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  1. Those scatter pieces are a good start.

    I might suggest you play with the paints rather than just going "murky brown". When I did mine I used a couple different paints (greens, yellows, and browns over a black primer) and stippled them over one another to create the illusion of depth in my shallow resin pools. I can post some pictures later if you want, but I think it really makes the water features believable.

    In regards to base materials for your future table I would suggest perhaps using smaller floor tiles instead of one large wood piece. When I had my old 3' by 3' tables they were a pain to transport and store. They were always in the way and also quickly staled because they couldn't easily be altered (assuming you are including fixed terrain features). This is why I switched to smaller tiles or roll up mats (they aren't difficult to make yourself if you want a natural look).

    Vinyl floor tiles work really well and are fairly light but can curl if you plan on using lots of glue without a thicker insulation foam (1 inch works really well) on top. You can go with 12" by 12" or 18" by 18". The demo board I created uses a single 18" by 18" vinyl floor tile with 1" pink insulation foam on top. There is plenty of room to dig features into and it is sturdy enough to travel. Smaller tiles just increase the portability and modularity (increasing replayability) of the table. If you want I can show you a larger city board I did a while ago, though that is when I figured out you had to use 1" foam over the top to prevent curling of the corners if you were gluing down substrate (still looks good though).

  2. If Terrifying is causing the most issues...well the faction has a great piece to deal with that and a crew build that can feed it.

    The Pigapult has a very high WP (read as not likely to fail one) and can be devastating if consistently fed with ammunition, cards, and healing, especially against slower crews.

    Take a look at Som'er Teeth Jones with the Encouragement Upgrade and Liquid Bravery. These will assist in ramping up the Pigapult and also aid the rest of the crew with those Terrifying checks. Be sure to add Lenny with his specific upgrade to insure a constant supply of Piglets (I prefer them to Stuffed Piglets for ammo) and a Slop Hauler to keep the Pigapult running at maximum efficiency.

    Might also be worth considering the old Suicide Gremlin tactic. Give Som'er the Show Off upgrade as well and you can set up a damaging situation that sacrifices those heavily wounded Gremlins so they don't drop Corpse Markers. Stuffed Piglets can do the same thing on their own and if summoned from a corpse counter are the best option for Corpse marker removal the faction has.

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  3. Unfortunately Ressers tend to pose some difficult challenges for the faction. Some things that they could try:

    1. An elite Gremlin Crew Build
    2. Include a pair of Gremlin Taxidermists

    Neither of these is a great option but the former will reduce the number of corpse counters the Gremlin player produces while the latter will at least offer a method for the Gremlin player to utilize the corpse counters for themselves.

    A Pig build might also be worth considering. It wont provide a way to remove the corpse counters but Eat Your Fill might allow the large pigs to fight longer before dying.

    (I really miss the old 1st edition days when Pigs could eat Corpse Counters with an Action called Eat Anything)

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  4. 5 hours ago, Fixxer said:

    I disagree, in GG2018 its all about situational models. In fact, I think the designers of this game are shooting for more situational models and hoping good players see the value in taking  them into the right S&S to gain the edge.

    Challenging yourself to try something new gives longevity to the game keeping it fresh. I cant believe people arent sick of playing Frank and Burt in every game.. yeah theyre good but EVERYONE knows what you are going to do with them, there are no surprises. I guess thats my point in regards to "new" models. 

    Not everyone plays the Gaining Grounds Strats and Schemes. Also, while situational models might be worth considering in specific circumstances you generally get much more mileage out of utility models than you do with niche. Good players know this and build their lists around a core of top performers. This is why Frank and Bert are so common in play (though I consider myself a fairly skilled player and have rarely played Frank or Bert).

    Smugglers just don't fit well into a faction that is built around Gremlin and Pig synergy.  There is a lot of competition for those 6 SS.

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  5. I don't think of the Smugglers as real Gremlin models. Just another model in the faction that was really intended to work outside of it.

    I almost miss the days we were in the outcast faction and stuff like this made sense.

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  6. Keep in mind I posted the Teddy cards for the original version of the game and not the Unstitched Reboot. The animation cost may well have changed between versions though I don't believe it did (likely just a cuts and paste error as mentioned above).

    There is an additional wrinkle with many of the models not produced in plastic for Unstitched. More than a few aborted play test attempts over the years resulted in several different versions of the same puppets circulating in the wild. I don't think the animation costs that are on the original puppet teddy's is too low for Unstitched but will defer to those who play that version more often than I do.

  7. With the price drop they are a bit more viable. Still not really a fan as they suffer a bit from a conflicted design of From the Shadows and Out of Activation bonuses (if you use the former the latter is delayed until the Master can reach them). I tend to think a mid-field deployment is more advantageous than a deeper one as it provides more options and can offer some protection before they are committed.

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  8. They could be taken from the get though had to be animated from the toy box as usual and had a special rule allowing more than the usual limit to be fielded ("Its a Teddy Bear Picnic"). They were also allowed to attach as many heart patches as they wanted and they didn't count toward the total they were allowed (When Our Powers Combine).

    Because of this you could build "super teddy" around the suitless Teddy for the consistent low Animation value. In a Shoebox game you select your Master, 5 Teddys and 2 other puppets that you want (one of which is for their upgrade). This allows you to build a "Super Teddy" that will have 7 Stitches, all 5 Heart Patches (Defense 11, Combat 3 that causes two rips on each success, animates on 4 or higher, Move 3 with the possibility of an additional if you can kill an enemy puppet, and a slew of other neat extras) and one additional desirable upgrade for him. Once you have all the required Puppets on the field you can use "What Pretty Buttons You Have" to tear apart your friendless without worrying about attaching the upgrades without becoming exhausted. It is an all your eggs in one basket style of play but it can be hilariously funny.

    There was not a scenario released with them, they were just an extra for the game with them randomly inserted into Pawn Boxes.

    With that said, when I did manage to form "Supper Teddy" I usually used a full size Malifaux Teddy model to represent the awesomeness.

    Also a movement of 2 (without upgrades) is correct, that is what they had in the original game as I recall.


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  9. 13 hours ago, Turelio said:

    Nice! Sounds like there's are a few similarities to Bad Juju, but Juju has caused me some grief in the past. Now McMourning will get a chance to use the same tricks against Juju!

    (I can only assume. Either way, looks like it will be fun to paint.)

    I was thinking the same thing. I hope it doesn't outclass Bad Juju though.

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  10. Announcing a custom Story Encounters Event for the Cleveland Area.

    Warzone Matrix is hosting a one-day event on Friday, February 23, 2018, at 7:00 pm.

    The Store is located at 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135


    Event Cost: Free

    This event will utilize a custom story encounter designed by our local community. 4 Players will compete for Control of Ol' Cranky's Bayou Bar while trying not to get too drunk in the process. Or if you missed out on our last custom story encounter event, we will also have that one on hand for those looking to help the Guild control the out of control Bayou Trailer Park.

    Proxies will be allowed as long as they represent their base model.

    This is an extremely casual event that is intended to be fun and build the Malifaux community. Sportsmanship is a large component of this, in short, games should be engaging and fun, not "soul crushing." All player levels are welcome, even those playing their very first full games. Think of these games as more of creating an engaging narrative than honing your tournament lists. Painted crews are highly encouraged but not mandatory.

    This event will utilize the Official Wyrd Event Prize Pack and may have a few additional offerings based upon participation. At the least, each player will receive a Guilder (Poker Chip of various denomination) for participating in the event. Other prizes will be awarded via raffle at the end of the event.

    Those interested in attending or with questions regarding this event may contact me via either PM or email at NOLA_henchman@yahoo.com

    We look forward to seeing you at Warzone Matrix.

  11. Wyrd did sell them as a 5-pack during one sale. It was to get rid of the residual metal puppets from the original version of the game. I have the stat cards for all five of them if you want scans, however as mentioned they are not for the Unstitched version of the game so may not be 100% compatible.

    It isn't an issue for me because I much prefer the original version of the game to the re-boot which while offering better components (especially the box) is an entirely different game than what I originally bought into.

  12. They have actually put several games through kickstarter. Sadly, I don't think Puppet Wars would be a good one for that route. I still hold out hope that Puppet Wars will eventually receive some attention but I suspect there may be some issues in the background that we don't know about complicating things.

    If nothing else these periodic threads remind those in the know that there is still interest in the IP.

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  13. 17 hours ago, Aegnor said:

    On other game i took him to give reactivate to pigapult propelled bayous in symbols. worked fine and i got my symbols vp easily. But he just stood there near bayou and pigapult putting scheme and giving reactivate and nothing else. When my opponent finally reached me he didn't got time to figth and just died to save his minions friends (to deny punish the weak) by blocking charge lines.

    So yeah the model feels like a bunch of abilities that don't go well so much together. Reactivate is nice but wp4 gremlin is to restrictive and you can only do it once. Have it at 1 ap may be better or a trigger to do it again (serena style? maybe not on anything though). Maybe give it to wp5+ gremlin or not but with forced sacrifice (can't remove scheme to avoid).

    15 SS (almost a third of the hiring pool) is an awful lot to pay for this, even if it can increase the odds of scoring VP.

    I really wish we didn't have the Pigapult as it is now. It is just another design space limiter.

    Also, in regards to the Stuffed Piglets, I find it funny that they really  didn't seem to be an issue at 2 SS until the last iteration of Gaining Grounds Strats and Schemes (at least I don't recall running across many complaint threads about them until that point) where cheap activations were crucial. While it is nice that the Wyrd staffers have worked so diligently to provide fresh Strats and Schemes each year for the competitive fields, I believe they are over emphasized and really hurting the casual player base (which I suspect is a much, much larger pool of players globally). I hope this improves in the next edition, when ever that may be.

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  14. I would just be happy with the last of the plastic puppets being released. Though if a re-issue was to happen, I would still prefer the original rules to the Unstitched version. I know there are those who disagree but it really was deeper game play.

    And while we are asking for things...again...would love to see the game expanded into a three dimensional board game, or at least with a re-configurable board layout. The Terraclips tie in was something that I always felt was under-marketed. Though they were house rules, the games I played utilizing doors, multiple rooms, and stairs provided a lot of enjoyment.

    Unfortunately this game was a bit ahead of its time and sadly I think it is now behind the times.

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