere. Very well done to Mike and team. Great venue and great opponents as well. Timings were good and the half hour at round start was really worthwhile. Well done on clear time calls as well. My criticisms broadly come under the heading 'information sharing'; Public information and communication are good things. I don't understand why the event worked quite so hard to block them. Refusing to provide standings, especially at close of play on Saturday doesn't serve any purpose. For most of the event I had little idea how the other teams were doing, and even who they were. This was compounded by not tabling teams in order of standings. At times this made the whole thing somewhat devoid of context. Making standings public doesn't provide anyone with an advantage. They allow for increased banter, give people the ability to spot any scoring errors they may have made. Blocking in team communication also felt really odd. As an example; one of my players finished their game before me and let me know he'd won, so I sent him round the rest of the team to get a count of how they were doing (winning or losing). He was stopped from doing this by a judge as apparently only the captain was allowed to ask this during a round. I get people shouldn't be playing each others games for them but blocking team communication on this level seemed unnecessary. There was also a sense that elements were set up to 'trip up' the players. The abortive attempt to add a round of 2016 schemes when that wasn't in the rules pack, and having the pre-published round one objectives be setup totally differently to the remaining rounds wasn't helpful either. Malifaux is complex and varied enough game to game to not need to throw curve balls at the players for no good reason. Allowing players to prepare leads to smoother running on the day and makes the whole thing more approachable to newcomers. Generally speaking if it's a rule on the day then it should be a rule clearly and explicitly printed in the rules pack. I encountered a lot of rules on the day that weren't in the rules pack. Trust this helps for next year. Thanks again for a great weekend.
  6. Rightly so to be fair. For some reason my team are on Twitter right now doing their best to get us DQ'd from the ITC. So at this rate I'm may get some test games in sooner than I was expecting.
  7. A valid point mate. I'll get him on the table after the ITC this weekend. I'd argue 'not competitive' means 'not above the power curve', I meant 'a way below the power curve'.
  8. You still needed the scrap for the armour last week so it was never worth it. A 6ss model plus a dead construct isn't worth armour one on a random unarmored model, even if that was all you had to do (and it wasn't). I agree that Armor one is better than the Sev/Mod condition, but only if you actually get to the armor one cost effectively, and you never could. As a result this change is positive because one of the effects is actually achievable this week, where as last week they were both pointlessly difficult to get to. All of this was true last week and was unplayably bad then. The only difference this week is the Severe to Moderate thing is now not as totally unworkable because it only needs one suit not two. This model still isn't playable now, it's just less unplayable than it was last week.
  9. I agree. He's better than he was but he's not playable right now. He still needs a USP. If he gets a few more relevant buffs / utility elements he may well get there.
  10. @Jordon The switch round on weld makes the model better because you no longer need scrap for the main ability to do anything, it also means the main effect can be applied to more models in the crew than the armor one could. So overall he gets less resource intensive and more useful to the crew. Keep in mind Severe to Moderate also works (following the Nix clarification) to bump the Red down to Moderate. That can be pretty critical in places. He's still below par power wise but he's not totally unhirable now. Couple more tweaks to make him a proper utility model and he'll see play.
  11. Very positive changes. Tools for the Job is more interesting in that form. Weld Metal Plate is definitely better that way around (no scrap requirement) which makes the whole thing more manageable. I do think he's now really crying out for a 'trigger on every suit' action. That way making proper use of Tools for the Job. Potentially merging Weld Metal Plate and Discard Tool into something like (effects listed are just examples to illustrate the point); Also quick typo in the last sentence of Tools for the Job; 'This model may add the suit from the top card of the discard pile to its final duel totals.'
  12. @Math Mathonwy D'oh. Sounds like we're agreeing. Apologies I wasn't clear. For the avoidance of doubt from here on I'm talking about the card as printed. The biggest issue overall is that nothing on the card inherently does anything, and is very resource intensive. Weld Metal plate needs a suit and a scrap, so after one of our models has already died this model and the target have to go stand within 3" of the marker, and use a tome (probably from hand) to give the model armor one. Then only if the target is a non-master without armor already. Nothing on here does anything in game unless the stars align. I know I keep saying this but models a Unique Selling Point (USP). A one line pitch that explains why to hire it. This guy doesn't have one. He's strictly worse in every role than a 6ss (or less) model we already have access to, and he doesn't do anything new or interesting.
  13. @Math Mathonwy I'd agree with a lot of your points were the trigger built in, but it isn't, so hitting it twice is very resource intensive for a minimal impact.
  14. While that's true it's not really the point. We've found an enemy with armor, we've hit it with our attack, we've hit our trigger; that's enough setup for the trigger to be the payoff. Hitting the trigger shouldn't be more setup for something else. There's nothing I can't think of which is powerful enough to justify that kind of investment as setup. If it's only that the steamfitter has the chance of hitting the trigger a second time then it's definitely not worth it. The biggest issue with the burning interactions in Arcanists is they require you to invest significantly in inefficient things in order to get an effect that then turns out to be less powerful than that setup was worth. It's also important to keep in mind as well that Burning is already less effective than an equivalent amount damage. This is because the enemy gets their activation for the turn before they take the damage, and also because that burning can be removed before it ever has an effect.