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  1. My aim is to arrive late afternoon and unload/set up terrain before heading off for something to eat with the missus. Then she'll drop me off ready for crew raffle and building.
  2. Would obviously love a crew I don't own, but on the other hand, if its a crew I own I'll, I'll be expected to know how to play it! What time will the hall be open on Saturday for some last minute painting?
  3. I'll pack some games for Saturday evening as I'm not a poker player - if anyone wants me to bring Puppet Wars just ask. As for terrain are you OK for 3x3 boards? If so I can just bring some mats.
  4. @Elessarion ? Looking at the entrants we are mostly Midlands, North or local! Maybe the Kent boys on the way up?
  5. ... and hopefully a cool name.
  6. Not long to go, so any more details? And do you need me to bring any terrain?
  7. Firstly welcome on board the Malifaux train - always good to see new Henchmen. Newby event is great, but I would still use standard tournament scoring (W=2, D=1, L=0 and then VP diff), and this is what bag-o-tools uses. Also see no reason not to run 3 rounds, but that's purely up to you of course. If you'd like a standard scoring sheet, and any other advice on running tournament then just PM me. I run at least 1 event a year at Wayland so I'm a know face there, though not that local! Finally, what does 8th place get?
  8. Great event Ross, and good to see the numbers increasing each time - 32 is brilliant. The Milton Schemers had a great day, dominating the lower third, but with everyone drawing or winning a game we missed out on the spoon. Hopefully see you at the next one.
  9. Colin Woodward has had to drop out
  10. Unfortunately Colin can no longer make it, but the Schemers are confirmed to be there in force, determined to deny Nick of the wooden spoon.
  11. For the first time for 4 years I shall be running Malifaux demos at UK Games Expo this weekend. I will be based at the Battlefield Hobbies stand in the trade hall (Stand C8 in NEC Hall 1). Demos will run 10-12 and 2-4 all 3 days. Do pop by and say hello. Also, I'll be around in the evenings for casual games of anything, and I'll have my copy of EBO with me as I haven't played it yet this year.
  12. Happy to act as a judge again
  13. The club vs country debate is very interesting and likely to be a contradiction for whichever country hosts such an event. Actually I think that the Swedish Moose team were also from the same club, and that might have been true for others as well. Painting should be a team effort as its a team event. Finding some way to get more different Masters played might be fun.
  14. www.bag-o-tools.com
  15. Interestingly, although I had to answer a few more questions than normal, there was nothing particularly unusual, and only 1 where I had to request support (as I'm not a rules master by any means). Everyone took the response positively. I also made a few measurement and LOS calls, always ensuring I had no idea of to whose its advantage was. Could probably manage with a slightly smaller number of judges, but having a head judge is a great idea, especially one who has an in depth knowledge of the rules. Apart from the player match up sequence, where feedback from the players is most valuable, I saw no issues whatsoever, and good banter on many tables. Sure, there were some tense games involving the top players/teams, but nothing untoward and certainly nothing to cause concern. Name badges were a great idea, and loved the team apparel (except maybe the vest tops - sorry guys, but not appealing IMHO). Also great to see almost every model fully painted. Oh yes, there were some really cool custom fate decks out there. Venue was good, and the screens showing the time remaining were something all venues could learn from. Good job all round - TO, players, judges and venue. See you next year.