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  1. Falldown III - 21/22nd October at Wayland

    I'm staying in Southend again, so I'm in.
  2. All set up and ready to go. We'll have 10 tables so you should be able to avoid playing on the same table too often. Table 10 has been sponsored by Deep Cut Studios. Venue seems good with plenty of light. We are at the far end from the entrance (look for the banner) between Warmachine & Bolt Action. You can access the venue from 9:00 so please join the queue for the tournaments but bear in mind that there are around 200 tournament players, so aim to be early, and also pre-register on bag-o-tools so we can start promptly giving you more time to look round the show. I'm also pleased that there should be 16 of us going for the meal on Saturday evening, which reflects the Malifaux scene really well.
  3. Southend's Grand Scheme of Things Tournament - October 2017

    For 80 minute games I strongly advise smaller size crews.
  4. Malifaux-UnderDogs @Sanctuary Nottinghamshire 50ss

    When is it? Is there an entry fee? Can only the people on the list play?
  5. For speedy registration on the day please pre-register at http://www.bag-o-tools.com/ Thanks to those who have already done so.
  6. As we are now up to 17 players ( ) I need to confirm numbers so that Alex can book a suitable sized table. Hopefully everyone can make it. So far we have myself, Alex, Colin, Kevin, Peter, Tim, Ben & Josh.
  7. I assume the you and Martin wil join us for dinner on Saturday. Details above.
  8. Through the Breach, Halloween Event: Night of the Carver

    No, you're players don't need a forum account.
  9. @ProximoCoal and @Soul Puppet I can confirm that your tickets are registered.
  10. I'll see if you are on the list. Welcome on board.
  11. Faux at the Forge - 12th November, Warrington

    I'll get this added to the event's calendar once I get back from holiday.
  12. Falldown III - 21/22nd October at Wayland

    Ticket bought and hotel booked. Will bring terrain!