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  1. Very well put. He's very fun, and terrifying for an opponent for this reason, every now and again he'll eat the entire enemy crew; Choooo Choooo melon farmers! I've used him a fair bit in Kaeris and he's quite fun in there as a thematic beat stick. From a purely competitive standpoint you're better hiring either the Cerberus or Howard and getting a more predictable level of power for your Soul Stones. Occasionally though it's fun to run the freight train over your opponents dreams.
  2. Nope. A win is a win.
  3. Great points from @spooky_squirrel and @Blackraw above. There's definitely a link between your hiring balance (objectives vs hitting) and which limited upgrade will be better. I just want to pick up on the above point quickly. The issue with this line of thought for me is that it begins from the premise; "When my opponent out plays me..." which isn't a place I'd want to be making my choices from. That's not to say it isn't a valuable / powerful play.
  4. I said I’d comment on why I generally prefer Commands to Visions; The underlying principal for me is that in Malifaux combat power scales much more than objective running power. That is to say a scheme marker is the same if it’s placed by Howard or a Metal Gamin, their attack actions however vary much more significantly in impact. Also in most objective sets the value of extra interacting power reaches redundancy way before more hitting power does (there’s normally more stuff to kill than to interact with). As a faction we already have some of the best objective running in the game, it’s one of our key strengths. Doubly so as the entire crew can already get access to Don’t Mind Me, and (most of them) a form of leap via Sandeep’s zero actions. So I haven’t found that Visions scales my objective running significantly over where it starts. With commands I find access to the [+] attack aura more useful. Dropping that onto a Metal Gamin next to Johan (for [+][+]), or onto an Ice Gamin near an Acolyte (+1 Dg and [+]) makes them really brutal. Plus commands opens up Banasuva as a much more viable summon for increased hitting power. In short it delivers a greater overall power boost than Visions. That’s not to say there aren't objective sets where Visions it better (normally games of Squatters) or other players styles won’t make it a better choice for them.
  5. It's been a while since I've had Mech Rider on the table, and never with Sandeep. It's two direct and two lateral cuddles (Metal Gamin, GG16/17) in at this point and no longer the power house it was. I don't see it adding meaningful value to Sandeep crews at this point, 12ss for a bit more summoning is too big an ask for me. No practice with the Transmortis toys but whenever I look at the academic hiring pool it's all very meh, at least competitively speaking. I don't see what it's bringing that we don't already have better access to. The same is true of the SVGuard, what job are they doing we can't cover better with; Myranda, Cassandra, or Johan? @spooky_squirrel made a great observation about hiring above. I always think about crew hiring like the start of a heist movie where they're putting the team together. Ramos contact's Sandeep and asks him to do a job, Sandeep won't just grab the three closest mooks and go. He plans the job and hires the best people to execute it; a miner to tunnel into the vault, a performer to distract the guild officer and steal the plans from under his nose, Johan to deal with the Guards... etc.
  6. The Soulstone Miner is fairly specific in it's use. It excels in games of Squatters and Stake a Claim, especially in Corner Deployment. Where you just need to get a scheme marker down PP & Raptor will do a better job but the moment you need to hold ground or interact in other ways up field then the SS Miner can be golden. In Squatters the aim is to drop him end of turn one on whichever marker the enemy hasn't got to that is most out of the way, normally one of the end/corner markers. Once there it can then flip / contest the marker early next turn. Once in position the 40mm base totally protects the marker, and with; 6wd, Armor 1, and Use Soulstones it's not going anywhere in a hurry unless your opponent invests way more than 6ss in shifting it, and given it's out of the way that investment rarely shows returns. If it's totally un-harassed you can even start mining Soulstones with it (or doing half of Claim Jump). (I'll post on Visions vs Commands tomorrow as I don't have time to do that topic justice right now.) PS: If we're posting our records I'm 8-0 (+35) with Sandeep in competitive play, I don't count causal games.
  7. From a competitive standpoint I've never seen the point of hiring Mages. We just have so many better choices under almost any circumstance. Shooting is inherently weaker than melee in Malifaux, so I'd rather not take three average shooting models when I can just take effective models to start with. As an example of the sort of list I'm running right now; I won the last round of an event on Saturday 8-1 playing the below, ending the event second of twenty, my schemes underlined; Corner Squatters Rights: Leave Your Mark, Search The Ruins, Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, A Quick Murder. Sandeep Desai + Arcane Reservoir (2) + To Behold Another World (1) [This is the only strategy where I think Visions are better than Commands] + Seize the Day (1) + 7ss Cache (3) Carlos Vasquez (9) [To deny Quick Murder and caddie Practiced Production] + Practiced Production (1) + Stunt Double (1) Myranda (8) [Stick a yammering Metal Gamin next to him for profit] + Imbued Energies (1) Joahn (7) + Imbued Energies (1) Soulstone Miner (6) Performer (5) Malifaux Raptor (3) [Leave Your Mark] (You'll note that this is only 49ss, so I threw Kill Switch on a model, which was as useless as I expected it to be.) I could make a case for swapping Carlos for Cassandra with PP, and adding a second Raptor for activation control.
  8. There are a few things to unpack there; Is Ramos viable for a new player? Yes, totally. In many respects he's a very good choice for a newer player as his play style is relatively linear and he's forgiving; very hard to kill, shut down, high activation count etc. Power Level of Book one masters; If anything time has solidified the power level of masters rather then diminished them. The most potent masters in book one (Nicodem / Ramos / Viks etc) are still potent and have only been enhanced by having more options open to them over time. The weaker masters however have broadly only seen models printed as catch up mechanics, mostly just weighing down their core crew with choices needed to make them function as intended, rather than enhance their power. Book 4; Sandeep is a very strong master, as are Reva and Nellie. Part of this is 'newness', players take time to learn to play against new stuff so it always looks more powerful as it catches people off guard. Once players adapt the shine comes off them a fair bit. In the past Arcanists have always suffered from being very dependent on their own sub-factions to work. Arguably the strongest thing about Sandeep is that his theme doesn't 'get in the way' of crew construction the way our other masters often do.
  9. Good write up mate. Look out @Tapdancer, clearly someone's out there impersonating you.
  10. <modhat> As most of this is only relevant to the state of things mid 2015 I'm locking for necro. </modhat>
  11. As an illustration I was at a local tournament today, sixteen players and three rounds. I won all my games (came second on diff) and used exactly nineteen different models.
  12. Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind
  13. The best antidote is to see the game being played, and let that draw them into playing it themselves. If they aren't into it, or aren't interested in being into it, then there's a limit to what you can do. I've been playing tournament 'faux since first edition. To answer the two points above; Tournament rules are refreshed with new objectives annually, and the way Strategies and Schemes interact means the game is highly varied as is. This is coupled with new rules releases in the summer also shifting the meta game mean there's always something to explore. Malifaux isn't as competitively focused as HWM, but it still handles it well. While you do need more than one crew worth of models you certainly don't need everything, and with a handful of exceptions you don't need more than one of the same box of anything. I'm playing in a three round tournament tomorrow and I'll be using a pool of between 20 and 25 models to play the event, even though I own just about everything in my faction. Fixed list ect doesn't work in Malifaux, it just makes the game look unbalanced. If you want to get people in try a slow grow style league or a pool event.
  14. Roast of the day hot sandwich please, no mayonnaise. Thanks.
  15. Welcome to Malifaux! The normal game size is 50ss (points) using a single master. When starting out most players play smaller games than this to get the hang of things. Generally for a 50ss game you will have about eight models each in play performing a mix of roles from killing the enemy to running objectives for you. There's a beginners guide and lot of information on; https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ about what models do and how the game works etc. There are also podcasts, especially https://schemesandstones.podbean.com/ which go through specific masters and how they play / tactics etc. You can also keep asking in questions on here, we don't bite (disclaimer; some of the Gremlin players may bite). <modhat> Moved the thread to the general Malifaux discussion area. </mod hat>