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  1. looking for a barbaros

    Are you looking for the standard model or the alternative sculpt? I have an original I'm willing to part with. PM me.
  2. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    Basically I support team mates not playing each other round 1. To travel to an event and then play the person you've already played twice that month is rather negative, and also a big part of gaming, for me, is playing different players. After round 1 then its all down to the results and the better players will end up playing each other. Bag-o-tools works this way, and that's why we set up the Milton Schemers so that club mates avoid each other round 1 after a negative experience at a local tournament. I've tried various pairing methods over the years, but all aimed at this type of idea.
  3. I'll be there, with terrain if you need it.
  4. Just bought a ticket, and will let the Milton Schemers know about it. I will, of course, bring whatever terrain you need (within reason).
  5. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Twas good as always. Great turnout and atmosphere, but far too hot - Wayland really need to invest in some fans.
  6. PIGFAUX .......2 6/08/17

    I can't make it, but hopefully they'll be 3 of the Milton Schemers in attendance (Owen, Colin & Peter).
  7. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    @OldManMyke - are you setting this up on Bag-O-Tools for pre-registration and faster sign up on the day?
  8. Still playing and reasons

    I play reasonably regularly, and would play more if I could. I bought the game because of Malifaux, but play because its really fun.
  9. Derby Worlds is a decent sized, well established wargames show, and for the first time will feature a Malifaux tournament. This will be a 5 round 50SS fixed faction event giving players enough time to wander round the show as well as playing fun games and maybe socialising on Saturday evening. There will be 32 places. Tickets are £25 for the weekend, including show entry and a goody bag. Prizes are sponsored by Sarissa Precision and KR Multicase as well as the usual Wyrd tournament pack and a wooden spoon. Tickets and tournament pack are here: http://www.derbyworlds.com/derbyworldsmalifauxtournament.html Location: Hanger 42, Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 5QS Please post on here when you buy a ticket so I can keep track. Interested Alex Hill Ben Sime Tim Brown Troy Ashdown Cory Burns Stuart Snares Steve Wilson John Donaldson Peter Shepherd
  10. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    I'll be there (replacing Joe Wood) along with fellow Schemers Matt & Peter Slynn.
  11. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    Just to confirm that Judith and I will be joining the barbeque, and should arrive late afternoon.
  12. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Difficult to play unless you do turn up on the day!
  13. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    Malifaux (along with other non-PP games) will return to this 3 day convention in February next year, now being renames BonesCon rather than SmogCon. http://bonescon.com/ I'd like to put on a variety of events, allowing people time to play other systems as well, especially in the Fools Daily Arena, and I'd also appreciate anyone who'd like to volunteer running things over the weekend (as its probably too much workload for just 1 person, and also I'd like some time off!). Initial thoughts are as below, but open to suggestions; Friday evening - Henchmen Hardcore or Enforcer Arena Saturday - 4 round standard tournament Sunday - story encounter or doubles Appreciate your thoughts so we can try and plan the event to suit your needs.
  14. PIGFAUX .......2 6/08/17

    He's a bit like that Panzer bloke, but fluffier and in only black and white