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  1. wizuriel

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    Snakeoil.....! I got snakeoil for sale!
  2. wizuriel

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Personally I find in HH your opponent will hold on to a card rather than give you reactivate on old major. Though dropping for effigy/survivor + saddle is probably a good trade
  3. wizuriel

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Old Major + Gracie + Hog whisperer + Slop Hauler. If your opponent doesn't have a way around armor and you can keep the slop hauler safe this list can do some fun things with reactivate
  4. wizuriel

    Master Tactica?

    Lucius wants a word with you
  5. Strat: Supply Wagon Schemes: Dig Their Graves (I took), Guarded Treasure, Inescpable Trap (both took), Take Prisoner (he took on Abuela), Public Demonstration I took Leader: Perdita Ortega (5SS) Trick Shooting 2ss Fastest Draw in Malifaux 1ss Enslaved Nephilim 3ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Wade In 1ss Phiona Gage 8ss Transparency 1ss Abuela Ortega 7ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Pathfinder 6ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Was against a Yan Lo crew. Phiona, the enslaved nephilim and Abuela pretty easy got the wagon up the board in turn 2 (Phiona would push it, use Abuela 0's to push her than walk, Abuela would obey Phiona to interact again, walk and interact then the enslaved Nephilim kept them together to do similar thing next turn). The pathfinder really messed up my opponents plan by blocking his paths. Francisco + Queller + Perdita managed to take down Yan Lo. Won 10-3
  6. wizuriel

    Zipp + Fingers = Overkill?

    Personally I prefer stilts over fingers than using an iron skeeter. Making him Ht2 helps get more in his Aura and he is fast enough to still get into position with just reckless and walking. Zipp can also use his 0 to push him. For some reason I find people in my meta don't like Fingers and often put a lot of effort in killing him. Fingers eat stones like candy
  7. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    So thoughts on these guys? @Franchute: Joss + Mobile Toolkit + Sanctioned Spellcaster = 10 + 3 + 5 = 18SS
  8. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    So travelling for 2 weeks than sick for 1 week doesn't give me much time to paint. Spent all today working on 3 models which I can hopefully finish in time
  9. wizuriel

    State of Gremlins in GG18

    Gremlins do have a pretty big divide between good/useful models and very situational / meh models, but I do believe we have a better hiring pool than people say. Master wise the top 3 are: Somer, Wong and Zipp. These 3 should be able to cover any schemes and strats and work pretty well against any faction. Mah, Ophelia and Ulix are pretty situational, but not terrible picks. I would personally avoid Brewmaster and Zoraida. Model wise we tend to have a few staples: Damage / Support / healing: Lightning Bugs, Slop Haulers Scheme runners: Fingers, Trixie, First Mate, Merris, anything with reckless Damage: Burt, Gracie, Swine Cursed (especially with Wong), Francois, Taxadermist, Raphael Supply Wagon pushing: Gracie, Whiskey Golem Movement: Gracie, Iron Skeeters Cheap activations: Surviviors, Bayou Gremlins Card Draw: Banjoistas (With Somer), Criers (more general, but shine with Mah) Other: Sammy Play wise Gremlins tend to play win hard or fold fast. I find most of the games my crew will be pretty decimated by turn 4 or 5 and I either have a good lead to survive that last turn, or I lose badly. Their strengths are flexibility with reckless giving them an extra AP, pretty card efficient compared to most factions and great damage. Their cons tend to be they don't stay on the board long between lower stats than average and a lot of abilities that hurt themselves (granted some models with Fingers can be exceptions to this).
  10. wizuriel

    Models better out of faction

    I feel like this is just a problem with our of faction hiring in general. Gremlins for instance I feel miss out on pigs because of Marcus stealing them and models like Sparks and Mechanized Porkchop might as well have been arcanists or 10T models instead of Gremlins.
  11. wizuriel

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    link doesn't work for me can someone copy the lists/posts?
  12. Got 2nd place in a Henchman hardcore tournament using Jury (leader) Franc + Wade in Recruiter Brutal Effigy Tied 2-2 Vs: Ryle with debt + Judge with lead lined coat + Guardian + Guard because neither of us wanted to be the first to charge the other list and we couldn't do enough damage shooting to seriously hurt each others list Won 7-2 vs Old Major + Gracie + slop hauler + hogwhisperer he deployed in the open so first turn managed to snipe out the slop hauler. Went downhill from there Won 7-3 vs Vincent + Kentouri + rotten belle + shieldbearer Kentouri tried charging Jury and instantly regretted it.
  13. wizuriel

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    They don't drop trash markers for discarding an upgrade. What they do is attach a gun to Ophelia then shoot her so Ophelia Plink's off the upgrade to drop a trash marker.
  14. wizuriel

    Our worst models

    Bokor's reactivate swampfiends and cost 6SS
  15. wizuriel

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Franchute 17SS painted. Will carry over the Sanctioned Spellcaster to next month Going to do one more round adding the white trim to Jury. Unless anyone has any other pointers going say the rest are done