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  1. 12 hours ago, Lizard_Wizard said:

    Granted our community is tiny, but we generally agree before the game if we're going to play on practice or tournament speed.

    Practice speed: We're taking our time, trying out new stuff and carefully considering our moves. We end the game when either player has to, or when the game is over. Takes around 2-5 hours of gaming.

    Tournament speed: Game has to be done in 3 hours.

    tournament speed 3 hours? 2 is the max I have seen for this.

    I think if a game took 5 hours I wouldnt play that person again. even on vassal which generally takes longer to play games I havent seen one go past about 2.5 hours.

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  2. I really dont see this buffing her much as most the triggers outside of multiple attacks or burning dont get used unless you have the card in hand or if you really need it you burn a stone.

    the price of progress one is nice for those times I remember I have put it on her but more substantial buffs would be better like a built in suit on trigger of increase to min damage or something

  3. She already has masks built in which covers half her triggers for the claws. Just need a tome for the other triggers unless you are on about intimidating pose which I think I have rarely used.

    Built in suit on defensive trigger would be nice or maybe higher df or ml (Although I do like my df7 mei anyway)

  4. 5 hours ago, Sagrit said:

    Seriously? Giving "+" to all those Lures when you have couple of Belle's could be pretty crucial on Turn 1 especially nowadays with GG18

    as its a nico nerf we are on about he does that anyway doesnt he? also lures really dont need buffs as they pretty much always go off

  5. I use kang but in arcanist so bit of warding runes or vent steam and this crew is shut down. 

    But guess that's the surprise factor the Seamus crew has but in counter (and yes I will pretty much always run mei into ressers)

    It is a great episode though.ha e you considered Madame sybelle for more Insta kills, more terror and also having a nice beater piece

  6. really on taelor? My opponents at tourneys have been gaining a new found respect for her (probably thought same as you guys). scramble and oathkeeper for 11 stones of decent melee threat range with ml7 and a 3/4/6 damage track with numerous triggers, hard to wound and hard to kill, high wp and immune to horror duels, whats not to like?

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  7. Sometimes with Levi you don't want him to die so she can be useful there as well as bringing his weaker gun. Also helps in my construct heavy Levi crews with Lazarus copying her gun and Vanessa making her shoot it again. 

    I find her most useful with survivalist misaki as misaki is always mixing it up and normally dies, now she doesnt as she has hard to kill Plus. Although she does struggle to keep up.

    I actually find less use for viks as my master is not often in the face of the fight and Marlena can't protect blood. Maybe will be more agrrssive with ashes if use her though.

    One thing to look out for is devouring things though as she is only height 1.

  8. 3 hours ago, 7thSquirrel said:

    Granting the "no charge" condition? Or is there another tech I don't know about? Would be very interested to learn so I can apply in the future, thank you.

    just the push them back and no charge which is always nice. not on damaging, built in trigger and cast 7 pretty much means you should get it off when needed

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  9. Probably similar without colette.

    Mei Feng against ressers usually (although she could be good into sandeep)

    Raspy is often good for neverborn due to the amount of horror duels.

    Ironsides is good for mixing it up in the middle.

    Marcus for those close deployments.

    Kaeris for schemey pools or for stopping the viks slingshot 

  10. 1 hour ago, Thimblesage said:

    Yes it was regarding Yas and yes Yas has the double triggers which is nice but if Yas was Bewitched then declared a Charge, (either in-activation or prompted by an Obey) the opponent would only draw cards from the Charge and not from any of the subsequent attacks generated by the Charge.

    Yea not from the charge attacks but any attacks generated by the triggers do work as they are not generated from the charge. So normally you will get 2 extra attacks that are not from the charge 

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  11. On 5/6/2018 at 5:26 PM, Thimblesage said:

    @56:35 Bewitched doesn’t quite work that way. Attacks generated by a charge action don’t prove card draw. 

    “Bewitched: Every time this model de Laura a Walk, Charge, or Attack Action which was not generated by a Charge, the Model which applied this Condition May draw two cards.” 

    Was that on yasanori? Can't be bothered to listen again but yas can get 2 attacks from triggers which will benefit bewitched

  12. Well she has a 2/4/5 damage track on the claws. You really should consider seismic claws to get her bouncing around.

    Also to note is vent steam does stack so can really shut down some crews.

    Bit of an odd crew choice I think there for your selection but then I play her as arcanist (in the UK meta) although I do have a TT crew planned for her

  13. 34 minutes ago, Rillan said:

    What pushes u to buy if u can print them? Game allows players to use printed copies. Also any typography can print them to u... 

    not having a printer? also need to scan the hodgepodge cards. its what I will probably end up doing but would have been easier to just purchase them

  14. Hey wyrd, any chance of finding a UK or EU print on demand service as the current one has gone nuts on postage.

    Last looked at getting the hodgepodge emmisary cards  (which they won't do out of a bundle) which is a mere 13 cards and the postage they put it down for is $15 which is crazy for something that  costs less than $10 and weighs almost nothing.

    Please help us over the water to support your great game

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  15. 26 minutes ago, Thottbot said:

    i feel like people hate colette so much, just play her far back? ive played her in 5 games atm and she always lives to the end, infact in 4 of the games she never took any damage.

    just sat in the back giving out prompts and giving out 0 scheme to my showgirls.

    Think for me she doesn't suit my playstyle. I like to be aggressive with my masters which is why I think I like the masters that I do

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