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  1. Short answer; £15 is fine for me. I'm not over fussed by prizes myself, although I personally prefer quality swag over another crew box. Longer thoughts; From day one of UK Malifaux (back in 2010) we've been blessed in the UK to have top notch and dedicated TO's running regular events. Without the likes of David Brown (@Clousseau) there wouldn't be a UK Malifaux scene. This is bolstered by those guys who run events at their local venue each month who are the unsung life blood of the scene (e.g. @Vorpalhit at The Outpost). I've never seen anything that I'm uncomfortable with in terms of TO behavior in the UK. I also don't think there's anything inherently wrong with TO's making a profit from running events (though I'm not aware of any that do), their tax affairs being their own issue. Personally I've never run an event where I've spent less than I've received in ticket prices, and I normally run at a marginal loss. Ultimately the venue needs to make a profit or we'll quickly run out of places to play. While Mike's post above is useful as an illustration I wouldn't want TO's to be pressured into that level of detail routinely. Partly because I don't want it to become a tool to beat TO's with (their job is hard enough) and also because it can be quite invasive. In his example Mike points out he paid his own travel costs, which is admirable. I wouldn't want a TO who were less financially secure, and therefore couldn't afford to run events if their own travel weren't covered, to be put in an awkward position. I think ticket cost in and swag out are enough information for players to make an informed decision on attending an event or not.
  2. Randomly at a loose end for the next few hours if anyone's around for a game.
  3. I'm looking for a game this evening (GMT) if anyone's around. (Starting in around 9 hours)
  4. If you want to avoid this, the answer is to define terrain carefully. Why would a Ht1 raised platform give cover to begin with? You could just define it as not doing so. Especially as you can actually see under the platform to start with. You could also reason that the platform is stacked with general cover giving debris, which aren't modeled for practical reasons. Alternatively you can define <1mm of the edges of the walkway as giving cover, and all of the interior space as not doing so. At which point the LOS lines will not pass through cover giving terrain when the two models are stood on top of the platform. Now this would give cover to people stood on the platform when being shot from the ground (if they're within 1" of the edge), but I could argue they're laying prone. I genuinely think 99% of the issues people have with LOS and terrain are solved by taking a practical approach and being prepared to be a little abstract with terrain definitions. We don't assume our models are permanently stood in the terrain modeled onto their bases, so we shouldn't assume that the terrain modeled onto the table has to be literally representative either. Lets use our imaginations.
  5. I think to a large extent this comes down to what sort of game you're expecting to play, and does that match what your opponent is expecting? One of Malifaux many strengths is it caters for a wide range of gaming experiences; everything from story encounters bordering on role play, through casual pick up games, all the way up to hard edge competitive play. All of those are valid ways to play the game. IMO the biggest scope for NPE is where you and your opponent aren't on the same page about what you're doing. All factions have some horrible tricks that will feel out of place in a non-competitive setting. Best advice is if you're worried about this, talk to your opponent before the game. Have a frank conversation about how competitive you want the game to be, and agree. I did this last week with a club mate. We normally play at the top end of competitive, but agreed to dial it back so I could get more of a feel for some new models I was using without being Vik'ed off the board turn one. TLDR: I don't have a problem with Stuffed Piglets.
  6. Can't say enough good things about Practiced Production in general. My tip for a model would be ether the Soul Stone miner, if you want more 'reach' on your objective running, or Johan for condition removal and raw hitting power.
  7. Facebook states; "1 set crew" My understanding is there are "about 4 people signed up".
  8. I've seen this in action from both the TO and player side of things and it's a great tool. Great work guys.
  9. Glad you're looking to take a step through the breach. Welcome! To your points about the card mechanic and balance; The card mechanic works as a way of smoothing variance, because you can use cards from your hand to replace bad flips it means to a certain extent you're much less at the mercy of fate the way you are with some games. No minis war game will ever be perfectly balanced, but Malifaux does a very good job with it. The main key for me is that Wyrd are active and committed to improving balance. There are regular cycles of FAQ and errata to keep things on track. I find player skill matters way more than a power list in games. As to Raspy, I'm not aware there's really any master she's especially frightened of, and she certainly frightens several of them herself. One of my team mates came 6th of 128 players at the recent UK nationals, playing 'Tina as his only master. So I wouldn't fear for her from a power level perspective.
  10. Gaining Grounds 2017, Page 8, Documenting Schemes; So no, you can't go back and claim the points. If you failed to reveal the scheme when you should have you don't get the points for it. That said I must say this all falls into the TO's / players discretion when handling situations where one or both players have messed up their game state and need help getting it back on track. So TO's may rule differently.
  11. Sent Ant's ticket money over as well. Also put us both down for the meal, so long as there's no belly dancing.
  12. lol. Don't fall for his PR! I've been @ukrocky's Malifaux team mate since 2010 and I should say that in the UK scene he is almost as famous for being one of our best tournament gamers as he is for loudly claiming to be rubbish at games while winning prizes for playing them. Last year he came first in nine Malifaux tournaments. FWIW I don't think it looks good for 'faux as a game when we downplay the skill involved. Creating narratives around players turning up out of nowhere and winning major events is actually harmful to the perception of our game IMO. Especially when it's not true. PS: I was TO-ing at the Masters event, there are photo's of some games and standings etc on my twitter (link in sig).
  13. Paid.
  14. Paid.