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  1. The 131 Halloween Party Hadley MA

    Missed it in my initial post, but the Halloween party is held at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell st, Hadley MA 01035)
  2. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    Following what others have said, I think upping the min damage to 2 and increasing the charge range on the high river monks would be great. Archers should be 5 ss as it is a cheaper alternative to sniper who is simply better, and would make it an alternative to 10T brothers. Yasonori could benefit from a shorter charge range 8 or 9. I also think nimble on Ototo would be great, even if that meant losing flurry.
  3. CaptainCon 2018

    I know there has been talk of Malifaux events at CaptainCon this year. The event is running the first weekend in February in Warwick Rhode Island. It does tend to be a pretty fun and good size event. Is anyone currently planning on going? I am still up in the air, and at this point I think it will be dependent on how much Christmas ends up being this year.
  4. 131 Halloween Party 10/28

    Come join us for the annual 131 Halloween party at Off the Wall Games. There will be Malifaux events and open play throughout the day.
  5. The 131 Halloween Party Hadley MA

    Our local gaming group, The131 will be running their annual Halloween party on Saturday October 28th from 11AM-? at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell St. Hadley MA 01035). The event will have a variety of open gaming events, food, raffles and some organized Malifaux events. For the Malifaux event, since the forum was down, I am going to do a couple of different things. Game 1 at 12PM: will be a zombie hunt. Each player gets a single enforcer (9SS or less get one upgrade 10+ get no upgrades). Guilders will be awarded for the player that kills the most zombies, last man standing, and player that kills the carver. Henchman Hardcore tournament from 1:30-3:00 20SS crew led by a henchman who is free. Crew must have 4 models. Close deployment Turf war (scorable on round 1) with neutralize the leader and covert breakthrough. 3 25 minute rounds. Guilders to 1st-3rd place. Then there will be open play Halloween story encounters for anyone who wants to play. These should be eligible for anyone who wants to use them as Homefront games. I will also be available for demos after 3 PM. Hope to see everyone there!
  6. Tournament Advice

    Certainly go for Wade in on Francisco instead of debt, and I would run Numb to the World on the Peacekeeper. Numb is my favorite upgrade especially in an unknown pool such as that. it can ruin an entire crew's plan. I am looking at you paralyze Pandora.
  7. Speeding up Lady J

    What about declaring a charge with a mounted guardsman? That would move her 12"
  8. Club sections

    Awesome! Thanks, Aaron.
  9. Club sections

    I tried to create a club section in the forum (the131), for my local group of players. Somehow there is a member added as the owner of the club who has no idea how they ended up there and the club has not be approved by the administration. Does anyone know who I should contact to get the club area sorted out? Thanks!
  10. Using Brutal Emissary

    I have been playing Guild for most of this year, focused on Nellie and Hoffman and really want to like the Brutal Emissary, but he just does not seem worth his points for what he does. Whenever I am list building I run into and peace keeper or an executioner are both better if I am looking for a beater, and Francisco is better if I am looking for a support piece. The only benefit I can see is that the emissary is a construct with Hoffman and can be looped, but none of his stats are really higher than other models that can be looped in. What am I missing, other than the fact that he is pretty cool looking?
  11. Thanks for another great tournament experience. Love the location and the people. Cant wait for next year.
  12. Faux Faux Faux!!! (East Windsor, CT)

    I am hoping I can make it down for this. Hopefully I can drag a few of our other players down as well.
  13. Western MA Rapid Growth League

    Sorry to have been a bit out of the loop for the last week or so, but things are set for the Summer Malifaux League. The league will be running from June 7th to July 12th. The league will be based off of the Rapid Growth league from the Wyrd website. I will print out score sheets for any players that have signed up. The score sheets for each week will be based off of the two week period, so you will have two games that can be used to get the league points. League nights referred to in the document will be Wednesday evenings, and you can score the point for playing on a league night each Wednesday. There will be a couple of modifications to the rapid growth document, and they are simply skipping week 1 (26ss games) we will run weeks 2-4 so 30ss, 40ss and 50ss. Also models can only use 1 ap per turn to summon models during week 1, 2 ap during week 2 and 3 ap during week 3. Each two week period will have two story encounters. The first must be played against your assigned opponent, and for your free game during the period, you can either play the second encounter or a standard game. There will be a prize for the person who scores the most league points, as well as 1-2 random other prizes based on the number of participants. To sign up for the league simply post here with your name, and faction of choice. I will make a schedule by Monday 6/5, so please be sure to sign up before then. Players: Kevin Wall - Guild Allan - Neverborn Corwin - Guild Jonah - Guild Steve - Ressers Tony B - Arcanists John - Outcasts Jacob- Ten Thunders Kowal - Neverborn Natasha- Neverborn Keith- Arcanists
  14. Bigger hat and human shield

    If Somer targets parker with bigger hat, can parker discard human shield to negate the discard of their hand, since the target model is no longer the master? My assumption is yes, but want to double check.
  15. Second Annual Western MA March Madness Master Bracket

    Here are our standings after the first round. Ill post again after this round is complete.