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  1. wizuriel

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    personally I would have no problem sacrificing an activation positioning the warpigs if they have a chance to remove Sonnia end of turn 1. Warpigs charge as a 1 action and have a WK5.
  2. wizuriel

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    So in the spirit of Malifaux I'm going to assume you're not building a list to counter this (if my opponent declared Gremlins a first turn alpha strike with tanky heavy hitters is not what I would be expecting (fragil heavy hitters like a fast Francoic yes, but not warpigs)). So the thing imo that really makes it scary is the card draw with the banjoista and Somer. From the crier he would still get a lot of cards, but needs to discard at least 1 and 2s and will want some masks in hand incase the skeeter dies or for the pigs alpha strike. The hog whisperer is only DF4 and WD7, but Guild I don't think has much that can reliable get him in the opponents deployment zone by 2nd activation. The next target imo would be the bayou Gremlin between his activation and before Somers. After drunk and reckless the bayou will only have 2WD left at DF5. Perdita and Sonnia should both be able to do this. The hard part is really going be stopping this and surviving. If Sonnia is up enough to drop a flame wall she is close enough to be charged by a warpig and I don't think she will survive that.
  3. wizuriel

    Our worst models

    I would also consider abilities that you must declare a trigger that have 2 good, 1 neutral and 1 bad trigger a gremlin trait. Or abilities that are semi random on good vs bad stuff (ex iron skeeter smoke markers). Generally gambling with high risk and high reward or self harming our way to victory.
  4. wizuriel

    Our worst models

    I really don't feel that is a fair way of looking at models getting nerfed / buffed. When Lenny was nerfed for instance it drastically lowered the power level of Ophelia and Mah (and Ophelia imo is only starting to kind of recover with wave 5 upgrades). The stuffed pig nerf also hit the pigapult. Lowering the cost of models like wild boars doesn't really fix them as opposed to lowering the cost of Guild Guards. Likewise you can make a model like the Govonor's proxy cost 1SS and it would still never be picked. Looking at previous erratas Nerfs (* are models that are more or less unplayable after the nerf) Ophelia: Guns nerfed but not too badly. *Lenny: Nerfed and made less playable (only use with Somer now, note I don't play Ulix but can see some use there). Side casualties = Mah and Ophelia *Stuffed pigs: Nerfed and lowered faction alpha strike. Model tends to be a summon only now. Side casualties = Pigapult Burt: Nerfed but I don't think too badly. Nerf imo didn't really solve the issue with him in Nellie lists McTavish: Nerfed but I also don't think too badly. Don't tend to see him with Nellie as much anymore Francois: Nerfed, but not bad imo. *Rooster Riders: Lost reckless, very rarely seen now but imo that is more because of competition at their point cost and iron skeeters then the model. Buffs? (all models below got a price reduction, but no noticeable increase in playability or discussion imo) Moon Shinobi Mancha Roja Wild Board Buffs (models marked with * got a big increase in playability and discussion) Whiskey Golem *Survivior Mechanized Porkchop *Bushwhackers (personally I think they should fall in the previous category, but people seem to like them now for some reason) *Rafael LaCroix So Nerfs made 3 models virtually unplayable and hit 9 models Buffs were only really effective on 3 models and semi effective on 2. imo the problem is Gremlin's seem to have lost the direction the faction is going in resulting in models introduced in Waves 1&2 being vastly superior to newer models. Wave 5 I feel was paticularly bad as nearly every other faction seemed to have gotten massive buffs and cool models and Gremlins feel like they got 2 masters upgrades that bring them from never used to playable (granted I will admit that is a huge improvement) and maybe a situationally useful model or 2. Compare that to Guild for instance which a lot of their weaker masters went from unplayable to good and a lot of new models with good synergies or gameplay.
  5. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    WIP on the shaman Really not sure what colour I want to use for the mask
  6. wizuriel

    Is Hoffman competitive in GG18?

    What do you use for alpha striking Hoffman. I tend to play very defensively with his bubble, but tend to find the crews movement pretty slow.
  7. wizuriel

    Old Cranky

    I was just counting up to old cranky's cost. 4SS for him vs 4SS for 2 young. You can hire a 3rd for 6SS or get old cranky + bayou for 7SS or old cranky and more upgrades ect depending what you want.
  8. wizuriel

    Old Cranky

    it's a different way of playing. I don't go very kin heavy with Ophelia and all her gun 0 actions are kin only. Most of the time I'm using oooo a girl or shooting with her eyes closed which are both on her card. I would argue her survivability goes up with +1WP and to DF. She can still reload herself for plink upgrades (which I will admit is more AP then if the Young did it for her) and if you want junk markers (she can't actually use the junk markers herself so she doesn't get healing from them). Generally I only use reload on her for metal lined coat and using 1AP for instinctual and potential +2 armor I don't consider a bad use of her AP. You do lose out on 1 activation. You only lose out of soulstone efficiency if you don't buy any generic upgrades (which I usually start the game with 1 or 2 depending on opponents faction). You're pretty much trading: +1WP, to DF, card cycling and ability to generate soul stones, possibility to drop scheme markers for: 1 extra activation, more master AP, more opportunities to Plink and more flexible attack action (though they get 1SH attack opposed to old cranky shooting twice and if they use the gun it hurts Ophelia's defense). personally I would be more interested in Young LaCroix if Ophelia's guns were better / didn't limit her upgrades so much and if there were more generic kin models not competing for s.
  9. wizuriel

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    My threatening gun got nerfed / errata. The damage track is actually 3/4/6 and the ram is not built in Jug rocket was also nerfed that the 0 is now other friendly kin and can't be used on herself
  10. wizuriel

    Old Cranky

    personally I prefer old cranky with Ophelia and Wong and sometimes with Somer. Never take him with Mah, Zipp or Brewmaster and I don't play Ulix or Gremaida. Generally he is a massive buff to any model within 3 of him. Somer, Wong and Ophelia can easily vaporize a model a turn getting you back soul stones. He can cycle a card and his gun isn't bad. He also isn't insignificant so can interact. In paticular Somer: So you lose out on 1 activation hiring him. The skeeters are great for extending Do it like Dis (and potentially getting around Somer BJing it on his turn) and the turn off triggers can destroy models that depend on triggers like Colette or Gremlins. With summon somer though a lot of models are already huddling together letting you really benefit from Cranky's range. Wong: Personally I don't like his totem. The looking at 4 cards I find doesn't matter with Gremlin's luck and a lot of time I bring Burt who also can cracker jack timing the opponent. Ophelia: I personally find her gun upgrades pretty meh. I also really like taking generic upgrades with her that she can't load during the game and you have to pay for anyways. Usually start her with dirty cheater and liquid bravery and use 1 AP to get metal-lined coat during the first turn.
  11. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Anyone have any advice writing in the jury's book?
  12. wizuriel

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    My guesses are 1) Nightmare McTavish (personally voting against this as I think it would be confusing since McTavish doesn't have the Gremlin characteristic) 2) Bayou Bash rider (also don't think so as why be so secretive about that at this point) 3) New secret Wave 6 model
  13. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    wip on Jury (kind of NSFW)
  14. Brought 50 SS Guild Crew Lady Justice + 4 Pool - Swordfighter (1) - Ashwood Coffin (2) Scales of Justice (3) Ryle (10) - A Debt To The Guild (1) - Expert Sleuth (1) Francisco Ortega (8) - Wade In (1) - Hermanos de Armas (1) Guild Pathfinder (6) Guild Austringer (6) Brutal Effigy (4) Guild Guard (3) Guild Guard (3) Against a Collodi crew which had (off hand) 50 SS Neverborn Crew Collodi + 7 Pool - Strum the Threads (1) - Bag of Props (1) - some other upgrade Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Lazarus (11) Hooded Rider (10) Doppleganger (7) Brutal Effigy (4) Arcane Effigy (4) For Random encounter generated with CrewFaux Deployment: Corner Deployment (9) Strategy: Public Executions (Tomes) Schemes: * Eliminate the Leadership (Tomes, he took) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Undercover Entourage (5, on Ryle) * Search the Ruins (8, both took) * Recover Evidence (11) First turn my opponent had a pretty meh hand and I managed to summon a trap to block one of the alleys out of his deployment zone. The hooded rider, arcane effigy and Collodi failed to take down my trap (which did 1 damage to the hooded rider). Beyond that turn 1 just saw the rest of our models getting into position. Turn 2 I summoned another trap beside the hooded rider forgetting he can just push away (freeing himself and arcane effigy). At this point though my pather finder managed to split his crew with the rider, arcane effigy and doppleganger sneaking past trap alley and the rest of the crew going the other direction. He charged the hooded rider into a defensive buffed lady Justice who took minimal damage and riposted him for his efforts. Francisco and Lady Justice then brought him down to 1 wound left and one of my guild guards finished him off getting me bloody. Collodi learnt trying to target Lady Justice 9WP was a mistake. Turn 3 Franscio buffs Lady J and helps move her into charge position. Collodi brings Francsico down to hard to kill with no AP for his next turn. Lady Justice charged Lazarus only hitting once for weak (should have just boxed him). Doppleganger copies pathfinder gun but can't hit with it. Ryle pushes through the forst burning debt to the Guild and brings the arcane effigy down to hard to kill and puts some damage on the doppleganger. Turn 4 Lady J kills lazarus when I cheat in the RJ on double crit strike and puts a Marionette down to hard to kill. Dopleganger charges Ryle and hits him with his own fist for RJ damage (didn't have trigger but managed to SS to prevent 3 and armor reduce one). Ryle kills the doppleganger and austringer kills the arcane effigy. Opponent brings Lady J below half wounds for eliminate the leadership and calls it there.
  15. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    This month planning to paint Enslaved nephilim Jury Black blood shaman Sanctioned spellcaster https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkjzLwzm8dDpphn6YvqG9KKa0bxK