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  1. Lenny, Lenny, Lenny...

    If you are finding Lenny to be slow moving then give him a piglet tender (summoned is even better). Pig ladders and the Truffle shuffle really add to the factions mobility, though Iron Skeeters can do a good job of that as well.
  2. Announcing a custom Story Encounters Event for the Cleveland Area. Warzone Matrix is hosting a one-day event on Saturday, August 26, 2017, at 1:00 pm. The Store is located at 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135 Additional: Event Cost: Free This event will utilize a custom story encounter designed by our local community. Players will negotiate a small enclave in the Bayou, complete with trailers, abandoned cars, and screaming Tots. Help the Guild clean up the filth. Proxies will be allowed as long as they represent their base model. This is an extremely casual event that is intended to be fun and build the Malifaux community. Sportsmanship is a large component of this, in short, games should be engaging and fun, not "soul crushing." All player levels are welcome, even those playing their very first full games. Think of these games as more of creating an engaging narrative than honing your tournament lists. Painted crews are highly encouraged but not mandatory. This event will utilize the Official Wyrd Event Prize Pack and may have a few additional offerings based upon participation. At the least, each player will receive a Guilder (Poker Chip of various denomination) for participating in the event. Other prizes will be awarded via raffle at the end of the event. Those interested in attending or with questions regarding this event may contact me via either PM or email at NOLA_henchman@yahoo.com We look forward to seeing you at Warzone Matrix.
  3. Lenny, Lenny, Lenny...

    I use him quite a bit in my Som'er summon factory lists. He is also fairly good at feeding the Pigapult.
  4. Dhampir's terrain log

    This is a great looking project.
  5. Painting Gremlins... ;-)

    I would suggest just sticking with the Citadel paint line. They really aren't that bad and the new system gives really good results without a lot of fuss. I don't consider the cost prohibitive but then I always add some of my custom paint additive mixture to keep them flowing and wet (I can give you the recipe if you are interested). If you need a conversion chart from the old paints to the new there is one available however it won't be exact as the formulation has changed and the colors are slightly brighter or darker than what you would expect. Using the entire paint system (base, shade, layer 1, layer 2) for the conversion color does get it much closer though. Here is what use for Gremlin Skin (I use them in this order): Citadel Base Castellan Green Citadel Shade Reikland Fleshshade or Citadel Shade Seraphim Sepia Citadel Layer Elysian Green It gives a really nice look with minimal fuss. You could continue with another highlight layer (Layer Straken Green I believe is the next step) if you desire, but I haven't really seen a need to do that. If you are dead set against Citadel paints then I would endorse the Reaper Master Series line. They are great paints and are available in pre set "Triads" that take a lot of the guess work out of building a palette. They also come in dropper bottles which are nice. Finally, they also take to paint additives very well without chalking. Price isn't that bad either. If I was going to repurchase my paints then I would probably go with Reaper. Also I can post some photos of my Gremlin's if you want to see how they look with the citadel system.
  6. Gremlins arrived...

    I would second the magnetic storage suggestion for the Iron Skeeters. I would also suggest to try and include scenic elements that allow you to glue the spindly legs to them. If I get some time I will upload a picture of what I did with mine.
  7. Updated Stat Cards.

    With alterable Terraclips boards Puppetwars could be the equivalent of Krosmaster or Super Dungeon Explore. Would love to read some of your battle reports and highly encourage the cartoony narrative style. I always enjoy reading the narrative style reports (for Malifaux but could see even more potential for Puppetwars). Just remember to really play up the naivety of the puppets and the parody of their actions. The fact that many people thought it would be "Malifaux Lite" was one of the major (non-marketing) issues with the game. Though I would also say that a major opportunity to cross market the game was missed when Wyrd didn't play that up and include a quick start rule supplement for Malifaux along with Cards for at least a Lady Justice and Seamus crew (the basics of which were present in both the original and Unstitched versions of the game). Could have made a decent 2-player starter box with the added bonus that it was its own game as well. I agree the Malifaux character inclusion makes selling the franchise unlikely. Too bad as this seems to be a very distant project in the development cue (if there is any renewed action please oh please don't make it another reboot!!!). If you do decide to print some 3-d stuff for Puppetwars let me know. I might be interested in getting some from you (or at least the files to use in a Maker space).
  8. Updated Stat Cards.

    @luckyreplica Don't mind my dreary tone; I appreciate the effort. Puppetwars has been one of my favorite games since the original version first came out way back when. Would love to see some new things for the game, particularly since the mini-boardgame genre is so popular now. Would make my day if future Unstitiched booster expansions (aside from finishing off in the larger plastics what was already available in the original version of Puppetwars) featured an alterable board layout (with Terraclips Floor tiles/ Walls/ Doors/ Stairs/ etc) and some 3-d terrain (breakable of course). I still contend that Puppetwars was ahead of its time and still has a lot of untapped potential left.
  9. Updated Stat Cards.

    AS the years go on it is more and more likely that this wonderful game is going to either go the way of the dodo or perhaps Wyrd will sell the license to someone (similar to what they did with Evil Baby Orphanage, though still haven't seen anything from that which is really too bad).
  10. I like this game, but.......

    My LGS has most of the product line in stock and is willing to ship. PM if you are interested in the contact info.
  11. Drunken Kung fu s.o.s

    While this works it shows the issues with the Moon Shinobi. In order for them to be a viable option over the Fermented River Monk they need the Brew Master to dedicate Actions to just them. Even here though, I would argue, throwing Swill on the model the Fermented River Monk is engaging instead would produce a similar removal difficulty while also limiting that models presence (Offensively as well as defensively). One thing that could push the Moon Shinobi's viability up would be another model that could pass out that all important modifier for them.
  12. Drunken Kung fu s.o.s

    I would also throw in that Brew Masters stock crew isn't really that great. He runs much better in 10 Thunders than in Gremlins. Moon Shinobi could use some help, they are in almost all cases worse than Fermented River Monks.
  13. Uses for Survivors?

    I would throw my hat into the appropriately costed if they were summonable. As is they are too expensive to use them as tarpits (likely only lasting a single turn) or scheme runners (really does require other models to do well enough to justify over other options which again makes them less optimal choices when our cheaper options can perform a similar function (and assist the crew in other ways). I would argue that a lot of the issue is with Sparks and not simply the Survivors. He needs to do more for the crew than simple hand out Fast to a single construct per activation.
  14. Uses for Survivors?

    @tmod While I like the idea my concern would be that they might then negate the Stuffed Piglets in a lot of ways.
  15. Uses for Survivors?

    I could see it going both ways honestly. Corpse markers would be interesting in that it would provide the faction another method (aside from the Taxidermists who aren't very good at it) of getting rid of them (and we do tend to create so many of them). I tend to lean toward using damaged gremlins though as I find that is the more balanced summoning mechanism. Perhaps they could give it to us both ways making one function like Asami's Flicker mechanic (i.e. summoned from Corpse Marker having a condition which counts down) and the other allowing summoning of Survivors without the countdown condition. Hell I would even go for an "ability" (decent aura size please) which allows killed Gremlins to "linger" for a turn (think of Reva's stupid Shield Bearers though with a time limit or if you are familiar with last edition the old Slow to Die ability) and the other requiring an action (please make it 1 AP, Sparks has enough going on in the 0 AP range that struggles to consistently function). I think this would go a very long way toward making both of them a bit more palatable over other options in the faction. I want to like both of these guys but getting work out of them (and the Mei Feng's Mechanized Porkchop) is a chore over other options.