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  1. ^^^^^ What he said.
  2. Malifaux App Launched!

    Whoa! Congrats!!! Downloading.
  3. Story Encounters

    Race to Edge Point
  4. Get Gourd Contest!

    Love contests like this. I don't really need a Carver, and I'm terrible at anything vaguely artistic, but I'm so in. Going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. Also gives me hope for a ginger bread terrain building contest for Christmas. Just sayin'.
  5. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Oh, sure, maybe @Mason can explain the bagel, but can he explain the cream cheese? WE NEED ANSWERS
  6. GG 18 - summoned models

    I'm not sure what other forum you mean. But those people are free to be incorrect. Sounds like a 'grass is greener' situation to me. *shrug* Either way, testing it is certainly the way to go! I could be wrong. Cool to see new GG stuff now, either way.
  7. GG 18 - summoned models

    I think it's a good direction. Summoning a model onto the table gets you extra activations and extra AP without having to pay for that at the start of the game. This is generally balanced against in-game cost (AP from the summoner itself, cards, wounds, etc) with the assumption that the summoned model won't be in play the whole game. In other words, a model summoned on turn 4 can only see two turns of play, where as a model purchased can potentially see the whole game. But if a model drops into play and is suddenly scoring you victory points, it's easily as valuable as any model purchased at the start of the game, while having been paid for with only a few cards/AP. While ressers may not have been breaking the tournament scene, summoners certainly dominate certain pools. Ressers really don't pay more for their models than other factions. And their low Df is generally offset by more wounds/hard to wound, not summoning. I think this is a pretty great change.
  8. New Malifaux bios on the website

    Dude. No.
  9. New Malifaux bios on the website

    Great. The Neverborn have learned to use human pants technology. We're doomed!
  10. which masters to add to starter set

    I would go with Lilith and Sonnia. Their keywords work best with the starter models. Sonnia isn't the easiest Guild master to use, but she's still not too hard. And her boxset is the easiest to assemble, if nothing else due to one-piece witchling stalkers.
  11. A Wyrd Goodbye

    Post without the ability to ban people who disagree with you? How degrading! Best of luck
  12. Welcome a new team member!

    That's awesome! I know your high standards for art, so her work must be pretty impressive (and judging by that Titania it is) Congrats Alyssa!
  13. Rate our Masters

    Sit back and enjoy 6 AP per turn? Ranked purely by my personal preference: 1) Molly 2) Reva 3-7) Those unfortunate masters who are not Molly or Reva. May they have our pity.
  14. March 20th - New Games!

    Bayou Bash looks so cool. Love that you win by gaining fans and you can take out those of your opponent. Bwahahaha! Great work @Lindsey
  15. That's really only fair criticism of the M2E core book (which is, you know, an important book so not being dismissive). Everything after that focused on self-contained short stories that generally revolved around the new masters in the book. Granted, if you're completely unfamiliar with Malifaux there will be some context missing, but if every short story rebuilt the world they'd be a bit of a drag to read.