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  1. Clousseau

    Scottish GT 2018 - 21/22 July - 50SS, Fixed Faction, 6 Rounds, Stirling

    Ticket bought. Hotel booked. Looking forward to the event.
  2. Clousseau

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Looking forward to completing the trilogy of GTs in 2018. Can we go to the same Italian restaurant on Saturday night as last year please?
  3. Clousseau

    Malifaux at Salute 2018 - April 14th

    Salute is the UK's biggest 1 day wargaming show and we are back again demoing Malifaux in conjunction with UK distributor Simple Miniature Games, who will be bringing the whole Malifaux range with them. Tim and myself will be running demo/participation intros as usual, but could do with some help, so if you would like to help for some or all of the day please contact me ASAP. Salute takes place at the ExCeL centre in London and details can be found here: http://www.salute.co.uk/salute/salute-2018/
  4. Clousseau


    A date & location in the title also help.
  5. Clousseau

    Brighton March 24th Saloon Spooky Showdown

    Go if you can and meet some of the cool players who attended Bonescon including Ugnius, Migle and Gordy. I'd be there if I wasn't running Haul of Eggs 6!
  6. Clousseau

    Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    Of course - best tournament buffet in the UK.
  7. Clousseau

    The Boars are Back In Town - 24 February 2018

    Unfortunately a change by facebook means you can't log in to your account via that route at the moment - @NoMoreMrNiceKai is on the case.
  8. Clousseau

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    I'll be there. Hotel booked, ticket to be bought when the website lets me pay!
  9. Clousseau

    Brighton March 24th Saloon Spooky Showdown

    I'd recommend 3 rounds even with low numbers. Could you also add the location? Can't make this one, but good luck and hope to get down to the seaside soon.
  10. Clousseau

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    26/27th May
  11. Clousseau

    Bonescon inc. Lost Love - Birmingham, 16-18 Feb 2018

    Pool only needs to contain what you start the game with.
  12. Clousseau

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    Well, as long as you avoid the first weekend of May (as that'll be Cow Wars on the Sunday, a charity event) I'll try to be there. Second weekend in May you currently only clash with an event in Sheffield, so no problem.
  13. Clousseau

    Are all 30mm lipped bases equal?

    The Wyrd bases have a slightly different external profile that makes them easier to pick up.
  14. Clousseau

    Bonescon inc. Lost Love - Birmingham, 16-18 Feb 2018

    Here is the car parking information from the organiser; "If you are staying in the hotel for the weekend, you can square up with concierge at any time. If you are not on site, but still parking, use the code as detailed below. Price confirmed at £6 per day, per car. Delegates should enter your unique event code: XGYGE at the machine next to Concierge in the main Reception if they are not resident. Any residents should advise Reception of their car registration at any time during their stay prior to departure. Upon departure the barrier will lift for your delegates. Charges will only be made for those who have parked their cars in the hotel car park. Please note that car parking spaces are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Cars parked in the NEC car parks are out of the hotel's control and charges are variable. The charges are payable by the individual."
  15. Clousseau

    Bonescon inc. Lost Love - Birmingham, 16-18 Feb 2018

    You can no longer buy tickets in advance, but you can buy them on the day. Space for 40 players so be great to see you.