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  1. Any chance of a player list?
  2. There also seems to be Imps Gaming in Lincoln. New store?
  3. Half way to beating last year's attendance. Entrants list is now updated.
  4. I'll be demoing all day, and will pop in to see how the games are going. Thanks for returning it - heavens knows how long you've had it - I get through at least 1 a year at tournies.
  5. Yes, I believe so.
  6. Results are here http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/event/5299
  7. Well, can you imagine trying to post Snezzley? And yes, I got the same email!
  8. At 45 players this was the largest event of the year so far (soon to be surpassed on current form), and the first with 4 rounds, I think. Interesting only the top 2 won all 4 games (Lucas ahead of Jamie Matthews on VP diff, and then the next two, Tom Thorpe and Mark Elwood, were the only two on 3 wins and a draw - the draw being their round 2 game!)! Shaunie won best painted Henchman. Thanks for the great turnout, quick turn round between games and the lack of questions. See you at Haul of Eggs!
  9. Its always better when you read the rules pack! Henchman from faction (doesn't need to be in your pool).
  10. I've been using this this year and its a really useful tool. Allowing players to pre-register helps with sign in, and there are lots of enhancements on the way. Well dome to Jamie and Kai for making my life easier as a TO.
  11. Random table numbers is available, as used at LOEH
  12. 44 players is the magic number as that's how many LL5 markers and Guilders I have! Don't forget that to speed up registration you'll need your pool written out (or printed out), and pre-registering at www.bag-o-tools.com would really help. Prizes expanded to the top 4 places, with store credit, the inevitable wooden spoon, best in faction and top 3 painted HENCHMEN. Also a big pile of large & small mystery boxes for the raffle.
  13. By "Fix Team" do you mean fixed Master, fixed faction or fixed crew?
  14. Long Buckby is the closest train station. Contact @TommenRamos (MarcusRose) as he usually travels up from London by train with a couple of others so you may be able to share a taxi.
  15. First show of the year for me is a return to Beachhead in Bournemouth on Saturday 18th February. I'll be running demo games all day opposite the Simple Miniature Games stand. Pop by and say hello if you are taking part in the Neverbourne tournament which is also part of the same show. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/beachhead2016