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  1. Lalochezia

    Final Order

    I got the Abydsinia box + book during the kickstarter and did Kasa, the Steel Legion, and Dreadnaught as add ons. Shipping was $14.25, which is pretty good! Picked things purely on aesthetics as I haven’t looked at the rules since super early alpha and won’t again till they get here. Really stoked to paint these!
  2. Lalochezia

    What do you like about Abyssinia?

    Love the big robots. And armored models are just more fun to paint.
  3. Oh, well, look at you and your "technology." 😛
  4. Maybe. I think they're also the people who have been around longer and sort of knee jerk to the way things are. Not criticizing that though. I voted for ezine a few day's ago for similar reasons (and cause e-zines are cool) but after thinking on it and reading Kyle's comment I would change my vote to blog. So, uh, feel free to adjust the numbers mentally when you look at them.
  5. The level of engagement with the chronicles is always disappointing considering the work that goes in, and I *know* people are reading them. I wonder if a blog format would get more discussions going? Also interesting that most of the comments here support an e-zine when blog is winning the pole.
  6. Lalochezia

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Technically I started PMF but I left it in the hands of @Hateful Darkblack and @Rathnard long ago. I have no issue with what you’re doing. Doubt they will either. Who you really need permission from, I think, would be Wyrd themselves. We had to get that way back in the day. Best of luck.
  7. Lalochezia

    Schemes & Stones Musing on M3E

    I agree. My point was: it is factually wrong to say that 1.5 didn't have new cards. I'm really not certain why people think decimal points make edition changes easier. But, whatevs.
  8. Lalochezia

    Schemes & Stones Musing on M3E

    No, it involved redesigning most units and mailing them into Wyrd to receive new cards. Which I seriously doubt Wyrd will ever do again (the mailing in for new cards). So yes, 1.5 absolutely had new cards.
  9. Lalochezia

    Schemes & Stones Musing on M3E

    The only difference between the third edition of a rules set and a 2.5 edition is whether the decimal point makes you feel more comfortable, and whether you want the game to have a bunch of ridiculous charts listing errata instead of just putting it into a new book/cards. My 2 cents.
  10. Lalochezia

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Whoa! Congrats!!! Downloading.
  11. Lalochezia

    Story Encounters

    Race to Edge Point
  12. Lalochezia

    Get Gourd Contest!

    Love contests like this. I don't really need a Carver, and I'm terrible at anything vaguely artistic, but I'm so in. Going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. Also gives me hope for a ginger bread terrain building contest for Christmas. Just sayin'.
  13. Lalochezia

    Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Oh, sure, maybe @Mason can explain the bagel, but can he explain the cream cheese? WE NEED ANSWERS