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  1. Clousseau

    Demos at UK Games Expo - 1-3 June 2018

    I shall be running Malifaux demos as part of the Warcradle stand located in Hall 1 at D14. On Saturday I shall be ably aided by Tim ( @Oshova ). UK Games Expo is the UK's biggest gaming show (mainly board/card games, but increasingly miniatures) and takes place at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham 1st to 3rd June. Hoping to snag a few people looking at WWX! https://ukgamesexpo.co.uk/morenews.php?id=384 Around for board/card games in the evening
  2. Clousseau

    Cow Wars V in UK

    A 4 round 42 player tournament in the countryside which was also raising money for a local charity. Cow theme is because Milton Keynes is famous for its concrete cows.
  3. There's nothing around using different Masters as the format doesn't really match in to that sort of restriction. I'm sure there will be lots of people around on Friday afternoon/evening, so do pop by and say hi. I'm sure someone will be up for a game.
  4. Thanks. Very useful. Hope we can get a game in sometime. I don' suppose you'l be at UKGE? Just for information, metal Hooded Rider and Lucius exist in first edition, and the Teddies also appeared randomly in expansion/booster boxes.
  5. Looks like were settled at 17 teams from across the globe, after a few UK based teams have dropped out. Trophies and poker chips are being delivered by Team RED and a box of goodies from Wyrd should be arriving at TO HQ on Monday. I'm planning on being at the venue early Friday afternoon to set up and socialise. In the meantime here is the final rulespack https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzucqxk3063hmie/Final Rulespack_v1.pdf?dl=0
  6. Clousseau

    The Dead Rise...30th June, Stronghold Games, Hull

    Yes - worth adding date and location to title as per other events.
  7. Oops - should have been for the 13th May event - can't make this one as I'll be in Scotland!
  8. Clousseau

    Cow Wars 5 Charity - MK - 6th May SOLD OUT

    Well what a great day. The sun shone, we ate delicious cake, there was a pub next door (though no-one bought me a pint ) and everyone survived 4 rounds with a smile on their face. Results are now available here www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/event/7549 . A third of players also rose to the "4 games 4 Masters" challenge, won by Matt Lewin. More importantly, thanks to YOUR generosity we raised around £1000 for Willen Hospice, which is quite amazing. Thanks to everyone for their generosity, including those who bought raffle tickets remotely, and our excellent supporters KR Multicase, Simple Miniature Games and Wargames Workshop MK.
  9. I'l try to encourage the guys who came down from Stoke on Sunday for Cow Wars.
  10. How are numbers looking for this? I always find a list if attendees draws in more players.
  11. Clousseau

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Any spaces remaining?
  12. Clousseau

    Cow Wars 5 Charity - MK - 6th May SOLD OUT

    So we have a nice round 38 players. Please pre-register at www.bag-o-tools.com as this will speed up registration. How are you getting on with your Supply Wagons?
  13. Clousseau

    Monday Preview - Wyrdscape Asian Bases

    Good to see multiple 50mm designs - a limitation on the initial range.
  14. Clousseau

    Cow Wars 5 Charity - MK - 6th May SOLD OUT

    Does anyone fancy following the event with food/drink at the adjacent pub? http://www.thecarringtonarms.co.uk Entry list is updated and trophies ordered. Spoon was painted this morning. Just need the pay day payers to pay!