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  1. Black Friday Sale

    Because they are at the end of the day they are just alt models. They are meant to be special which kind of translates to rare. Right now you either get them from events or promotions and for a premium can buy them direct during Black Friday. Supposed Wyrd did mass produce them though, end of the day all that does it cause competition with themselves. Now instead of just selling Snowstorm for instance you can pick Snowstorm or Krumpus meaning they need to store 2 sets of products to give people choice. Retailers also need to pick of the 2 which to order and both will be competing for the same shelf space.
  2. Black Friday Sale

    Keep in mind but all these models are all alternatives and limited edition. That means they are rare(ish) as Wyrd doesn't mass produce them. You end up paying more for that rarity. If you want a cheaper price you can always buy the normal mass produced models at a FLGS. Also it is a sale if you just need a model or so I for instance have the metal Rasputina box and can't easily get the wendigo. I can pay $14 for the 1 model (https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/wendigo-children-of-december-rasputina-box-wyr20303) or $75 that gets me 3 cool new sculpts, the wendigo, snowstorm ($33.95 CDN value for me) and an alt Rasputina. So individually can spend: 17.87 (wendigo) + 33.95 (snowstorm) + $2 (trying to photocopy wendigo card) + assuming $10 for shipping = 63.82 or the boxset: 95.73ish + assuming $20 for shipping personally I feel the difference of $50ish to be pretty fair and worth it.
  3. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    fair point with dogs, pathfinder, investigator and austringers. Was mainly thinking of Guild Guard, Riflemen, Mounted Guardsman and Wardens and I don't think -1SS would be terrible with them. If I had a sergeant already I feel you could make a case for hiring a 3SS guild Guard (especially if they get +2DF near another Guardsman and not just another guard) over a 2SS dog
  4. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    Yeah Exorcist, handler and Sergeants really should have made the list imo (especially over the scales of justice or Sidir). Lone Marshall's biggest problem is the model is really expensive What I was trying to say with Guardsmans is imo they are supposed to be played in pairs and played off each other. Problem is they are too expensive to make a list of them. What I would like to see is the cheaper minion models become cheaper is you hire them in squads with enforcers or henchmen to kind of make them feel like a structured military unit. Maybe add a general rule to each Guardsmans enforcer / henchmen: Need More Red Shirts: Reduce the cost of 1 Guardsman minion model by 1 for every model hired with this ability So say this is on sergeants and I hire 2 Sergeants that will reduce the cost of 2 Guild Guard by 1.
  5. Wrastlers

    So a few things 1) They take a lot of setup to do that insane damage. They need to start or end a charge by some kind of marker and have another friendly target engaged in combat and within 8" of said target. That is a lot of moving parts 2) Accuracy modifier I believe still carries over and fixed damage increase does not So to cheat you still need a straight flip on the initial damage. So if the stars align a wrastler can do: 2/3/4 + 1/2/3 damage so: 3/4/5/6/7 which after 2 attacks can be 6/8/10/12/14 and with Mi 7 they are pretty likely to hit For the same point cost you can just charge a survivor into that combat. Survivor only have Mi: 5 and does 2/4/5 damage, with 3 AP from reckless they can get to 6/12/15 damage and require a lot less hurdles to do that. Same cost you can get lightning bugs and slop haulers that still do good damage and bring a lot more utility and flexibility
  6. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    imo Hopkins: Add nimble, make his upgrade a 0pt upgrade, then give him new upgrades that add to his defense or summon traps or something else suggested Guild Guard: Reduce the cost of a Guild Guard by 1 per every other Guardsman enforcer or Hecnhman hired. Make Patrol work with other guardsman and not just Guild Guard Govonor Proxy: Agreed. He needs a higher WK. I would increase the Ca on Yes Man. Lucius might get use of him? Death Marshal: imo they are good as they are. +1Wd would be great for them Judge: I like him Yeah his push should lose the heartsbane imo is fine Rifleman: honestly the entire Guardsman line needs to be redone imo. I think an upgrade giving them from the shadow would be cool
  7. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    We ever hear if this was a limited release or a pre release?
  8. Starting Lynch

    @whodares Cheers for the info. So do you mainly just use Lynch and Beckoners to spread brilliance (or is trying to spread brilliance a trap)? With Woke up with a hand my understanding is you want to activate Lynch last.
  9. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    So who else thinks we need Krumpus's little elves as Ice Dancers?
  10. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Oh really purdy. Also dangit. I literally just ordered a wendigo today since only have 1E rasputina models
  11. Starting Lynch

    So kind of feel the urge to try something new and looking to give Lynch a try. I've never seen him in play and just wondering if anyone has a few tips and tricks and starting ideas? My NB collection isn't the greatest, but in addition to Lynch's box I have: -Doppleganger -Nekima -Puke Worm -Candy -2 Teddies -Baby Kade -Gupps -2x Stitched Together -2x Waldegeists
  12. Insectophile

    Yeah just ordered a few bones fly demons to give this upgrade a try https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77259
  13. Insectophile

    To be fair I can't think of any summons off hand in this game that go off on a low card. With do it like dis Somer doesn't need the suit and with bayou 2 card and encouragement shouldn't be too hard to get to a straight flip to get the moderate and the summon does have a nice pay off.
  14. Lady Justice - 7SS -Sword Fighter -Ashwood Coffin -Justice Unleashed Francisco -Wade in -Hermanos De Armas Death Marshall Recruiter 2x Death Marshalls Pathfinder 2x reporters Was against a Yan-lo list. I won something like 10-4 and had about 21pts of his models trapped in boxes
  15. Insectophile

    Out of curiosity but what do you use to proxy additional skeeters?