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  1. greenstuff_gav

    Want: Cade, Candy's cards

    Reservoir Dog has helped with finding Cade himself, i'm after Candy and Cades cards still
  2. greenstuff_gav

    Want: Cade, Candy's cards

    as it says on the tin; after Baby Cade, preferably the metal one and 'm after Candy's cards i've got a ton of stuff to trade: http://buildyourimagination.co.uk/sale.php and also got Shenlong, Dreamer and Lucky Emissary pretty cards if they're of interest too!
  3. greenstuff_gav

    Trouble assembling Ailuromaniac

    had tons of trouble; even assembly almost put me off painting them! http://blog.buildyourimagination.co.uk/tag/curiosity-killed-the-cat that said, my gencon order *still* hasn't arrived so i suspect the lot wil be ebay fodder from pure frustration!
  4. greenstuff_gav

    Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    we don't play alot of Malifaux (much to my dismay!) so outta the book works for us want to do more tournaments but lack the skill or knowledge; going to run Misaki a bit now to get some experience of her! her paintscheme is a nod to Shantae, one of my favourite game series; was gonna try a proper resculpt but not brave enough! Disguise was due to not knowing what GRemlins i'd be facing; my opponent owns all the faction but i knew he played Ophelia recently so saw a LaCroix brother-team-bash on Misaki but thankfully i was able to keep 'em away from her (until she struck! muhaha!); cutourse wasn't that useful either; i brute-forced my way through the stones and had to use Next Target to follow Ophelia about! the Archer was useful in that he can shoot into combats to help ping a few wounds off, making Misaki able to get more kills (so instead f two attacks, use one the Next Target for another attack on someone else) but they could do with some more range! with the Monks i tended to use their other 0 to stack Poison on themselves; i think against tougher things (anything armoured / H2Wound) the shifting of poison can help them, i wish their DF bonus was higher, +2 is meh on the whole but one was able to wander up the field and provide all sorts of distraction before plonking a couple of Scheme Markers down at hte opponents deployment zone
  5. greenstuff_gav

    Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    i played Misaki today! Reckoning - 40SS ALitS, Assassinate, Protect Territory, Plant Explosives, Power Ritual took Assassinate and Always Watching (Ten Thunders) Misaki - Disguise, CutPurse, Cache 4 Shang Lone Swordsman Katana Sniper Thunders Archer 2x Fermented River Monks against Ophelia Francois Raphael Rami Young Lacroix Pigapult 3x Stuffed Piglets between Misakis' Next Target, the sniper / archer pinging a few wounds here and there , Shangs Rush of Magic and ability to heal Misaki was alot more useful than i was expecting; was able to throw her about and murder a couplea models at once, Next Target allowing her to stick to the Squee-ing gremlinsand then bugger off into cover when they died!
  6. greenstuff_gav

    Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    i haven't played alot of M2 and don't have alot of Ten Thunders so looking to hopefully play 'em this weekend! i think i need more active guys; Low River monks are pretty worthless and Fermented are more hold'em down types; rail workers cheap chaff and Toricage not someone to rely on!
  7. greenstuff_gav

    Outcast Misaki Go-To's

    Rusty Alices' "move within X" ability works well with a Disguised Misaki
  8. greenstuff_gav

    Excelsior Bristol entry level Tournament 5th March

    is this going ahead? may get my arse in gear and get the Ten Thunders together, got atleast one other guarenteed player with me
  9. greenstuff_gav

    Excelsior Bristol entry level Tournament 5th March

    couple of us from Radstock are tempted with this one; beware the noobs!
  10. greenstuff_gav

    Grindy Crew/Faction?

    Viks, Taelor, Johan and Hannah otherwise i'd actually look at Seamus as Belles are as hard as a brick sandwich!
  11. greenstuff_gav

    Slay bells ring: firestorm games December/January league

    what, what? Inquisitor?! LIINNK!
  12. greenstuff_gav

    Converting Young Lacroix

    cut their legs down to make 'em shorter? for greenstuff experience i'd add long dusters
  13. greenstuff_gav

    Mei Feng's M2E Cards

    i like how the webstore tells you what's in the Arsenal decks (not a help with teh starter box) http://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/m2e-books-accessories/products/arsenal-box-ten-thunders-wave-1?variant=1826471745
  14. greenstuff_gav

    Returning player frustrated over cards

    i managed to track down a wave 1 outcast box for all of 5 or 6 cards; some of the metals are better minis (or atleast available outside of £30 boxes.. i'm looking at you Alice) due to a local tournament not allowing printoffs! Loomisc; PM me and i'll dig out the Freicorps for you! while the print-on-demand is something, i too would like the option of printing my own; could put pictures of older models to help identify 'em and for things like Malifaux Rats can havea card per rat. especially as i've gotta look online to see how these plastics go together (i understand about saving money by not including instructions), a printable stat card would be a blessing!
  15. greenstuff_gav

    Printed Cards and Tournaments

    i'm sure Gurtfaux's rules said no printed cards... that said, i'd be emailing the tournament organiser to check but personally can't see any issue with printed cards, either on your own printer or ordered online!