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  1. Dude. No.
  2. Great. The Neverborn have learned to use human pants technology. We're doomed!
  3. I would go with Lilith and Sonnia. Their keywords work best with the starter models. Sonnia isn't the easiest Guild master to use, but she's still not too hard. And her boxset is the easiest to assemble, if nothing else due to one-piece witchling stalkers.
  4. Post without the ability to ban people who disagree with you? How degrading! Best of luck
  5. That's awesome! I know your high standards for art, so her work must be pretty impressive (and judging by that Titania it is) Congrats Alyssa!
  6. Sit back and enjoy 6 AP per turn? Ranked purely by my personal preference: 1) Molly 2) Reva 3-7) Those unfortunate masters who are not Molly or Reva. May they have our pity.
  7. Bayou Bash looks so cool. Love that you win by gaining fans and you can take out those of your opponent. Bwahahaha! Great work @Lindsey
  8. That's really only fair criticism of the M2E core book (which is, you know, an important book so not being dismissive). Everything after that focused on self-contained short stories that generally revolved around the new masters in the book. Granted, if you're completely unfamiliar with Malifaux there will be some context missing, but if every short story rebuilt the world they'd be a bit of a drag to read.
  9. I would highly recommend the Torch and Blade box to anyone starting Guild. Sonnia is a top tier master and witchlings are universally good (and single piece models). The two player starter isn't a bad idea either.
  10. I feel the avatar really makes this post.
  11. That's just not realistically how it works out. You generally know the strategies and schemes before hand so you can plan out the 2-3 Masters you want to bring plus model swaps, usually around 25 models. And even if you felt inclined to buy a whole faction (which, again, is pretty unrealistic) it's going to run you a similar amount to the two warmachine lists you need in tournies. But it doesn't sound like it's you we need to convince, so...
  12. Love the Mysterious Emissary.
  13. Whoa. Grey scale is tough. Impressive.
  14. Damn, wish I had seen you called dibs before filling out my KS survey. Thanks, Joe. Thanks.