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  1. Thanks @Red? for another well organised event. Enjoyed my games against 2 Matts, Oz & Benslie though results weren't as good as I liked I'm certainly getting better with Nellie.
  2. Have a fun day. Neither Timmy or I will be there due to family commitments.
  3. @TommenRamos (MarcusRose) Looks like that's not necessary as Mike and friends have also dropped.
  4. Coloured background for each player relates to faction.
  5. @OldManMyke aren't you already playing at Under The Hanging Tree?
  6. Not aware of a problem. Maybe Mr Google doesn't want to play?
  7. If you are restarting things I'd suggest GG2017 as everything will be new to everyone anyway.
  8. I've added the event to the google+ calendar, but might be worth putting the location in the title for those of us not familiar with your store? Also worth noting if this event will be ranked and number of rounds.
  9. Not seen anything yet Paul
  10. 36 players signed up and paid Anyone else interested before I order trophies, prizes and swag?
  11. Great job Shaunie
  12. Dave,

    Sent money for COW wars, also to confirm you address that Tim gave:

    57 Lilly Hill,


    MK46 5EZ


    my pack will here by tomorrow. fingers crossed.



  13. I still regularly play PWU at my local store, both with a regular opponent and with casual players. I'll also be in the demo pit at a con in the summer. So, yes, I'd LOVE to see PWU expanded and have been trying out the 'playtest' models. I've also run complete PW crews in Malifaux, which look great. Long may PW live on.
  14. I think the answer is yes. Probably auction off the Dead Justice and then raffle off whatever else I get - already been promised a few items from friends and some cases from KR. Tournament pack will be used for prizes.
  15. Looking at the entry fee and prize support for this event it may be worth you looking at this recent discussion on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1347973228562774/permalink/1709698122390281/