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  1. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Sweet. Paid.
  2. Gaining Grounds 2018

    Think you're referring to this, which says after GenCon, and later in the thread Aaron confirms this would be a beta.
  3. Also assuming you're not counting metals (Miss Pack, Dead Justice) or alternate colours. Johanna may as well be an Arcanist by all accounts.
  4. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    That's a good Malifaux schedule. Friday evening is good for some wild stuff to go down. People will be keen to get a competitive event in and Saturday is a good day for it. Then unwinding Sunday with doubles / story encounter is a good way to end the weekend.
  5. Warding Runes with no mages.

    Given the range of things the runes protect you against are very specific you need to be more or less sure that taking them will have a significant impact on the game before they're worth taking. The only faction that makes sense against is probably Ressers, even then it may end up not doing anything. That said it can be a game winner if you end up facing someone who's core plan is to lure stuff in then kill it. So something for the time you have a good read on where your opponent is going in crew selection IMO.
  6. What to buy next???

    Silurids and Waldgiests are also top picks for Marcus. All depends on which way you want to go with your Arcanist lists.
  7. @laceinit Great news, thanks. I'll get my ticket purchased today!
  8. What to buy next???

    If you want to go more in the Colette / Toni direction I'd add the Ramos box for Joss and Howard. To go in the Marcus direction it would depend on what Resser beasts you have already.
  9. Effective use of Soulstone Miner.

    What the miner does very well is pop up somewhere and hold a point. As others have noted he's a lot better on Corner deployment than the other types. The miners excel in the 'this is more work to remove than it is worth' camp. When popped up out of the way the AP needed to get to them, and then kill them off is massively inefficient (especially if you're willing to throw a stone in their defense). If left unmolested they can then start refunding some of their cost to your pool. That said that is a highly specialized role, so they wouldn't be my fist pick as a purchase for the newer Arcanist player.
  10. I like this game, but.......

    <modhat> Moved the thread to the correct part of the forum. Cary on. </modhat>
  11. As a lot of your regulars (myself included) are going to the Scottish GT the week after this event would you consider matching your rounds to the last three rounds of that? July is a busy month for Malifaux, so this might draw in a few more players for some practice games? It's final three rounds are; Close deployment Interference, Corner deplyment Extraction, and Close deployment Stake a Claim. Schemes should be announced a week or so before the event. Just my 2p.
  12. Good additions for Kaeris

    Man I love Kaeris, she's so much fun. What @Bengt said was really on point. If I could only pick one thing I'd take the Malifaux Child. He's great with Kaeris for borrowing her (1) actions to spread burning around more easily. Johan and Mech Rider can also get a lot of work done down the line. Acolytes are great but Kaeris already naturally brings a lot of range to the crew so I'm not sure more is needed at an early stage of collecting.
  13. Lincoln - Sunday 18th june 17

    Thanks for a great day. Love the venue.
  14. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Count me in.