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  1. Brewmaster - what tools do we have

    He has a DF only trigger which requires that he stone for either the or the (or some other way to get 1 built in) and that he wins the duel. It also doesn't push Brewmaster but places the attacking model back in it's deployment zone. generally if you see someone going Brewmaster and trying to lock you down he will probably have both Trixie (to cheat initiative to try and get Brewmasters bubble up) and Sparks to prevent you from targeting your own models to get them out of Brewmaster's party. In that case I would take someone like Angel Eyes to safely target Brewmaster at range and put him down. Candy can also be a good choice as you can prevent him from going first if he does win initiative. The other way you tend to see Brewmaster play is as an obey master who debuffs models with hangover. In that case you want some way to ignore flips.
  2. Reckless = OP?

    To be fair that isn't necessarily a problem with the faction, as much as their are now enough models above the curve to kind of ignore the faction "weakness" that Gremlins on a whole tend to be on the shorter side stat wise (but that is kind of true of every faction now imo).
  3. Reckless = OP?

    Personally imo the things that most define the gremlin faction are 1) Hurting out own models for bonuses 2) Controlled random chance (usually seen in the ability that you may flip a card and 1 suit is something bad or 4 triggers where 2 are good, 1 is okay and the last is bad) I would like reckless to remain, but I do think it might be a bit too strong making Gremlins a bit too flexible for a fairly low cost. Personally what I would like to see for 3E is reckless changed to. This model suffers damage equal to the turn / 2 to gain fast. So at the start of the game reckless is more or less the same, but towards the end it might be reckless to go reckless This also fixes the issue of a fast reckless burt
  4. Hopes for new master upgrade?

    Give Molly an upgrade that lets her hire journalists.
  5. Must-haves with Lucius

    I've had fun times with the black blood shaman and 2x illuminated. First turn Lucius can easily get the shaman to give both illuminated black blood. Illuminated with black blood makes them really annoying to engage and be changed by them. Once they lock something in combat Lucius and the shaman can pulsate them.
  6. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    Moon Shinobi WIP. Trying to get the bottles to look more liquid like. Still need to touch up skin and the caps.
  7. Expanding A Lady Justice Crew

    I don't have a fixed list, but imo there a lot of nice models for Lady J Guardian: Defensive is good for fishing for those Brutual Effigy: Pretty much a staple for most Guild crews. Cheap significant model that gives good healing to our masters Brutal Emissary: Great for moving Lady J around the board Francisco: Buffs Lady J defense and can help move her Austringer: Can make anyone a decent scheme runner and help move the crew Recruiter: Can keep Lady J alive if you have a hand Jury (Wave 5): Recruiter can keep her alive and she brings healing and card draw to the crew and Guild has a lot of nice self sufficient models Peacekeeper: Big scary beater Abuela: Pseudo obey and can ranged damage. Moves fast if paired up with a model with no (0) action Pathfinder: Good ranged model and can summon traps to choke off areas (or drive them into Lady J's sword) Hunter: Good cheapish minion (though think might prefer wave 5 monster hunters over them now) Master Queeg: Can help move the crew, allow minions to take interact actions and hold promises upgrade to up MI and WP duels Judge: also works well with recruiter and can help move models around (though expensive) Watcher: good scheme runner field reporters: good scheme runners and denial stalkers: good condition removal
  8. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Question/Spoilers to the nemesis story When did Nicodem wipe out half the cities ressers?
  9. Monday Preview - July 10th

    But I didn't want to start collecting outcasts
  10. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    probably need to split this up over 2 months, but goal is to finish the Brewmaster box. Guess for this month going aim to do 3x Moon Shinobi = 18SS @prof_bycid I finished Hoffman in June for 15SS, was posted page 2
  11. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    I do. Was at the end of the can when I primed my latest models.
  12. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    I do. Was at the end of the can when I primed my latest models.
  13. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    Redid the gems and think they are a bit better now think going count Hoffman as more or less done for 15SS
  14. Rate Masters into tiers

    I tend to rate masters more on how flexible they are in terms of schemes and strats and how easy they are to counter. McCabe I find is very flexible and doesn't really suffer in any schemes or strats. He can react pretty well around most situations
  15. Rate Masters into tiers

    I did, but I still feel NB edges out on good minions compared to Guild which makes NB Lucius feel stronger. on Guild I like: Hunters, Thralls, Death marshals, Guardians, Wardens NB have: Shaman, Changelings, Rougarou, Siluriod, Illuminated, The Tooth/Claw/Thorn. Now granted Lucius doesn't need just minions anymore, but I still feel options in NB tend to be stronger than Guild.