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  1. Are you the +1 ?
  2. Thanks for the support Tom
  3. Just to let everyone know that we will be at location GA06, opposite Simple Miniature Games (TB05) who will be doing their usual 4 for 3 offer and who have advised me that they have 99% of the range including April & May releases. See you there.
  4. Last year the Saturday evening was great - pub followed by meal. Unfortunately my hotel way out of Southend so I had to drive, but this year I can have some beers as I'm staying in Southend
  5. Might be worth putting the date in the title, plus some other basic info in the post. I've added you to the events calendar.
  6. Well despite a few drop outs and no shows we still managed a pleasing 42 (and enough food for 48), and everything seemed to run pretty smoothly if a little behind schedule (due to late arrivals). Many thanks to Claire for helping out all day and bringing cookies. Also thanks to Joel & Ben for bolstering the terrain. Best painted minions was Hadyn and best decorated egg was Owen. With 4 players managing 3 wins it was pretty close at the top, and a massive spread of places for 2 wins. Interesting the top 8 only included 3 factions (Arcanists being dominant) with Outcasts 9th, 10 Thunders 1th, Guild 18th and Gremlins 22nd. Any feedback on the event or venue welcome - do you prefer a skewed raffle or the normal type? I'm aware of the high temperature upstairs, but anything else? Looking forward to seeing you all, and more, at Cow Wars.
  7. Nice try, but no.
  8. Salute is the UK's biggest 1 day wargaming event and this year takes place on Saturday 22nd April at the ExCeL centre in London's dockland. Its a great place to pick up all those gaming related things you know you really need! In association with Wyrd's UK distributor Simple Miniature Games we will again be running a multiple demo table, with myself, Tim, Dom & Claire at the helm. Do pop by and say hello even if you don't need a demo. There will also no doubt be bargains on SMG's stall. http://www.salute.co.uk/salute/salute-2017/
  9. No X-Wing players this time (for various reasons). We have sole use of this new venue, so we'll see how it goes, but hopefully we have a suitable venue for the numbers we are getting this year. Only downside id no local affordable food outlets (the pub next door is a tad pricey).
  10. Overall I think this is a sensible move, though it may make the relative cost of special edition models more expensive to overseas players as the postage costs are offset against less models. Omwards and upwards
  11. That's a shame. Hopefully you can make Cow Wars.
  12. Had a crazy idea on the drive home tonight for an extra competition - best painted egg! Boil an egg and decorate it as your favourite Malifaux character - prize for the best one, bring your own eggcup.
  13. Thanks @Red? for another well organised event. Enjoyed my games against 2 Matts, Oz & Benslie though results weren't as good as I liked I'm certainly getting better with Nellie.
  14. Have a fun day. Neither Timmy or I will be there due to family commitments.
  15. @TommenRamos (MarcusRose) Looks like that's not necessary as Mike and friends have also dropped.