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  1. Just curious but why Nellie? I'm almost wondering if Newucious might be a good choice if FFM is in the pool. He can get work done without needing to kill models, and issue command with focus can help the deathmarshal deal with stubborn.
  2. So that is a really good start and I would start to buy models based on what you think you need based on your current games. Some role breakdowns Tank -Gracie can hit like a truck (especially with Somer giving her ) and as long as opponent doesn't ignore armor she can tank. Also with saddle she can help move Somer around if he is summoning. If going with a more offensive Somer she can drag a slop hauler to keep her topped up Damage -Burt: Good general model and can do a lot of damage (again espically with Somer giving him rams) -Pigapult: Somer and Lenny can summon ammo for it, and it can launch Gremlins where they are needed -Taxadermist: Taxadermist is an okay model imo, but the box does have stuffed pigs which can be great for annoying opponents with Support -Sammy: Can hold family tree to do the summoning or encouragement turning Somer into a stronger version of Ophelia -Iron skeeters: Again can taxi around some models (and give them fast). a Fast Burt / Fingers / Francois can really ruin people's days. Hovering airship can also make them good scheme hunters. If Somer gives them masks they can shoot someone and use the mask trigger for the free walk to really annoy opponents -Banjoistas: Can help your crew move up and card draw. With Somer and Sammy you can force your opponent to discard their hand and if you kill 1 gremlin model you draw 4 cards -Trixie: Also a pretty good schemer and can cheat iniative on key turns (though need to get the Mah box to ger her, or convert her someway (I used an old metal Ophelia model for this and changed her gun into a cup)) Schemes -Merris: Great schemer and with FFM now suited if you kill a model with her burning can deny the opponent points -Fingers: The king of annoying opponents. He can just make a lot of schemes super hard for your opponent to do while making a lot of schemes easy for you to do. Though you do pay a high price for that.
  3. So FFM is in the pool and your opponent is being super aggressive with super killy model that you just can't ignore, but are pretty sure that is the FFM target. So how does Guild deal with this scenario without giving away 2-3 VP. I know Guild has a lot of really nice killing enforcers / minions that can deny 1 point and still let you get the model off the table, but what are the other options? Some I thought of are 1) Use Deathmarshalls. A pinebox model is still off the table and your opponent gets 0 points for being super aggressive 2) McMourning and crew with induction and cataclysm can try and kill the model with poison, but that might take awhile 3) Sam with Witchhunt could load it up with burning, but again might be slow and requires the model to get close to terrain (would probably work better in a Lucius crew with Doppleganger to also copy Witchhunt).
  4. so this month done 17SS 5 stuffed pigs = 10ss 1 taxadermist = 7ss 1 Cthulhu pony = priceless
  5. You can choose the order that triggers resolve in since they are all the same time. So push the model first and now you can select guilty because the model is within 2" of a friendly model to get an attack off of
  6. Well a fun combination is use Nellie to push a target 5" towards a deathmarshall and if you burn evidence it then lets the marshall get a pine box attempt.
  7. Someone needs to report and document Perdita's success and who better to protect Guilds reporters than the family?
  8. Hoffman's box as other have mentioned is good for dita since the models he comes with work well for her, but Hoffman himself needs more models I don't think he would get much use from Perdita's box. Both lady J and Sonnia would really appreciate Perdita's box (mainly Franc), but I don't think she would get that much from either box set. Still witchling stalkers are a very useful model and death marshalls and the Judge aren't bad models. Over all would say either is still a good buy Nellie could be a good choice. Nellie works well with Franc and Perdita could make good use of the reporters as scheme runners while she herself brings the damage. Get a peacekeeper with it and she would have 2 different but effective crews. Nellie though is more challenging to play though than either Lady J or Sonnia imo. Other useful models Abuela = works well with most Guild models (espically those that can get additional attacks like The Judge) Peacekeeper = Tank and damage dealer Brutual Emmisary = Can still do some papa in the box shinnigans (espically with Abuela). Though don't think he is the greatest with Perdita Ryle = A very tough, tanky and damaging Henchman
  9. sometimes bad things just happen. The jokers represent that fate is fickle
  10. Page 36 of the core rulebook 1. Resolve “Activation" Effects 2. Generate AP They would get slow before generating AP
  11. @Viruk I'm loving the eyes of your models. Any tips?
  12. Not a wyrd model, but a model I painted up just for fun (or useful for 30mm strat markers)
  13. Unless the pult has sparks it shouldn't be shooting 4 times a turn (or some other way to get fast). Also keep in mind if they are using stuffed pigs as ammo the pigapult suffers -1 to SH and can't cheat damage. If you can go for the ammo that tends to really neuter the pult (and all those blasts will also do some damage to it). Engaging it also stops it from shooting and not much it can do to get out of engagement.
  14. @klatschi For the Gremlin skin I base it with goblin green, highlight with goblin green mixed with sunbust yellow (1:2 ratio) and finally wash it green. The gloves are painted in sunburst yellow and washed brown
  15. some more WIP images