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  1. Removing conditioning provided by Schemes and strategies ( the 2 that exist are both given to yourself) is now allowed. So just a quick glance, but it now seems there is nothing stopping a witchling stalker from dispelling strategy scoring conditions
  2. Wave 5 and "New Resurrectionists Meta"

    imo Kentauroi are going to really change ressers. They offer a lot of speed to help a faction that is generally pretty slow and few ranged attacks.
  3. Accruing Some Debt

    Peace keeper. Perdita box gives you a great henchman, Nellie gives you excellent scheme runners and a good henchman.
  4. Ophelia - positive sensations

    Yeah I personally prefer her with liquid bravery and possible hide in the mud over dirty cheater. Though I do find the advantage with dirty cheater and up to double is a lot of duels my opponent will choose not to cheat (or cheat to just give dmg flips) letting me cheat in a low-moderate for her trigger. But yeah I agree to really make her good she is too upgrade hungry now.
  5. Ophelia - positive sensations

    One thing Ophelia does better than the top 3 imo is she is tankier. Most gremlin Masters at best have 1 df trick (and usually a trigger to push out of combat). If opponent can disable triggers they are in trouble. Wong has armor but iirc kind of meh df stats and has trouble getting out of combat. Ophelia not only has a good df trigger, but good stats and plink to shrug off some damage. Also she doesn't mind being up close and personal as she can easily get double . Though she is also ht1 and can be devoured . Personally I would put her as our 5th best master and hope she gets a little buff in January (please make reload or her guns ignore upgrade restrictions)
  6. Iron Painter 2017

    Will give it a shot. I'm in
  7. Guild in Hard mode

    Assuming non master Frank Peacekeeper Guardian Effigy Austringers
  8. Molly Back on the Job upgrade in GG18

    That and a few more schemes with unknown variables like frame for murder and vendetta would help a lot
  9. Molly Back on the Job upgrade in GG18

    Yeah but now not only is every scheme unrevealed, it seems there are less schemes that really have unknown parts like frame for murder. Also with no suit schemes it seems like nearly and combination now give Molly a huge advantage
  10. Anyone else finding Molly's new upgrade just super powerful in GG18? Not a lot of schemes that seem like you can bluff a Molly player once they know what your schemes are
  11. Coffin v. Vendetta v. Badge a LJ limited dillema

    Coffin >= Badge >> Vendetta imo. The coffin gives Lady J a quick way to deal with something you want removed but not killed (or just don't want to invest much AP into). I had a game with FFM in the pool that I correctly guessed my opponents FFM target and had it locked in a box all game. Had another that Lady J survived a charge from a rail golem and I spent 1 AP and again had it trapped in the box the entire game. Granted I could have killed the rail golem with sword fighter or just waltzed away with sword fighter, but both would be more expensive options.
  12. New Hoffman

    I disagree with pinebox and personally love the upgrade. Last game I played with Justice FFM was in the pool. I ended up boxing Toshiro for the entire game denying my opponent 3pts and removing an annoying model to take out with 1 activation. I've did a similar thing to a rail golem (was not the FFM target, but 1 action to pretty much take it out of the game). Edit: Add Francisco and her totem in the crew and good luck getting out of that box. I played against it once where she boxed my Fingers, I lost the duel to escape when I flipped a RJ
  13. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    So been playing around with Lady Justice + ashwood coffin and 2 death marshals Been finding on average been locking away around 20SS of my opponents models in boxes. Best game think had 31 points locked away (carlos, rail golem and a Shastar)
  14. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Or just use Somer with banjoista and Sammy. Have somer bigger hat so neither player has a hand then kill a gremlin. Draw 3 cards between Somer and the banjoista and Sammy will let you discard once to draw a 4th. Not as many cards as Mah, but a hand of 3 when your opponent has none (with somer and totem giving suits you need and Sammy giving flips with encouragement) is probably not useful imo. I feel effectively wasting a turn to draw cards is just not helpful.
  15. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    What kind of pens do people use for writing in books? I've always (unsuccessful) tried using a thin brush