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  1. Imagine Reva would like her. Doesn't compete as much for and Reva can make good use of the zombies
  2. I suspect the model is probably a 5.6 - 5.75 power range. Personally I think that is fine since they make Gremlins a lot tougher in a faction known for self destructing and paper thin armour. Also not like much in gremlin compete for triggers
  3. I think they are different enough. Terracotta warrior ability is a (1) instead of a (0). The terracotta warrior bounces the damage to him and he can discard (kind of) 1 card to prevent the damage. The Bokor only reduces damage and has to be used on the first damage the model takes. The Bokor though with a trigger can protect 2 targets a turn vs the Terracotta's one. They need a 6+ vs our 8+ stat wise Terracotta has: +1DF, -2WP, -3WD, same WK and CG armor and unimpeded, no ranged attacks. Their damage is 1/3/5 with a trigger that they and the opponent takes 2 damage. they have a 0 that lets you swap upgrades So we have better stats probably same defense taking into account armor vs extra wounds and WP attack is probably the same having ranged, flexible targetting and better triggers vs lower damage. Terracotta is better at protecting friendly models, but not by much imo upgrade swapping is probably more useful than our reactivate, but only because there no real good targets for the bokor's reactivate.
  4. another issue with the 0pt upgrades is it feels like it locks models into a certain build (Especially enforcers). Example the whiskey golem is considered a subpar model, but the 0pt upgrade is pretty good for him. Since he is an enforcer though the 0pt upgrade is the only upgrade he can take which again makes him seem like a bad model.
  5. I like the first mate, but I tend to either take Trixie or Fingers instead based on how much scheming I need to do and messing up my opponent. Trixie I find can usually run schemes pretty efficiently with reckless and luring enemies away and fingers is just amazing at it while screwing your opponent.
  6. Keep in mind the main attack is still a Ca action (gets around incorporeal) and lets you target either DF or WP with no icon. personally I don't find them that bad. I will usually try and cheat in the 8 for faded. Don't care about the reactivate and the shooting is mainly just a bonus to me which has some nice triggers.
  7. Personally like that idea. On the individual models you can still include stuff like if the model is summoned it takes 2 wounds ect
  8. So Gremlin Bureaucracy sounds like it is going hurt us more now than help us now (who would have thought of that in regards to Gremlin Bureaucracy :p) For instance if you have someone accused and they stand within the 3 it sounds like they wouldn't count for the scheme so you don't get any points But if you are accused since the only affects enemy models it won't help you and the opponent still gets points.
  9. I don't see how your finding enchant better than glowy. Both glowy and enchant let you ignore armor and incorporeal glowy also lets you ignore hard to kill and works on all the models damage sources and with an upgrade: gives +1 damage, regen and can't be dispelled Enchant will let you ignore the handful of armor like abilities that aren't armor (example Lenny's )
  10. For the swap your opponent may play a card or may not. If they don't you can pretty much choose what you want (and discarding 1 card to draw 2 more can be useful). If not random stuff happens. Pretty sure opponent gets nothing. As for barter economy since it says you can discard an additional card to get a soul stone, I don't think you get extra soul stones for discarding more than 1 card
  11. Personally I don't see a reason to take him in a list. He is still too slow to be a scheme runner or anti scheme runner, he doesn't want to be a flanker or can't do disruption. Doesn't have the stats to really be around heavy combat to do his disruption (which is pretty costly). The ability is nice, but I found half the time I would rather spend the stone and keep 6 cards in my hand. Outside of Tara I don't see many lists wanting him.
  12. This guy is going be a must have with Mah now.
  13. maybe change Hands from Below to last until the end of the models next activation?
  14. Tap out is also going make the wrastler immune to disengaging strikes.
  15. I like it being suited since it is a powerful piece, but Guild is really starting to cannibalize too much. I wonder if would be easier to use if it was a trigger or up the TN a bit and make it a or trigger (or some other combination). Someone should try running one with a pathfinder to try and setup dead areas on the map.